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  1. ScoobyDoo82

    Will our Model Y come from Austin?

    Thanks for clearing it up. I personally wouldn’t want a 4680 equipped MY with its current spec. If they would include a larger capacity and a better 0-60 speed and truly used the better potential for good, instead of making the specs apples to apples it would be a no-brainer. However, the way...
  2. ScoobyDoo82

    Will our Model Y come from Austin?

    It’s currently about 50kwh.. that’s more than 20% less than the 82kwh 2170. I’m imagining if they built a 100kwh 4680 cell pack. That would be 2x what the current built in Austin MY gets - which is about 500+. See what I’m saying now that I’ve cleared it up?
  3. ScoobyDoo82

    Will our Model Y come from Austin?

    …not to mention a (slightly) slower 0-60 speed. 4860’s are great.. but Tesla hasn’t unlocked it’s true potential for consumers yet. If the pack were 82kwh like the current 2170 cells then the new Model Y would range at close to 500 miles. This would cannibalize their current offerings so they...
  4. ScoobyDoo82

    DIY tire rotation

    It’s rubber. https://tesbros.com/products/tesla-model-3-y-jack-pads
  5. ScoobyDoo82

    My 1 year old son loves the frunk!

    Wow. Thanks for the link.. that was cool to look through!
  6. ScoobyDoo82

    My 1 year old son loves the frunk!

    That’s a great idea! Keep your eyes peeled on TMC in about 20ish years!
  7. ScoobyDoo82

    My 1 year old son loves the frunk!

  8. ScoobyDoo82

    Tesla Model Y - Things You Should Know!

    There is a learning curve and acclimation period that’s for sure. But the lack of buttons is a non issue.
  9. ScoobyDoo82

    Dash Cam Not Working Check USB

    This issue is still present for me even when I updated from 2022.12.3.1 to 2022.12.3.2 It appears to be a software bug across the whole 2022.12.3.* hash. It’s annoying because today I had a close call and looked down to see the ❌ on the cam icon. Now I’ve gotten into the habit of removing and...
  10. ScoobyDoo82

    Hit the Carpool Lane Barrier while in AutoPilot

    This is unfortunate. Sorry that this happened but glad that it wasn’t any worse. I have personally made it a rule of mine to not use autopilot when in the carpool/far left lane. Too many close calls. I trust the AP much more when both sides of the car are flanked by other vehicles. The...
  11. ScoobyDoo82

    Any Model Y with new projector headlights in the USA?

    The extra pin is for non-USA models I believe. North American cars have the same wiring harnesses and as others have said, it’s simply a software configuration.
  12. ScoobyDoo82

    HomeLink DIY install

    Yea, this is unfortunate. A total joke. Hopefully you get a cool tech who happens to like beer like I had. Best of luck. Dropping $600 for no reason is ridiculous! The licensing for the modules should not have to be paid for twice. Bummer.
  13. ScoobyDoo82

    Model Y hit and run while parked - total loss or reparable?

    I agree. I’ve seen less damage cases get totaled. I would place an order for a new one ASAP. Did sentry happen to catch the offender? If you can locate the offending party it’s very likely that you can have their insurance (that’s if they have it) cover you in a rental Tesla while you wait...
  14. ScoobyDoo82

    Model Y 2170 vs 4680

    Look for yourself:
  15. ScoobyDoo82

    Model Y 2170 vs 4680

    Months ago they disclosed (Ryan Shane’s YouTube channel) that the 4860’s aren’t going to be incorporated as a means to achieve 500 mile range until well into 2023-2024. Tesla doesn’t want to piss off legacy customers and needs to ease into 4860 capacity gradually so as to not cannibalize the...
  16. ScoobyDoo82

    2 simple things that should be standard

    That’s what they said about having the cams stream to the app on command. Now we have that feature. I agree that looking at every clip as a notification would be monotonous. But then again, so is the case with my Ring app for my doorbell, but I’m still ever so grateful for the feature...
  17. ScoobyDoo82

