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    Solar Roof Questions - Can you mix roof types? Is $250 deposit required to get an exact quote? Gutter size?

    Unfortunately, Tesla no longer includes gutter installation for solar roofs - you need to coordinate that with a separate contractor. See Solar Roof Gutter Replacement
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    Tesla now keeps all the SRECs [SREC = Solar Renewable Energy Credits]

    Thanks @MKurzdorfer for alerting me that SRECs are now an option for Virginians. Earlier this morning I tried to start the process for registering my solar roof with SREC Dashboard . A question for the Marylanders @willow_hiller and @wjgjr who have been doing this: do you have to give your...
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    Faded Tiles on Front of Home

    It is hard for me to tell, but it looks like you have some white painted wood trim that is flaking/rotting just above the tiles. Any chance that paint color is washing off onto the tiles below?
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    Neurio Power Monitor

    I have a Neurio that Tesla installed along with my solar roof and no powerwalls. In the Tesla app, I'm able to see home/grid consumption along with solar generation coming from my Delta inverter. However, my install was done in December 2020 before Tesla switched to their own inverters and...
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    Master Thread: Energy products and Tax discussions

    My opinion is that only the solar PV tiles ($23502 in your case) are deductible - others disagree. You can find more discussion about it here: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/new-solar-roof-owners-how-much-can-we-write-off-in-taxes.215327/ That being said, if you ever get a definitive...
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    Solar Roof Showing 0kW Output on App

    If your gateway is having trouble, I believe you should be able to get a replacement. I think we have the same black gateway box. Tesla contacted me a few months ago saying they wanted to replace my gateway box because they weren't getting all of the data they expected back at the mothership...
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    Grid outage, Powerwall drops loads for minutes

    l would recommend calling the existing customer support number (725-867-6182), talk to a customer rep, and then ask them for their email address so that you can send supporting information. The rep can then copy your email details into their system. My experience has been that if you just send...
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    Solar planning considerations - Solar Roof, new roof+solar, Tesla or ?

    Not to be a party-pooper but as far as I know, there is no IRS ruling on whether you can deduct the cost of the non-PV shingles (if there is, please post a reference). You can find more discussion about solar roof deductions here: New Solar Roof owners - how much can we write off in taxes?
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    Tesla switched inverter to Delta (no optimizers) from promised solaredge (with optimizers)

    This also happens to me intermittently and I have yet to figure out why. I seem to have most success if I connect in the first hour or two after the sun has come up - maybe give that a try?
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    Master Thread: Energy products and Tax discussions

    On my 2020 solar roof contract, Tesla did have separate line items for PV tiles and for non-PV tiles.
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    Tesla Solar Roof in Virginia

    I called Tesla early on (first month) and was told to wait until there was more data available. I'm pretty sure they figured I was like many others who obsess over production right after install - which I was. I just ended up having a valid concern. After six months, it was clear production...
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    Tesla Solar Roof in Virginia

    The problem I had was very difficult to identify since everything worked, just sub-optimally. I was suspicious of a production problem from the beginning ( see incorrectly placed solar tiles thread ) but because there were so many variables (weather, multiple roof planes with different slopes...
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    Tesla Solar Roof Warranty Claim

    I have not had any leak problems with my solar roof, but I did have Tesla address a production issue that ended up being a wiring problem. I would recommend you call the Tesla Customer Care number for existing customers (725-867-6182) and talk to someone in addition to whatever you submitted...
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    Tesla Solar Roof in Virginia

    Hi @Joesmoe3 - I only have a solar roof and do not have any powerwalls. I simply continued under Dominion's basic residential rate with 1:1 net metering. I wasn't previously aware of Dominion's other rate plans - your post prompted me to take a look (thanks). Without storage, my current plan...
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    Another gutter issue thread.

