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  1. ChrisMPK

    Installing Wall Connector is better than NEMA 14-50

    We have one, but I charge 99% at my office. We shared it for a few months which was OK. It depends on both of your commutes and how diligent you are at plugging in.
  2. ChrisMPK

    40 mi commute, office charger debate

    The daily commute is irrelevant. If this is your primary charging location and it's free, you are going to charge 100% of your annual miles at this location. You roll in Monday with an empty tank, and fill up to 80%. It doesn't really matter how much of that was work related. So instead of...
  3. ChrisMPK

    40 mi commute, office charger debate

    A couple missing pieces of information that would be helpful: - Is the parking location secured or open to the public - Is the charger location protected from weather or completely open to rain? - Are you sure that $.09 / kWH is your total cost of energy and do you have a TOU rate plan that may...
  4. ChrisMPK

    Wall Connector installation for a "pre-wired" townhome

    Your profile indicates that you live in Santa Clara. If your electrician is charging less than $125/man/hour there you are probably talking to the wrong one. I agree that you should get several quotes or estimates. If you supply a HPWC a pre-wired installation like that should take 1-2 hours...
  5. ChrisMPK

    Installing wall charger with take-up reel

    Also google "tool positioner"
  6. ChrisMPK

    Confused about "Enough Charge to Continue Trip"

    The car doesn't want you to arrive with less than 20%, and in my experience it usually shoots for 25-30%. If you leave your destination in the nav and tap cancel charging stops, it will tell you how much battery (as a negative number) you will have when you get there. Just figure out how much...
  7. ChrisMPK

    Charging station in detached garage

    @HellsKitchen That is a great solution for your garage, but I would also consider the electrical usage of your house as long as you are investing in an upgrade. What are the electrical needs of your house going to be for the next 10 years? It sounds like upgrading the main panel, and adding a...
  8. ChrisMPK

    Charging station in detached garage

    I would upgrade your main to 200 and then figure out what the realistic max you could bring to your garage is. Thinking about a daily commute is the short view. If you only think about getting to work on Monday then 120v 15a is probably fine. If, however, you think about what kind of vehicles...
  9. ChrisMPK

    FSD Beta 10.11

    Just finished installing 10.11.2. Came from 10.10.2
  10. ChrisMPK

    70amp main breaker - what can I install?

    I'm in a house. I installed my own wall connector (x3 at various locations). They are installed in the most un-licensed fashion possibly so I can't help with a referral. The point above about not having space for a GFCI breaker is a good one. Space, not just amperage, is likely going to be...
  11. ChrisMPK

    70amp main breaker - what can I install?

    I would wire and install a 30 amp receptacle like two of your electricians said. If you have issues with tripping, you can manually dial the charge rate down in the car. 50A on that panel is just ridiculous.
  12. ChrisMPK

    Clarification on charging to 100%

    If you have a Lithium Ion battery only charge to 80-90%. If you have a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery charge to 100%. If you have a Lithium Ion battery and are going on a trip, charge to 100% but use scheduled departure to finish charging within 30-60 minutes of your estimated departure. If...
  13. ChrisMPK

    6/3 with ground, how to connect to wall charger

    Correct, use the bare wire as ground and cap the neutral. Wait for a few people here to tell you the sky is falling if you use a 60A breaker, but I personally wouldn't worry about it.
  14. ChrisMPK

    NEMA 14-50 or Hardwire ChargePoint electric company paying for service upgrade

    I use a Juicebox 40 at my lake house. It works just fine to charge a Tesla. Aside from the physical connection, there isn't much difference between that and a wall connector. If there's a significant incentive, I would definitely consider this as an option. You could always swap it out later...
  15. ChrisMPK

    Why doesn't FSD hug the left side of the right lane?

    This is my #1 problem with FSD and NOA on city roads before it. Just hug the left lane line, don't drive in the parking lane like an idiot. This seems like an easily solveable set of circumstances that have received zero attention over the last couple years.
  16. ChrisMPK

    Really low range

    Small sample size. Drive like normal and check this again in a week. Also, read a bit about range first before starting the 1000th thread on this.
  17. ChrisMPK

    Replacing 50 amp breaker with 60 amp?