    2 simple things that should be standard

    These are all features that will no doubt be added to the fleet in due time - either via software or physical upgrades. The Plaid is literally the best car one could own right now. When I got my Tesla a year ago I was like “why can’t I view the cameras from my app”. A few months later that...
  18. ScoobyDoo82

    Model Y 2170 vs 4680

    With all due respect, if you could have purchased the car back in 2019 you WOULD have. Expecting Tesla to give you the same values of those the “early adopters” got is a stretch. For what it’s worth, the “top dollar” cars today are a chasm world better. Even with 2170’s the car has made...
  19. ScoobyDoo82

    Car names…

  20. ScoobyDoo82

    Windows Open When MY Parked

    Curious.. are you folks with this problem using an iPhone with the widget on your homescreen? This issue went away for me when I deleted the widget. I believe that something is sending the command to the car to vent the windows. It’s not an issue with the car doing it’s own thing while it’s...
  21. ScoobyDoo82

    Looking for Reservation Transfer for 7 seater Model Y

    The only way this would work is if the existing reservation holder takes delivery of their car, pays for all the BS (reg, doc/title fees, and taxes), then sells the car to you - in which case you would have to pay aforementioned fees/taxes all over again in your name. There is no way around it...
  22. ScoobyDoo82


    Lol, we all could use some more “butt stuff”. Classic.
  23. ScoobyDoo82

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Yup, exactly.. the new EQS and Lucid Air cars are impressive… but they are no Tesla. Tesla is a good 10+ years ahead. Also, what the OP I think fails to realize is that the Tesla battery packs have reserved cells in the same way that a SSD has reserved space. This is used as a buffer to...
  24. ScoobyDoo82

    Did you make a mistake with installing rear mud flaps? I did it until seller send me the instruction.

    Yea.. I’m confused by this post too. OP, care to elaborate?
  25. ScoobyDoo82


    Not sure.. maybe 2 updates ago? But different regions have different features updated at different times…. It’s hard to say
  26. ScoobyDoo82

    Trunk only opening halfway sometimes after 2022.8.3 install

    Although the truck bug hasn’t effected me, I have noticed on the last two updates that my lights (every light) comes on for a split second at about 40% and 80% of the install. It never did this before ver. 11.
  27. ScoobyDoo82


    #1 and #3 have been around for some time now. Nothing new. 🤪
  28. ScoobyDoo82


    Bro, you don’t need an occupant in the passenger seat to turn on the split function. It’s accessible with only a single (driver only) occupant. Calm down.
  29. ScoobyDoo82

    Why does Tesla suspension suck so bad?

    The ride on the MY is more on the harsh side. Everyone will attest to that. However, with 19’s it’s a lot better than with the 21’s. But, Tesla is well aware of this. The ride quality is in no way a reason to hate the car. It’s manageable and not the end of the world once you come to terms...
  30. ScoobyDoo82

    Seat Heater Question in V11

    Lol. I’ll give you that. Appreciate the justification. I was beginning to regret responding earlier (people haven’t been the nicest on here lately).
  31. ScoobyDoo82

    Seat Heater Question in V11

    Yea.. well until your car gets 2022.12 software this (or using the Tesla app) is the only way to interface with the seat warmers without turning on/off the whole HVAC system. Thumbs down me all you want - I didn’t develop the software jeez
  32. ScoobyDoo82

    Seat Heater Question in V11

    Use voice commands. “My butt is cold” etc..
  33. ScoobyDoo82

    When the ACTUAL cybertruck pricing is released…,

    Thank you for this! Made me laugh. Something I would do if I was taking a poop and had some time to kill.
  34. ScoobyDoo82


    Passenger heated seat is there on the far right - you just need to make sure that “split” is enabled in the HVAC controls.
  35. ScoobyDoo82

