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    2017 Model X P100D Ludicrous White 43K miles Warranty 'til Oct 2024 AP3.0 MCU2

    Great price, this will easily get over 90k if you list on the Fb Tesla for sale group. Have a build similar as yours but a 2018 and white seats and was offered $102k on another fb group. Even carvana, shift, vroom will offer decent amount. Absolutely love the car but had price lock on a Plaid...
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    2018 Model X P100DL White/White/Carbon Fiber/6 Seat/Full XPEL Stealth Wrap- 54k Miles LOADED $88K OBO

    I have the same build but with mcu2 and a plaid reservation. How do you like the plaid? I drove the S plaid and didn't like the lack of shift stalk and the yoke. Paying for FSD and losing free supercharging also is keeping me from taking delivery.
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    Tire replacement time.

    Thanks, will get pirellis again
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    Tire replacement time.

    Need to replace the stock Pirelli Scorpions on a P100D with 22s. Better to get the Pirelli Scorpion Zero A/S Plus or Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4? Both are similar in pricing.
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    2018 P100D Unable to drive and screen not working, but lights and doors open. Had 12V replaced 2 months ago and MCU2 infotainment upgrade last year

    Car was fixed. They wrote "internal electrical fault rear drive unit. Drained and filled cooling system. Replaced large drive unit rear gearbox fluid. Replaced large (includes alignment) read drive unit. Performed firm ware and coolant purged." Glad it was fixed but still concerned I've had so...
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    2018 P100D Unable to drive and screen not working, but lights and doors open. Had 12V replaced 2 months ago and MCU2 infotainment upgrade last year

    I know with a dead MCU1 you could still drive, is that the case for MCU2 also? I do have scheduled departure but I plugged it in during the scheduled charge time and it didn't charge. I was able to open and close the charge port from the app but unable to pick charge immediately. Car is at the...
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    2018 P100D Unable to drive and screen not working, but lights and doors open. Had 12V replaced 2 months ago and MCU2 infotainment upgrade last year

    Yes I could access the car from the app, but functions like horn and the keyless driving weren't working.
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    2018 P100D Unable to drive and screen not working, but lights and doors open. Had 12V replaced 2 months ago and MCU2 infotainment upgrade last year

    Mine was built in 03/2018 also, the 12V issue is pretty scary. Maybe reading how to jump the car and having a portable battery jumpstart device is a good idea, not sure if preemptively changing the 12v is needed. Luckily mine failed in the garage at home and not when I was out. Since we have...
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    2018 P100D Unable to drive and screen not working, but lights and doors open. Had 12V replaced 2 months ago and MCU2 infotainment upgrade last year

    Sadly woke up yesterday and our Tesla yet again failed to work. Have had 2 drive unit failures on our LR 3 in the past 3 years, a dead 12v recently on our X and now this issue as the major problems. Love the cars when they are working but confidence in them from a reliability standpoint is down...
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    To MCU2 or not to MCU2?

    Have a March 2018 build P100D and must have missed MCU2 by a few days. The mcu1 experience was horrible and would crash and was extremely slow and I got the MCU2 upgrade as soon as it was available last year. User experience has greatly improved, but I do wish it was still faster. In this age of...
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Glad it's more accessible in price at $1500 but also annoyed that I paid $2500. My mcu1 was struggling to function on basic tasks including route planning with supercharger stops, non functional browser, and subpart performance for a car made in 2018. Had to spend $2500 to gain functionality...
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    Can MX 6-seater fit 55-inch or 65-inch tv (new in box) in the trunk?

    Fit easily without issue. LG 65 inch OLED in box. I laid it flat and just drove carefully.
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    End of Year Incentives?

    There may be discounts on inventory and demo cars Lol, the used ones include FSD. Not a bad deal for those who don't mind used. There was a LR RWD w/ FSD for $35k but it had high miles. Another one on ev -cpo for $42k for a dual motor one with 11k miles. 2018 Model 3 | Tesla For new ones, you...
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    Model 3 Windows Tints

    Id recommend getting the rear windshield done in 1 piece. The factory half tint seems a little off if you get the rest of the windows tinted and it will help keep the car stay cooler with ceramic tint. $600 without back windshield seems a little pricey.
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    OEM tire warranty

    Had 33k miles on our 3 RWD w/ 18 inch michelins which we bought in March 2018. The back tires were almost completely worn out and they all needed to be replaced. Went to Americas Tire and they called Michelin and I was able to get a 20% discount on a new set. Ended up picking the Michelin Pilot...
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    Best interest rate via Tesla financing?

