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  1. TheLocNar


    Have they added shuffle to TIDAL yet?
  2. TheLocNar

    Rivian Reviews (Articles, Writeups, Videos) on Rivian Forums Website

    The kitchen is seriously worth the $5k imo.
  3. TheLocNar

    Cybertruck Volume Production to Start in 2023

    I think after seeing the Rivian, they’re rethinking some things. 😅
  4. TheLocNar

    Tesla is an AWFUL software company

    One embarrassing thing is having passengers and all the cars on the screen keep spazzing while you’re at a stop light.
  5. TheLocNar

    The real purpose of the tri-motor Cybertruck

    Damn right I’ll be drag racing the CT.
  6. TheLocNar

    Issues with Tesla app on iPhone 12

    FWIW, I had no problems yesterday after picking up my 12. I had to re-register my keycard on the center console and that was it. Phone key working just fine.
  7. TheLocNar

    Issues with Tesla app on iPhone 12

    Delete phone from within the car settings?
  8. TheLocNar


    Installing now. I sure hope it’s bug fixes. 36.3.1 has a lot of quirks. HW3, FSD, M3P.
  9. TheLocNar


    Green light alert has issues with separate turn arrow boxes. Submitted several bug reports today. First time I almost drove through the red light before I noticed it was the green arrow.
  10. TheLocNar


    I’m installing it now. Heh
  11. TheLocNar

    2020.20.5 has improvements to GPS

    Getting this now on my HW3 3P after I got 16.3 yesterday.
  12. TheLocNar

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    Applaud the company for doing this, but honestly, it’s not worth it. It’s not like an intake or exhaust that can be easily removed. And Tesla will know you’ve done it, so “reflashing” back to stock is pointless.
  13. TheLocNar

    Has Any P3D+ Owners Gotten Carbon Fiber Spoiler?

    Oh. I’m waiting for it to fall off. I wish it would so I can go aftermarket. lol
  14. TheLocNar

    Has Any P3D+ Owners Gotten Carbon Fiber Spoiler?

    Mine is lifting on both ends. It triggered my OCD for the first month or so but now I really don’t care. Nobody else notices it so I’ll just leave it for now. I’ll probably go aftermarket in the future anyway.
  15. TheLocNar

    Supercharger-Northbrook, IL

    Ah they look the same to me. lol
  16. TheLocNar

    Supercharger-Northbrook, IL

    Disappointed it’s not V3 though.
  17. TheLocNar

    Tesla Shipping Ventilators Worldwide

    Seeing how the Trump admin is outbidding states and buying equipment out from under them, I guess anything is better than nothing at this point, even if the “wrong” equipment has to be converted/tweaked. I just can’t believe the Fed is doing this. And then there’s Jared going on national tv...
  18. TheLocNar

    Tesla Shipping Ventilators Worldwide

    These “ventilators” are useless. Elon didn’t do his homework. Geez. 'Ventilators' donated by Elon Musk can't be used on coronavirus patients, health officials say
  19. TheLocNar

    New Nav maps coming?

    Porn to get it through quarantine.
  20. TheLocNar

    Supercharger-Northbrook, IL

    Still slowwwwww, which is probably why it’s not “officially” online yet.
  21. TheLocNar

    Supercharger-Northbrook, IL

    Hopefully they’ll figure this out.
  22. TheLocNar

    Supercharger-Northbrook, IL

    It wasn’t too much. I was at about 45% SOC. I think it was in the 60s.
  23. TheLocNar

    Supercharger-Northbrook, IL

    They’re online now!
  24. TheLocNar

    Supercharger-Northbrook, IL

    Yeah I checked last night the 14th as I was passing through. Nothing.
  25. TheLocNar

    Supercharger-Northbrook, IL

    Drove by the new Willow Festval location yesterday. Still fenced off. Maybe by the weekend? We will see. It’s kind of an awkward location in the parking lot but whatever.
  26. TheLocNar

    How to report anomoly between posted speed limit signs and Tesla screen?

    Yes. AP1 actually reads the sign. One bad thing about that. A 2” piece of tape fools the computer. Some Teslas have been tricked into speeding by tape stuck on road signs
  27. TheLocNar

    Steering shuddering in a brand new car. Anyone else experience this?

    Your suspension is broken. You need coilovers.
  28. TheLocNar

    Loud clunk on 1st reverse of day

    Yup. Pads sticking to rotors due to moisture. Nothing to worry about.
  29. TheLocNar

    Traffic data - those orange and red lines on the nav

    The traffic data comes from cell phones. there’s going to be a delay in what the live traffic displays. SIMON WECKERT
  30. TheLocNar

    2020.4...Come to Papa

    They copy everything else. Sure. Why not!
  31. TheLocNar

    Something broke, judder, warning lights, etc...

    Totally reasonable solution on Tesla’s behalf. Glad you got it fixed.
  32. TheLocNar

    Frunk easy close spring mod

    Ahh. Guess I’m lucky that mine still latches shut.
  33. TheLocNar

    Camera condensation

    Just started for me. No point in trying to address it since it’s “normal”.
  34. TheLocNar

    Frunk easy close spring mod

    Put the lighter spring in over the summer. Been awhile since I opened the frunk. Needless to say it wouldn’t. But I just grabbed underneath the frunk up by the windshield and it opened. Something to try if yours seems stuck.
  35. TheLocNar

    Camera condensation

    Been getting the left door camera error all day today on an off. And this is why.
  36. TheLocNar

    Tesla Adjusts Supercharging Cost To Include Vehicle Use While Charging

    Let’s hope they don’t split hairs by saying HVAC etc. isn’t part of “supercharging”.
  37. TheLocNar

    Tesla Adjusts Supercharging Cost To Include Vehicle Use While Charging

    So what will this mean for owners that have free unlimited “lifetime” supercharging?
  38. TheLocNar

    What kind of changes or improvements do you hope...

    Heated steering wheel, front grab handles, and cooled seats.
  39. TheLocNar

    P3D+/P3D- Owners: Do You Ever Use Chill Mode?

    Before I got my car I thought I would in the winter, but there’s no need to. Standard for life.
  40. TheLocNar

    Car and Driver suffers Model 3 failure on 12/25, but car told them about it remotely

    People making excuses for Tesla will be the first to say Porsche is TEH WÜRST!!!!!!!! if this ever happens to a Taycan.
  41. TheLocNar

    Bulletproof unbreakable windows - how to get out in emergency?

    But if the rear cover is deployed, covering up the window, then what....
  42. TheLocNar

    2019.40.50 Release Notes

    “Take me to” has always worked for me.
  43. TheLocNar

    2019.40.50 Release Notes

    i always say “take me to”.
  44. TheLocNar

    M3, snow tires, dumb question (can the M3 carry 4 tires back?)

    I put one in the trunk, one in the middle of the folded seats, and the last two leaning on either side of that one.

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