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    Plugging in to charge port difficult sometimes?

    Mine was difficult to plug in the first month of ownership, then gradually loosened up. I did clean the port with Q-tips and contact cleaners. It may be more involved for you however.
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    Socal to Reno drive

    Much better range driving from Reno to LA, than LA to Reno. Can skip some SC'ers. Any headwind and elevation gain takes a huge hit in range.
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    Acceleration boost upgrade

    AB didn't hurt my range or Wh/mi that I call tell. You rarely use it on long road trips except occasional passing, and sometimes around town, freeway on-ramps and the like. Very noticeable and enjoyable. No regrets. I decided to get it after a year of ownership. Figured why not enjoy it now...
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    Wind noise reduction kit?

    Did the door seal kit, the glass roof liner, sound deadening mat'l in the A pillars, and lined under all carpets, frunk and trunk and wheel wheels with sound reduction material. Definitely helped, not dramatically but noticeable, not exactly sure which installation was most helpful. Quite...
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    Tesla Supercharging rates

    I've played that game of cheapest time to Supercharge. Works if I'm around town and decide to Supercharge. On the road, you pretty much have to charge when and where it's necessary and convenient.
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    US95 Idaho Range Anxiety Model Y

    Should be no problem, IF you are willing to slow to maybe 55mph towards the last 50 miles or so. The Energy graph is pretty accurate after 30 minutes or so of driving. Check it often, it will tell you what % charge you will arrive with.
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    Tesla OEM Model Y Cargo Cover

    I bought an after-market cargo cover for my Y. Fit and finish not good and rattled. The OEM one in my Model S was hinged, worked well. I do think they help with road noise reduction. Would definitely buy one if it fits well and is functional, like in the Model S.
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    Strong Winds on Roadtrip

    A direct headwind is brutal. A 20mph headwind is similar in energy consumption to driving 90 when you are actually doing 70! Slow down a bit and watch the energy consumption graph as you drive.
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    San Diego to Las Vegas

    Made that drive many times. Charge to 90-95%, at night then shoot for close to 100% right before leaving. I'd SC at Barstow, Starbucks close buy. Yermo is BORING. Don't bother to charge to 100% at any SC, the last 10% takes forever, 90% is fine. Lots of SC's in Vegas now, if concerned, get...
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    Regenerative Braking

    Almost always brake lights do come on. I followed a friend in a Tesla ahead of me and we talked on our phones to monitor when I saw the brakes lights come on. He never touched the brake pedal and most all the time the brakes lights came on when he let up on the go-pedal, even a little.
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    ABRP Curiousity

    Consensus seems to be that ABRP is quite accurate, I've used it for years. However, I'd compare with other similar apps. In my 7 years of Tesla road trips, I've found extra weight not a huge hit on range, but roof racks or roof carriers are a big hit on range. Many threads on this. Maybe you...
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    Streaming Radio (Slacker) logged out

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    Streaming Radio (Slacker) logged out

    I thought it was just your Tesla password? Worked once for me.
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    Glass Roof Shade That Doesn't Sag?

    I used a small metal plate with an adhesive back and a small black magnet. It was originally a $10 cell phone holder for the dash I had used years ago. Works perfect, never know it's there. Super strong magnet. Hasn't moved at all for months. The sunshade is taunt, no sag.
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    How to dampen road/wind noise?

    My 2021 LR Y is quieter than my 2014 S. Not completely happy with the road noise but added together, these mods were noticeable: Sunroof shade, weather stripping kit, carpeted mats with noise deadening material under. Mats for the trunk and frunk with sound deadening under. Rear cargo cover...
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    Slow leak on brand new tire

    After a couple months of ownership, I had a slow leak, no puncture. Discount Tire remounted the tire are no cost. Problem fixed
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    Where is Request FSD and/or Safety Score - New Model Y

    Had a 99 score for a month now. No way I'll sign up again for a month of FSD and expect to ever get Beta. Maybe I thought I was 'special' and would easily get Beta. I'll wait until it is more widely released (and hopefully better than the YouTube videos show)
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    Is everyone's glass this speckled?

