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  1. MikeL

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    The Salt Lake City store.
  2. MikeL

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    No, it's my accountant's ... To whom I've been married for 30 years or so You know where I live, right? Come see. It's good.
  3. MikeL

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    1st Blue one in Utah. 5th one overall so for most people on the road, this is the first Model 3 they've ever seen. Remember that moment!?
  4. MikeL

    SpaceX Falcon 9 FT launch - Iridium Next 1-10 - SLC-4E

    Yeah baby. That's the way you do it.
  5. MikeL

    All-Weather Lloyd Mats Installed (pics)

    Those look they will be in the running. I'm sure weather tech won't keep it a secret when theirs are ready. I'm going to wait til then to decide. Thanks for the new info CaliX.
  6. MikeL

    Random Model X sightings

    SLC store seems to be good to go Worked for me!!:) Also huge new ServiceCenter (in bg of avatar pic) they said it had most recently been to Switzerland. Someone around here (I mean TMC forum) probably knows exactly which blue X w white seats made the trip across the ocean & is now on a European...
  7. MikeL

    Random Model X sightings

    Very random, even though at the Helsinki store. We dropped by, "do you guys have a Model X yet?" "Funny you should ask, we have the only one in all of Europe, they're taking it off the truck right now" "unfortunately, we can't drive it because we can't charge it, it's North America spec." They...
  8. MikeL

    How long it takes for Model X to move through Production

    Add some time for them to adjust the krowl settings on the Framitz arms, plus a day or two to dial in the quansit levels. Then somebody will call you and say, "your car's ready, when dahya wanna come get it? " oh happy day! Oops, I forgot to put in the wink faces, or whatever;):eek:o_O
  9. MikeL

    Model X May Deliveries

    Congrats to all - And Me! Kelly says she's a "Tesla Widow" now Ha! You heard it here first, folks. :( Actually, I've only put 300 miles on in 2 1/2 days, mostly to work related places. Could be A Lot "worse" :rolleyes: Its Freakin Awesome
  10. MikeL

    Does the Model X exist?

    I like the OP. Reminds me of Luke Skywalker hassling Yoda about how ready he is to be a Jedi ;):p:D Delivered, someday your car, will be. How did they get that X-wing fighter out of the swamp anyway?
  11. MikeL

    Model X May Deliveries

    Here's one! (May delivery today) It's amazing. I'll load up a thread w photos & reports & stuff soon. First night in its new home
  12. MikeL

    Is it just me or..

    I'll be in touch, but hopefully not :) . Delivery tomorrow morning. They've had it here for a week. Soon, so soon
  13. MikeL

    Model X May Deliveries

    Deliveries all happen at the store on State St. When I first confirmed many months ago, it said home delivery like the old days, but changed in a few days to pick up at the store.
  14. MikeL

    Model X May Deliveries

    Tomorrow morning 9AM
  15. MikeL

    Model X May Deliveries

    Poised to debit $100k from our acct to my Tesla, finger on button, my wife said, " let's do $1,000, see if it goes through,". That's where it stands today. I guess we'll bring a check to delivery.
  16. MikeL

    Ludicrous, Insane mode ...

    Ps come with insane which is nice. o_O Ludicrous adds higher capacity battery contactors, and a higher capacity inverter that can dump insane, oh, sorry, ludicrous amounts of AC into the motor.
  17. MikeL

    My Journey to ordering a Model X

    Literally just days away at this point. Omg, you have no idea :D!! My 'vegan interior' as my wife calls it, using the proper term, of course, and my no PUP set me back quite a ways, appearantly. Based on events as they have recently unfolded, I guess it all worked out in my favor. I'll just...
  18. MikeL

    Model X May Deliveries

    Mine is "1 1/2 to two weeks out" as of last Monday. I have been told there wasn't a lot to do on it, but they have ordered "a couple of trim parts" for replacement. Torture. Also, the horn didn't work o_O first I've heard of that one.
  19. MikeL

    My Journey to ordering a Model X

    That's awesome - & a Model 3 too! Just want to add...nicely, that I reserved 3 years ago next week, & still don't have my car. The ups and downs of the wait have been joyous misery. That said, you'll love it! And my takeaway from your story is that car dealerships are evil and should be put out...
  20. MikeL

    Please post towing scenarios from experience

    That's my new favorite picture. :) The one that just became my new avatar after 3 yrs comes in a close second;) towing pics (19' outboard runabout) will show up here eventually.
  21. MikeL

    How many of you "fixed" your garage to accomodate Model X?

    Send us some pictures!! (I think I'll be switching to a side axle mounted opener too)
  22. MikeL

    What's up with HPWC?

    Just a little EVSE eye candy for you fellow enthusiasts who may be wondering or waiting. Here's how it comes. Pretty box. Blitzen took to the packaging right away:). I felt I needed a little over 8', I don't know why the other option is 24', but 24' is A LOT of cable. You can come visit &...
  23. MikeL

    Model X May Deliveries

    thru the window!
  24. MikeL

    Model X May Deliveries

    These 6 were fresh off the truck. I must admit, I was somewhat more Interested in this one :D Oh man, is it pretty. Needs service inspection & detail before I get it. It's covered w fingerprints - the horror! Haha. Plus, they probably want me to pay for it too;), so stand by for updates...
  25. MikeL

    Model X May Deliveries

    Soon Flat Stanley, soon
  26. MikeL

    Model X at showrooms?