    The tear-off sub-contractors for my solar roof accidentally damaged/chipped some vinyl siding with a ladder. They told me about the issue and I included it in my clean-up "punch list" for Tesla. Tesla sent a repair crew out 3 weeks after my install completed. That crew replaced the vinyl...
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    Shocked from gutters after Solar Roof activated

    Did you notice this while the Tesla electrician was still there (and if so, could he or she explain why)? That's interesting. For my solar roof, the bottom row of tiles (adjacent to gutters) are not PV so the wiring connecting PV tiles is further away. I wonder if @chucklesn has PV tiles in...
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    Arizona Powerwall Installs

    This thread might interest you: anyone shade their south-facing inverters from the sun?
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    Solar Roof Gutter Replacement

    Unfortunately, I don't have any Tampa specific recommendations for you. Two of the three gutter contractors I solicited for bids (in northern Virginia/Maryland) already had experience with Tesla solar roofs. The contractor I selected did not have experience with the solar roof, but he was not...
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    Clearing snow from panels

    I bought this rake ( https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000A16VS4?th=1 ) last January for my solar roof. It worked very well for me. I also used it later to get a drone and a frisbee out of trees (very versatile :).
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    Tesla inverter DC wiring

    The post you referenced mentions that the slope of the roofs with the split strings needs to be low (15 degrees). I wonder how flat @[email protected] 's roofs are ...
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    Tesla solar app with Neurio . Need guidance

    With a little code, you can access the same APIs the app uses and save the data on a computer directly. Here's how I do that with a Python script: Tesla app not showing home usage when there is solar
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    Solar-only app now showing grid and home usage?

    Sorry - I'm no expert but this is how I think my setup works. The CTs solely monitor input and output to the panel. The powerblaster/neurio then transmits that information to my Tesla gateway. Solar production is transmitted by my inverter to the gateway. The gateway sends home panel input...
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    Solar roof installation and its required gutter removal

    I received a separate "Gutter Contractor Info" document from Tesla that stated "Tesla does not complete gutter installations or manage gutter installations with sub-contractors during the Solar Roof installation". So, it was clear to me that I had to decide whether to replace the gutters and if...
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    Max Number of Permittable Powerwalls [in Napa County CA]

    @Jason Bloomberg installed 10 at his home in Wyoming Wall of 10 Tesla Powerwall 2 units
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    Solar Roof, big price increase

    hmmm ... interesting I thought underlayment was waterproof. I wonder what an ice shield layer underneath it would do.
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    FPL PTO "System Size Must Be Reduced"

    This is not what the OP should do, but I thought I'd answer this side question anyway. You can easily remove PV tiles and replace them with glass non-PV tiles. The only complication I can see is you might need to re-balance your wiring if Tesla set up parallel strings (which I think is common...
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    Solar Roof, big price increase

    Seconding this thought ... @jk732 - if you (or anyone else) can post details about components and/or costs for a solar roof "ice shield" in a new thread, that would be great.
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    One Year post-PTO Solar Roof in MD

    Thanks for sharing this data @wjgjr . I've been dealing with a solar roof production issue that I hope Tesla was able to fix during a service visit in early August. I plan to post about that soon. Would you mind sharing your monthly total values for July and August 2021? Since we are...
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    Delta M-4, String drops out to zero for 2 hrs ? [delta inverter issues]

    I'm glad you got access. Let us know how they ultimately fix the problem. For my solar roof, one of the techs I talked with said that they would replace a failed Delta with another because changing inverters would require changing hardware (MCIs) on the solar roof. I'm not sure if the same...
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    Delta M-4, String drops out to zero for 2 hrs ? [delta inverter issues]

    The code on the side of the inverter is the "normal" user access password. The "6532" is for "admin" access and exposes additional features in the UI. A highly secure system for sure :)
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    For sale - Tesla solar tile

    I could be wrong (hard to tell sometimes without looking at it from a proper angle), but that looks like a non-PV glass tile to me. If it is non-PV, that might be important to someone buying it who is thinking they are getting a PV tile.
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    Solar Roof in New Jersey

    How many PV tiles do you have facing in what directions?
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    Delta M-4, String drops out to zero for 2 hrs ? [delta inverter issues]

    I think so - I found an older post of mine that mentions "activating advanced features". Sorry, but I don't remember exactly how I did that. Maybe clicking the Activation link you have under Analysis would do it? I think whatever I did worked right away or at least right after I re-connected...
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    Delta M-4, String drops out to zero for 2 hrs ? [delta inverter issues]

