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    Body Shop Repair Costs--for me, a deal killer?

    Body shops take advantage when they work with Tesla's, there are many areas where there is only 1 authorized shop to work on Tesla's and that allows them to gouge and play with the customers in any possible way. Part are expensive, labor is insane and sometimes it feels I'm in the wrong...
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    Boston Launching Spot

    Just watch for the State Troopers, I-90 also works well, if you go I-93, go North, south is terrible with traffic and everything.
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    Is waiting 2 months+ for P90D parts normal?

    Tesla sucks on service period, repair costs are similar to what it costs to build a rocket, parts are shipped from the manufacturing facility on Mars, Body shops are total rip off. Owning a Tesla if you need repairs is the most frustrating experience I've ever had with owning cars. Mine took 2...
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    15 Miles of Vampire Drain in 24 Hours - What Do I Win?

    I lose about 4-6 miles overnight, but around here temperatures drop to 10-15F at night with wind and other perks of the winter.
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    Notice of Non-renewal of Insurance

    Welcome to the unpleasant part of owning a Tesla., crazy expensive and slow to repair, absurdly high insurance rates and cancelled policies, all things that won't change for the foreseeable future. My policy got cancelled due to Not at Fault accident with an animal that resulted in ~$20000...
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    Insurance company won't renew my policy... 1 claim only

    I got my new policy written by a new insurance company and I can't be "happier" - went from $1200 a year to $3100... I still have time until the old policy expires, but chances to find cheaper than that are slim to none.
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    Turned down for charger by condo association

    That is a sad decision, another reason why I hate condos altogether. Since you live in Dedham, you have the SC right there, which shouldn't be an issue for you to use.
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    Fairly Major Issues this morning....

    I'm surprised they didn't send a technician out or offered to tow and loaner, as this is major safety issue with the car.
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    Insurance company won't renew my policy... 1 claim only

    Well, I don't see how 1 claim is too many. I've had no other accidents or violations with the car or on the policy. I still haven't looked into new insurance company as I still have time, but I should have it all changed within the next couple weeks and will update what happens next. MA is...
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    Insurance company won't renew my policy... 1 claim only

    @eye.surgeon How is that my fault exactly? By your response I would have to assume you've never encountered an animal on the highway. When you're moving at highway speed and something comes running fast from the side late at night at collision course and you can't see it, tell me how do you...
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    Insurance company won't renew my policy... 1 claim only

    @MsElectric Registering under a company name, gives me certain benefits, my doctor said my foot is heavier than most people and driving a Tesla doesn't help my case for my driving record :) It's a not well known fact at least in MA, that driving record for vehicles under commercial policy...
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    Insurance company won't renew my policy... 1 claim only

    Ok ,so the insurance company is Commerce Insurance. I think it's MA only company and I have/had other vehicles through out the years with them on my other companies. Here is more info about Commonwealth Automobile Reinsurers (CAR) - https://commauto.com/aboutcar/role.aspx In my case as no...
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    Insurance company won't renew my policy... 1 claim only

    The problem now is that my policy from $1200 a year would probably double, how fun would that be? The official reason on the letter they sent me is: XXXX company No Longer Represents Your Agent For the Commonwealth Automobile Reinsurers. The unofficial reason provided from my agent: Claim...
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    Insurance company won't renew my policy... 1 claim only

    Well, I should have seen this coming. My insurance company decided not to renew my policy for the Tesla based on 1 claim I had this summer and resulted in over $15000 worth of damages. It wasn't my fault either, I hit a coyote driving on a highway and destroyed the front end of the car from the...
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    Tesla doesn't want to service my Model S

    I think demundus is trolling... just ignore him. Wait times are crazy in some areas and it's not normal at all. In MA with the 2nd open SC now, they have gone down from 2 months to about 2-3 weeks depending on issue.
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    USB Media for Tesla - great deal

    Guys, for those who ordered the drive, can you tell me what the File System by default is on it? I formatted mine for some other stuff I needed and now I'm stuck with either NTFS and exFAT. I've found a workaround solution with FAT32Format application, but want to format it to it's default, so...
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    Tires and wear... a little frustrated about it

