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  1. danaleighton

    What do you use your "Rear Inner Storage" for?

    It is the perfect place to put grocery bags so they don't tip over and spill the contents. several bags will fit in there. But oh, the indignity when I need to get out of the car to open it for the grocery pickup person to load it for me. ;)
  2. danaleighton

    220V adapter for Airbnb - would that be helpful?

    at our Airbnb (in Arkansas!), we opted for a Tesla wall connector on the basis that Tesla has 80% market share, and we were installing for ourselves too. We also make available a 14-50 outlet. We tried signing up as a destination charger and also for the commercial charging program but never...
  3. danaleighton

    Successful retrofit of passenger lumbar on 2021 Model Y

    Yes, apparently the same as every form on the Tesla site that I have ever filled out and got no response at all.
  4. danaleighton

    PSA: Don't hold your stalk up too long to disengage TACC and find yourself in Neutral

    No worries. That’s a reasonable question. It was not my intent to hold it up. i thought I was just flicking it up, but apparently I was holding it without being conscious that I was.
  5. danaleighton

    PSA: Don't hold your stalk up too long to disengage TACC and find yourself in Neutral

    PSA: if you're using the stalk to exit traffic aware cruise control/autopilot, holding it up for about two seconds will not engage regenerative braking, instead shifting to Neutral. Over the last few weeks, I noticed an odd thing happening: Occasionally, not always, when I would use the shift...
  6. danaleighton

    Delivery day but out of town

    Yes, I think so. In our case, they said that and we had a new VIN in about 2 weeks.
  7. danaleighton

    Virginia - EV Highway Tax $109 per year for Tesla Model S

    Not so high. Three years here is $600. See my post Here
  8. danaleighton

    A close call with running out of battery power driving home

    Yes, one main reason to buy the Tesla is for the Supercharger network. We considered the adapter, but the $500+ price tag was offputting for the extremely rare occasions where we can't get to a Supercharger. In the original case, the supercharger would have been easily accessed 45 min away, and...
  9. danaleighton

    Delivery day but out of town

    My experience was that they were very strict about the delivery that was coming at the EOQ (Sept 27). They would not let it go beyond the EOQ. When I took delivery in October, I was able to delay it from Oct 15 to Oct 23 just by accepting the Oct 15 date online, then calling the SC where I was...
  10. danaleighton

    Uberturbine Touch Up Paint

    what do you use to fill?
  11. danaleighton

    Delivery day but out of town

    Be careful. They said I had a day to respond and within 4 hours they had given away the VIN. it was another month until I got another.
  12. danaleighton

    Delivery day but out of town

    My experience was that the order folks said I needed to take a date within the window on the computer but then call the SC and they would reschedule it. If you do not schedule it within the window, their system forfeits your VIN. I also think it has to do with how close to the end of quarter you...
  13. danaleighton

    Uberturbine Touch Up Paint

    I have the Induction wheels, not Uberturbine, but the Zink product worked very well. I ordered the kit with the sandpaper and sanding block. You could probably use your own sanding block and go get emery cloth if you wanted, but the kit is easy. There's enough sandpaper to last your lifetime. As...
  14. danaleighton

    A close call with running out of battery power driving home

    Here is a sort of update on this. Today my wife and I took the same drive but charged overnight to 99% and left with about 97% after some errands. Got to the town with 53% and this time navigation did not advise stopping at the charger to get home so we went for it. Arrived home with 8%, which...
  15. danaleighton

    A close call with running out of battery power driving home

    Here is a cautionary tale. Bottom line: Don't be dumb like us. Use the Supercharger network! My wife decided to take a spontaneous trip, with our usual charge of 80% (indicated 268 mi range. The town was 110 miles away, so no big deal, right? Well, after interstate speeds and low...
  16. danaleighton

    How to choose hotels on roadtrip?

    Airbnb.com also has a filter for ev charging.
  17. danaleighton

    Autosteer maximum speed and automatic speed adjustment

    confirmed this operation today.
  18. danaleighton

    Induction wheel cleaner - recommendation

    excellent results with Optimum Power Wash on wheels and tires (I use a nylon brush). Then OptiSeal on the wheels. Fantastic results. Also use their Tire Shine.
  19. danaleighton

    Condensation in tail light

    I talked with the mobile service tech about this. As Nigeldodd said, the tech confirmed there is a hole in the light housing, and that especially under pressure water will sometimes get in and cause condensation. He said as long as it's gone in a day, it's fine. If there is actual water (not...
  20. danaleighton

    Help Me Braintorm 2nd EV Ideas

    Two frightening things: 1. The speedometer goes up to 80 (!) 2. Seatbelts are optional, $900 extra!
  21. danaleighton

    Clean Interior and Exterior of the car

    The manual has tips. Model Y Owner's Manual | Tesla — interior water and non-detergent soap. For exterior, I am a big fan of the Optimum No Rinse and Opti Seal. The no rinse uses only 2 gallons and works great - I can wash it in the garage with only an outline of drops around the perimeter of...
  22. danaleighton

    Charge Tesla - Work From Home

    As we used to say in the computer business, RTFM (read the fing manual). Tesla says keep it plugged in. Model Y Owner's Manual | Tesla no, half discharge for 50 miles seems excessive. At 80% I get 266 miles range.
  23. danaleighton

    Best home charger - Model 3

    Off topic, but around these parts (Arkansas) right side up means the grounding terminal on 120v 15a plugs is on the TOP. Strangest thing. I've had 2 houses, both done that way. My Tesla mobile connector had to be mounted above the plug. YMMV.
  24. danaleighton

    EV registration fees penalizing EV owners?