    DIY tire rotation

    Yea.. I’ve thought about that. However only lift one side means that the whole bulk of the car is not being suspended by the jack.. but yea, I do the tire swap really quickly and never leave it up for more than necessary- and I certainly wouldn’t get under the lifted side. But yea, I have a...
  36. ScoobyDoo82

    DIY tire rotation

    They make Tesla specific jack stands that have a round dish (just like a jack) that holds the puck. Using the traditional “fork” jack stand I’m pretty sure isn’t what he was suggesting.
  37. ScoobyDoo82

    DIY tire rotation

    They sure are! Multiple accounts across 7 different Tesla’s over a period of 6 years is seriously good enough for me. Wicked good stats! Definitely enough to publish my own “how to lift your Tesla without causing the frame/battery damage” manual! What’s your email? I’ll send you one!
  38. ScoobyDoo82

    Homelink module: garage door closed on the car

    It’s all your wife’s fault..
  39. ScoobyDoo82

    DIY tire rotation

    I’ve been using a puck and a 2-ton jack to do my rotations for 2 years. My brother has been doing it this way for 5 years. So do all of our Tesla friends. We all have enjoyed the jack and a puck being able to lift the car enough to be able to access both the front and rear tires. Guess what...
  40. ScoobyDoo82

    Windows Open When MY Parked

    Do you use any third party apps with your Tesla? Stats, Tessie, Tezlab, Nikola etc?
  41. ScoobyDoo82

    Loving how Tesla updated my car’s graphic to reflect the removal of my Gemini covers.

    I’m not sure. I go by percentage anyhow and hardly have (or ever will) rely on the “miles till dead battery” estimate. I have realized that my car lost about ~1 or 2% with the covers off and not the 5% people have said. YMMV. I just drive the car and charge to 80% daily and never think...
  42. ScoobyDoo82

    Loving how Tesla updated my car’s graphic to reflect the removal of my Gemini covers.

    It is 100% possible. I know because they did it for me! (I’m the OP of this post). Try a different service center or ask for a different person. Clearly the person you’re dealing with doesn’t know or is too lazy to help.
  43. ScoobyDoo82

    Tesla Model Y - Things You Should Know!

    At the end of the day, a car is a car. I’ve had a lot of really nice cars: Audi, BMW, Porsche etc… they all had their own unique issues and qwerks. Not a single car on the road is 100% perfect in my opinion. My Model Y is an early 2021 build. It’s not perfect, but it’s leaps and bounds...
  44. ScoobyDoo82

    Steering and Vibration on a Brand New MY

    Sigh.. this happened to a lot of Tesla owners.. it’s not an alignment issue or a suspension components issue. It’s way more simple than that. The foam insert inside of the tire has moved. The adhesive used to “glue” it inside the tire has failed and the foam has bunched up somewhere in the...
  45. ScoobyDoo82

    Tesla Model Y - Things You Should Know!

    I came here for the comments and wasn’t disappointed. OP, sell your car and move on. Everyone would be much happier.
  46. ScoobyDoo82

    Help…should I even attempt this road trip?

    I wouldn’t risk it. Although gas is ridiculous right now, the cost to flatbed the Model X will be substantially more (if needed). Why risk it?
  47. ScoobyDoo82

    4680 MYP Acceleration Boost Upgrade prediction.

    This is akin to trying to determine the fate of a sports team during preseason. We can assume and speculate as much as we want, but time will tell! Obviously the technology has improved but we also know that Tesla is software restricting the range to keep the older (2170) customers happy. As...
  48. ScoobyDoo82

    2022.4.5.17 Recommends 100% Daily Charge for LFP Battery Vehicles

    Charge to 85%. split the difference 😂
  49. ScoobyDoo82

    Lifted my Model Y 😀

    Cool, now you can go to Pep Boys or Autozone and grab some of those fake Buick-style fender vents. You could also get a “4x4” for emblem for the tailgate. Also, get some of that purple DIY tint film and now you’ll have the whole package! /s

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