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  1. SilverString

    14-50 on 100 amp breaker? Ok to use?

    Correct. I had the two types reversed.
  2. SilverString

    14-50 on 100 amp breaker? Ok to use?

    Nema 6-50 or 6-50R. Commonly used with RV's. 50A plug that needs 50 amp wiring (#6 minimum) and a 50 amp breaker. Maximum recommended continuous draw would be 40 amps or 80% of its rating. This would be fine for maxing out the the mobile charger at 32 amps, and if you were sizing the breaker...
  3. SilverString

    Why does TACC remain active after FSD steering wheel disengagement ?(which is not safe IMHO)

    I would like to see a toggle that allows either choice - keep TACC on or off when Autopilot is disengaged.
  4. SilverString

    NHTSA Close to forcing recall of FSD after more crashes

    Without a doubt. The most dangerous situation I have encountered using the beta are when FSD just shuts off without warning.
  5. SilverString

    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    Whatever happens, the good news is that Twitter is being forced to abandon their extreme partisan censorship which had little to do with moderation, and everything to do with political ideology. The folks enforcing policy decisions were obviously confused between the meaning of content...
  6. SilverString

    DIY tire rotation

    Why does Discount Tire used jacks to put new tires on the car right in front of an available lift? I always watch when I get new tires put on and they did this on my MS, but all my ICE cars have been put up on the lift, which seems much easier to me.
  7. SilverString

    S85 Supercharging calculator?- turning lemons into flavored water idea

    Does Tesla notify you when SC rate is decreased or does it just happen gradually over time without notice? Mine has never charged past 40% at 150kw and gradually falls to about 38kW at 90%. I rarely supercharge any higher. I used to get up to 185kW at V3 chargers but now it never seems to get...
  8. SilverString

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    Mine was changed out by mobile service a few days ago and the tech said there was no visible signs of degradation. My car has a gel battery and there was no mention of returning a core on the invoice. Damn! I should have told him to leave the old battery as I most certainly would have had some...
  9. SilverString

    Elon & Twitter

    Nah, I'll take your word for it.
  10. SilverString

    Service says $22k for new battery on 2012 Model S

    I'm getting rid of mine at 8 years, or sometime before 6/7/27.
  11. SilverString

    Elon & Twitter

    Wrong. Terms were based on the Twitter SEC filings, which were way wrong at stating there was a 5% bot population when it appears to be 20% or more. No different than a corporation cooking the books to make stocks more attractive. It's actually criminal.
  12. SilverString

    lightweight wheels model 3 performance 0-60 testing

    I guess Tesla does not uncork the M3 batteries except for a price. Interestingly, they did this for free to the MS 100D pre-raven models. When mine was uncorked it went from 4.2 seconds zero to 60 to around 3.7. A noticeable improvement in off the mark performance.
  13. SilverString

    Finally Got FSD Beta

    Forward collision warnings is likely what the OP meant. They will ding your score and it's first item listed under scoring factors in the App. Of course, they don't effect your SS if you have FSD enabled. I get them regularly when using the beta but never without, ha ha.
  14. SilverString

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    I have gel pack battery in my 50K miles three year old MS, and had it done yesterday at my home. Cost was $205 + tax which included labor in the amount of $40. Took the tech less than 10 minutes.
  15. SilverString

    Finally Got FSD Beta

    I can see your point of view but I think the price comparisons vary a lot by model and state to state. For me is it a lot cheaper - like 70%. Progressive, Farmers, State Farm, Allstate are all between $200 - $300 per month for full coverage on my 2019 MS. My June bill from Tesla will be...
  16. SilverString

    Finally Got FSD Beta

    City driving was and is, for me, the easiest way to keep the score high because you are usually driving under 50mph thus eliminating the close following dings. Hard braking errors are reduced too because predicting slowdowns is easier. Since I have Tesla Insurance I have been driving the with...
  17. SilverString