    I'm with my winter tires now, will see how they wear over time, currently at 6-7/32 between front and rear. I'll keep an eye as I put miles on them over the winter. I'll ask Tesla to send me the details of the alignment, as they didn't include it with the closing sheet.
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    Tires and wear... a little frustrated about it

    I got the closing sheet today and this is the explanation for the cause of the wear: "Concern: Rear tires are worn on inner edges Corrections: Tires - Rear - Set verified customer concern,inner edges worn due to old control arms,upon inspection looks like they been replaced before,no control...
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    Sunday River Ski in Maine- 3 Tesla Chargers

    the Omni chargers are frequently used, I've been there twice this year and both times I saw Tesla's there and both times I got lucky to plug-in quickly :)
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    Tires and wear... a little frustrated about it

    Update on the original post: I had an alignment done at Tesla and hopefully it will be done right this time around, however the most important thing is they replaced my 2 rear tires. I have the feeling it will fall under Good Will, but I don't have the final sheet yet, as they are reviewing...
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    Tesla Showroom/Gallery - Hingham MA

    Tesla needs to maintain demand, that's one way of doing it. I'm surprised as well to see that we'll have 3 stores + Dedham and Watertown as presence in the state.
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    New Tesla store coming soon to Boston

    I was left with the impression that there would be Tesla HPWC's installed somewhere there as well besides those. I rarely park in the Prudential as there is the Lenox right there for about the same price or fairly easy street parking depending on the time of the day.
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    New Tesla store coming soon to Boston

    Does anybody know where the charging stations will be exactly? The parking garage there can be quite tricky and confusing. I got the email this morning as well, much faster than expected :)
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    Tesla got rear ended, still driveable

    I guess it will turn out to be your fault :) Hopefully that footage doesn't disappear in the process and if you take a look at it at some point, please share.
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    Tires and wear... a little frustrated about it

    Tesla is set to do an alignment on my car in about 10 days or so, I don't have much of a driving to do and have put my winter wheels, I'll ask them for the numbers when they finish the job. They also asked me to put the 2 rear wheels in the car, I'll update the post when it's done. I'm happy I...
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    Tires and wear... a little frustrated about it

    Thanks for the feedback guys! I went back and looked at my report when I had my car for service back in September and here are the tire details: Here is what they also wrote in the notes that I haven't noticed when I read it first: The Rear tires are slightly worn on inner edge of both rear...
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    Starting to regret getting Model S

    I've had my car locked itself with the keys in a few times, it's not uncommon actually even with the key in sitting in the center tray. I usually have my phone with me at all times, so that have saved me, but it's not pleasant for sure.
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    Tires and wear... a little frustrated about it

    @artsci I've done 2 alignments in 4 months, since I was in an accident and then at Tesla for Service, where I specifically asked for alignment as I didn't trust the body shop with their work. if I can't trust Tesla SC to do the alignment according to specs or make the correct adjustments on the...
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    Tires and wear... a little frustrated about it

    @wraithnot Thanks for the feedback, I'm planning to bring the wheels to Tesla to examine them and will ask about the camber bolts. @steve841 My setup is on Normal, I used to have it to Low always, but it's been on Normal for most of the time since I had these tires installed in June.
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    Tires and wear... a little frustrated about it

    @Battman Thanks for the input, I'll see what the local SC has to say about this. I would have expected to see faster wear on the rears, although I would expect to be more even and not such a huge difference between the inner, center and outer parts of the tires. The other thing that bugs me...
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    Tires and wear... a little frustrated about it

    Well, I'm one of those earlier cars with 21" staggered setup and not too long ago (4 months and about 10000 miles) my rear left tire decided to play a joke with me last night. As soon as the tire sensor warned me about low pressure, I pulled over and once I got out of the car I heard the loud...
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    Service TPMS

    I've had TMPS computer on my car replaced twice so far for that error and each time it was when I was swapping summer to winter set of wheels (19" and 21" with Tesla censors). We'll see if I'll encounter the problem again when I go and swap my wheels next month.
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    Article: How Tesla Keeps a Monopoly on Fixing it's Cars.

