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  1. howardnj

    Any other owners second guess if their next car should be another Tesla?

    Prior to placing the order for my M Y this past January I test drove the Mercedes EQS that had a sticker price of $120k Shortly after that test drive I placed my Tesla order. I'm still waiting for the VIN but I have patience.
  2. howardnj

    Mobile connector stuck at 1KWh

    Have you checked the FPL incentives for electric vehicles? https://www.fpl.com/electric-vehicles.html Why are you only using 110v outlet to charge?
  3. howardnj

    range anxiety

    railroader1988 I am in the same boat as you. I haven't received my vehicle yet either but not only do I have some range anxiety for my future Tesla, I also have it for my current ICE vehicle. This past Friday I had to make a trip from NJ to LI a total distance of 56 miles. That trip took me...
  4. howardnj

    Finally received the NJ PSE&G EV BTM $1500.00 rebate

    Your statement is correct. You will not qualify for the PSE&G rebate if you are only submitting the charge for the purchase of the Tesla HPWC that you installed yourself. For those using a licensed NJ electrician that will file the required local permits and submitting the load data form to...
  5. howardnj

    New Jersey Waiting Room

    I visited the newest NJ Tesla Service Center today on Route 35 in Eatontown. They will be doing service and offering test drives. They have not been approved yet for sales.
  6. howardnj

    Installing Wall Connector is better than NEMA 14-50

    I also purchased the HPWC this past January when it was $550. I requested a refund from Tesla when the price was reduced to $400 and received a $150 refund on my credit card. I also qualified for the NJ PSE&G $1500 credit on my electric bill so I'm pretty happy but still waiting for my VIN number.
  7. howardnj

    Finally received the NJ PSE&G EV BTM $1500.00 rebate

    Everyone's situation is different. I used an electrician recommended by Tesla . My 200 amp breaker is in my basement and the job required approx 150 ft of #2 aluminum 4 conductor cable thru my basement, up to the attic above my garage and then down to a 100 amp sub panel. , install 60 amp...
  8. howardnj

    Finally received the NJ PSE&G EV BTM $1500.00 rebate

    I would advise you to wait until your electrician has completed the installation. Take a photo of the receipt that shows what you paid for the work. You will also need to take a photo of the permit inspection. Once you apply to PSE&G after the installation they will send you the load data form...
  9. howardnj

    NEMA 14-50 Splitter for dryer + Tesla

    A quick google search for required permits indicates one is required for electrical vehicle charging https://www.cityofirvine.org/community-development/electronic-submittal-packages-and-news You may have used a extension cable since 2014 but I'm sure that is a code violation and a fire hazard
  10. howardnj

    Hydroplaned and crashed. Driving for 50 years. Never happened before. Thoughts?

    I replace tires when they are at 5/32 It;s cheaper to replace four tires than risk an accident
  11. howardnj

    What's everyone's electricity bill increase to/by?

    I have not received my Model Y yet but here in NJ my current monthly electric usage was 489kWh with a total charge of $93.04 which works out to $0.19 kWh I have recently received my NJ PSE&G $1500.00 rebate. Currently the Gen 3 Tesla charger does not qualify for TOD usage as it does not transmit...
  12. howardnj

    Finally received the NJ PSE&G EV BTM $1500.00 rebate

    I don't think so if you are doing the work yourself and not using a NJ licensed electrician? Closely follow the PSE&G rebate instructions Residential smart charging customers are eligible for: Up to $1,500 toward the behind the meter installation of a residential Level 2 charger Up to $5,000...
  13. howardnj

    Any PG&E rebates in bay area, CA?

    You might want to consider moving to NJ PSE&G here offers a $1500 rebate on your electric bill There is also no NJ sales tax on electric vehicles Electric Vehicle Charging Program Descriptions PSE&G is offering three sub-programs within the EV program. Residential smart charging customers are...
  14. howardnj

    Finally received the NJ PSE&G EV BTM $1500.00 rebate

    Still waiting as my PSE&G credit reduces each month
  15. howardnj

    NEMA 14-50 or Hardwire ChargePoint electric company paying for service upgrade

    They won't pay but NJ PSE&G will provide up to a$1500 rebate for an approved upgrade and installation with proper submitted documentation from the homeowner and a NJ licensed electrician. https://nj.myaccount.pseg.com/myservicepublic/electricvehicles Electric Vehicle Charging Program...
  16. howardnj

    Battery Charger: Need to replace after breaker caught fire?

