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    Supercharger - Bay Shore, NY

    @corywright Please mark as under construction on Supercharge.info
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    Supercharger- Greenville, NC

    They misspelled Tesla in the permit application. He searched for Telsa and found it.
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    What to do?

    The Black interior is a dealbreaker for me; Seems like sitting in a cave. I’d hold out for one with the White interior that you originally ordered.
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    Condo winter charging question.

    Warm your battery up via the drive home and stop at the supercharger in the evening instead of in the mornings. The cold mornings are the worst time to plug in because that large metal battery pack has been exposed all night and cold soaked.
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    Any electricians here?

    With load sharing you set 1 Wall Connector to 60 A breaker / 48 A charging and as the leader, then you set the other Wall Connector as a follower. Gen 3 Wall Connector Power Sharing
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    Any electricians here?

    No, Load sharing will charge 1 car at 48A regardless of which Wall Connector it is plugged into, or both cars at 24A.
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    Any electricians here?

    As long as you have the latest software on the Wall Connectors, make sure that load sharing is setup for both. They will then share the 60A circuit intelligently to charge one or both cars without overloading the circuit.
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    Supercharger - New Paltz, NY

    Thanks for the photos. Tesla hasn’t started a new-build 150 kW V2 in about 2 years. They finished up the remaining 150 kW sites that were in process and they now are almost all 250 kW V3. They have built a few 72 kW Urban sites since then though. The 150 kW and 250 kW stall designs look...
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    Supercharges marked A,B,C,D

    On the car’s touch screen, it will identify the kW if you select the pin for the Supercharger. When it says 120 or 150 kW, that’s V2 and shared stalls. When it says 72 kW or 250 kW, that’s Urban or V3 respectively, neither of which share power.
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    Model Y Road Trip Experience pt 2 - Crater Lake and Glacier National Park

    Great trip report! Glacier is by far my favorite of the National Parks I have visited.
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    Supercharger - Texas Best Smokehouse - Grapevine, TX

    Yes, V3 are in groups of 4, but it doesn’t matter which stall you choose. Any stall can give 250 kW because the Superchargers are tied together on the DC side. If 4 cars pull in at the same time at a low SOC and all plug in right next to each other, multiple Supercharger cabinets will blast off...
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    Supercharger Middletown NY

    @MarcoRP Please update the number of stalls on Supercharge.info. This is now an 8 stall site. Middletown Supercharger
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    Model Y speed contol

    AutoPilot will adjust speed down from the max speed you started with, but not above unless you specifically tell it. For Example, If you turned on AutoPilot in a 55 MPH zone, and the speed limit changes to 35, it will drop itself to 35. Leaving town the speed limit goes back up to 55, it will...
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    Tesla Model X 60D

    The Model X is the least-efficient currently made Tesla. It uses a lot of electricity to go the same distance vs. other Teslas. The 60 kWh battery pack was only offered for a short time. Tesla does not do hardware battery upgrades. (Some 40 and 60 kWh Teslas have larger capacity batteries...
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    Supercharger - Peoria, IL - N Sheridan Rd

    @jessebkr87 - Great first post. @MarcoRP - Please update supercharge.info as under construction.
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    charging slowed to a trickle

    You can’t get 6 kW from charging via 120 volt. You have changed your display from miles to battery percentage. You were previously getting 6 MPH charging, which equals about 1 kW. Same super slow charging rate, just displayed differently. As noted above, with 120 volt charging it can heat the...
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    Supercharger - Lone Pine, CA (LIVE 28 Jan 2015, expanded Dec 2019, 8 V3 stalls)

    I bet the whole site is being upgraded to V3. The St. George Utah site used to be 4 stalls. They brought in 4 temp stalls and set them up at the far end. Then the 4 existing stalls were ripped out and expanded to 8 new stalls.
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    Supercharger - Tusayan, AZ

    @RCFLMA That is a beautiful sight!
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    Supercharger - Staunton, VA

    It is showing on Tesla’s Website.
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    Supercharger - Parkersburg, WV

    That is a different Sheetz location downtown. Looks like the listing that I originally saw was removed.
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    Supercharger - Parkersburg, WV

    Was browsing PlugShare and discovered someone had added this Supercharger as already under construction. I thought I would take a drive to check it out. I found that it is well along in the construction phase at the Sheetz on the corner of East St & 7th Street in Parkersburg. 6 stalls - 5...
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    Key Card Troubles

    One thing to point out with the keycard... Both the Tesla logo on the front and the pictograph on the back are printed in the wrong orientation. Both are printed landscape when the key is meant to be used in the portrait orientation.
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    Supercharger - Buford, GA

    @BlueShift We have another site under construction.
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    Supercharger - Atlanta Lenox

    These are Urban Superchargers. They are still paired, but the charging is guaranteed at 72 Kw for each stall. No matter which stall you plug in to, you will get 72 Kw.
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    Supercharger - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Museum

    The cables are still wrapped. There is no meter yet.
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    Getting EV'd at Superchargers

    For airport parking, all you need is your Mobile Connector and the 120V adapter. You will be gone for several days, and the car will be at 90% when you return. (The Mobile Connector locks in the charge port, so no worries of theft.)
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    For discussing the issue of locals charging at California Superchargers