    I noticed 1000's of tiny spots about 1 month after receiving the car. Thought maybe it was very hard water? Doubtful. Tried cerium oxide with a buffering wheel (very messy). Tried at least 5 other "solutions". Helped maybe 20%. Only really noticeable when the sun hits at a certain angle...
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    OEM Roof Shade

    I keep mine on 90%. Cooler and I don't usually have anyone in the back that would have enjoyed the view. Didn't use it much with the center sag, but fixed it perfectly. 1" small metal plate with adhesive (used for the back of a cell phone case). This sticks great on the glass roof. A small...
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    Long Line for Charging

    Yes, that video was from 2+ years ago. Many SC'ers have opened in that area since that video.
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    Front License plates

    I don't love the front plate, but I have been pulled over for a warning in California for no front plate. Yes, rare, but like having a taillight out. The warning is simple, but I never want any excuse to be stopped by law enforcement. One beer and things go badly.
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    My Model Y won’t charge at supercharger

    Happened to me with my older Model S. AC plugs worked, not DC as a Tesla Supercharger.
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    Should one charge each night, or only when needed?

    For 6 years I charged my 2014 85 S Tesla nightly, usually from 65% to maybe about average of 40%. I dialed down the amperage in the car to charge at 20A. Of course if I knew I was driving further, certain days I'd charge to maybe 80%. After 6 years I only had 4% battery degradation. Was very...
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    MYLR real world mileage?

    I always run Gemini 19"'s with the aerocaps on, a 3-5% increase in range I've heard. Model YLR. Also, most of my driving is in California; relatively level, temperate climate, little rain and the speed limits are never 80 mph as are some states. With traffic, 70 to 75 mph is the norm, if you...
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    MYLR real world mileage?

    Yes, range is over-stated by Tesla, but knowing this you have options. 4,000 miles on my last Y road trip averaged 251 wh/m. 300+ miles range. Ideal speed for me is 70-75 mph. Tires set to 45 PSI (On the highway I don't notice a rougher ride with the increase PSI). AC set medium speed...
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    Anyone ever use a 240 volt dryer outlet to charge when visiting relative or friend? do set max amp rate in car to safe amount.

    My 50 amp extension is 50'. Very bulky and heavy. 25' probably is fine. You will of course be connecting it to the 20' Tesla charging cable. I also have a heavy duty 110V 50' backup ext. cord, if all else fails. Helpful at times.
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    Anyone ever use a 240 volt dryer outlet to charge when visiting relative or friend? do set max amp rate in car to safe amount.

    Plugged in many times to family and friends 240 dryer outlet. Usually no problem. I have a 50 amp fuse at home, usually charge 30 amps or so. Plugging into my father-in-laws and the car dial did not down the amperage and popped the breaker. No big deal, but embarrassing, especially at night...
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    Planning a roadtrip to Yellowstone from the bay area on the Y - any tips?

    Do a search on this forum, you will find some helpful info. I just got back. San Diego to Colorado to Yellowstone. Easy trip
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    best tire, quiet tire, comfy tire. Continental, goodyear, bridgsetone, michelin

    I like the P7's. Low Rolling Resistance, good treadwear, quiet. I've heard, poor in the rain. Since it never rains in So. California, I can't address wet traction, but I think TireRack did rate them marginal in that category
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    San Diego to Yellowstone

    @Watts_Up, I think basic nav maps are stored in Tesla computer but with no traffic info, no voice to navigation function. I would rather rely on downloaded maps to a phone. I don't have FSD, so can't comment on that. The cameras do detect and read the Roadside Speed Limits, so that helps...
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    MASTER THREAD: FSD Subscription Available 16 Jul 2021

    Think I'll wait until the beta FSD is more reliable. I know, could be months, but that's OK. Would use it mainly on driving trips in unfamiliar locations probably. I think it will be difficult for Tesla to sell the $10,000 package. Even if I signed up 6 mos out of a year, it would take...
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    San Diego to Yellowstone

    @Watts_Up, Poor cell/internet in Yellowstone. Pre-download Yellowstone maps and apps. There are 2-3 suggested National Park/Yellowstone apps that are helpful. There is limited coverage, but in certain areas, you can get lucky. Can go download Google Maps for a certain area easily. Stayed 4...
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    How well does the Tesla app work for you

    The car must have good cell reception (AT&T) and of course you, with your phone must also have good reception. The WiFi in my garage is quite weak, so checking the car there is dicey. Often takes a minute to connect. On a trip to Yellowstone, virtually no cellular signal. Could never hook up...
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    San Diego to Yellowstone

