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  1. gigawatt1010

    60 Amp circuit HPWC gen 3 only charging at 32Amps

    LOL, I guess I should tell myself to RTFM as well. Anyway, thanks for the quick responses, I'll try those out tonight.
  2. gigawatt1010

    60 Amp circuit HPWC gen 3 only charging at 32Amps

    First, let me disclaim that I am not very knowledgeable with electrical stuff. I bought a Gen3 HPWC for my garage from a forum member. I hired a licensed electrician to install it. My main panel (200amp service) is about 40 feet from my garage, so he ran it using a 6awg cable and a 60Amp...
  3. gigawatt1010

    Anyone used the Level II Chargepoint at LaGuardia, Terminal B?

    As the title says, anyone here used the Chargepoint chargers that are apparently in LGA Terminal B, level III parking lot? Planning on driving my MX and leaving it there for 5 days. According to LGA's website, they are free to use, however, parking charges apply. I can't seem to find out if...
  4. gigawatt1010

    FS: Tesla Tequila - Unopened full Bottle DIRECT from Tesla

    Would you take $500 shipped to 10950? Also, your picture. :)
  5. gigawatt1010

    Tesla Model S Plaid 2021 Arachnid Wheels, Tires & TPMS Sensors

    Complete shot in the dark, but I wonder if these will fit older MS? I know they're wider - hence the shot in the dark comment.
  6. gigawatt1010

    Solar Glass V3 + 2 PW ordered May 2, 2020

    Yes and no, I took out a HE when we did it, so the loan will just get paid off with the sale of the house. Fortunately, I lucked out and got in right before the price increases early this year.
  7. gigawatt1010

    Solar Glass V3 + 2 PW ordered May 2, 2020

    Good thoughts and suggestions. Thanks! The offer was unsolicited and let’s just say, it was more than enough to make us consider it, hence my dilemma. We have a few options for the next residence, but we have to time it properly so we can just slide in to the next one. And you can bet that I’d...
  8. gigawatt1010

    Solar Glass V3 + 2 PW ordered May 2, 2020

    Hey guys, I have an update and a bit of a dilemma. I noticed last post on this thread was from May (4 months ago). They completed all the installation and I have been using the system sporadically. The only problem is, I don’t have a PTO yet. About a month ago, I saw a correspondence from my...
  9. gigawatt1010

    Considering a Model 3 in NJ

    I've driven the entire length of NJT on AP with NOA several times now and my experiences are more in line with @dmurphy. One of those times I had zero interventions. Early on I've had a few experience where it was slowing down when there's an overpass or bridge casting a shadow on the road...
  10. gigawatt1010

    Blog Former Tesla Exec Guillen Sells $274M in Stock

    I agree with what's been said so far. All good points. Especially the part where TSLA has already seen the massive increases and had levelled off. Sure, there will be peaks and valleys and it will still slowly rise over the long term, but it won't be as exponential as the $17 per share it IPO'd...
  11. gigawatt1010

    I need to vent. I want to love this car, but I can't anymore.

    Sorry to hear about your issues. Perhaps you can post a pic of this mis-stamped door? I agree on the messaging portion of the app. It's the best way to reach them. Good luck!
  12. gigawatt1010

    Subpar Sales and ordering process

    That's a shame if the process is indeed this discombobulated. Our MX was the last car that we bought from Tesla in 2019 and the process couldn't have been any simpler, We actually used the MCU on my MS to place the order. The MS back in 2016 was also a very pleasant experience and seamless...
  13. gigawatt1010

    Model Y lease vs buy evaluation

    When we bought our Model X, I used Apple Pay to put the down payment. It was an existing inventory and I found it using the browser from our Model S
  14. gigawatt1010

    Blog Musk Says He’s the ‘Wild Card’ on This Week’s Saturday Night Live

    I may just sign up for a free trial of YouTube TV to see this one live tomorrow. LOL
  15. gigawatt1010

    good weekend sport car that complement well with model 3 owners

    I agree. My weekend car is a 6 spd manual, Cooper S convertible - sidewalk edition. Despite being way slower than our MS & MX, nothing beats rowing your own gears with the top down on a nice sunny day. And the way the Mini corners... hmmm 😍
  16. gigawatt1010

