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  1. Rtmpaul

    Wireless charger that will work with Pixel 6 (pro)

    Fwiw, I have never had any trouble charging my (non-pro) Pixel 6 using the built-in charger (mid '21). I have it in a Spigen Rugged Armor case.
  2. Rtmpaul

    Am I missing a clip or bolt under my TM3?

    It looks like the place where I added a clip to (successfully) fix a flapping noise at highway speeds.
  3. Rtmpaul

    Let's talk about privacy

    Privacy is an illusion now anyway. E-ZPass, traffic cameras, ISP data, analytics data collected by companies you do business with, etc... And that doesn't even include social media or big brother conspiracy theories. But if you really can avoid all of those then jjrandorin (who is a voice of...
  4. Rtmpaul

    Auto-launching Tesla app on Android

    The problem is more likely to be a settings issue. My Pixel 6 running Android 12 and (currently) Tesla app version 4.9.0-1051 almost always works as a key without having to do anything special to start the app. Rarely, the key function won't work and manually opening the app seems to help but as...
  5. Rtmpaul

    Version 2022.16.x

    "I refuse to install any version that hasn't been out for at least a month and for which I haven't seen reports of any serious bugs". "Stuff just needs to work." Fair enough. Each person has to decide what risks to take (after all, getting in the car at all is risking your life even if the odds...
  6. Rtmpaul

    Version 2022.16.x

    Tesla uses a software development technique called 'agile'. This technique involves periodically taking a snapshot of the current development stream and giving it to some customers to see how it works out. The snapshot -is- tested before being released, but it is literally impossible to test...
  7. Rtmpaul

    Model 3 concerns

    Buying anything is always somewhat of a gamble, but consider this: you may see a couple dozen stories about problems here and there but about 900 thousand Tesla cars were delivered last year. If there really were serious quality issues you would be seeing a lot more than a couple of dozen people...
  8. Rtmpaul

    2022.12.3.1 / Model 3 / Seat Warmer App

    Right side seat warmer control is always there with split climate. But you lose a recent apps slot and will only have one of those like in the original v11. Also the seat only actually warms if it is in use.
  9. Rtmpaul

    Gas savings calc wildly inaccurate

    This never can be accurate, since they have to guess at your electricity price (although you can set that yourself), your alternate gas mileage and gas price. All of those depend upon multiple factors. Your actual electric bill most likely consists of both fixed charges and variable source and...
  10. Rtmpaul

    Vendor Teslashields floor mats vs 3D Maxpider floor mats

    I second Wlly's opinion: the mats are very nice and I am happy that I chose them. When my wife saw them in the car, she asked whether we could get them for our Honda Element :)
  11. Rtmpaul


    I don't use auto HVAC because I want control over the fan speed, which vents are being used, whether A/C is on, and whether the heat comes on. When I first got the car last summer, I tried auto only to find that the A/C would over-cool and then the heat would come on despite an outside temp of...
  12. Rtmpaul


    Okay, I am sitting in my car and have the split HVAC enabled because my wife likes to control her temperature. There is no one in the passenger seat and I can turn on or off its heat now whether the HVAC is on or not. That said, the seat won't actually heat up unless someone is sitting in it...
  13. Rtmpaul

    Seat heat stays on after restart

    While it does mean that you have to be aware that it could happen, I view this as an important feature here up north. Basically my seat and steering wheel have been left 'on' all winter :)
  14. Rtmpaul

    Google Pixel 6 - Does it fit?

    My Pixel 6 (not pro) fits just fine and charges through its case even though the camera module on the back 'sticks out' so that it doesn't lay completely flat.
  15. Rtmpaul

    What are my best options to carry a kayak or surfboards on/with my Tesla Model 3, 2022? I did not yet buy the Tesla cross bars.

    Whatever you do about cross bars, the real problem is how to fasten front and back safety lines for your kayak(s). There are no good places to do that.
  16. Rtmpaul

    did anyone get blasted by bach tocata on entry?

