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    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    What consumer regulations are Tesla breaking? The answer is none. Tesla can give cars to whoever they want.
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    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    It’s got nothing to do with who’s at the top of Tesla Australia. I explained before that Australia is a tiny, insignificant market. Restrictive tax and EV policies, most of the public is anti EV. A tiny population. Britain has 3 times the population of Australia and they promote EV purchases...
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    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    Here is a simple answer to your question. Nothing.
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    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    Breach of promise? No. Broken contract? Read your contract. No. Discrimination based on location?😂😂 No, that's not a part of anti discrimination law.
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    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    A dud heading up Tesla Australia? No. Australia is simply not that important a market for Tesla. The country is negative on EV's, has restrictive taxes on the vehicles and it doesn't represent a great deal of revenue when compared to other markets. Getting stroppy at Tesla will have zero effect...
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    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    Its not a loss. They simply haven't collected that revenue yet.
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    Recommendation for M3 wrap Melbourne

    Hi All I’m looking for a recommendation for a company that can do a decent job of a paint protection wrap on the front of my M3 , when it comes. Anywhere in Melbourne would be good, preferably someone who’s got experience with Teslas.
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    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    Its possible that they will add features, as Tesla continuously upgrades its cars. On another point, I ordered mid march 22 for my M3 LR. It was at the time that you got 19' wheels as standard. Now they are $2200. Does anyone have experience with asking Tesla to change the wheels to the...
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    Model 3 DIY Light kits: Review and installation tips, with pics

    Where did you get the carbon fibre for the interior of your car, OP?
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    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    I don't think you can really blame Tesla for the lack of production at the Shanghai plant given the extreme lockdowns the mainland government has imposed in the country.
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    Starlink in Oz

    You don’t need to orientate the dish. It does it for you. In southern Australia it will usually face a bit south when it settles down. In my experience the service is fine. It has a latency of about 50ms and my speeds are between 50 and 200mbs most of the time.
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    Tesla Delivery Center requesting two checks for delivery pickup instead of one.

    People still use cheques? Haven't seen one in years.
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    Will this blacklist me?

    Sounds like a scam to me. Weird question.
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    Condensation in tail lights

    This is not normal. My 2014 Model S had the lights changed 3 times before it was fixed.
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    Model 3 Roof shield for Tropical Areas?

    You won't need one in my experience.
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    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    I just ordered a M3 in Australia ( still missing my overseas owned MS )...Can someone let me know if a wall charger comes as standard with the M3?
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    Superchargers in Australia

    I suspect Tesla is having difficulty with sourcing some parts for the Superchargers due to the global supply chain issues.
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    Tesla Cybertruck in Australia

    No mention at all of Cybertruck on the Tesla Australia website. The insane tax and regulatory system is once again letting Australians down.
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    Tesla Model Y in Australia

    I haven’t been keeping up with Tesla in Australia much lately…. Is there word out on when the Model Y will be available for order and delivery?
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    tesla online used price discounting

    I’ve been looking for a used MS or X and nothing is coming up on the Tesla website. Finding to hard to believe they have nothing available second hand.
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    Grey IMport and insurance.

    Tesla sent me an info sheet with what to expect. They won’t insure it, I’ll have to take it into them to get connectivity established. No guarantee of autopilot working. Pretty unreasonable given I was an early adopter. Problem with selling and buying again is cars are really hard to sell in HK...
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    Grey IMport and insurance.

    I’m coming back to Australia to live after a while away and I’m thinking of bringing my MS 2014 back. I’m interested if anyone has experience of getting comprehensive insurance on a grey import MS? Can anyone recommend a company that’s worth talking to about insurance?
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    2 week old 2021 Model Y - SHUT DOWN while driving

    So something went wrong and it will be fixed. No need to flip out, equipment breaks.
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    ALP electric vehicle policy

    I just can't see how its worth it for Tesla. Australia is just so incredibly expensive to do business in, even with a subsidy it wouldn't be worth it. And of the subsidy will disappear. Face it Australia, Tesla is not manufacturing in Australia.
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    Honestly, some of the conversation here is just disturbing. Covid-19 is an incredibly dangerous virus that even now has been studied well and is well understood. Even more so in countries with populations that work together as a group to overcome problems in a scientifically sound way. It is an...
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    Elon Musk

    I was day trading when these tweets happened and I made a few thousand dollars scalping the tweet. All good for me. However what Elon did was wrong and I hope the SEC find a reason to seriously sanction him for it. Elon has often said how he is in great debt to his supporters over the years...
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    Tesla St Leonards to close

    Superchargers are for charging on road trips, not for home city charging. This has always been Tesla’s position.
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    Does the M3 allow selection of type of range?