    Control arm under warranty? [when over 50k miles on car]

    If you reported it to service before 50k they will likely cover it, otherwise no. I had a less extensive repair performed under warranty with my door handle and they kept cancelling the service appointment and I crossed the 50k warranty limit, but it was still covered. as an aside - a few...
  18. SilverString

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    In general I would agree, but in some situations I feel it's worth it if for no other reason than peace of mind. I am about to embark on a multi thousand mile road trip into the mountains and places where even mobile service could be a few days away. My car has over 50K miles and is covered...
  19. SilverString

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    How are you monitoring the 12v battery?
  20. SilverString

    FSD Beta 10.12

    10.12.2 often seems anxious and nervous in human terms, but much more confident in other situations. I am noticing better attention to preemptive turn lane positioning, but this has also caused some navigation mis-steps. A lot of mild phantom braking, but flashing yellow lights are now...
  21. SilverString

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    Seems like a good price for delivering it and installing it, but I was unable find a US price on an AtlasBX U1 AGM. The tech also told me if that if my car did not already have this battery, which is yellow, then it would be a red battery, and they would make a configuration change in the car...
  22. SilverString

    10.12.2 Eye Tracking Shut Me Down

    That really stinks. In which of your cars did this happen?
  23. SilverString

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    Replacement for my 2019 MS was somewhat more. I'm going on a multi-thousand mile road trip soon and don't want any unpleasant surprises in the mountains. My car is three years old with 50K miles and Mobile Service said it was in the "gray area" as to whether to replace.
  24. SilverString

    The catastrophe of FSD and erosion of trust in Tesla

    I wish I had never started this thread. I do almost all the things mentioned by @Raurele and my eight month SS average is 99 using the beta on nearly 100% of my drives when possible/sensible. Since my last update most of the "gonna kill me" issues have disappeared - no more moving left into...
  25. SilverString

    Time to start using your PIN to drive...

    Any data on how many Teslas are stolen vs other brands? Something tells me it's far less than any other brand percentage-wise, and being that they are desirable to so many people, any real threats would have already been exploited.
  26. SilverString

    Tesla no longer uncorking vehicles?

    My 2019 MS LR (pre-raven) was uncorked with a software update but I’m not sure exactly when. At some point in early 2020 my Tesla account started listing one of the features of the car as “Uncorked Acceleration”. It was a noticeable change and 0-60 was improved from 4.2 sec to around 3.7 sec.
  27. SilverString

    Selling leased 2019 Model X possible?

    I don't think Tesla allows dealerships to buy out their leases. You will likely get the best return selling the car to a private buyer with title in hand.
  28. SilverString

    FSD Beta 10.12

    I think beta 10.12.1 is done seeing that they stopped the release a few days ago. We will likely see 10.12.2 in the form of 2022.12.3.x but what number x turns out to be is yet unknown.
  29. SilverString

    FSD Beta 10.12

    I got the Beta 10/26/21 and have Tesla insurance so have been using the SS for 8 months with a 99 average. Zero changes in the SS metrics as far as I can tell. Getting used to it takes a bit, but I no longer feel my driving style has been cramped or limited. It has changed the way I drive but...
  30. SilverString

    Safety score broken

    They don't. But it is possible to get false FCW's while driving on seemingly clear roads.
  31. SilverString

    FSD Beta 10.12

    All these vids on YouTube of 10.12.1 but just three updates on TeslaFI? What gives?
  32. SilverString

    FSD Beta 10.12

    According to his Tweet yesterday he is spending less that 5% of his time on Twitter but "Tesla is on my mind 24/7."
  33. SilverString

    FSD Beta 10.12

    Where do you see this happening? Zero installs on TeslaFi.
  34. SilverString

    What made you choose a Tesla?