    Any software company has to balance getting updates out in a timely manner against making them perfect and it is really - hard- to get them perfect because there are many permutations of hardware and software configurations and complex use cases to support. It's not just Tesla - other software...
  17. Rtmpaul

    I wonder how many of the people unhappy about V11 are really trolls

    Yes, V11 has shortcomings and hopefully they will be addressed eventually. But anyone can join and this would be a great place to spread FUD. So, sorry if I have triggered anyone who is genuinely upset. There is no need to append with 'yes, but V11 is really bad because xxxx' or 'but I am...
  18. Rtmpaul

    How to make a Tesla "Box" that Model 3 will use as a garage (auto part)

    What will you do if your car doesn't come out by itself?
  19. Rtmpaul

    Sorry, I actually like the new UI :)

    I was thinking about that this afternoon. It seems like such a first-world problem not to be able to continually monitor your tire pressures. Or that it takes a swipe and a press to turn on our heated seat if you don't happen to be able to use the voice command (personally, I do live where there...
  20. Rtmpaul

    Using E-ZPass on M3

    They did send me the green inside tag a couple of months ago. I specifically asked for 'a green inside tag' fwiw. Sadly, it only provides a discount for the thruway, not for the Kingston Rhinecliff bridge which I use fairly often.
  21. Rtmpaul

    Auto Wipers Improved with V.11?

    They have also worked flawlessly for me (August delivery 3 LR). I haven't changed the setting since I got the car and only have had to press the stalk a few times in very light mist. Speculation - it might depend on how clean your windshield is, whether you have picked up any oils or gotten wax...
  22. Rtmpaul

    But it isn’t! (Just venting)

    Fwiw, got 44.6 last night and phantom braking is still a thing. Wife doesn't want me to use tacc at all after a short trip together this afternoon...
  23. Rtmpaul

    Trying to Make Sense of Recent Software Versions, Update Numbers, and Downloads

    Fwiw, I could swear that regen worked better when I first picked up my car (early August) but some time in late August or September I started needing to use the brake pedal more. I figured that they nerfed it with an update. Now that it is getting cold here I regularly see the warning about...
  24. Rtmpaul

    But it isn’t! (Just venting)

    So am I. Speculation: a lot of cars got 40.6 which has a charge door bug. Perhaps they want to address them first with 44.5.
  25. Rtmpaul

    Trying to Make Sense of Recent Software Versions, Update Numbers, and Downloads

    I am not a Tesla insider (I am a retired IBM software engineer) but as I understand it, Tesla's releases are snapshots of a given week's software level. Eg: 36.8 is the eighth version of the week 36 software level. Tesla almost certainly follows a software development process called 'agile'...
  26. Rtmpaul

    Trying to Make Sense of Recent Software Versions, Update Numbers, and Downloads

    1 2021, this August 5 yes 6 no 7 sorry, not sure. I think it was 2021.32.5
  27. Rtmpaul

    Trying to Make Sense of Recent Software Versions, Update Numbers, and Downloads

    Fwiw, my non-fsd 3LR is at 2021.36.8 which doesn't match your diagram if I understand it correctly
  28. Rtmpaul

    No longer able to preheat steering wheel from app?

    No heated steering wheel in the app here - also 4.3.0-766 on Android 12 (Pixel 6). However I noticed that if I left the heated steering wheel on when I last drove, turning on climate in the app also turns on the heated steering wheel (although the app still doesn't show it).
  29. Rtmpaul

    Vendor TeslaShields update #10

    I just spoke with Jason who was quite upset that my older order (1691) fell through the cracks. I assured him that I was not unhappy with him or his company but he is clearly trying to do the right thing and is rushing me a 2017-2019 set until they can get me the 2020-2021 set that I had...
  30. Rtmpaul

    Thinking of placing the order...wanted expert insight.

    For number 1: I could have gotten a Model Y (or for that matter an S or X), but I came from a Honda S2000 and I felt that even the Model 3 was pretty big. So I only bothered to test drive the Model 3. Now that I have one, the only reasons that I can see to get a Model Y would be to get the huge...
  31. Rtmpaul

    Test Drove Still Researching [whether to purchase a Model 3 performance or LR]

    Here is why I went with an LR even though I could afford a P: 18 inch wheels - here in the Northeast we have lots of bad roads and potholes. The 20 inch wheels on the P are just asking for bent rims 'the P is faster'. True, but the LR is still quicker/faster than almost everything else on the...
  32. Rtmpaul

    Mt Kisco NYSERDA rebate issues

    Perhaps ask her for an explanation of why another MV82 is needed. I don't remember whether I specifically signed an MV82, but I must have because I did receive my registration just today (mailed from Mt Kisco for some reason). Fwiw, when I picked up mine there on 8/9, the NYSERDA rebate (only...
  33. Rtmpaul

    Do you like the second gen Aero Wheels?