    TanyaW Sorry to hear of your misfortune but thank you for posting. I think your misfortune would be a benefit to many others if you could provide a little more information on your charger installation. Was your charger installed by a local licensed electrician? Was a local permit filed and did...
  17. howardnj

    New Jersey NJ EV Rebate

    Once you are declared qualified it should only take a couple of weeks to see the $1500 credit on your PSE&G bill. Keep checking your PSE&G account.
  18. howardnj

    New Jersey NJ EV Rebate

    The PSE&G rebate is for the cost of upgrading your electric service to support an EV charger. You must create a login and password on the PSE&G website and you will be able to view your current bill. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and enter the EV Portal. Closely follow the...
  19. howardnj

    New Jersey NJ EV Rebate

    The current rebate is from NJ PSE&G. They issue a $1500 credit on your electric bill. I received my credit last week
  20. howardnj

    Finally received the NJ PSE&G EV BTM $1500.00 rebate

    After waiting a number of months and submitting the required paperwork to the EV portal on the NJ PSE&G website I finally received my $1500 rebate yesterday. What a nice surprise. If only Tesla will also surprise me with a VIN number and a delivery date.
  21. howardnj

    20 or 30 amp breaker for tesla wall charger

    As long as you have an electrician coming perhaps you should also get a quote for upgrading your panel to 200 Amps? Also check out NY State EV incentive programs. https://jointutilitiesofny.org/ev/make-ready Here in NJ PSE&G provides a $1500 rebate for BTM (Behind The Meter) upgrades and...
  22. howardnj

    Windshield Washer fluid hose disconnected.

    Are there FSM (Factory Service Manuals) available for Tesla vehicles?
  23. howardnj

    Using Tray Cable for Wall Connector Installation -- Too Good to Be True?

    Prior to placing my order for the HPWC and the M Y , I spent a few months on this site reading various posts related to the charger installation. I decided to use an electrician recommended by Tesla. He had me take photos of my 200 Amp panel and the approx 150 run to the garage. Up until that...
  24. howardnj

    Mobile Charger no longer included

    And that is exactly why I used a Tesla recommended professional electrician that has installed many EV chargers and was thoroughly familiar and up to date with local codes. The job passed inspection with no issues.
  25. howardnj

    NEMA 14-50 or Hardwire ChargePoint electric company paying for service upgrade

    Log into your PSE&G account Scroll to the bottom Enter the EV portion and follow the instructions The issue that is still pending is the time of day rate
  26. howardnj

    January 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    Weedblossom: Welcome to this forum. Here you will find lots of information and even some amusing misinformation. My OD was only a couple of weeks earlier than yours on 6 January 22 My only difference in my vehicle from yours is that I ordered a 7 seater version I am patiently awaiting for my...
  27. howardnj

    New issue with contact on iPhone

    If you can complete the call manually not in the vehicle, then try removing your wife's contact and reinstalling it.
  28. howardnj

    Hansshow Trunk Kick Sensor Crisis

    If you google them there is a chat option. Ask for an exchange and return the one that you have once you receive the replacement
  29. howardnj

    New issue with contact on iPhone

    Have you tried rebooting your phone?
  30. howardnj

    Is now a good time to buy a model Y performance?

    I would say this is an excellent time to buy. Its going to be a wait and by the time the vehicle arrives you can most likely sell it for more than you paid for it?
  31. howardnj

    Speed Limit Signs not detected

    I use Waze and whenever I've driven across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge the correct speed limit is always displayed. I just assume that the GPS satellites convey the correct information?
  32. howardnj

    New Jersey Waiting Room

    Perhaps its Twitter related?
  33. howardnj

    New Jersey Waiting Room

    Your post frightened me. But I just checked and thus far no change. July 24th -September 4th
  34. howardnj

    Plan for Connecting Wall Charger 100+ Feet Away and Future Proofing Setup?