    I needed a car to replace my XJ8-L. It was between the Ray Donovan Mercedes CLS 550 (I still like the styling a lot) and a Tesla Model S which I also thought was a beautifully styled car. I was very attracted to Tesla's technology including autopilot, and how fast the cars were. From there I...
  35. SilverString

    Supercharger - Lubbock, TX

    Yes I have done the route in my MS many times but not since the Llano and Clayton, NM chargers opened. Not sure of your car's exact range, but If you want to keep your speeds down you should be fine. I have never accomplished either route without getting range warnings driving at 70-80mph, but...
  36. SilverString

    Supercharger - Lubbock, TX

    I assume you want to go Sweetwater to Lubbock and up to Amarillo? I did it once when my MS was new with 335 miles of range. Went from Bee Cave through Llano to Sweetwater - Lubbock - Amarillo - Trinidad. It was my first Tesla road trip and pure range anxiety, often slowing to 55mph "to reach...
  37. SilverString

    Teslas are being delivered too fast for Supercharger Growth

    50 kW maximum is insufficient for road tripping but nice in a pinch. I wish Tesla would release its US CCS adapter and offer the conversion for pre 2020 cars like they said they would. Even then, since I supercharge for free, I'll be looking for Superchargers as my first choice. BTW I have...
  38. SilverString

    Texas Tesla Insurance - Cost Experience

    That seems high, depends on the scope of coverages and how much you drive. Mine stated at $150 for the first month, but that is determined by the assumed SS of 90. After the first month mine has been below $100 and as low as $85. I am in my 7th month with Tesla insurance.
  39. SilverString

    Insurance rate increase

    Definitely the worst part about it.
  40. SilverString

    FSD Beta 10.11

    Being in Seattle you likely have encountered this more than I. But I have noticed the same behavior in Austin with the light rain we have been getting every day lately. I get the poor weather and FSD degraded warnings but it has not dis-engaged. I am not talking about a downpour, just light...
  41. SilverString

    Mobile service for MS door handle

    My 2019 MS is 400 miles from the end of the factory warranty. I recently noticed that sometimes the driver handle does not present, or comes out only half way, and yesterday, with my dog inside, it would not open at all and I had to go through the passenger side. So I scheduled a mobile...
  42. SilverString

    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    Kind of a confusing tweet. When he says "beta users" does he mean anyone who has pushed the beta button? Or those already admitted to the beta? or both? or what? The last update was split between existing beta testers - some had to wait a few weeks and some got it immediately, but the new...
  43. SilverString

    CCS Adapter for North America

    I agree. In summer and after driving a good distance on the highway I get V3 charge speeds up to 185 kW in my 2019 MS. In other local situations, even with the battery conditioning notification I rarely get above 150 kW.
  44. SilverString

    Insurance rate increase

    I hear of people getting good rates with Progressive but it has never been the case for me. I checked prices a few weeks ago and Progressive wanted over $200 per month. For this I used the address of an alternate piece of property I own in my same neighborhood. When I use my actual home...
  45. SilverString

    Elon & Twitter

    It's a cesspool.
  46. SilverString

    Tesla FSD beta safety score reset

    If you are in a state that offers Tesla insurance, and uses the safety score as a metric for pricing, your safety score will automatically reset to 100 when you purchase the policy. This happened to me when I switched to Tesla insurance on 10/16/2021 and on 10/28 I received the beta with a 100...
  47. SilverString

    Elon & Twitter

    And they broke their own guidelines by banning duly elected politicians, and respected journalists who were at odds with their political ideology. Hunter Biden's laptop and the WuHan Lab leak are just two of many obvious examples. In doing this they "coordinated government propaganda" and...
  48. SilverString

    Strap a weight onto the steering wheel

    Although I have never done it, I have heard that in my Model S a half full plastic water bottle wedged into the steering wheel spoke will allow hands free driving.
  49. SilverString

    Elon & Twitter

    Absolutely. Left leaners can call names, throw fits, rant, and be as political as they like. If you disagree you get moved to snippiness.

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