    Tesla has been doing this a lot in the past year. The sites are permitted at the future number of stalls, but open with a smaller number. Sometimes within just a few weeks, the remaining stalls open and the Nav is updated accordingly. I have no fear that if this site opens with 20 stalls that...
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    Question about install NEMA 14-50 in Garage

    If it is a Federal Pacific panel, you may be wise to replace the entire panel. They are known to have problems with breakers not tripping when they should. Is My Electrical Panel Safe? - Important Information About Federal Pacific Electric, Zinsco and Outdated Electric Panel Boxes
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    Supercharger - East Palo Alto, CA (LIVE 30 Jun 2018, 20 Urban stalls)

    @BlueShift We have another CA location under construction.
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    I'm glad I got this maintenance reminder!

    (sarcasm) Is that cheaper than what Tesla charges? (/sarcasm)
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    Sunday Discussion on my Facebook page

    While enjoying all of your fun Saturday delivery stories, I suddenly had an idea. "I bet I can April Fool a bunch of my friends & family into thinking I got a Model 3." I posted this on Facebook and got many responses. Even my parents called me, confused by this sudden turn of events. My Dad...
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    Battery warning every morning

    You should not be concerned. This is perfectly normal. When the weather warms back up, it will go away. If you want to minimize it, you can try to time the end of your charging with your departure time.
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    Model 3 Charging Options

    The Standard Range Model 3 has a Max 32 Amp charger & the Long Range Model 3 has a Max 48 Amp charger. Both models come with a Mobile Connector capable of Max 32 Amp when plugged into a NEMA 14-50 outlet. If you get a Long Range Model 3 and want 40 or 48 Amp charging, then you can get a Wall...
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    West Virginia Superchargers

    Thanks to your tip, I discovered it is indeed a Supercharger in the very early stages of construction. Huntington, WV Supercharger
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    Huntington, WV Supercharger

    Thanks to a tip from @Brian-MS90D, I decided to investigate what type of EV Charger this Sheetz has. I was expecting a CHAdeMO, but found an 8 stall Supercharger under construction! In my excitement, I forgot to check the other side of the building to see if there was a charger installed. It...
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    Supercharger (New) Toledo, OH

    @Ciaopec Thanks for these great photos! Please keep us up to date as construction continues. @BlueShift We have confirmed construction!
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    Boston Pru Supercharger

    @BlueShift - Already open!
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    Supercharger - Mt. Hope, WV

    Drove up into the mountains yesterday and stopped by this site for some pics. It is on the back side of the Sheetz away from the gas pumps but with direct access into the building. 1 pull-in stall on the far end; the other 7 back-in. Conduit has been run but no concrete poured for the stall...
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    Supercharger - Weston, WV

    Drove up into the mountains yesterday and stopped by this site for Dino juice and a couple of pics. Progress is being made but still probably 6-8 weeks until it opens. Probably 3 more weeks of construction plus whatever delays from getting power turned on and commissioned by Tesla. The 4...
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    Supercharger - Mt. Hope, WV

    Yes, there are 3 lanes, 2 with automated change buckets & the other staffed. The toll is for the WV Turnpike, not US 19. There are 3 "main line" toll booths plus the small one at this exit. The toll at this exit exists in 2 of the 4 directions; Southbound US 19 to Southbound I-77 & Northbound...
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    Supercharger - Sioux Falls, SD

    @BlueShift – We have a photo of construction!
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    Supercharger - Mt Gilead, OH

    Yes, precisely; Bad angle for that pic.
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    Supercharger - Mt Gilead, OH

    That one is designed for someone pulling a trailer. It is actually more than two lengths deep. The trailer will end up next to where the white Model S is in the picture.
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    Supercharger - Burbank, CA - North Third Street (LIVE 14 Sep 2017, 20 V2 stalls)

    Not likely; Southern California Superchargers take at least 90 days. This location will probably be late Sept / early Oct getting turned on.
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    Supercharger - Charleston, WV

    Immediately after you leave I-77 South and join I-64 West, take exit 58-C. This will put you on Pennsylvania Ave which parallels I-64. Go down Pennsylvania for several blocks and turn left on Virginia Street. Cross the Elk River and the Supercharger will be on your right. When leaving, go...
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    Supercharger - Mt. Hope, WV

    The Sheetz is 3-5 minutes off of I-77 / I-64. It is not a long diversion.
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    Okay, speculators, what amperage charger will the 3 come with?

    I have a feeling it will be exactly like the Model S is currently. The small battery Model 3 will come with a 48 Amp charger and the large battery Model 3 will come with a 72 Amp charger. I doubt these will be selectable options. Just like Honda and their sunroofs... If you don't want the...
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    Supercharger - Charleston, WV

    Now it appears on the website too! The best way to enter from I-64 is via Virginia Street. It will be on your right just after you cross the Elk River. The best way to return to the Interstate is via Kanawha Blvd.
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    Supercharger - Charleston, WV

    Heh, heh. I don't have a Tesla yet. My hybrid wouldn't do much with 350-400 Volts DC.

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