    Thanks. Seems like a bad design decision, knowing your expected range based on your long term driving patterns seems essential. EPA range is pointless.
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    Does the M3 allow selection of type of range?

    My MS shows either typical or rated range, typical being my real world range. Quite useful. Can someone tell me how the M3 software works in this regard? Do you have the option to select the type of range that is displayed?
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    Would you still buy if we move into a recession in 2020?

    No one is trying to create a recession. The reality is that the trade war is adding a massive cost burden on the consumer, the yield curve is inverted and sentiment is poor. The Swiss and German government bonds are now selling for negative interest rates. Stock markets are jittery as the...
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    Another Sudden Acceleration

    Do you use separate feet for the accelerator and brake?
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Australia has become a nanny state joke. I wonder how this would stand in court. How do the police prove this was distracting to the driver?
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    I’ve owned a Model S since 2014 and my battery is 3% lower in range than it was when I bought it. It hasn’t lost any range at all in the last 2 years. I always charge to 90% and only use superchargers rarely. I’ve charged to 100% maybe 5 times. After 8 years your battery, particularly on a new...
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    Elon deletes his Twitter account

    The tweet was a joke. Tweeting that you’ve deleted your account... get it? Even CNBC took it seriously.
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    Normal for a 100D model X to have a range of 330km?

    My 90% is 344km on my 2014 85 on estimated and that’s what I get. Those who are getting much less are either driving faster/harder or their car has been charged to 100% too many times. That will kill the battery like nothing less. My 344km hasn’t changed in the last 3 years.
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    White or Black Interior Poll - Australia

    Just cancelled my order. I want white interior and LR. Not holding my breath, so I’ll keep my MS instead. Tesla shooting themselves in the foot with their limited offer in smaller markets. It will really hit their Hong Kong orders too.
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    370 miles of range!!!!!!!!

    What was it before, haven’t looked in a while? I have to say, I’d love to upgrade to a new MS but I would still need to see an interior refresh first.
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    Sentry Mode Catches Hit in Parking Lot

    Most Tesla owners have front plates. Only a few states in the US allow that bizarre state of affairs and there is a whole world out there that requires them too.
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    My Terrible Ordeal with AXA Insurance Renewal

    I don't know who you guys are going to for insurance but I've been with Liberty since my MS was new and last month my premium was $8000 for the year. It's only gone up $500 since 2014. 60% NCD.
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    Telsa is owned by a IMMIGRANT! Now he's RIPPING OFF the American public!! SAD! :)
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    Lied to in Writing about Reimbursement by Tesla -- Anyone Else?

    2 posts...? Suspicious.
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    Vendor We designed a better phone dock for the Model S & X. Here's how, and why.

    I bought the dock extender and the guides for my 2014 MS 85 with the new center console installed. They fit very well and im totally happy with them.
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    Tesla loaner - supercharger idling fees?

    Why would anyone think this as a reasonable thing to consider? If I had my way I'd send you for EV etiqutte education.
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    Better Way For HK Govt to do FRT

    The whole thing smacks of corruption. Plain and simple. Not surprised with a non representative government.
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    Front Trunk unable to open - Model X Safety concern

    The frunk can easily be opened by emergency crews. And no, you are not going to be able to queue jump using that excuse.
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    Relocating to UK - take Tesla with??

    It’s a compatible plug but the warranty is void and they will only service your car to the HK standard. You’d be better to buy an new one there.
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    Hong Kong government investigated over planning for electric car roll-out

    They need to be investigated due to the sudden change in tax policy that has killed the EV industry. Regardless, without being able to throw out a corrupt government at the polls you can’t do much about it.
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    Tire replacements

    I’d like to fit ContiSilent tyres to my MS but I haven’t found them in HK yet. Anyone seen them?

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