    It is interesting that you have 0.0 A for all 3 strings. It also looks like your system is one version behind mine (3.1.7 instead of 3.1.8) - that could be because you have panels and I have a solar roof. Just to confirm, are you not able to see the logs or are your logs just empty? Here is how...
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    Delta M-4, String drops out to zero for 2 hrs ? [delta inverter issues]

    Did you use the iOS "M Professional" app and connect using the installer code "6532"? If so, you might be able to get some info by looking at the logs (menu -> Analysis -> Logs I think - sorry don't have the app in front of me at the moment).
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    Subcontractor messing up solar roof install [underlayment doesnt hold water]

    Sorry your install has had so many problems. I'm surprised the Tesla crew was willing to put any tiles on before being confident that the underlayment was properly installed. Your roof should be leak-free with just the underlayment (even if it sits exposed for 6 months). I would ask your...
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    anyone shade their south-facing inverters from the sun?

    Any chance you recorded before and after shade inverter temps? I'm curious how much the shade helps.
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    Solar Roof Gutter Replacement

    Sorry - no - I live in Virginia. My only recommendation is to take the time to get at least 3 estimates. You'll be amazed at how different estimates can be for the same job.
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    How are solar roof connections run?

    maybe ... unless you wanted to see the wires themselves
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    Sun shade / netting / canopy for Tesla inverter

    This similar thread might be of interest to you ... anyone shade their south-facing inverters from the sun?
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    How are solar roof connections run?

    My install also has junction boxes in the attic with one conduit running down the side of the house to the inverter.
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    Tesla monitored our production and updated solar roof

    Wow - that's not good. I wonder if they tested the removed tiles later to see which ones failed and why. For my low production, I've been assuming the key problem is that I have a string pair with one string of south facing tiles and one string of west facing tiles (based on stuff @nwdiver...
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    anyone shade their south-facing inverters from the sun?

    If you are willing/able to post a picture of your shade setup, I'd like to see how it looks.
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    Tesla monitored our production and updated solar roof

    Thanks for sharing this! It gives me hope since after 6 months my solar roof has only produced 62% of (half of) Tesla's estimated annual production. I spoke with tier 1 support earlier this week and did not have to twist any arms to convince them there is an issue. I'm waiting to hear back...
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    anyone shade their south-facing inverters from the sun?

    I'm not aware of any purpose made covers, but am interested in what you learn. My Delta M8 is in direct sunlight for a couple of hours each summer morning. I've been meaning to look more closely at the board temps from the M Professional app and see if there is any noticeable correlation...
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    Is there a timezone setting to data being logged in Tesla app?

    Although my specific code is not available in a public repo, I started with this one: enode-engineering/tesla-oauth2 Recent authentication API changes from Tesla broke the login process in this code forcing me to login from a browser and manually grab a callback code from the response. It's...
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    Solar Roof Gutter Replacement

    @wjgjr 's response makes sense to me - particularly with regard to the glass roof shedding water. I don't have or need guards for my home since there aren't enough mature trees around to cause trouble. My parents live on a heavily wooded lot and have gone through several different types of...
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    Are there any contacts for escalating solar progress?

    I had two thoughts: (1) If you have evidence of a completed solar/electrical permit/inspection from your locality, maybe you could submit that to your utility in lieu of a document from Tesla. (2) Did you pay your bill in full? I'm assuming you did, but if not that could be holding things up.
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    Is there a timezone setting to data being logged in Tesla app?

    I have a solar roof, no powerwalls, and a Tesla powerblaster (Neurio) capturing grid usage data. I've been using a python script to pull data from Tesla's energy API which I believe is the same API used by the Tesla app. (For me at least) Tesla stores grid_power and solar_power values in...
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    Solar Glass V3 + 2 PW ordered May 2, 2020

    Like @wjgjr , I had a QA person visit on the last day of the install. A day or two after the install completed, one of the PMs stopped by to make sure they had a complete list of final clean-up items (e.g. drywall repair around the breaker box in my basement, a broken step on my deck, and a...

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