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  1. richrootes

    North Vancouver specific - Canadian Tire Model Y mats

    Looks like someone cancelled an online order - may be of interest to Model Y owners on the North Shore. These were in the Main St branch of Canadian Tire earlier
  2. richrootes

    Body line "Within Specs"?

    How’s the other side?
  3. richrootes

    Model S Battery affected by collision

    I’d be more worried about the drunk driver possibly invalidating his insurance by actually driving whilst drunk!
  4. richrootes

    Rear trunk won't open

    The official name of the part is Cinching Actuator: HIGH FORCE CINCHING ACTUATOR(1003549- 00-D) This is the Cincher - somewhat confusing I know
  5. richrootes

    Rear trunk won't open

    In my case, it was just the cinching actuator. You’ll probably need some trim clips as well - they’re the same as the ones for the door panels. No matter how careful you are, you always break a couple - I even had a few missing that Tesla hadn’t replaced when the changed out the chrome trim...
  6. richrootes

    what wire is this?

    Regardless of all that, aren’t your cars limited to 32A?
  7. richrootes

    Dear Tesla UI designer,

    The V6/7 menus with blue as the contrasting colour were so much more readable than today’s hot mess Perhaps the lack of customization is some way related to ’type approval’ - no pun intended
  8. richrootes

    MS 2014 panoramic sunroof wind noise

    The rear part of the seal can sag - this happened on mine, which led to a small amount of wind noise. To counter this, I placed some round rubber o-ring type material up behind where it folds back on itself. If you open the roof, you can feel behind the seal and you should see where I mean. This...
  9. richrootes

    Strap a weight onto the steering wheel

    We had this years ago with AP1, sacks of potatoes in the front seat, oranges on the steering wheel etc. AP1’s initial release was fantastic, no nagging. Then all the twats started defeating the safety features, posting their exploits on youtube - and that’s why we are where we are today Please...
  10. richrootes

    MCU_w029 error - battery imbalance

    That‘s the first time I’ve ever seen an option to upgrade a 60 battery in writing - wonder if they’ve mistaken yours for a later 75 model which would have been software reduced to a 60?
  11. richrootes

    Broken wire, or normal?

    That’s probably not a wire, but a rubber bung to seal an unused pin
  12. richrootes

    2014 Model S 60 AP1

    Nice car - very similar to mine. Have you ever experienced yellow dashes at the top of the power range? Mine has had these pretty much permanently for three years now, but Tesla insist there is nothing wrong with the battery
  13. richrootes

    Crossing from Canada to US - phone plan

    Never had an issue - the car might lose connectivity near the border, but once it’s realized what’s going on it works fine
  14. richrootes

    Crossing from Canada to US - phone plan

  15. richrootes

    Driving to canada

    All the same - except I think we are billed by time rather than consumption
  16. richrootes

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    Still waiting…. But I did notice 2022.4.5 has reinstated the ‘chargers’ icon on the map, plus the ‘round trip’ state of charge remains visible My car still has permanent yellow dashes at the top of the power scale though - which Tesla has said is normal. I fail to see how limiting my max power...
  17. richrootes

    Rear trunk won't open

    I just joined the beeping trunk won’t open club. Used the black plug trick to get it open, then dismantled trim to get to the Cinching Actuator I took it apart to see what was inside - it’s basically a cheap ass little motor and some nylon gears. No electronics There‘s probably a way of...
  18. richrootes

    Looking for some guidance here......what's a completely unreasonable time frame for 2020 Model S to not be repaired after an accident?

    I’d be more worried about how well they are looking after the traction battery at this point
  19. richrootes

    Tips for parking in a tight parkade

    Ha ha - good for her. Parkade design in Vancouver is awful - it always looks like it’s an afterthought, never part of the original plans
  20. richrootes

    Charge limit setting missing under charging controls: 2014 S85 with 2021.44.25.2

    I sent a bug report from the car. I’m surprised Tesla haven’t jumped on this - I’d think it was a relatively easy fix
  21. richrootes

    Windows freezing and not being able to get in and out of our Model Y

    It’s unfortunate that you’re experiencing this issue - though thankfully weather like this here in Vancouver is a little unusual Have you asked the name of the product Tesla applied to the window seal? I’d have thought it should be quite easy to acquire and use Good luck
  22. richrootes

    $4,600 for burned out headlights, any alternatives?

    Yeah, I feel bad for MarkoJ - that was a big bill for a couple of bulbs I wonder how long Tesla stared at the front of his car before arriving at the ‘bulbs are blown’ diagnosis? That’s one fee I’d be disputing for sure
  23. richrootes

    $4,600 for burned out headlights, any alternatives?

