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  1. Skotty

    Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion

    This is a good argument. One I can agree with. I'm theoretically supportive of nuclear, but cost has long been a problem that I haven't seen a solution for, and probably better if we use primarily wind and solar. However, wind and solar will never be as cool as fusion. :p:cool:
  2. Skotty

    Inner tail light leak repair, housing disassembly, and cleaning.

    I've got this problem. I'm going to replace the gaskets on both sides soon. I was able to place an order for the parts at the Tesla service center. Not sure if I could have done it via the app; I just went there in person figuring that was the most reliable way to get them to place an order...
  3. Skotty

    Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion

    Thinking big and very long term, the reason a civilization needs to master fusion power is so that it can travel beyond it's solar system of origin. I suppose you could get away with using fission, but fusion would be better for interstellar spacecraft.
  4. Skotty

    Another front suspension control arm failure

    Can someone knowledgeable give me (or PM me) a quick summary of this issue? I haven't been following it too closely, but have stumbled across this thread recently, I'd kind of like to inspect (or have inspected) my 2014 P85 (assuming it's susceptible) and determine if I should have some...
  5. Skotty

    Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion

    ITER is like the Boeing of Fusion research. Could really use a SpaceX to light a fire under some asses.
  6. Skotty

    Charging Improvements

    I'm kind of torn on whether or not to ever upgrade from my '14 P85. I would love the charging, range, and other improvements, but I would miss some of the extra features you get on an older model, including the pano roof, huge frunk, more unique interior combo, rear facing seats, and free...
  7. Skotty

    Tesla MS screen black after eMMC upgrade

    Sorry to hear that. I haven't tried supercharging my S since the upgrade. I have no new news, other than it's still doing it.
  8. Skotty

    Rivian price increased massively - $15,500. Cancelled, I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    Well...as I recall, when Tesla was as young as Rivian is now, they increased the prices on Roadsters that were already ordered. Tesla basically apologized but claimed they couldn't sell them for less than it was costing them to make at the time.
  9. Skotty

    Charging Improvements

    Just wanted to add -- I've done a lot of supercharging over the last 6 years due to my work which required frequent road trips, though that has changed over the last couple of years and I don't have to travel nearly as much anymore. Most of the time now I am just charging at home with my...
  10. Skotty

    Charging Improvements

    I know this has surely been discussed elsewhere, but I wanted to add my own experience in a thread. I haven't been following supercharging as closely as I used to, but I recently had to make a trip from KC to St. Louis and back. I was delighted to see there were new charging locations...
  11. Skotty

    Tesla MS screen black after eMMC upgrade

    I have a 2014 S P85 and recently got the eMMC memory card upgrade and LTE upgrade, and since then the center main screen is occasionally dead when we get in, and it takes a really long time for it to come back on (we usually try the two-button reset, and then it usually boots up after a few...
  12. Skotty

    California bans small gas engines including gas generators

    I'm totally off of gas and have all electric cars and yard equipment and rooftop solar as well. The options for yard equipment still aren't the best. Electric chainsaws are available, but I'm guessing the battery options suck (because, why wouldn't they? chainsaws require a lot of power in a...
  13. Skotty

    Elon Musk

    It would help, at least within the Twittersphere, if Elon would filter his Twitter posts more; be a little more careful about how and what he says there, as a high profile individual. It currently seems to be his largely unfiltered thoughts, and can lead to wrong impressions. Of course, that's...
  14. Skotty

    Elon Musk

    Ironically, the day I posted my concerns (just hours ago), a Ted talk was posted with an interview of Elon Musk where he discusses current events, including his activities related to Twitter, and I found that interview to be very reassuring. There's a pre-recorded 8 minute interview followed by...
  15. Skotty

    Elon Musk

    (moderator note: Post merged with existing "elon musk" discussion thread. It was originally a separate thread, which is why the first line reads as it does) Today I would like to open a discussion, or be directed to a discussion here or elsewhere if you know of one, for Tesla core supporters...
  16. Skotty

    False Collision Warning alerts

    I get this all the time in my 3, but it's usually when the car in front of me is making a right turn onto a side road.
  17. Skotty

    Green New Deal

    Equality of opportunity requires an element of socialism. It's not black and white. Kids need to be able to attend schools (K-12), regardless of how their parents are doing financially. There needs to be universal fire and police protection. Those are all elements of socialism necessary to...
  18. Skotty