    If an improperly sized breaker was grounds for a lawsuit, there wouldn't be a real estate transaction in the US that didn't end up in court. If you are concerned that the wire will overheat despite being an adequate size for at least a 55A draw, leave the 50A breaker as suggested above. You...
  18. ChrisMPK

    HPWC install story, flush subpanel, no free slots

    You may be able to add a larger buss bar kit to your panel to match the cover. There is a sticker in your panel that will let you know the max size you can run. That should let you run a standard dual pole breaker and generally make it easier to clean up the panel. FWIW I think you're fine...
  19. ChrisMPK

    Suitability of Model Y for the daily grind of NYC commuting?

    If someone does steal your Tesla, you can just open your phone to find it's location. I think the MY is a great choice for a grinding commute, but I would definitely get 19" Geminis over the 20 or 21" wheels for the potholes and the weather. If you use AP through the tunnel and especially...
  20. ChrisMPK

    Model Y Snow Chains

    I tried the Z143 on 19" gemini's and they were not close to fitting. I struggled with them for two hours before giving up. I suspect that I either received the wrong product, or quality control in China is lax. I ended up ordering the Koenigs from Tesla.com. Even if I got these to fit, they...
  21. ChrisMPK

    Supercharger charging costs delivered or accepted?

    All businesses set their rates based upon their costs. When you buy a tomato at the grocery store, you are inherently paying for the cost of the tomatoes that fell off of the truck or were otherwise lost in production, regardless of what is listed on the label. Not rolling those costs into the...
  22. ChrisMPK

    Getting a handle on cost of home charging

    I should have mentioned that you would have to subtract out any supercharging KWHs as well.
  23. ChrisMPK

    Getting a handle on cost of home charging

    To get a rough idea you can take your miles driven x your average KWH/mile usage, divide by .92 for efficiency and multiply by $.136 to get dollars. This will tell you the total cost since new, which after a month or two should give you an idea of your cost per mile or cost per week, etc.
  24. ChrisMPK

    Reasonable price for 2 50A outlets to my condo parking spot

    Pictures? Most companies will have a per foot charge for trenching and covering. If this is through concrete I can see it being that much. If it is in softscape it should be cheaper. More details required to tell if it is a rip off or not. Is it worth it or not is another question.
  25. ChrisMPK

    Romex and Wall Charger revisited @wwhitney

    NM cable is usually fastened with hammered in staples, which often pinch the conductors more closely together than any other type of MC or raceway run cables. This is one of the primary reason it is idiot-proofed with a 60C amperage rating. Building codes are meant to protect you from the...
  26. ChrisMPK

    Tesla Wall Connector - TERRIBLE SOFTWARE!

    This sounds like a WiFi issue. Is your WiFi dual band? Is Band Steering enabled? How about 802.11r/k fast roaming? What is the RSSI of another device at the charger location? Are you using MAC whitelisting / blacklisting? What's the size of the DHCP pool? There are many factors that could...
  27. ChrisMPK

    Multiple Tesla Charger's on One Circuit

    You should provide more info such as the breaker rating of your current charger and pictures of your panel. My first thought is: You don't need two chargers. Just alternate nights that you charge your vehicles (assuming the cord will reach all parking spots). It is possible to connect two...
  28. ChrisMPK

    Electrician screening

    Maybe it's just me but I would hit that panel with a shop vac while the cover is off. Otherwise the install looks god. Wouldn't be a bad idea to correct the wire on that top left breaker as others have said.
  29. ChrisMPK

    80 MPH limit unacceptable

    OP should research what happens to the fatality rate in accidents as the speed increases above 70 mph.
  30. ChrisMPK

    FSD Beta Attempts to Kill Me; Causes Accident

    I can see why that was taken down. The video pretty clearly shows that driver error was the cause of the accident. The oversteer reaction is really bad. Either OP wasn't really gripping the steering wheel, or they are an inexperienced driver. If you have been driving for any length of time...
  31. ChrisMPK

    Electrician screening

    You definitely do not need to upgrade your service, but I would like to see what's under the main panel cover. As @Sophias_dad mentioned, there is something strange going on or perhaps another disconnect that should be protecting the wire to your interior panel. I say 60A all day off of your...
  32. ChrisMPK

    Electrician screening

    It would be a lot easier to make a judgement if you posted pictures of the breakers in your panel(s)
  33. ChrisMPK

    Anyone use this Romex 6/3 cable during install?