    Just drove almost 4K miles in my Y-LR. San Diegg to Colorado and Yellowstone. Had Tesla's for 6 years, This was the easiest road trip ever. More SC's, Newer cars charger faster, never waited to charge. Best of all, averaged 251 Wh/mi. over the entire trip. AC on, often 80 mph. Luckily no...
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    Battery loss

    Don't check to app too often. Waking up the car definitely uses energy. Also the cabin protection AC may have come on a few times, but didn't reflect the temp change at the exact time you were checking it.
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    Do the 2021’s have a softer ride

    At around 5K miles my 2021 Y seems quieter and less bouncy. I'll never really know if I just adjusted and accepted the ride, or it actually improved with added the mileage.
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    Preconditioning battery

    There are some stats that show pre-conditioning uses quite of bit of energy. Sure, you can charge faster, but if you are low on charge, maybe re-think pre-conditioning?
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    Trunk Shelf + Rear Sound Dampening

    It 'seems' to be helpful. I despise road noise, and this helps. I think someone posted that they used a decibel meter and could verify a reduction in noise.
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    Supercharger cable stuck

    A full Power Off reboot?
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    Fuel Costs?

    I've seen these fuel savings calculations many times. It definitely depends on fuel (gas) costs in the areas you usually drive most. In Calif you can easily pay $4.00+/gallon. My Tesla Y costs for energy are probably 75% less than gasoline costs would be with a similar vehicle, when charging...
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    Range variation 2013 Model S vs 2021 Model Y

    Having owned a 2014 Model S for 6 years I can say the Model Y is less predictable in range and Wh/mi. Around town, better efficiency with the Y, on the highway I'd had read many reviews of folks on road trips with the Y, and knew what to expect. The S was more consistent in it's energy usage.
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    Trunk Shelf + Rear Sound Dampening

    The brackets just fit under the rubber trunk molding. Steve (member 2000154) is the maker. He did post pics of the new brackets in a post on Monday on this tread. The brackets pics he posted were white, but the real ones are black, and blend more than white. If I remember, I'll take a pic.
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    Trunk Shelf + Rear Sound Dampening

    Reporting back on the new rear brackets for the Y from Steve. 100% better. IMHO, I wouldn't mess with the older metal brackets. The shelf is much more stable, the new brackets don't seem to move with normal bumps from driving. Now happy with the purchase, looks like the shelf is made for the...
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    Trunk Shelf + Rear Sound Dampening

    Just received the new rear brackets from Steve for my Y parcel shelf. Will report back. They definitely look much more substantially than the original metal brackets.
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    Tesla Paint Repair Kit - BEST Application Process Discovered!!

    I hear you! Same exact scenario. The hatch hit the garage door. Used the kit from Tesla. Was excited with the first application. It looked a little better. About 15 applications later, about the same. It's doable, but each application seems to add a micron, or a few molecules of paint...
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    California LR AWD Waiting Room

    Received my MY L/R yesterday from Carlsbad. Red/white interior. Easy delivery, smooth. Car was in excellent shape. Ordered 2/24/21. Very happy
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    Model S Trade In - Ridiculous Offer

    Sold my S for over $10K privately from what Tesla had offered. Sold in 1 day. Very smooth. I was resigned to take Tesla's offer, but $10K is a big hit. Probably was lucky the sale was so effortless. I know Tesla is not in the used car business, but sometimes they are very low ball in their...
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    California LR AWD Waiting Room

    So I order a Y, basically stock on 2/24. I'm a reasonably patient guy. I'm in SoCal. I understand that CA deliveries seem to be pushed to the end of March. Like others I've seen my delivery date pushed back from early March to later March. That's doable. Called my SA today to check on any...
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    Positive Trade in Offer

    I received a horribly low quote for my 2014 S with Tesla. 7K more $ with Shift. I really don't fault Tesla. They are not in the used car business, but boy was that low.
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    Range on Long Road Trips

    Sadly, Tesla really needs a 400 or 450 mile range battery, which in the real world of road tripping might be about 300 real miles. I'd be happy with that. I've had a Model S for 6 years and have taking many, many road trips. If I cruise at 70 mph I almost always get the stated range of 265...

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