    Model LS V8

    You sir, wins the Internet today! Congratulations!!!
  17. gigawatt1010

    Best Practices for Vehicle Charging with Solar + Powerwall

    Great suggestions and practices guys! My wife and I have long commutes so it's important that we charge to 80% on a daily basis. I have about 80-100 miles of daily commute on my 60D MS (yes, 60kWh). I always charge that to 100% since it's technically a 75kWh, software reduced to 60. 5 years...
  18. gigawatt1010

    Solar Glass V3 + 2 PW ordered May 2, 2020

    Thanks guys! Just to update everyone on this saga, the district manager contacted me and he's bringing a crew next Friday, 5/14 to come by and button things up. We went over a punch list and he committed to taking care of all of them. Knowing how challenging contacting someone at the head...
  19. gigawatt1010

    Best Practices for Vehicle Charging with Solar + Powerwall

    Tesla made me complete forms for the incentives. Obviously, saving money is always preferred, but not a big fan of penny-wise dollar foolish. I think my ideal scenario is charge the car(s) at off-peak rates and not draw from the batteries as I'd much rather use those to power everything...
  20. gigawatt1010

    Best Practices for Vehicle Charging with Solar + Powerwall

    Hi, I don’t understand it either. Here’s a screenshot of my settings. I haven’t stumbled on where you set the peak time yet.
  21. gigawatt1010

    Best Practices for Vehicle Charging with Solar + Powerwall

    So now that I'm a proud owner of Tesla's Solar Glass Roof + 3 Powerwalls - I wanted to pick your brains on Vehicle Charging best practices. I tried plugging in our MX on the HPWC last night and scheduled to have it start charging at 12:15am (net metering). It started drawing 12KW from the 3...
  22. gigawatt1010

    Chances that Tesla will offer acceleration boost on new S/X?

    As you implied, they “technically” can. The $2,000 question is, would they? That’s anyone’s guess.
  23. gigawatt1010

    Quiet Tires

    I highly recommend Michelin CrossClimates. I just put them on my MX. A little over $1k from Tire Rack. The difference is significant. Much quieter than my stock Conti’s.
  24. gigawatt1010

    Solar Glass V3 + 2 PW ordered May 2, 2020

    Hey guys, is there such a thing as a “hand-off” when you guys did your project? Meaning, do they walk through and make sure you’re satisfied before they get paid? I’m afraid my project may have taken a turn for the worse. They still have a few loose ends to do, when they left last Wednesday, I...
  25. gigawatt1010

    Considering a Model 3 in NJ

    When we drove cross country on our Model X 2 years ago, we got caught on a torrential downpour somewhere in Arkansas and the wipers couldn't keep up with the rain. I was impressed that AP3 w/NoA, as it seems to have a better view of the road than I did. It was showing cars on the dashboard that...
  26. gigawatt1010

    Solar Glass V3 + 2 PW ordered May 2, 2020

    So I just got home and wife and I started observing the roof install. We noticed on the overhang above our garage that it looks wavy. I think it’s the metal trim piece but we also think some of the tiles are not seated plush. Do you guys have something like this on your installs? Also...
  27. gigawatt1010

    Solar Glass V3 + 2 PW ordered May 2, 2020

    UPDATE: As of yesterday, April 28, my roof is completely done - just 3 days shy of one year from my order date of May 2, 2020. Electrician was one of the last pieces to this puzzle, installing the 2 Tesla Inverters yesterday. Surprisingly, my inspection was done the very next day (this...
  28. gigawatt1010

    Model Y lease vs buy evaluation

    I think if you come anywhere close to the mileage cap with your current non-ev car, leasing is not a good option. If this is your first EV, I can tell with first hand experience that you will be driving more and the overage cost can quickly turn this into a dumb financial decision. Someone...
  29. gigawatt1010

    Surprising experience from Tesla Service Center in Brooklyn NY

    Thanks for sharing your positive experience. Glad it was straightened out.
  30. gigawatt1010

    I will NEVER buy an Electric Car!

    I bet with the right trailer and trailer hitch on the M3, you can use it to haul your go kart. Congrats and welcome to the world of EVs.
  31. gigawatt1010

    Solar Roof, big price increase

    The Tesla roof crew are literally on the final day of our Solar Glass install today as I type this. This is their third week. It took one week for the tear down crew and another week (last week) for the Solar Glass install. Unfortunately, we had a couple of bad weather days last week that's...
  32. gigawatt1010

    Does solar make sense in Texas?