    Is it easy to refinance and are you able to get the same low rates? Had mine through US bank from Tesla and did the rate match last year but these new rates are even lower. Not sure how refi would work since I used Teslas rate match.
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    Not getting paint protection film for your Model 3?

    I got front xpel wrap on the bumper, headlights and side mirrors for a great price on our 3. Didn't do anything on our p100d X. The xpel wrap on the 3 has developed minor tears and bug splatter / dirt is hard to rinse off. On our X I just installed cquartz by myself and it looks great. I rather...
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    RWD LR Order?

    I think there may be a chance to double dip over the next month if your lucky. Have a LR RWD 3 from March 2018 and AWD/performance wasn't even announced at the time. Would have totally gone for the AWD if it was available for the added performance. Have they announced the pricing for the RWD Y...
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    Purchasing 2018 M3 Mid range from vroom or carvana

    I think used cars from Tesla are a much better deal. They enable FSD on most of the cars I saw which will have a better resale value compared to a car that doesn't have it. There is a MR 3 with FSD and 14k miles for $39,900. And a LR RWD for $43k with FSD. These have remaining warranty +...
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    Have a pixel 2 XL and sadly summon has gotten worse over the last 2.5 years of owning the car. Frequent disconnects and reconnect messages. It's slow to connect to car. Have had mobile service come and get it to work a few times but after they left I was having the same issues. They pushed a...
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    Anyone have success with refi from US Bank? What's their lowest rates for a refi these days?
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Yea, I wasn't expecting it to happen that fast. Just had my car completely die without warning a few weeks ago due to dead 12v battery too. I think our family just has bad luck with Tesla's. Sisters 3 required a full battery pack replacement. Our 3 had stopped while on road and after...
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Got my MCU2 upgrade months ago when it was made available. I already developed a yellow border around the screen. Has it happened to anyone else?
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    P100D X 12V battery dying in a car without any warning?

    Thats frustrating when this happens if your out of the home. Sadly no mobile service has been able to be reached by the roadside assistance side and now they are telling me the car will have to be towed to a nearby service center. They didn't mention any alternative forms of transportation or...
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    12v battery must be replaced soon

    Sadly I believe I am joining this club in our P100D X. Car would not turn on in the morning and there was no previous warning. P100D X 12V battery dying in a car without any warning?
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    P100D X 12V battery dying in a car without any warning?

    Today our P100D X would not turn on and power doors are not working and headlights would flash erratically. Lots of error messages would flash sporadically and ultimately the screen would not turn on. App still worked and car had 240 miles of charge. Had been using the car without issue and it...
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    FS: 2016 P90DL Model X Solid Black on White

    Love the blacked out look and the wheels. Nice ride!
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    Advice please. WTB Model 3 SR+ for 30K

    If it's really a stretch I'd suggest waiting. Tesla's are great but I wouldn't want one if it changes future financial goals. Better to have an emergency fund, contribute to a full Roth IRA and 401k which would set you up much nicer and get the 3 when you have non stretch disposable income. I...
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    Pulled the trigger on Jaguar i-pace as second EV

    I think sales of these are picking up with the discounts. Just 2 weeks ago I saw some discounted $30k. $78k MSRP selling for $48k. Add in incentives and the $7500 rebate and it gets to be under $40k for a EV larger then a model 3. Not a bad value for a someone looking for a commuter car with...
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    New Price for 2019 Model 3 For Sale

    Nice price. Pretty big hit to take though. 1600 miles and if you had paid MSRP and taxes it's over a $10k loss. Tempting to upgrade my LR RWD EAP car. Making any trips to CA?
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    M3 vs My after the price reduction