    Cyber truck will be the best selling vehicle ever

    Re: Side mirrors I hope they always have side mirrors, and not camera/display systems. Given how often I have to wait for a Tesla screen to turn on, I'll stick with regular mirrors. Regular mirrors are instant on, all the time.
  19. Skotty

    Blog Tesla Moving Headquarters to Austin, Texas

    I was seriously considering Tesla for solar when they finally came to Missouri, but all the stories and reports I'm seeing about Tesla solar have changed my mind. It could be changed back, but Tesla has a lot of work to do before I would trust them with my residential solar.
  20. Skotty

    Safety Score

    The safety score has a not insignificant amount of BS built into it, and it's ripe for endless drama with it tied to FSD beta. Honestly, my recommendation to Tesla would have been to keep it a secret if they really want to do it, because in a lot of cases it will be wrong about how safe a...
  21. Skotty

    Blog Tesla Moving Headquarters to Austin, Texas

    Both California and Texas are in the United States of America. Although it's worth noting that Tesla isn't free to sell Tesla's in Texas. Maybe fix that, Texas?
  22. Skotty

    Major Yoke concerns from Consumer Reports initial review

    The yoke is the New Coke of Tesla innovation. Personally, I'll be waiting for Steering-Wheel Classic, and until then, I might have to drink something other than Tesla.
  23. Skotty

    Why is Tesla service department (SD) customer service so bad?

    Both of my Model S screens had screen bubbles. The center screen, iirc, was covered under warranty. I think my dash screen happened after warranty expired, so I had to pay for it, so not sure if that would have been covered under warranty or not. It's one of those things that is on the edge...
  24. Skotty

    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    I tow stuff as needed, but it's generally not much. I towed a dump trailer in the last couple of weeks, and I've towed an auger a few months before that. It's rare, but very nice to have when you suddenly need it.
  25. Skotty

    What eMMC do I have?

    I checked recalls, not being sure if I've had them all taken care or not, and the only one it said wasn't done is the eMMC recall. The wording read like Tesla's solution was to update the firmware via OTA update. I'm pretty sure I was notified of this recall by Tesla, but it said Tesla would...
  26. Skotty

    What eMMC do I have?

    I thought the replacement screen was fairly new at the time, as it suffered from the screen yellowing that was a thing happening to new screens at the time, but maybe it was before all the upgrades. Perhaps some things like the cellular hardware were plug in and they just took it out of the old...
  27. Skotty

    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    Biggest drawback in the general sense is no supercharger network. However, I would only want a truck for hauling around town, so in the case of a truck, I'm in a unique situation where I don't care about long range charging network. What I do care about is bed size, and I bet Ford only offers...
  28. Skotty

    What eMMC do I have?

    eMMC means the center screen and attached hardware, yes? Same as MCU? I have a 2014 Model S P85. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 2018 or 2019 I had the center screen replaced due to screen bubbles. How do I know what I have and don't have at this point? What do I mean by that? 1) With 3G...
  29. Skotty

    Panic buying!

    I've seen this in the U.S.A. just from a widely publicized news report about how gas prices were going to jump up. After the report, cars were queuing into streets waiting in really long lines to get fuel. Ridiculous behavior. This was a number of years ago.
  30. Skotty

    Blog Ford Makes $11.4B Investment in Electric Future

    I hope part of that investment is to offer a full size bed option on the F-150.
  31. Skotty

    Autopilot Change

    I've never in my life driven on a road where 5 MPH over the limit was too slow for traffic. My recommendation would the same one I have for dessert when family is at my house. If you want it, do it yourself. Otherwise, you apparently didn't want it enough.
  32. Skotty


    One day, you will wake up and your car will be gone, having driven off without you to places unknown, and you will shake your fist in the air and exclaim "Damn you, FSD!"
  33. Skotty

    Vision Only Limitations

    This is overly rosy. Life is all about conflicting sensor inputs, and the whole picture only gets better by adding more inputs and interpreting the whole, not reducing to fewer inputs. Just like how the multiple cameras work together to build a combined interpretation with Tesla vision, and...
  34. Skotty

    A yoke or a joke?