    I like them and have left them on my white LR. One possible bonus is that they are easy to clean.
  34. Rtmpaul

    Very disappointing new M3 experience

    I am sorry that you are so unhappy - I am thrilled with my model 3 LR even though I have had many of the same experiences. The difference is that I knew exactly what to expect having haunted all of the online forums, youtube videos, etc. I was so well-prepared that I didn't need or want much...
  35. Rtmpaul

    Tesla is an AWFUL software company

    It sounds like you should request service for numbers 5, 6, and 10, especially since there aren't other complaints about them in the forums. Numbers 2 (flickering incorrect visualization) and 11 (automatic high beam behavior) really are 'software bugs'. Annoying, sure. But certainly not...
  36. Rtmpaul

    Just installed a debris inlet screen..

    Our mice could easily get through a nickle sized hole, but ymmv :)
  37. Rtmpaul

    Potential future buyer with questions...

    Here is a data point for comparison: We have now taken two long day trips in our LR model 3, both about 175 miles each way. In both cases, on the homeward trip we told the car nav to 'navigate to home' and were presented with a good supercharger choice along the way that took 10-15 minutes and...
  38. Rtmpaul

    Just installed a debris inlet screen..

    Can't comment about the triangle configuration, but the holes you added will let in mice if that is an issue in your area like it is in mine
  39. Rtmpaul

    Not getting any software updates??

    Otoh perhaps we will get a nerfed version of the FSD build, jumping ahead of the older cars...
  40. Rtmpaul

    Rattle: SOLVED.

    I have a late-July 2021 build. After seeing this thread, I took an initial look to see whether the noise I was hearing might be the wheel well liner. Tapping on the liner showed that It was, but not only that - I found that on the drivers side I could see a 1/8" gap between the edge of the liner...
  41. Rtmpaul

    HVAC Control - for those over 50

    Here is a thought, don't know if it is right... Perhaps the heat is turned on to keep things as dry as possible. Moisture left on the AC coils is how one gets a 'smelly' ventilation system and there have been plenty of threads here about that.
  42. Rtmpaul

    When will my car get updates? Its been AGES already!

    As someone who has one of those vision cars stuck at 2021.3.106, I certainly share the frustration being vented here. However, I also was a software developer for over 30 years and can provide some perspective. The software that we are all anxiously awaiting must meet -all- of the following...
  43. Rtmpaul

    HVAC Control - for those over 50

    I would be happy if I could just turn off automatic heat. Here I am sitting in my car with the AC going on a hot day and it turns on the heat when all it really needs to do is let in some of that hot outside air if it has over-cooled. I thought that using manual mode would help but apparently not.
  44. Rtmpaul

    When will my car get updates? Its been AGES already!

    Another LR on 2021.3.106 here. When I picked up the car 3 weeks ago, I changed the update setting to 'advanced' and it did an update immediately (coincidence?) before I even drove it out of the Tesla delivery center. Anyway, it was last on 2021.4.18.1 before it updated to 2021.3.106 a couple of...
  45. Rtmpaul

    My M3LR is being delivered next week, few questions...

    For number 2, when I received word that my VIN had been assigned, I replied to the text to ask that the front plate not be installed (I had purchased the ThatGrin bracket, which I am pleased with). When I picked up the car, as I had requested the plate and stick-on mount were in my trunk. For...
  46. Rtmpaul

    Regen Braking

    I have only had my car since Saturday, but I could swear that the regen braking was much stronger when I first got it. If I take my foot completely off the pedal, I do get regen but the car seems to stop less 'crisply' and ends up in a slow roll before eventually going into hold mode. A few...
  47. Rtmpaul

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    My phone was doing that, but not my computer. So on my phone I cleared my (chrome) cache including cookies and that resolved the issue.
  48. Rtmpaul

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    I originally specified 'cash' with the intention of switching to CU financing. I got approval but it expires on Aug. 4 (silly me to believe my early EDDs...). I will talk to the CU about that tomorrow. I don't have to finance, but it makes more sense to put the money in TSLA than in the car...
  49. Rtmpaul

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Got my VIN today (!) Ordered 6/19 White/black aero. EDD is now Aug. 6-12 (delivery at Mt. Kisco, NY). All hail Andrew! Something to watch out for: When I put my CU information into Plaid (thinking that I was setting things up for later) it tried to take the full amount immediately. Fortunately...

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