    We’re you charged twice for labour? I don’t believe you should be paying for diagnosis as well as labour, which curiously are a multiple of each other
  24. richrootes

    Wall connector won’t release charge handle

    Now I get it - sorry, I thought you meant it was in the car’s charging port Is it installed outside? Could a jealous neighbour have glued it in somehow? Other that that, there really isn’t anything in the receptacle that should be able to hold it in
  25. richrootes

    Wall connector won’t release charge handle

    Try ‘unlock charge port’ from the app Once you hear a thunk, you should be able to remove the connector
  26. richrootes

    Electrical warnings - Car Won’t Start

    Good luck! I’ve a bit of a soft spot for Port Perry - it’s where both of my lovely Chows came from, both sadly lost last year (Josol Chows)
  27. richrootes

    Electrical warnings - Car Won’t Start

    I think those are similar to the warnings I received when my battery heater was failing. Could also be a bad ground post - have a search for that
  28. richrootes

    Vancouver service center damage s paint

    The staff at the Vancouver Centre have always provided outstanding service - glad they sorted you out ok
  29. richrootes

    Tesla App customization

    Nice find - thank you!
  30. richrootes

    Extremely Disappointed With Model S Range When Driving on the Highway at 35F

    Can you still select ‘Range Mode’ in the newer cars? This might have helped a little - plus the advice we got years ago was to use the heated seats over the cabin heater for longer trips in the cold Don‘t get disheartened - it just takes a little while to get used to
  31. richrootes

    Brake Lights.......at standstill

    Opinions are like bumholes - everybody has one The fact of the matter is, using the hand brake was drilled into people learning to drive in my era. It was as much used as an indicator to the examiner that you acknowledged the red light OR the rare case of a Stop Sign (most such signs in the UK...
  32. richrootes

    Brake Lights.......at standstill

    Blimey that escalated quickly In the UK, where you’re still taught how to drive correctly, you’d fail your test if you didn’t engage the handbrake when at a stop light or stop sign - at least that was the case in 1980 when I passed. Also, if you passed your test in an automatic, you were not...
  33. richrootes

    Brake Lights.......at standstill

    Every car with an automatic transmission, yes. It’d be nice to be able to emulate the behaviour of a vehicle with manual transmission, where you use the handbrake to hold the car An easy software tweak one would imagine
  34. richrootes

    2021.32.10 bug?

    I wish you were right - it has been like this for almost two years now, summer and winter, long drives and short drives Sometimes it goes away after a software update, sometimes it doesn’t — both my images above were taken under the same conditions, same ambient temperatures. Pressures were...
  35. richrootes

    2021.32.10 bug?

    Ok that didn’t last long. A wheel change reboot has restored the power limiting ‘feature’…. Very frustrating
  36. richrootes

    2021.32.10 bug?

    Well what do you know - 2021.40 has fixed the power limiting. At least for now…..
  37. richrootes

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    That doesn’t sound right - I can drive down my back lane at any speed without a seat belt on and it doesn’t go into park (yes, up to and including the legal speed limit). I do this to dry off the discs after a wash Are you on the lighter side - I.e. I wonder if the seat sensor thinks you got out?
  38. richrootes

    2021.32.10 bug?

    Thanks, Art - yes it’s been like this for quite a while now. Tesla seems unconcerned, as range isn’t affected - so the question is, does this constitute a defective battery or doesn’t it? Software updates used to clear the dashes, but they’re pretty persistent now Cheers
  39. richrootes

    2021.32.10 bug?

    I’d like it to fix this (yellow dashes) but I’m not holding my breath
  40. richrootes

    Has anyone repaired cooling louvers?

    Great pictures - so it looks like the central fin is driven, which has levers on to actuate the one above and below it Good luck with your search
  41. richrootes

    Damage from service visit | Full breakdown

    Why didn’t you write about any of this in March?
  42. richrootes

    Model S battery warranty

    I have exactly the same issue with my 60. The max power has been limited for probably getting on for a year now. The yellow dashes used to go away after a software update, but have not done so for some time I have sent images to the Vancouver service centre so that a record is kept in case the...
  43. richrootes

    2021.32.10 bug?

  44. richrootes

    Car would not turn on

    Looks like you did the right thing - I’d schedule an appointment using the app now so they can pull the logs Could be anything, so get it checked ASAP
  45. richrootes

    Moving to Vancouver, thinking about winter tires, seeking comments on my plan

    Welcome! We also went the route of dedicated rims/tyres - makes the whole process easier, and whilst your neighbours are scrabbling around trying to get an appointment to swap things over, you drive out your garage having performed it yourself in minutes Which part of West Van are you?
  46. richrootes

    Tesla Shop - Unresponsive to emails at their email address

    Lucky you! Fourth email just sent, let’s see if I get a response this time Very frustrating
  47. richrootes

    AEB is too abrupt - I got rear-ended

    What a weird thread. Post the videos from the incident then we can all draw some evidence based conclusions

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