    Not unless Tesla release software for 3rd parties... those manuals look quite useless without it :)
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    How satisfied are you with the non-AP (Classic) V7.0

    I'm not happy with the new UI, the energy monitor lost everything except for the graph and the avg number, no way to show Trip A/B on the display and it looks more and more like a phone UI, I liked the battery indicator way more than the damn car graphic siting in the center of my speedometer...
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    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    No upgrades here, I think they'll roll out to AP vehicles first and leave early Vins for last.
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    Mount Washington NH - Help Request

    You will be cutting it short with 194 miles in cold weather, Mt. Washington Auto road has 2xHPWC, which are around 25-30 miles from the hotel itself and you could use them to top off, they operate at 200V/80A or around 16kW. It's a mountain terrain, so your energy usage will be slightly higher...
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    Pilgrim Nuclear Plant (Carbon Free Power) to Close 2019

    I think closing Nuclear and Coal is generally good, both can have tremendous impact on the environment although there has to be some sort or balancing with other sources. I'm not a fan of Natural gas either, considering how it's extracted from fracking and pollutes everything in it's way.
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    Pilgrim Nuclear Plant (Carbon Free Power) to Close 2019

    I read that's pressure from the Feds... As appliances and electronics are becoming more and more energy efficient, new solar panels being installed at various places across the state, there might not be a need to fire up extra coal plants.
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    Boston Parking?

    FYI there are 4 charging stations at the parking garage @ 1 Marina Park Drive, Boston, MA 02210 This is the new Seaport area with all new restaurants and soon shopping area. They are free to use and charging rates are at 240V/30A, obviously parking rates are a different animal :)
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    Luggage Packing Record - Can You Top This?

    Moving season :)
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    Some insight on TPM from my Service Advisor

    I've seen the tire pressure readings on the screen while it's in "Maintenance" mode, I really don't know why they don't just make it visible to all owners...
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    Tesla charged me $70 to screw on lug nuts

    Chevy was the one that did it to me :) These look absolutely fine nuts to me...
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    Tesla charged me $70 to screw on lug nuts

    Service is inconsistent so a very simple reason - people working at Tesla SC are coming from other dealerships and simply carry over the policy to gauge customers and that's normal practice to charge for the smallest thing. I remember on one of my trucks couple years ago I was charged $285 for...
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    Any key fob issues?

    My car has been locking last couple of itself with the fob inside on almost every occasion when I leave the fob inside under the screen. I don't know if the recent updates are responsible for this behavior, it's certainly not a battery issue for me.
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    Looking for a good shipper for MD to FL route

    I used Corsia Logistics to arrange shipping for my car from South Dakota to Boston few months ago when I crashed it over there. Disclosure: I have an ongoing relationship with them and know them personally, never had issues with them shipping vehicles for me.
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    Sound generator for our Model S ?

    Electric vehicles are good example of reducing noise pollution, I'm strongly against adding artificial noise to our cars, the tire noise is plenty and can be heard quite well. On top of that cars are coming of the assembly lines from many manufacturers with collision warning systems and they...
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    Looking to connect with other New England owners who do not or cannot charge at home

    I think one of the most important parts before buying the car is figuring out the charging part, home charging is the best and most convenient option and it takes so many concerns of your shoulders, especially during the winter months here. I don't believe Tesla will give you hard time for...
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    Any key fob issues?

    Today after the latest OTA update the car locked itself with the key inside, it was a bit weird, as it has never happened before in the last year I've had the car.
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    What is the Official Tesla Alcoholic Cocktail? Non-Alcoholic version?

    I approve this message! I've drink it and it's very very good.
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    Front Collision TESLA P85. Repair and Troubleshooting Help Needed.

    It would be nice when you have time to make a post with summary of the overall costs/headaches and general advice for people that decide to take your path. Congratulations on the successful project after so many months and what I'm sure was not an easy one!

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