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  1. EVO X

    Snippiness 2.0

  2. EVO X

    Snippiness 2.0

  3. EVO X

    Snippiness 2.0

    It made me crazy knowing I spent so much money only for them to take it away anytime they feel I didn’t do the right thing!! I bought this car to drive it normal and to have fun! It’s not fun knowing big brother is watching and is punishing me for driving. WTF?? I paid for it in my MYP but...
  4. EVO X

    Custom License plate ideas??

    19 License Plates Tesla Owners Used To Troll Us
  5. EVO X

    Custom License plate ideas??

    I hope good EVIL EV :)
  6. EVO X

    Tesla recalls the boom box feature

    I’m not gonna update my Plaid. It has everything I need already. I want the boombox feature!!
  7. EVO X

    Custom License plate ideas??

    Got it today. It went fast!!!
  8. EVO X

    Ordered and Registered in Oregon, Pickup Possible in California?

    When you register in your state what happens with the new taxes that are due in your state since you didn’t register it in California? I think you should do all the paper work in Oregon with the DMV then your good to go. In NJ no sales tax on ev’s I thought no tax on EV’s all states?
  9. EVO X

    California best selling car MY by hundreds

    Almost beat the Camry Warning ice cars!!
  10. EVO X

    Trade in accessories on trade in to Tesla

    REMOVE EVERYTHING AND SELL IT!! Sorry for yelling at you :-)
  11. EVO X

    Recent trade-in experience?

    Tesla sucks with trade in!! I didn’t get extra money for My FSD when I traded in my MYP, then they paid off the car late!!!
  12. EVO X

    Any suggestions to remove tape adhesive from leather seat?

    Try an specific ART SUPPLY place. They should have something that’s delicate to remove adhesive.
  13. EVO X

    Considering electric tankless WH... 2nd AO Smith heat pump WH failed

    In MY area we only had electric until the past few years. I had the Stiebel German made instant hit water heater for years! It’s the best!! I didn’t know about maintenance and figured it’s maintenance free, it never failed me after 8 plus years. https://www.stiebel-eltron-usa.com/water-heating...
  14. EVO X

    2022 Model Y Took delivery today

    here in the USA it’s accepted for a $60k car!! You need to get over little stuff in Tesla’s otherwise your gonna lose it. I wish my MYP was perfect, I wish my MSP was perfect, it isn’t but no big deal!
  15. EVO X

    MS Plaid range when using aftermarket wheels?

    Anyone notice What miles/watts are you guys getting with the hubcaps removed?
  16. EVO X

    Anyone have experience with these pre-cut tint kits?

    That’s to much you paid!!! I paid around $80 for both and the best ceramic too
  17. EVO X

    Still no front USB / wireless charging

    When you do get it it wont work on half the phones!
  18. EVO X

    Lost Safety Score After Transferring Model S Plaid To 2nd Tesla Account - Can't Get It Back

    Jeez your fsd is a pain!!! double check its paid for on the correct vehicle, it sounds like its not active on the account???
  19. EVO X

    MS Plaid range when using aftermarket wheels?

    I understand the speedo will change, if you tell the car you have 19” when you really have 21” will you get more miles? Is it that big a diameter difference ?
  20. EVO X

    Lost Safety Score After Transferring Model S Plaid To 2nd Tesla Account - Can't Get It Back

    Everyone does it, I did it when my score was low and no problem. Make sure you uncheck everything on the main screen. Then drive a little slow someplace, reset the car, recheck all the checks and hopefully it pops back on your app. Then be careful the 3 strikes lol
  21. EVO X

    Lost Safety Score After Transferring Model S Plaid To 2nd Tesla Account - Can't Get It Back

    Just redo it, it’s so easy all this wasted time two Weeks ago! It only takes another 100miles and boom 98+ score automatically!
  22. EVO X

    New 2022 Model S missing parts

    Sad face if it was me :-(
  23. EVO X

    2022 S Tall Driver

    MY has a higher seat rail and so easy to get out of!! It’s still lower in the Plaid when you get out. That’s the only thing I missed is the ease of entry/exit!
  24. EVO X

    Early '22 Exterior Refresh Tracking (Lights, Charging Door, Appliqué delete)

    If it’s like the 3 and then the y when it came out first in Asia and Europe, it should be here very soon then!!! I’m guessing they’re starting mid Feb here.
  25. EVO X

    Road rash on rims help

    Go to a pro shop that refinished wheels. It’s $150-$200 max For $600-$800 they will change all of them to a new color too!
  26. EVO X

    2022 S Tall Driver

    I don’t get how taller guys than me 5’-9” can drive normal with their legs stretched??? I Have my drivers seat all the way back!!!
  27. EVO X

    A real steering wheel for new Model S & X

    That’s not a reason to change it! Your car isn’t cool anymore!! :-p
  28. EVO X

    Early '22 Exterior Refresh Tracking (Lights, Charging Door, Appliqué delete)

    I want the red with beige/carbon interior :p Then might as well get the new lights too
  29. EVO X

    Early '22 Exterior Refresh Tracking (Lights, Charging Door, Appliqué delete)

    I’m ordering another Plaid when the new lights come out!
  30. EVO X

    Snippiness 2.0

    Everything that happened should of been expected when you buy from losers! You have to get over it and move on with a brand new not an abused Tesla next time and then let us know again!
  31. EVO X

    Model S Refresh Airbag Horn Being Enabled

    I’m used to it like second nature activating the horn. Maybe you need to try it more often and get used to it better?
  32. EVO X

    Winter tire recommendations

    Not me!! I’m hardcore Blizzak!!
  33. EVO X

    Continental ExtremeContact DWS06

    Those are excellent DD tires. I had them on my DD EVO X MR going back and forth to NYC. But I’d still get dedicated extreme summer and dedicated extreme winter tires for the most performance!
  34. EVO X

    WTB: Model S Refresh 2021 - 2022 Tempest 19” OEM setup, wheels covers tires tpms

    How much you offering? I have a set with 1900 miles on them no curb rash! 2022 Plaid I’m in Morris county
  35. EVO X

    WTB NNJ-NYC 21” Plaid wheels

    I’ll pay $4600 for the stock Plaid wheels and tires must be brand new condition :-)
  36. EVO X

    PSA: Really bad experience with Russian Wrapz in Los Angeles

    Dispute the credit card charge. They obviously didn’t give you what they charged you for. Sounds like a legit dispute to me!!!
  37. EVO X

    Tesla buying money guilt :-(

    One thing for sure owning a Tesla doesn’t save you money!!! All the things you need to buy and keep it brand new looking costs more than any gas saving!! Add it up! Full matte wrap, full window tint, car wash every day, interior mat’s, cleaning products, always buying new stuff, etc…. A Tesla is...
  38. EVO X

    Paid hardware for MS Plaid Max Speed increase?

    200mph is scary on USA roads!!!!!!
  39. EVO X

    M3P to Plaid - some thoughts

    I jumped from a MYP, performance and quality is night and day!
  40. EVO X

    Dragy Runs

    Silent Beast!!
  41. EVO X

    Dragy Runs

    Im the 3rd fastest car for the month of January!!! Wati till Spring!!!!
  42. EVO X

    Winter tire recommendations

    You can go square and play with the sizes like that too.
  43. EVO X

    Dragy Runs

    Did a run yesterday in NNJ it was 34 degrees, wet and snowy. This car is a BEAST!!!! Here’s one in KPH and one in MPH. The fastest cars on dragy for this month are all Tesla’s! Can’t wait till spring!!
  44. EVO X

    Winter tire recommendations

    We can play with the sizes, it doesn’t have to be the exact size

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