    [edit] Meant for the title to be ...penalizing EV owners in some states -- but can't change the title or delete and redo. So... I got my registration notice recently after buying my Model Y. It includes a $200 fee for all electric. Hybrids get $100. This seemed excessive, but I thought to...
  25. danaleighton

    Stop calling Elon Musk "Elon". He's not your mate and you aren't related to him.

    Just call him Big Kahuna. I like Little Acorn too. Reminds me of how we (Apple fanboys) called Steve Jobs just "Steve." Maybe didn't help that his public email address was [email protected] What's Elon Musks's?
  26. danaleighton

    Turtle mode after Holiday update (2021)

    Same for me. It was temporary.
  27. danaleighton

    2021 Model Y a Wireless charger problem

    Right, but with what phones? The issues seem to be with the iPhone 12 and 13, in my case 12 Mini.
  28. danaleighton

    Tesla Wall Connector - TERRIBLE SOFTWARE!

    Installed two new Wall Connectors yesterday. One commissioning went flawlessly, and automatically updated to 21.36.5 firmware. The other connected with a little more trouble, but finally did. Firmware is still on 1.4.2-0. Triggering the search for an update only resulted in saying no updates...
  29. danaleighton

    Getting XM in Model Y

  30. danaleighton

    Getting XM in Model Y

    I imagine the Tesla engineers who designed the infotainment system to rely on cell service have never lived out here in the flyover states with dodgy or no cell service. Even driving around town in my medium sized city with two interstates, I frequently drop my streaming stations, and there is a...
  31. danaleighton

    Access Denied error from Tesla app?

    I get this error when accessing shop.tesla.com from my desktop computer with any browser, but works on my network from my iPhone, tablets, etc. The Tesla app on iOS works fine also. Same result when using a VPN or not. I have cleared every imaginable cache, both application and system level, all...
  32. danaleighton

    Folding 2nd Row Seats - Too strong?

    Sounds normal as per my experience.
  33. danaleighton

    Mind of it Owns Windows

    I had a weird problem with my windows going down when I parked in the garage. Usually the right rear. I finally figured out that I was pressing the button with the heel of my hand when pressing the door open button. :rolleyes: Glad I didn't report it to service and feel like more of a fool!
  34. danaleighton

    Tesla Wall Charger Gen 3 and Permits

    Plus the 30% tax credit for 2021 - applies to the cost of installation as well.
  35. danaleighton

    Wall Connector Setup

    True for us. My commute is 14 miles RT and so 120v charging does well on a daily basis. But I am still getting the wall charger while the tax credit is in place. It helps for occasional longish trips.
  36. danaleighton

    Auto high beams and auto wipers worse on 2022 than 2018

    Weird. I am getting auto high beams and auto wipers at the correct times. Just yesterday it was starting to mist and the wipers came on when there were a few drops, and went off after it stopped. Same with high beams - city streets, they go on when no oncoming traffic, go off when someone...
  37. danaleighton

    Becoming a Destination charger location?

    Sorry to revive an old thread, but hoping for new feedback on this - Has anyone with a small install been recently accepted in to the program? I will likely go ahead with purchasing and installing before the end of the year if I don't hear back. Then I guess sign up for the commercial charging...
  38. danaleighton

    Selling to Carvana - our experience

    I actually had a substantial crack in my windshield, which I disclosed in the notes, but it did not seem to lower the offer at all (compared to one I got a few weeks earlier without the crack). I was also tempted to get the car detailed and get the windshield replaced -- Just know that none of...
  39. danaleighton

    How to contact Tesla Online store?

    Weird - When I bring up that page, the only topics it shows are related to solar and powerwalls. Did you submit under one of those options?
  40. danaleighton

    Does Tesla Shop Customer Support Even Exist?

    I have never received any kind of response to any of the forms I have filled out to contact Tesla shop people (assuming it is not all run by robots). For some weird reason, every browser I have used on my computer gets a "Forbidden" error when I try going to the shop. I have tried clearing every...
  41. danaleighton

    2021 Model Y a Wireless charger problem

    OK folks - I made a service appointment for this, in case it was s defective part. The service chat rep said he has issues with charging when his phone slides around, and maybe to put a block under it.. Mine had the problem when stationary, and so I pushed back, and asked for a mobile service...
  42. danaleighton

    New J1772 wall connector gone from shop

    It appears that the new J1772 wall connector page has gone 404. https://shop.tesla.com/product/j1772-gen-2-wall-connector cant find it listed on the Charging category either. is it just me? Maybe an overnight refresh?
  43. danaleighton

    Hello from Northwest Arkansas!

    Not at all. Our appointment was 10:30, and the sales rep opened the car end left us to do a pre-delivery inspection. I took about 30 minutes to inspect, and found one area where there was some adhesive residue on the paint, and what looked like a grease spot on the rear seat. They cleaned up the...
  44. danaleighton

    Successful retrofit of passenger lumbar on 2021 Model Y

    What are the potential effects on warranty for this retrofit? As I read the warranty, they can exclude: I suppose the only exposure we might have is if there were any electrical issues caused by the parts... Seems unlikely, especially if using new Tesla parts...
  45. danaleighton

    Hello from Northwest Arkansas!

    Texarkana in da house! we just flew up to KC to pick up our model Y a month ago. Never had to fly to get our car with any other brand. At least you’re only 3 hours away.
  46. danaleighton

    Does tesla still cover rental car and hotel?

    I can confirm they do not do this. I had to travel 475 miles to pick up. Confirmed with order support and delivery support that this ended a couple years ago.
  47. danaleighton

    2021 Model Y a Wireless charger problem

    I noticed this also. I have an Apple leather case. My wife and I hypothesize that the phone heats up during charging and waits to cool down before continuing.

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