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  1. Alset Srotom

    EAP Return to US

    So basically the FSD take rate is so abysmal right now (and understandably so) that they are offering what is essentially FSD at 50% off ...and still no one will buy it. Get real, Tesla.
  2. Alset Srotom

    Starting to feel like Cybertruck is going the way of the Roadster: Vaporware

    Bringing down the price? 😅 I think you mean bringing down the internal cost. The price is only going in one direction & it isnt down...
  3. Alset Srotom

    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    All of you military strategists who were going on about Russia having to pull out due to their depleted resources are looking funny right now. We even had one person in this very thread postulate that they would be out of viable artillery ammunition "in a couple of weeks" 8 weeks ago. Don't...
  4. Alset Srotom

    Tesla Model Y Standard Range AWD to be priced at $59,990 USD

    I love the dealer mark up argument. Nevermind the fact that within 50mi of me there are i4's EV6's, & EQS all at MSRP on the lot.
  5. Alset Srotom

    The catastrophe of FSD and erosion of trust in Tesla

    Ummm...the weight is the input. This is like saying a car needs no input to GO because you can strap a brick to the accelerator.
  6. Alset Srotom

    CNICK Tesla Ring wearers might be interested in this, especially if frustrated.

    You have entirely too much time on your hands
  7. Alset Srotom

    FSD Beta v10.11.2 - Here We Go Again!

    So...objectively speaking...there is not a significant (especially not "orders of magnitude") difference in the very first FSD Beta release and this one...
  8. Alset Srotom

    Recommendation for 2022 EVs other than Tesla?

    I saw an EV6 on the road today and it looked stunning in the sideview coming up on me. Not a big fan of the back of the car, but it's nice.
  9. Alset Srotom

    Russia/Ukraine conflict

    This forum never ceases to amaze. We have: Battery Chemistry Specialists Economic Advisers Virologists Market Analysts AI Scientists And now Strategic Warfare Consultants
  10. Alset Srotom

    Is Tesla the only EV one can buy "easily"?

    The ones around me (east coast) are MSRP
  11. Alset Srotom

    Is Tesla the only EV one can buy "easily"?

    You can walk in almost any Mercedes-Benz dealership right now and test drive and buy the EQS
  12. Alset Srotom

    Semi viability

    There is a huge difference in a mistake in napkin math & being totally out of your depth.
  13. Alset Srotom

    Image if CT actually launches at advertised prices: What will other EV trucks do?!

    bUt tHe fOrTy sIx eIgHtY cElLs!!! --Every Tesla fanboy since Dec 2019
  14. Alset Srotom

    Cadillac Lyriq

    There are plenty of GM & Ford dealerships that sell at MSRP. You're letting the minority skew your perception of the majority.
  15. Alset Srotom

    Semi viability

    Just some points here 1. Tesla has never delivered a 600mi class 8 truck, and they won't for many years. The delays are because they can't produce the specs they defined, just like with the Model S Plaid (later rebranded Plaid+). 2. Brands like Daimler & Volvo seem to outsiders like they are...
  16. Alset Srotom

    Cadillac Lyriq

    GM just announced that the first pre-series Lyriq has rolled off the line in TN, putting them 9 months ahead of their initial schedule. They also stated that they would be delivering the first units to customers in a few months... Very attractive car with an attractive price tag, starting at...
  17. Alset Srotom

    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    Look at the date genius...
  18. Alset Srotom

    CyberTruck Image Leaked

    The rumored Model 2 would have few standard components due primarily to the size difference. When a design shrinks it's not as easy as making the same parts, just smaller. Everything changes. They could use current 3/Y line but the footprint of the line is increasing by ~30% and considering...
  19. Alset Srotom

    CyberTruck Image Leaked

    Wow...a US based manufacturer outsold a German based manufacturer in the US? Color me shocked. Kia outsold Tesla in Korea by 1000% in 2021. That must mean Kia is better than Tesla. 🙄
  20. Alset Srotom

    CyberTruck Image Leaked

    No, you're missing the point. You stated that Tesla outsold BMW, which is completely inaccurate. Why the mods keep letting you post fallacy as fact is beyond me.
  21. Alset Srotom

    Snippiness 2.0

    Yeah, I was asking a question I knew the answer to. @Ogre has been pulling BS out of thin air throughout this thread. It's pathetic, really.
  22. Alset Srotom

    CyberTruck Image Leaked

    So how many units did Tesla sell in 2021? Because BMW sold in excess of 2.2M
  23. Alset Srotom

    CyberTruck Image Leaked

    No, longer. There is a ton of time and work from conception to unveil. 36-48 mo's is typical including all of the prelim work. Designing the vehicle and doing the initial spec is the most time consuming. Point is you typically do not unveil until you have your ducks in a row. For example, we...
  24. Alset Srotom

    CyberTruck Image Leaked

    So...I am considered an expert in manufacturing processes. Specifically, automotive. Building the line for a vehicle such as CT would not be difficult at all. Manufacturing is all about compartmentalization, where each build station is only responsible for a few components that take seconds to...
  25. Alset Srotom