    Another option is to just get a credit for a new roof from the sellers and put it towards your solar roof. Since you already have Solar Roof in your CA Home, you know the benefits first hand. ;)
  33. gigawatt1010

    BO Smell Embedded In Seat

    Try all the cleaning steps suggested and park it outside on a sunny day with all the windows down. Also my "mind-of-a-12-year-old" couldn't help but visualize you, sniffing around for this smell and realizing it's where your friend's armpits would be. LOL I'd say you have a intervention...
  34. gigawatt1010

    CR Engineers Show a Tesla Will Drive With No One in the Driver's Seat

    Hate to be insensitive, but a couple of dudes f'd up and killed themselves. I feel sad for their families and loved ones. Thank God they didn't kill or injur anyone else. What CR is doing is just absolute FUD and society/public loves this sh.......tuff. So many arm-chair quarterbacks that...
  35. gigawatt1010

    My poor baby, someone rear ended me, anyone know what to expect in cost and time?

    I had an actual Liberty Mutual agent tell me that when I had my neighbor’s trampoline crash on my Model S during a windy day. Under his advice, to avoid the risk of having my premiums increase come renewal, we dealt directly with my neighbor’s home owners insurance.
  36. gigawatt1010

    My poor baby, someone rear ended me, anyone know what to expect in cost and time?

    that is also my thought. The insurance companies’ goals are to assess risks and it doesn’t matter whether it’s your fault or not, the fact of the matter is, you are now flagged as someone that caused them money, so your risk profile just went up by a notch or two. Granted, they’ll go after the...
  37. gigawatt1010

    My poor baby, someone rear ended me, anyone know what to expect in cost and time?

    It's been hit or miss. Depends if your Service Center has their own body shop or if they still farm it to 3rd party. Another option is talk to a Tesla recommended body shop and see if they will handle the insurance claim for you. Some of the bigger shops have people that deal with insurance...
  38. gigawatt1010

    Will We See A CT Price Increase?

    I have a reservation for a CT as well, and I don’t think Tesla is locked in. If they do increase it, I’m sure a good number of reservation holders will cancel. PS - nice 356!
  39. gigawatt1010

    Considering a Model 3 in NJ

    I meant in terms of test driving the technology before diving right in.
  40. gigawatt1010

    SPAN - Smart Electrical Panel

    I'm in the middle of my 14kw solar roof install right now with 3 PW and 1 Gateway. I have a 200amp service coming in from the street. I like the SPAN but agree with @h2ofun - KISS philosophy. Just curious, how much is that Leviton unit?
  41. gigawatt1010

    SPAN - Smart Electrical Panel

    Ben Sullins had a whole episode about this. It was sponsored by Span, but I didn't think he was biased at all. IRC, it was around $7k. I could be mistaken though.
  42. gigawatt1010

    Considering a Model 3 in NJ

    Not to mention the potential FSD subscription/pay as you go option that Elon said will be available "next month"
  43. gigawatt1010

    Solar Roof Underlayment Change?

    Good to know the raffle was actually real. I guess they just covertly contact the winners?
  44. gigawatt1010

    Solar Roof Underlayment Change?

    "From your words to Elon's ears..." LOL Sadly, I don't think the New Roadster is still up for grabs via referrals. I don't even benefit that much from my referrals with Supercharging miles since I have FUSC on both cars. Last I heard, I get entered to a monthly or quarterly drawing for a...
  45. gigawatt1010

    Considering a Model 3 in NJ

    I think you can only edit within a few minutes of posting, or before a reply is made. It's usually on the lower left next to the "Report" link. Edit - I just tested it, it works.
  46. gigawatt1010

    Solar Roof Underlayment Change?

    Just passing time and surfing through and found this. I am in the middle of my roof install in NY and the guys said they still use the Firestone underlayment in areas that don't get snow or freezing cold. For us in the North East, they are using the FT Synthetics/Tesla branded underlayment due...
  47. gigawatt1010

    Considering a Model 3 in NJ

    In my 40+ years of driving and living in the North East, I’ve never jumped on that snow/summer tire routine. I’ve driven RWD BMWs/MBs and a bunch of FWD cars over the years and I’ve been ok. Sure I’ve been stuck or struggled more where others just casually passed by, but with a little bit of...
  48. gigawatt1010

    Considering a Model 3 in NJ

    Sounds like this will be your first EV. The first rule of thumb is always “get the most range you can afford”. Although with Tesla’s supercharging network, it’s really not that big of a deal. Cold weather takes a big toll on battery, sometimes as much as 40% less (depending on road conditions...
  49. gigawatt1010

    Solar Roof Gutter Replacement

    New York

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