    Standard margin of safety is 1.5 to 2.0 before you get a statistically likely failure point.
  34. ChrisMPK

    FSD Beta 10.6.1

    Internal "beta" testing is called alpha testing, FYI.
  35. ChrisMPK

    Truck Shadow = VO Death Zone

    The video didn't have much of a pronounced shadow. In so cal where cloud cover is rare, the shadow is much more distinct. I will save a video and post it next time it happens. It's pretty common with trucks and bridges but seems to have gotten worse with vision-only. The radar seemed to...
  36. ChrisMPK

    Truck Shadow = VO Death Zone

    Since I got into the beta about a week ago and being forcibly switched to vision only, I've noticed that driving into the shadow of a semi truck has a very high hit rate for either phantom braking or a take-over immediately warning. Twice today I was on the shady side of a truck while on FSD...
  37. ChrisMPK

    Charging options for 40amp sub panel

    You should take the cover off and send another picture of the wiring within. There's something not quite right about that panel that an internal photo may clear up. Probably good with a 40a breaker for your charger if all the wiring checks out, but anytime you see something obviously incorrect...
  38. ChrisMPK

    The actual price of charging (at home)

    Our peak summer rate is $.53 with delivery charges, so yeah, I have solar. Even the evening (summer) rate is I think $.16 with delivery charges in So Cal. Fortunately I have access to commercial rates at my office and pay closer to $.05 most of the time. Effective cost per mile of electricity...
  39. ChrisMPK

    Servicing Brakes

    I serviced my M3 with 31k and the brake pads are almost new. At this rate they look like they will last the life of the car.
  40. ChrisMPK

    What name did you give your new Model Y?

    Blue Mamba, a nod to the greatest of all time
  41. ChrisMPK

    Southern CA Edison rates make it not worth charging at home

    Yeah I pay between $.05 and $.03 to charge my cars in SoCal (when it's not free solar generation) but all your rants are def valid and the CA government is just "out to get you and raise your cost of living" and not just using the free market to incentivize cleaner / renewable energy.
  42. ChrisMPK

    Cost of 50 amp circuit and Nema 14-50 Plug installation in SFBay area (Oakland)?

    Couple things... No good electrician shops at Home Depot or Lowes, so those prices aren't really relevant. Also, in addition to the physical installation, the electricians is 1) giving you the benefit of his expertise and experience, 2) taking responsibility for the installation if anything...
  43. ChrisMPK

    Tesla Wall Charger Installed - Some Tips

    This is not actually worse. The breaker is sized appropriately to protect the wire which is it's only job. If you plug something over-rated in down stream the breaker will trip if the wire is running over-current at a risk of damage. The likely result would be repeated tripping of the...
  44. ChrisMPK

    Can I avoid paying sales tax in Nevada..........

    When the fire department can't bring themselves to answer your call for help, just remember that you couldn't bring yourself to pay sales tax.
  45. ChrisMPK

    THHN and 4/3 Romex availability

    FWIW most electrical supply shops will let you make a cash purchase without an account, have better prices, better product availability and be more knowledgeable than the guy in the isle of home depot. You are also more likely to run into an electrician who can help with your project or just...
  46. ChrisMPK

    Southern CA Edison rates make it not worth charging at home

    You can try to figure out how to shave total usage to stay under the crazy expensive tiers, but this is only a stop-gap. Eventually you will forced to do TOU or use candles for light and heat. TOU isn't a bad thing though, and it gives you control over your rates which you don't have with a...
  47. ChrisMPK

    Lithium 12v battery.

    Most lead-acid batteries are very cheaply produced these days and often die after 2-3 years in any type of car. A good one will las 5-6 years but that is no longer the default. FWIW I replaced a 3yo 12v battery in my M3 with a lead battery from Autozone. Took maybe 5 minutes. There were...
  48. ChrisMPK

    Charging from Powerwall

    Sure, at some point with a software update that may be possible, but that's not really the issue. The issue is that you are trying to charge a battery the size of 5 power walls off of 3. You are going to drain the capacity of the powerwalls and have nothing left to power your house or offset...
  49. ChrisMPK

    Disable heated seats?

    The seat heaters are pretty easy to physically disconnect below the seat if you are truly not going to use them.
  50. ChrisMPK

    90 Day observations

    Get the windows tinted including the windshield. This is a must in any new car. If you are really sensitive to the sun there are some very inexpensive sunshades for the glass roof on Amazon. This will also help with the cooling issue.

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