    CyberTruck Image Leaked

    That's still a much larger number than 0, which is how many Cyber Trucks will deliver over the same period. Elon the con artist strikes again.
  26. Alset Srotom

    Rivian Deliveries Pushed to 2022

    This is 100% false. Rivian is delivering to customers. Get lost.
  27. Alset Srotom

    FSD price increase on Jan 17

    You're thinking about this in a vacuum. Tesla doesn't have some secret sauce. 10 years from now every manufacturer will have hands free driving and, yes, it will be included in most vehicles and the majority of trim levels. No different than any other feature we used to pay for that is now standard.
  28. Alset Srotom

    Rivian range to charge time is going to be an issue.

    You are not understanding the point at all. No one cares HOW a vehicle is hitting the EPA target. The well documented point is that other EV's are able to hit the EPA numbers while Tesla's continue to underperform in the same conditions. I think you need to step back and read before hitting...
  29. Alset Srotom

    FSD price increase on Jan 17

    It will be included in the price of most vehicles just like ADAS systems are now.
  30. Alset Srotom

    FSD price increase on Jan 17

    FSD owners are over represented in TeslaFi numbers. The overall FSD take rate is less than 14%.
  31. Alset Srotom

    You Can See CT Price in Source Code

    I don't recall if this differs from original pricing, but my reservation shows a price of $57,900 in the source code of the reservation page. My configuration is dual motor with FSD. Check yours.
  32. Alset Srotom

    Question for those with a Tri-Motor order

    If the dual motor has shutter, the tri and/or quad motor will as well. It's in the adjustable suspension. Nothing to do with amount of motors...
  33. Alset Srotom

    Anyone switching to a Rivian R1T after watching reviews?

    Ummm, I think you're wrong. Someone local to me (east coast) took delivery this week & posted details in our local Tesla group
  34. Alset Srotom

    Tesla.com - "Transitioning to Tesla Vision"

    People saying they can't notice the difference ar full of it. Picked up wife's "Tesla Vision" Y a week ago. Put it un AP the first time a few dats later on highway. There was a car on the shoulder, not even close to the road, and the car slammed on brakes at 74 MPH. Had anyone been behind us I...
  35. Alset Srotom


    Agree. FSD is what brought me to Tesla in 2019, and my Model 3 today can't really do anything that it couldn't do back then (yeah I'm not counting stopping for green lights as a feature). Vroom will be picking it up soon and I'm trying to find an EV other than Tesla. By the way, just took...
  36. Alset Srotom

    Tesla Y 7 seater delays

    Ordered 6/4, got VIN on 6/7 Delivery scheduled for 6/23 East coast
  37. Alset Srotom

    Current Delivery Times

    Update: Delivery scheduled for 6/23
  38. Alset Srotom

    Current Delivery Times

    I dont have a date yet, just a window. Do you think that could be because I haven't submitted insurance?
  39. Alset Srotom

    Current Delivery Times

    Charlotte, NC. Not an inventory car to my knowledge.
  40. Alset Srotom

    Current Delivery Times

    Order placed 6/4 VIN 6/7 Estimated delivery 6/18 - 6/24 White LR 7S, Black Interior, 20" Inductions
  41. Alset Srotom

    what version of cybertruck dual or tri motor will be produced 1st?

    Sorry pal, it even says on the website that dual motor will deliver first.
  42. Alset Srotom

    what version of cybertruck dual or tri motor will be produced 1st?

    Elon has already delayed the CT with 4680. When pre-orders went live he said the tri-motor 500+mi range would deliver first. Weeks later he walked that back to the dual motor 300mi range variant. We are at least 2 years away. All these people who thought Elon would flip a switch and suddenly we...
  43. Alset Srotom

    Plaid+ CANCELLED

    Per Elon Musk on Twitter, Plaid+ is cancelled because Plaid is "just so good" In other words, 4680 batteries nowhere in sight...
  44. Alset Srotom

    Hyundai Ioniq 5

    Watched an overview of this today. Coming from a Model 3 Owner, former Raven Model X owner, and taking delivery of a Model Y in the next month, Tesla is about to get stomped.
  45. Alset Srotom

    What do you do for a living?

    I'm a consultant for an automotive manufacturer. Basically the manufacturing / logistics /quality managers give me a team and ask me to solve their problems using lean manufacturing methodology. Then I solve their problems and they get mad at me for openly discussing it on Zoom / Teams meetings...
  46. Alset Srotom

    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    I was a little disappointed at the range until I realized it's 300mi WITH A 1,000 LB PAYLOAD. You're looking at 400-450mi usable range without that 1,000 lb. More than likely going with the Lightning over CT. Especially when considering build quality and customer service...
  47. Alset Srotom


    This build sucks. At least one lane change aborted in NoA during my 16mi commute for no reason every day.
  48. Alset Srotom

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    This guy is a clown

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