    My thoughts are to use a Tesla recommended electrician as I did. I did not think of using #2 aluminum for a 150 ft run from my 200 amp basement panel to a 100 amp sub panel in my garage. Since you plan on being in your house for decades you only want to do this once and have it done correctly...
  35. howardnj

    Newbie questions on wall connector installation

    Have the builder provide 200 Amp breaker panel. If its the garage order the Gen 3 HPWC from Tesla. I had a Tesla recommended electrician install mine.
  36. howardnj

    Mobile Charger no longer included

    Kairide The Gen 3 HPWC is terminated with copper wire in my garage. #2 aluminum is only used from the 200 Amp breaker panel in the basement to the 100 Amp sub panel in the garage. It is lighter, cheaper, easier to work with, meets local codes and is used for long runs. A permit was required...
  37. howardnj

    Mobile Charger no longer included

    I also used a Tesla approved electrician. They told me over 75% of their current work is installing EV chargers here in Central Jersey. They also filled out the PS&G rebate paper work in a timely manner. When I mentioned that I get a 10% military discount at Home Depot they told me they do not...
  38. howardnj

    NEMA 14-50 or Hardwire ChargePoint electric company paying for service upgrade

    I used an electrician recommended by Tesla. They did an excellent job and promptly filled out the PSE&G form and submitted it. Within a couple of days (6) I received an email from PSE&G Subject: PSE&G Electric Vehicle Charging Program Application Status : Documents Submitted
  39. howardnj

    Autopilot causes an accident. What now?

    Your post reminds me back to 1966 while serving in the US Army in Germany. One of the Army Sergeants who was running around yelling "short-timer" as his tour was almost over. Suddenly he stopped yelling and took a re-up offer for another four years. He got a 30 day leave in addition to around...
  40. howardnj

    January 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    Yes I do! https://www.nytimes.com/2022/04/20/business/tesla-first-quarter-earnings.html " Tesla’s profits jumped in the first quarter, but challenges loom. The electric carmaker had to close an important factory in Shanghai because of China’s efforts to stamp out a coronavirus outbreak."...
  41. howardnj

    Mobile Charger no longer included

    OliverM3 Stick around! Remember when people who hated Howard Stern were asked why did they listen, their reply was "because they wanted to hear what he was going to say next" There is bitching on every forum. Some of the comments are quite amusing.
  42. howardnj

    New Jersey Waiting Room

    One only has to look at long the list of failed automobile companies since 1900. The stock market crash of 1929 produced a long list of automobile failures. Elon Musk is trying very hard not to fail in a very tough automobile business. Who remembers when Ford refused to spend as little as one...
  43. howardnj

    New Jersey Waiting Room

    That is exactly what I did! I'm not quite ready to fully trust FSD anyway.
  44. howardnj

    January 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    Read the book to get a better understanding of the car business.
  45. howardnj

    Charging station in detached garage

    True and for a married couple the first $500,000 capitol gain is excluded. I have all my receipts for improvements made since we purchased in 1978
  46. howardnj

    DIY Install of NEMA 14-50 receptacle

    My Gen 3 HPWC has copper wire terminations from the 100 Amp garage sub panel. The sub panel is fed with #2 aluminum four conductor cable from the 200 Amp basement panel that is roughly 150 feet away from my garage. #2 aluminum cable is cheaper, lighter, easier to work with, perfectly acceptable...
  47. howardnj

    Charging station in detached garage

    I decided to use a local Tesla electrician for a roughly 150 ft run from my newly upgraded 200 amp basement panel. They did excellent work and the local inspector was impressed when he placed the approval sticker on my garage sub panel. The original 1978 Federal Pacific 200 amp panel had to go...
  48. howardnj

    Tesla Lowered Price of Wall Connector

    They were out of stock when I placed my order on January 3 2022 It arrived on my front porch on January 18th and was installed on January 27th in my garage. Now if only my M Y will ever arrive? Am I upset? NO! I would urge everyone to read this book to obtain a better understanding of what it...
  49. howardnj

    January 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    My delivery date just got pushed out again July 24th to September 4th 2022

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