    We have had a LR RWD 3 for over 2 years and a P100D X since the summer. Was debating to switch the 3 for a Y sometime in the future since lots of reviews mentioned how big it was and we have a growing family. Took a family members PY for the weekend to test it out and came out underwhelmed. The...
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    Model 3/Y feature superiority versus X

    Bigger and heavier car will take longer to charge. I believe the Ravens can charge at 200 max. There aren't many v3 chargers out in the wild just yet. I have a 3 and X and had a performance Y for the weekend. All have their own purpose. I personally love the drive and handling of the 3 but a 6...
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    FEELER POST - 2018 Model 3 LR RWD Multi-coat Red

    Whats the range hit with those wheels? Willing to sell those separate? Nice car
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    MX17 - FalconWing Door weather stripping deteriorating - Not covered by Warranty

    My 2018 P100D had the same issue. Warranty covered it without issue. This was in socal service center
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    Demo Model X 2019 Long Range Chicago MSM/Cream save $12k

    The 6 seater is a huge option. Really makes the car. The middle aisle and the captains chairs are incredible. This is a very solid deal for a raven X.
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    Windshield crack on my Tesla X

    Was easy to schedule. Thanks!
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    Windshield crack on my Tesla X

    Thanks for the tip, how did you schedule it? Mine has a small star shaped crack and I was going to repair it using the rain x repair kit but if someone else does it for free that's better.
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    15 used Model X's under $50K now

    Wouldn't be surprised if some popped up under 40k at the end of this year. Seems like fewer buyers for used cars and the X has high out of warranty costs. A new Y probably seems more appealing for most.
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    How much quieter is Y than 3?

    If she loves the GLE43 so much why change it? It's a pretty new car and selling it now is going to have a huge loss, esp during COVID times. Cybertruck might be the way to go. If she hated the car that's another story. Loss on the GLE will wipe out any gas savings you would get on the Tesla.
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    Used 2019 Model X 100D vs. Used 2019 Model X Standard Range?

    This. I have both P100D X and LR 3. The 3 is way more efficient, and charges more miles in less time. Get the 100D or a newer raven for sure. I could get near the rated range on the 3, while the X barely gets 200 miles on the highway with similar driving styles. The price difference between your...
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    is it better to get a tesla model x 2017 p100d or 2018 75d

    FSD cars will get the HW3 upgrade complimentary. MCU is different and will not be upgraded for free. It's outlined in the website. MCU1 cars will gets the HW3 and not require MCU2. Full Self-Driving Computer Installations
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    is it better to get a tesla model x 2017 p100d or 2018 75d

    P100D and get the MCU2 upgrade. Much better to have the 100D battery and the performance is incredible.
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    Used model X cost savings vs future proofing

    This seems like a great value and fits your requirements. X 90D, 44k miles (4 year 50k mile warranty), FSD enabled, 6 seat config, free supercharging for $56k. Get the $2.5k infotainment upgrade and it will get better screen performance and the newer features. 2016 Model X | Tesla P100D w/...
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    Model 3 inventories up -- any deals happening?

    You have to be patient but work with an OA who has access to the showroom discounted cars. This was posted by another user. And I attached one that was sent to me before. Tesla won't price match and has everything set from above. They also sell very quick so you can't sit on it. New Demo 2019...
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    Model 3 inventories up -- any deals happening?

    I'd wait on it if you don't need a car now. If it had 8-12k discount id go for it. Multiple inventory demo P3Ds have popped up with 9-10k off, so might help to be patient.
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    Planning to Trade 2014 Pre-AP MS85 for 2020 M3 SR+ Inventory Car - Thoughts?

    That's probably as good as you will get with a SR+. Your trade in value for a pre AP S is excellent. There was a new demo P3D w/ 6300 miles posted with a $9k+ discount which made it $47k. I think something like that would be the best deal. You get longer range, performance, full premium interior...
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    Is the Model 3 on death row because of the Model Y?

    I think the 3 will still sell well. Lower car will handle better and some might not like the cosmetic looks of the Y vs 3.
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    Model 3 inventories up -- any deals happening?

    My P100D X was also a new demo and it had like 4k miles on it too. Discount made up for the miles as it had original MSRP of $160k and I got it for nearly half +$3750 tax credit. The demo cars come with full warranty and whatever incentives you can get from your state.

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