    Our guys in SLC have a red one that was on its way to somewhere but delivery got cancelled. I was told they are trying to get HQ to let them keep it for their tester, but it will probably get sold instead. Looks like the first time I sit behind the wheel of a Model X, it will be the one that...
  27. MikeL

    Model X April Deliveries

    :)See you all tomorrow in the "May" thread According to Carlos, mine "should arrive" this weekend, which is now half over, for its inspection So this week, oh yeah Edit: 'bout time.
  28. MikeL

    What's up with HPWC?

    I ordered one on Tuesday, nothing yet. When I told my DS, "no worries, there's a SuperCharger 3.7 miles from my house." He said, "we'll see if we can expedite that delivery for you." :p All well intentioned, he just wants me to be ready. What I did get yesterday was an email invite to pay for...
  29. MikeL

    Random Model X sightings

    just about snapped my neck when this one rolled up next to me at the light.
  30. MikeL

    Model X April Deliveries

    Must .... seeee ... album o_O
  31. MikeL

    Cloth seats?

    I'll post some pics here ... soon ... no really and those of a Model 3 at some later date:rolleyes:
  32. MikeL

    Cloth seats?

    :) good one. The guys at my store say they have yet to see a Model X w cloth seats. To repeat myself from long ago: When I told my brother & family that I would get cloth seats in my Tesla, their reaction was as if I had said I was a serial killer or something :eek: Some people think high-end...
  33. MikeL

    Model X May Deliveries

    Of the 4 Xs here, 2 had VINs higher than mine & one was just under. A scenic of some recent deliveries to Salt Lake City. @ModelX ... yours was inside. Yes, I saw it !!!!!!! Oops, I guess that should be in the April deliveries thread. Just barely Ha!
  34. MikeL

    Any Late April-May people hear from their DS about imminent deliveries?

    :D:D:D ps: my DS emailed today to say he'll let me know the status of mine by Monday
  35. MikeL

    Hotel Tesla in a Model X

    It pains me to say, "I don't think so." I'll make some experimental attempts at it too, (don't have mine yet :eek:) but between the front edge of the folded down 3rd row & the backs of the 2nd row all the way forward, there is a nice big deep pit to the floor. You could fill it w properly sized...
  36. MikeL

    Virginia Dealer Association suing Tesla to prevent new store openings

    Hopefully the poor dears are ever so painfully aware of the hundreds of thousands of us that stood in line to reserve the NEXT Tesla. Panic is sooo not attractive. :confused:
  37. MikeL

    Tesla supplier will cut off supplies soon! (FUD)

    Oh well, they had a good run. Reminds me of a joke, to which the punchline is ... SUPPLIES!!
  38. MikeL

    Harsh puinshment for early X ordering

    Sorry, but I have to ask. How does summer 2015 & Feb 2016 mean "early ordering" ?
  39. MikeL

    Lowest VIN NOT Delivered?

    Sig red #12x is sitting in the yard at the SLC store. Ready, is seems, but not delivered. Don't know why.
  40. MikeL

    Model X vs Model S early delivery issues

    I think the OP's mentioned NYT article might be re: "the Brodering". There's one you haven't heard for awhile! That particular case was malicious, agenda driven non-journalism ... not a problem, or "issue" w the car. Very bad for some time, but now who do you hear from/about most...
  41. MikeL

    How old are Model X owners?

    3 years older than I thought I was going to be. o_O (I'm 55):cool:
  42. MikeL

    Should Tesla cut its losses...

    Ha! That's what my wife says. Not nearly ambitious enough though. I was trying to say that the X is part of the master plan that is well under way, and being carried out amazingly well, leading to the mass market 3, but was maybe a bit too ambitious on their part, and they realize that now. It...
  43. MikeL

    Should Tesla cut its losses...

    Every day I'm amazed by the "ideas" thrown at the wall around here. Did you really want to see if "cut your losses, abandon Model X" was going to stick? The CEO has already said "hubris", "most difficult car to produce", "probably no one should have tried to make this car" etc. (sorry for the...
  44. MikeL

    Model X April Deliveries

    That vin will make for quite a Q1 delivery announcement in a couple of weeks. Now I really feel skipped over, or...?
  45. MikeL

    Saturday (& Sunday) Socials

    photos from today. Please post yours as the events happen Red MS is in motion being summoned. Goes veery slooowly. It's one of the test drive cars at our store. I later saw others trying out summon on their phone app with their own cars. The moment summon demo was over, ALL attention went to...
  46. MikeL

    Model X April Deliveries

    "definitely has more pep than our 2008 Prius" Quote of the day
  47. MikeL

    Party at Picnic Creek - 2016 - Sunday, July 31st

    Hard to imagine a better place to spend some of our precious time together
  48. MikeL

    Tesla Weekend Social

    RSVP'd for Saturday, but the button didn't seem to 'do' anything. Is anyone getting a response - a "thanks, see you there" kind of thing?
  49. MikeL

    Average age?

    nice first post there Sharkbait! In answer to thread title: Yes, I am of average age.
  50. MikeL

    No sound, no soul?

    Try putting your face (mouth) right up to the "soul" of your car while it's revving. Then take 3 or 4 nice deep breaths. If you're still alive, you can tell everyone how much you enjoy the noise.

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