    I think we would all be a lot better off if society would focus on FSD for highways, but drive yourself everywhere else. FSD (on highways) could become a reality so much sooner that way, and like the examples you provided, there will always be lots of things FSD can't do. Come up with a...
  35. Skotty

    Cybertruck Site states now delay time frame

    That's good to hear -- standard length bed. The Rivian bed, from what I can find online, is on 54 inches. And it looks like the electric F-150 will be only short bed too from what I can tell.
  36. Skotty

    Cybertruck Site states now delay time frame

    I might get stuck with only considering the Cybertruck, as I insist on having at least a standard length bed, and I think the Cybertruck is the only one that might meet that requirement. The bed is the whole reason for me getting a truck. It needs to be a decent size. Of course, I'm still...
  37. Skotty

    A yoke or a joke?

    The problem is that Tesla is currently anti-option, and wants to build everything identical. But I agree, this should definitely be an option. Making it an option pleases everyone and ends the yoke debate. Or to simplify, it would probably be satisfactory to go yokes for plaid, wheels for...
  38. Skotty

    Model S Plaid -- Battery Failure -- Day 1

    I got a loaner from KC Tesla Service recently and it was dog slow. It was rather shocking and amazing to be in such a slow Tesla. I didn't know they could set up to be that slow. Kind of makes you miss the earlier days when sometimes you would get the top performance model as a loaner.
  39. Skotty

    Tesla Autopilot/FSD Quirk -- Sun or Yellow Light?

    Encountered a quirk Tesla needs to work on more for Autopilot/FSD. I was driving down the highway this morning. The sun was low in the sky, and a tad orange from hazy skies. AP showed a yellow traffic light over and over and over and over as I was driving down the road. Funny, but also a...
  40. Skotty

    Why Does The Steath Model 3 Exist?

    Curious what some takes are on why the "stealth" Model 3 exists. I have one myself, and happily so. I like performance paired with the 19" rims, and I don't care much about the other performance model enhancements. Not sure if they ever made other color combos, but at the time I got mine, it...
  41. Skotty

    Edmunds Review - Teslaraiti follow up. I'm not the only one.

    I won't deny that the Plaid is an awesome car, but I still hate the yoke and wouldn't buy one because of it.
  42. Skotty

    Model Y Performance Totally Impractical for Snowy Climates?

    Pony up for a set of winter tires and wheels. Or if you want to pay less and aren't happy just making due with summer tires, just switch out to all-seasons and go with those year round. That's probably what I would do (the all-seasons). I've got the all-season Continental ProContact RX tires...
  43. Skotty

    Car & Driver: The Mach E is simply better than the Model Y

    Supercharger advantage can't be overlooked. CCS just flat out doesn't exist in 90% of America; it's only usable if you live right on the east or west coast.
  44. Skotty

    Late 2021 Model Y factory 19" wheels will be "Darker" + More "info" from dealer

    Personally, I don't like dark colored wheels. Reminds me of older days where the cheapest ugliest cars had black steel rims. I think it's a fad and in a few years people will want light colored wheels again. My personal favorite is polished aluminum; not as obnoxiously shiny as chrome but not...
  45. Skotty

    So, uh, stay away from dump trucks

    Here in Missouri, every other car on the local roads is a dump truck, and every other car on the interstate (I-70) is a tractor trailer. Dodging *sugar* falling off of trucks (dump trucks and pickup trucks hauling insecure loads) is a daily driving activity. It really sucks sometimes.
  46. Skotty

    Song of the Day Thread

    You Don't Even Know Me by Slander & Riot
  47. Skotty

    Basic cruise control stopped after update to 2020.36.16

    I have a pre-AP 2014 P85 that has a potentially related cruise control issue. It turns on like normal when pressing in the stalk (as in, the amber light illuminates), but it will no longer set a cruise speed when pulling the stalk towards me (that is how cruise is normally engaged, right? Or...
  48. Skotty

    Switching from Jeep Grand Cherokee to Model Y Performance - Ground clearance issues?

    A bit of a trick question. For non-Jeep fans: No, no ground clearance issues for Model Y. For Jeep fans: Yes, ground clearance is not that good.
  49. Skotty

    A yoke or a joke?

    You must have been a fan of New Coke.
  50. Skotty

    A yoke or a joke?

    We can argue all the finer points endlessly, but at the end of the day, cool folks are cruising with their hand on the top of the steering wheel.

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