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  1. Lump

    Model S 2013 MCU upgrade pro and cons

    3G is going to be discontinued in February so its going to cost you $200 to upgrade to LTE, its only a $1300 MCU upgrade, if that helps Update to 3G Services
  2. Lump

    Broker action surrounding GME etc on Jan-2021

    4 free stocks is nothing. The competition for assets is fierce, brokerage firms will pay large cash bones for new accounts with large balances, a few years back I transferred from Fidelity to TDA & was surprised at the cash & other rewards being offered that weren't advertised.
  3. Lump

    Broker action surrounding GME etc on Jan-2021

    My kids have been following & learning about Cryptos the last 4 years when I first started buying, they have been exposed to equities & real estate since they were toddlers so they are well prepared for the financial & emotional rollercoaster that comes with investing. So far looks like Webull...
  4. Lump

    Broker action surrounding GME etc on Jan-2021

    Searching for a Robinhood alternative for my 17 year old son, while I understood RH pitfalls, I did like some of their offerings like fractional share trading & cryptocurrency trading, any suggestions?
  5. Lump

    165k Miles Battery Degradation

    My 2013 85 kWh with 90k miles, when new max range was 265, currently down to 234, Service center performed a battery diagnostic & as expected told me "battery is working as designed & is in acceptable range compared to other vehicles in the fleet" :rolleyes:
  6. Lump

    Infinite Mile Battery Warranty [Now] Being Honored By Tesla [Issue Resolved]

    Last week both my Service Adviser & a Mobile Ranger informed me normal degradation is 5% the first year & then 1-2% for each year after. My 2013 S85 with 84k miles has 11% degradation :( (always babied the battery).
  7. Lump

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    I have the spinning maps too, occurs randomly every couple of minutes. Driver side mirror gets stuck in reverse position 50% of the time, wife's profile same issue. Both started a few months ago, current firmware is b4c2b9a
  8. Lump

    Market politics

    How Democrats plan to pay for Universal Health Care & Free College educations....she needs help with her math because she might be a little short, Universal health care is going to cost +$30T anyone know how much free college is going to run?o_O
  9. Lump

    Elon Musk

    Elon Musk attacks British diver over Thai cave rescue | Daily Mail Online
  10. Lump

    Grand Canyon south loop. It will be a stretch for this lead foot.

    On your return leg take 180, saves some miles & a better drive, I did it in my MS 85 with a heavy foot & used under190 RM's.
  11. Lump

    TSLA Market Action: 2018 Investor Roundtable

    Car belonged to Mary McCCormack & husband, (driven by her husband at the time) Mary McCormack on Twitter Tesla belonging to husband of US actor Mary McCormack shown shooting flames from undercarriage
  12. Lump

    Two paired phones in car, which one connnects?

    Be nice if the phone was added to the driver profile\FOB, so as I open the drivers door with my FOB the car knows to connect to my phone & not my wifes.
  13. Lump

    Market politics

    Another TMC low sadly coming from a former MOD.
  14. Lump

    Driving from Cleveland to Los Angeles, which is the best route?

    The ~600 miles from Denver to St. George Utah is not only stunning but fun to drive, I would definitely go that route. If you have a lead foot buy a Radar/Laser detector ;).
  15. Lump

    Safe SF Parking?

    Take BART...on second thought maybe not. Drug Users Take Over Corridors Of San Francisco Civic Center BART Station
  16. Lump

    Elon Musk

    New York Times Opinion | Elon Musk, the Donald of Silicon Valley He is prone to unhinged Twitter eruptions. He can’t handle criticism. He scolds the news media for its purported dishonesty and threatens to create a Soviet-like apparatus to keep tabs on it. He suckers people to fork over cash in...
  17. Lump

    General Discussion: 2018 Investor Roundtable

    Joke? Musk Filed for Pravda Business Months Before Scorning the Media
  18. Lump

    Elon Musk

    Looks like "Pravda" has been in the works since Oct. 2017 Musk Filed for Pravda Business Months Before Scorning the Media https://businesssearch.sos.ca.gov/Document/RetrievePDF?Id=04076172-23096806
  19. Lump

    California is now the World's 5th largest economy

    Silicon Valley Wants to Tax Big Tech Just Like Seattle Did Anyone need to rent a moving truck ;)
  20. Lump

    California is now the World's 5th largest economy

    Looks like moving company's in Seattle are going to get very busy with move outs. The Seattle City Council voted unanimously Monday to adopt a new tax on the city’s largest employers to help address homelessness. The ordinance will impose a tax of $275 per employee, per year on for-profit...
  21. Lump

    California is now the World's 5th largest economy

    Does California in its GDP claim take credit for Apples products made in China? Look how Cal. came to their conclusion :rolleyes:. The state calculates California's economic ranking as if it were a country by comparing state-level GDP from the Bureau of Economic Analysis at the U.S. Department...
  22. Lump

    California is now the World's 5th largest economy

    U-Hual truck rentel rates says it all, California middle class outbound demand is so large they are charging 10X more for a 26' truck for people leaving Cali then a family moving in. From San Francisco to Las Vegas its $2100, the opposite rental is only $130. From Los Angeles to Phoenix a...
  23. Lump

    Superchargers in Southern California (location speculation)

    Vineyards at Porter Ranch is just down the street from me, I will keep my eyes out for a shipment of Tesla crates.
  24. Lump

    Accident at Oxnard Supercharger Site

    Driver wanted a burger from Lazy dogs :confused:
  25. Lump

    Supercharger - Santa Clarita, CA (LIVE 6 Apr 2018, 24 V2 + 8 V3 stalls)

    Permit for a lounge??? Supercharger - Santa Clarita, CA (permit found, construction started)
  26. Lump

    What other tech stock to consider?

