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  1. mal_tsla

    “TESLA” in headlights

    It has matrix headlights. It can make any pattern not just the word Tesla.
  2. mal_tsla

    Alternatives for ‘Zero G Performance’ Wheels?

    Did TSportline stop ruining their wheels with a stupid brand stamp in the rim?
  3. mal_tsla

    Do wraps crack in winter?

    I believe the US is Zone 2 https://multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/767410O/3m-scotchprint-car-wrap-film-series-1080.pdf
  4. mal_tsla

    Six weeks into Jaguar i-pace ownership - maybe lemon-law candidate

    Now I'm wondering if maybe I met your wife at capital gymnastics. We were admiring the white I-Pace (I had not seen one up close before). Sad to hear it didn't work out. I was telling her that my wife's X is quite a bit larger than the I-Pace looked -- that would be my only point of hesitation...
  5. mal_tsla

    Waves in door Anyone else have this issue???

    Wrap in xpel Stealth PPF. Looks awesome, deletes all paint imperfections, or orange peel, any wavy metal bends, and protects the car from chips/scratches. Not free but something to think about.
  6. mal_tsla

    Went to pick up Used Model X.....lots of rust and pitting on brake calipers....

    that's just the older 7 seat design before they moved to the more inexpensive bench for the 7 seater X. also, the FWD have a memory -- if they have driven under something low, like a garage/shop entry/exit or even one of those height marker beams, they will open low until the car is driven out...
  7. mal_tsla

    Performance not getting 310 miles promised

    PS4s would have far superior grip and response compared to any All Season tire. But you need to decide how much is enough vs range you need. We take our car on long trips so thats an easy decision for me, but it's a personal thing.
  8. mal_tsla

    Performance not getting 310 miles promised

    M3P comes with PS4 tires for performance reasons (my car easily hits 1.1G lateral grip with no tire slip or noise). They eat energy. You can trade performance for range by getting lighter/smaller wheels and less performance-oriented tires.
  9. mal_tsla

    Roadster taking a back seat

    They gave away every unit to YouTubers Why bother actually making them? Hehehe
  10. mal_tsla

    Turn TACC off?

    TACC also does the extremely annoying "fleet speed" -- which, when it makes mistakes like it does consistently on several roads around here, has you slowing to 40mph on the highway (with no cars around, and not because of phantom braking, as the car visibly overrides the set-speed) or refuses to...
  11. mal_tsla

    Tesla furloughs employees and cuts pay

    ah, I look at the financial rescue bill as more of a "prevent the total collapse of the US economy" measure (possibly worth socialized intervention) and less of a "socialize their losses" but I get the general gist
  12. mal_tsla

    Tesla furloughs employees and cuts pay

    Your taxes are paying for Tesla's unemployment claims? Companies pay unemployment insurance tax, shouldn't that cover it?
  13. mal_tsla

    Booster seat and Tesla don’t go together

    I personally tried three different ones, but doing some easy Googling on parenting/booster seat websites finds supporting evidence that many boosters won't work in Teslas specifically, along with some recommendations on especially narrow ones that might work better. We had zero problems with...
  14. mal_tsla

    Booster seat and Tesla don’t go together

    Nobody's expecting Tesla's cars to work with every possible booster. We'd just prefer it if it worked with more than a very select few. Incompatibility with most booster seats is a Tesla-specific issue. If you pick 10 random boosters, maybe one or two will work in a Tesla, and even then, it'll...
  15. mal_tsla

    Booster seat and Tesla don’t go together

    ours could do it just fine until the Tesla. I'll take the Tesla any day, and he's learned to deal with it reasonably well. But I'm not here to make excuses for Tesla. This is an oversight for a company so devoted to safety.
  16. mal_tsla

    Booster seat and Tesla don’t go together

    This problem is not unique to Tesla but this forum is. So, we're discussing the problem from the point of view of Tesla owners here. Maybe Tesla could just engineer a properly-made, safe, seat-belt-extender-for-booster-seats solution and sell it to us at a typical Tesla markup. We'd buy one. :(
  17. mal_tsla

    Booster seat and Tesla don’t go together

    OK, to be fair, the reason the buckles are recessed like that is to get them closer to the seat bottom/back. This improves safety by changing the geometry of the seat belt system in a beneficial way. They're not putting the buckle there because it looks better (although that's probably a side...
  18. mal_tsla

    Booster seat and Tesla don’t go together

    Car seats and boosters with their own straps aren't the issue. It's using the vehicle seatbelt with a belt positioning booster that poses problems. The seat base is too narrow for most of them, making it really hard for children to buckle themselves in.
  19. mal_tsla

    Booster seat and Tesla don’t go together

    Agreed. Massive oversight, particularly on the X which is designed to do large SUV/minivan duty
  20. mal_tsla

    Heated Steering wheel

    Pre-heating gets you most of the way there (the interior is not freezing cold when you get in), but I do love my wife's Model X heated steering wheel now & then...
  21. mal_tsla

    TM3P day-to-day performance

    M3P will run low-to-mid 3s on just about any surface just by stopping the accelerator from a stop. If you are running 5-6 seconds, something is wrong with the surface, tires, or car. Or maybe it's in Chill Mode.
  22. mal_tsla

