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    Matt at Obsessed Garage buys a M3P

    Congrats... Congrats...was just watching a video where he mentioned he sold it.
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    Model S doors unlocking while driving

    Mine also was the right side.
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    Model S doors unlocking while driving

    I have had this happen a few times while driving or at a light.
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    Driver's door trim bump...is this normal?

    I have the same bump...I found there was a block of rubber trim in there...I put it back since I assume it was there to force a tighter seal. Mine is 2022 (late December build). Let us what they say on your service appointment.
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    What is the best solution for Black Tesla Emblems?

    Did Plastidip for my Plaid and M3P. Worked well and provided good coverage. Hand wash my cars frequently and so far it's held up well.
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    Model S Refresh Mud/Splash Guards

    No, just turn the wheels so you have room to work.
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    Model S Refresh Mud/Splash Guards

    Not hard at all...I think it took me 10mins per side.
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    Model S Refresh Mud/Splash Guards

    I raise my car often at speed bumps and other dips...the flaps will still sometimes scrape but so far they are still in place since mid Jan. Not thrilled they scrape as easily as they do, but it's better than rock chips everywhere.
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    2022 Tesla Model S Refresh Drivers Seat Damage

    Not sure from the pic if it’s a cut or just finish wear. You could try COLOURLOCK repair dye if it’s finish wear. They sell a repair kit that matches Tesla white. I had similar finish wear on a BMW white seat and it did a great job covering it up. I got their kit for Tesla white seats as...
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    Water under driver seat and rear footwell on Plaid

    I wanted to update this posting in case anyone else has this issue. HVAC sump seal was blocking drain hose...seal had to be replaced by the service center.
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    M3P or MYP?

    I drove both and went for the M3P. It handled noticeably better for me and we really didn't need the cargo space of the Y since we were also getting an S and that hatch holds a lot. I prefer the looks of the 3 over the Y as well.
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    Water under driver seat and rear footwell on Plaid

    After 1.5hr road-trip today I noticed water drops on my rear all weather mats and discovered the carpet was very wet under the drivers seat and the rear footwell. No rain or car wash and no exposure to water for weeks. Today is probably the most I have used AC since I got it in late Dec. Also...
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    Accessories for 2021 Refresh Model S Plaid/LR

    Which one is a better match with the rear spoiler(Plaid)? Black or grey?
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    Where do people keep their parking gate fob/clicker?

    Used velcro to mount under steering column…can’t see it but can easily reach it. My association gate will not work with homelink since our fobs use a proprietary signal for security reasons.
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    whining noise from the rear mirror in refreshed Model S

    I was able to hear it but had to put my ear right up to the yoke…it’s fairly faint for me and can’t hear it normally.
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    whining noise from the rear mirror in refreshed Model S

    Did you have this buzz immediately or over time? I have not heard this so far and have had my car for 6 weeks.
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    whining noise from the rear mirror in refreshed Model S

    Have not heard mine since the update as well…so good sign.
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    High Pitched sound for 2022 Plaid

    Have the same sound so curious what service says. Really notice it after driving my 3 performance since it does not do this.
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    Accessories for 2021 Refresh Model S Plaid/LR

    Let us know if it's still keeping stuff from hitting rockers and doors after the adjustment. I just installed mine yesterday and was surprised at how low they are when the suspension is in medium. I suspect I am going to be scraping in a number of places but also want the protection...I have...
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    New (2022) model S - missing covers?

    I had a service request open for my missing load floor pieces and was waiting a few weeks and decided to chat with service via that service request in the app and asked if they were at my sales center and if so I wanted to come pick them up. They were there and I got them the following...
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    New (2022) model S - missing covers?

    Yes on the mats, should be two for the front and one for the back.
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    Accessories for 2021 Refresh Model S Plaid/LR

    This is what I am seeing also based on where debris is showing up on the car. I have PPF on the rockers/lower door and rear flare but not the whole doors so I am anxious to get these on since I have already found a small rock chip on the rear passenger door (higher up) as well as mud there that...
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    Ride quality 20" Uberturbines

    I have a 2021 M3P and feel the ride is great. Good handling with the performance tires and the ride is not too firm. I think it's all relative since I am used to firmer sport suspensions in previous BMW M cars. The setup on the M3P seems like a good balance. I do agree with the above posters...
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    Anyone ever fix a deep scratch on a blue model S?

    This is what I have used on all of my other cars (non-Tesla) and it generally matches well and is fairly easy to apply. I purchased a kit from them recently for my midnight silver S and 3 but have not had to use it yet.
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    Trunk Cover Still Not Provided

    We got the top cover for the whole cargo area when we picked up our car on Sunday...what was missing are the covers for the smaller recessed storage areas. No ETA from SC...it's not the end of the world but I have already had some larger items slide and drop into that area so it's not ideal to...
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    whining noise from the rear mirror in refreshed Model S

    I just picked up my S yesterday and noticed it right away...came here to see if it was a known issue and found this thread. I noticed if I turn on the "bioweapon defense mode" and toggle it back off after 5-10 secs, it seems to stop the noise for a while. Not sure why but I was able to...
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    Does Tesla Shop Customer Support Even Exist?

    Finally got my label today...so I guess they are starting to catch up.
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    Why are there so many new Plaid inventory cars showing up lately?

    Not surprised by the number of 2021's...I think a number of people passed on an incoming 2021 in order to get a 2022 so close to the end of the year (for future resale value). I held off placing my order until late November so I would hopefully get a 2022. Pick mine up on Sunday and it's a...
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    Does Tesla Shop Customer Support Even Exist?

    Same issue, submitted a return request over almost two weeks ago with no response. Did one a few weeks ago and got a label in a couple of days via email.
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    Model s plaid 21” wheel paint?

    Have not tried this but here is an option… https://tsportline.com/products/t-sportline-tesla-wheel-touch-up-paint?_pos=8&_sid=28e3d6e6e&_ss=r&variant=19330329247862
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    YouTube TV works on the browser

    Glad to find this thread…I tried the app for the first time the other day and wondered why I was getting the error when trying to view my YouTubeTV content. Good to hear it should work and should be fixed in a future update.
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    Creaky sound plaid

    I just had to fix this on my 3 week old MP3 and assume I will be doing the same on my Plaid due in Jan. Luckily I had some thin felt tape leftover from fixing rattles in my last two BMW's.
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    2021 Model S Parcel/Luggage Shelf?

    I had seen elsewhere that these were missing lately due to a supply issue and would be available later. Either way, I would record it as missing via service so you get one.
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    Model S 2021: Cleaning products for interior & exterior

    Use Griot’s Garage products for most of my car detailing needs. To protect the seats, I use COLOURLOCK’s protector for faux leather. I keep my white seats clean by using Griot’s interior detailer weekly.
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    Sell you tesla

    I recently tried to work with them...they did a bait and switch on the initial offer. They offered an amount pending inspection and then lowered the amount by $3K after the inspection. The car was pristine (year old) and the inspector said it was in showroom condition. The reason they gave...
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    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    Looks just like mine...also picked up on 11/13.
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    Missing USB Ports

    I picked up a Model 3 Performance on Sat (11/13) and it had the ports and a working wireless charging pad...it's a 2021 (ordered on 10/14).
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    Sealant for White seats

    I have been using their cleaner and protector on my cars for the past couple of years with good results. They now have a "Faux Leather" kit that includes their cleaner and protector for fake leather. It's not a ceramic style coating but does provide a protective layer. I ordered that for our...
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    Supercharger - Mooresville, NC

    I am in Cornelius and up there often so looking forward to that site.

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