    NFLX market cap is $130B more then 2X TSLA's, stock price is a poor comparison.
  27. Lump

    What other tech stock to consider?

    Go with BOTZ. ROBO is more diversified with holdings capped at 1% & 2% depending on how much revenue is derived form Robotics or AI, if over 60% then it can become a max 2% position, all the rest 1%, so NVDA & Deere are both 1% :(. ROBO Global | Robotics & Automation Index ETF BOTZ 1 year...
  28. Lump

    Tesla Model 3 First Drive Reviews

    Jalopnik lists problems of his road trip so far. 1. Air bag light. 2. Tire pressure sensor. 3. Charging lid. 4. Wipers knock. 5. Music system noises. 6. Service response malfunction. 7. Loud pop in back and warning light. 8. 12v plug not working. 9. Low quality wiper blades leaving strikes. 10...
  29. Lump

    Tesla Investor's General Macroeconomic / Market Discussion

    $6 Trillion market cap added since election with positive gains every month in 2017 (very rare).
  30. Lump

    Tesla Investor's General Macroeconomic / Market Discussion

    On election night NASDAQ Futures dropped to 4558, NASDAQ just crossed 7000, apologize for interrupting the gloom & doom with actual market data.
  31. Lump

    Worthless internet browser?

    December 2016 came & went & same for 2017, maybe December 2018 we will get new the updated browser Tesla vehicles to get a much-needed updated browser with new Linux OS in December, says Musk Tesla’s software update for internet browser, Linux update and new features coming in ~6 weeks, says...
  32. Lump

    Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Discussion Thread

    I have been using Coinbase for BTC, ETH & LTC but want to add other Altcoins, any exchange recommendations? Any experiences with Kragen? Kraken | Buy, Sell and Margin Trade Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) - Buy, Sell, & Trade Bitcoin
  33. Lump

    2017 Investor Roundtable: TSLA Market Action

    Beeb beeb beeb beeb, AP saved the RMS Titanic from hitting an iceberg :rolleyes:.
  34. Lump

    Bitcoins, anyone?

    Mike Novogratz, on CNBC The man who called bitcoin $10K now sees this for the cryptocurrency
  35. Lump

    2017 Investor Roundtable: TSLA Market Action

    What % of the people that made a reservation is the configurator available too? Less then 50 owners at last count I beleive? Not really "open".
  36. Lump

    What's your 90%?

    July 2013 S85, 65k miles, rebalance when I can down to 219 at 90%.
  37. Lump

    Bitcoins, anyone?

    Which one of you guys came up with this? :) Bitcoin Mining in Electric Vehicles Raises Other Questions
  38. Lump

    2017 Investor Roundtable:General Discussion

    Looks like AWD might be available for me too in the Spring & i'm no Bonnie :eek:.
  39. Lump

    Tesla owner configurations begin

    Live in Southern California.
  40. Lump

    Tesla owner configurations begin

    Just got email, Stood inline in Vegas. S owner, Had not configured
  41. Lump

    SpaceX and Turkey. Really, Elon?

    Erdogan denies Turkey commited Armenian Genocide. 1.5 million Armenians exterminated. Armenian Genocide - Wikipedia
  42. Lump

    Tesla Investor's General Macroeconomic / Market Discussion

    More ridiculousness from Hillary & her stooge Wasserman Schultz’s, after learning the DNC servers were hacked they didn't notify the FBI or thier own DNC officers for 30 days instead some DC Law firm, to date the DNC hasn't allowed access to the servers for investigation by the FBI instead they...
  43. Lump

    Tesla Investor's General Macroeconomic / Market Discussion

    If anyone was hoping to learn about what Hillary did to Bernie by tuning into the major networks last nite all 3 must have run out of time conveniently. Network newscasts don't mention Brazile Clinton-DNC revelations
  44. Lump

    Tesla Investor's General Macroeconomic / Market Discussion

    Most Economist are forecasting Q4 GDP growth around 3%, this morning Fed. Reserve Bank of Atlanta GDPNow updated thier forecast to 4.5% from 2.9%, while GDPNow is volatile they do have a fairly good track record. GDPNow
  45. Lump


    Installed V2017.42 a88c8d5 yesterday & my Classic is still wide awake, double checked all settings in car to make sure nothing is keeping it awake or a setting was changed, even rebooted & requested new tokens just incase.
  46. Lump

    Tesla Investor's General Macroeconomic / Market Discussion

    CNN must be having technical difficulties again today because thier stock market ticker isn't being displayed in the lower banner...I am confident they will be happy to inform thier viewers of market movement on large down days. Consumer confidence hits highest level since December 2000...
  47. Lump

    Tesla Investor's General Macroeconomic / Market Discussion

    Stanley Fischer's resignation has Vice Chairman position open so John Taylor or Kevin Warsh are still in play for an influential role.
  48. Lump

    2017 Investor Roundtable: TSLA Market Action

    Easy there, no need for personal attacks just because Mods haven't built your "Hand picked. Elitestist, Super Genies, Big Ego" investor thread, I know its tough wading thru posts & how precious your time is, so hang in there.
  49. Lump

    Tesla Investor's General Macroeconomic / Market Discussion

    Wall Street won’t tell you, but U.S. stocks are underperforming Massive US Trump rally began night of election, US markets rallied roughly 12% before New Years Eve. I guess this "journalist" forgot to mention ~12% in 7 weeks, Further digging about the "columnist"...maybe a tad biased...

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