    Wife refuses to go in the Tesla

    let her drive
  23. mal_tsla

    Those 21" Uber wheels on the Model Y

    I'm jealous of Model Y's 275 tire width over my P3D's econobox-looking 235 width. What gives, Tesla? :)
  24. mal_tsla

    Performance Range Now Listed as 322 Miles

    326 wh/mi with stock 20s at 23k miles But our speed limits near me are 80, 75 and 65 and I keep up with the flow of traffic (typically +7mph or so)
  25. mal_tsla

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    6/7 devices in a moving model X aren't in the driver's hands. Cars often have passengers. Anyone who suggests phone makers or carriers can fix distracted driving should be required to present a way to distinguish between driver and passenger. The real solution is better attention monitoring...
  26. mal_tsla

    So Elon Says CR attained 350 actual miles

    Speed limits around here are 80, 75, or 65. Driving 55-60 will bring the road ragers out.
  27. mal_tsla

    How pairing at Supercharging works

    What happens with model 3, since it charges at 150kw? Will a second car plugging in case it to drop to 108kw so it can give the second car the 36kw minimum?
  28. mal_tsla

    Tesla's staff training video for fixing panel gaps

    Video of Tesla's gap adjustment routine is likely zero seconds long.
  29. mal_tsla

    I did searches, handling anyone

    I think when people say "model 3 handles like boat compared to a sports car" they are thinking actual sports cars (eg Cayman, 911, lotus). If you're comparing to Sports Sedans or Sports Coupes (bmw 3,4 series), it is comparable in handling, if slightly worse.
  30. mal_tsla

    Right front AP camera fails in heavy rain while on freeways

    It gives the warning even if you aren't using it. Its actually a pretty annoying change.
  31. mal_tsla

    Right front AP camera fails in heavy rain while on freeways

    Its likely water on the lens causing distortion. Both of my Teslas spontaneously started giving these warnings after software updates, so I think this is just a poor software decision on Tesla's part.
  32. mal_tsla

    'Chrome delete' standard

    I think chrome delete looks good on white.
  33. mal_tsla

    Model X fully wrapped in stealth matte film & C-Quartz Pro

    Our X is also white xpel stealth, but with glossy/sparkly chrome delete, white front T and white rear lettering Thanks for a Great 2019
  34. mal_tsla

    Chrome Delete Feedback

    My installer told me the rear T couldn't be wrapped so I just learned how to do it and did it myself. The TESLA I ended up painting white. The rest of the work they did was top notch.
  35. mal_tsla

    Wait.. There is no garage door opener in Model 3?

    Yep, I know. It's handy from time to time when I'm not in my car and don't have a clicker handy. I find the delay and noise annoying and it would drive me crazy if I had to deal with it every time I leave the house.
  36. mal_tsla

    Wait.. There is no garage door opener in Model 3?

    These smart openers beep loudly and flash the light for five seconds every time you ask it to close via the wifi interface. Gets old fast. Just close! They close immediately and quietly using the clicker remote or homelink.
  37. mal_tsla

    Used 160k mile Mode X?

    Definitely a risky buy. If you travel a lot I would avoid the 75D X and look for a 100D.
  38. mal_tsla

    Model Y performance sighting @ Tesla supercharger

    Smaller rear fender gap than my M3P. Smh
  39. mal_tsla

    New 20'' Two-Tone Slipstream Wheel Option

    I cut my own decals for the wife's X, and made install easier by adding a guide-arc / template that goes right up against the wheel edge and is removed after installation. This helps get an even edge gap all the way around. Just an idea I thought I'd share, since someone mentioned a "jig"
  40. mal_tsla

    No garage door opener?

    WiFi opener is nice, and we use it when not in the car, but for us, now that we've had gps open, the convenience is easily worth $300 over the life of the car.
  41. mal_tsla

    No garage door opener?

    You don't press a button onscreen. The car opens it automatically when you approach, based on gps.
  42. mal_tsla

    Trivial Concern, Somewhat Annoying Nonetheless

    In the instrument cluster, when in park, it should say "performance with ludicrous"
  43. mal_tsla

    Is my steering wheel supposed to look like this?

    No it's not supposed to look like that.
  44. mal_tsla

    Garbage cans now appear on the visualization

    But not parked cars...makes no sense.
  45. mal_tsla

    Unfortunate fatality in Model 3

    Tesla should observe flashing emergency vehicle lights and override the logic that ignores stationary vehicles, giving the driver the scary red beep flash to take action or even automatically braking
  46. mal_tsla

    Model 3 rear door no unpowered emergency release safety

    Yep, this is unrealistic. If you're willing to cancel over it, you're just looking for a reason
  47. mal_tsla

    2020 Model x rear emblem missing?

    We made this to subtly badge our Raven X
  48. mal_tsla

    Safe to use the Mobile Charger as full time unit?

    Max charge rate on model 3 is 48a (using HPWC)
  49. mal_tsla

    Safe to use the Mobile Charger as full time unit?

    Yes, but leave it plugged in. The nema 14-50 is designed for semi permanent appliance/machinery and will wear out if you frequently plug and unplug it.
  50. mal_tsla

    Annual Vehicle Inspection in Texas

    I did mine at the tesla service center. Walked in, no appointment, out of there in 30min. In TX only cars sold at franchised dealers get initial two year inspection.

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