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  1. CameronB

    Brand New 21" Arachnid Wheels and Tires (Bay Area)

    Taking offers. Please PM me.
  2. CameronB

    Brand New 21" Arachnid Wheels and Tires (Bay Area)

    21" Silver Arachnid Wheels for Model S. $4000 OBO. New/ Never mounted set includes the following: • 2 x 21X8.5J Silver Arachnid wheels • 2 x 21X9.0J Silver Arachnid wheels • 2 x 245/35/21 – Michelin Pilot Super Sport 96Y XL • 2 x 265/35/21 – Michelin Pilot Super Sport 101Y XL • 4 x tire...
  3. CameronB

    Failed Software Update (2020.44)

    Well, it would be disappointing if the MCU needs to be replaced as I just got a new MCU2 earlier this year :-(. They actually did try to push me the same update a second time. Which, unfortunately, failed a second time. So they then confirmed I do need to come in to the service center. To...
  4. CameronB

    Failed Software Update (2020.44)

    Got the notification that 2020.44 was ready for installation this evening. So started updating. But for the first time, the update actually failed. Since I hadn't ever seen this happen before (complete with ugly red-lettered pop-up box on the center display), I kind of figured it would be...
  5. CameronB

    Tesla Tequila (No Joke)

    I know what you mean. I am not at all a tequila aficionado - but damn, this bottle would make an awesome display piece. One of the most unique bottles I have seen. But sold out, so I guess no temptation for the time being.
  6. CameronB

    No return (after accepting delivery)!

    I know it's not exactly the same, but if you buy a car from a traditional dealer that is not on the lot, it ends up being a custom order similar to how Tesla's are produced. When I was still driving ICEs, I would order custom cars from BMW and either they were delivered to a dealer for pickup or...
  7. CameronB

    Missing security cert after MCU2 upgrade causes App problems

    They were able to do it remotely (see my thread above for details). Yay! With (California) tax it was $2725. I had already purchased FSD about 1.5 years ago. But they (finally) installed that at the same time as they upgraded the MCU. The screen and UI is a lot more responsive now - I'm...
  8. CameronB

    Missing security cert after MCU2 upgrade causes App problems

    As I said I would, I am following up. It was exactly as @Akikiki and @dragoljub said. They were able to do it over the air and I so I was able to cancel my appointment. I did have to ping them about 3 times on the chat thread to actually get their "attention" before someone eventually called...
  9. CameronB

    Missing security cert after MCU2 upgrade causes App problems

    Thanks @Akikiki and @dragoljub ! I'll give this a try. They actually closed my text conversation as soon as they told me my car was ready! The text thread was already closed by the time I got to the service center. But I'll try to open a new thread with them on Monday. That would be great if...
  10. CameronB

    Missing security cert after MCU2 upgrade causes App problems

    Apologies in advance if this has been covered elsewhere but I didn't see it. A week or so ago I got my MCU1 and AP2.0 hardware upgraded to MCU2 and FSD computer. While the upgrade has been cool and I'm overall happy with it, there has been an annoying issue I wanted to warn others to know about...
  11. CameronB

    New owner —Worried

    Totally agree with this. "Range anxiety" mostly exists because we chose to be anxious. Long road trips (especially the first few on more unfamiliar routes when a new Tesla owner) might induce a little anxiety that can be mitigated by many of the tips and tricks described here. Learning about...
  12. CameronB

    Slipstream vs Arachnid?

    Thanks. Very useful information. I assume your tires were the same Michelin Super Sports that came pre-mounted on the Arachnids that were delivered to me?
  13. CameronB

    Slipstream vs Arachnid?

    10 to 20 wh/mi isn't too bad. I do see you have a P100D. So your total range is a lot more than mine - in theory, I get 259 miles at 100% SOC but after 2.5 years of degradation and/or Tesla playing around with range numbers, I now only get about 240. Several times I year, I make 400+ mile (each...
  14. CameronB

    Slipstream vs Arachnid?

    I'm in California. The roads here are pretty crappy...but kind of "average" since it seems roads in a lot of the states (especially with large populations) are also poor. So the roads seem "normal" even though they are bad. There typically aren't a lot of large potholes. But lots of small ones...
  15. CameronB

    Slipstream vs Arachnid?

    For anybody who has previously replaced the base 19" Slipstream wheels on their Model S with the 21" Arachnid wheels, I am very interested to hear some actual feedback by people who have made this switch (as opposed to ancetotal information that we kind of all know already). I know many people...
  16. CameronB

    Honolulu SC just completed my MCU2 Upgrade

    @Akikiki Thanks very much for the rundown on this. As a fellow MCU1/AP2.0 owner (April 2017 build), this is exactly the information I was hoping to see. The footage from the Tesla cam is a cool bonus. It was soothing just to watch you drive around Hawaii :-). I already have Blackvue cameras...
  17. CameronB

    Death rattle fix estimate cost for a 2020 LR?

    FWIW, when I had a previous (different) issue that never seemed to reproduce when I took it into the service center, the tech there said that next time this happened to use the voice command and report a bug. They said that as part of the bug report process, the car would record a bunch of extra...
  18. CameronB

    If you have a Y, can you answer a measurement question?

    Nice. Thanks! Good looking ride!
  19. CameronB

    If you have a Y, can you answer a measurement question?

    Found it (thanks to @Xd85 ). To answer my own question, the answer is: 26" (660 mm) from ground to the seat top in it's lowest position 28" (711 mm) from ground to the seat top in it's highest position.
  20. CameronB

    If you have a Y, can you answer a measurement question?

    Thanks for the tip @Xd85 . Will try to find that.
  21. CameronB

    If you have a Y, can you answer a measurement question?

    I am not sure how many people here actually HAVE already took delivery of their Model Y, but if anyone HAS and can answer this very specific question, I'd appreciate it: What is the "seat height" from the ground? In other words, if you open the door to the Model Y and measure straight up from...
  22. CameronB

    Improved 75D Charging Rate

    Are you saying your 85 consistently only gets 60kW max, no matter what? (Irregardless of SC location, temp, A/B post usage, SoC, etc.?) From your sig, it looks like you have charged in a lot of lot of places so I am guessing that your low charge rate is consistent and not specific to a few...
  23. CameronB

    Improved 75D Charging Rate

    I hate those ones. I know Tesla is busy but how long would it take to just put a few sentences (even if vague) about what the "updates" or "bug fixes" involve. "70D, 75 and 75D cars maximum charge rate increased" "Fixes to improve TuneIn reliability" Something like that. I am a product manager...
  24. CameronB

    Improved 75D Charging Rate

    Thanks. I didn't remember seeing anything about that in the release notes. But I know that threads on TMC are usually a lot more informative than the release notes anyhow :-)
  25. CameronB

    Improved 75D Charging Rate

    I've been away from the forum for a while so this may be old news. I took a long road trip this past weekend and so I used the Superchargers for the first time in months at a low SOC. I have a 75D that is (if I remember correctly) 350V. In the past, my max charging rate, even if I was the only...
  26. CameronB

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.50.x - Driving Visualization improvements, new voice commands, Camping Mode

    Agree. Don't know what portion is being reserved for warranty holdbacks, but definitely some of it is. The motors for dual motor and performance models are basically built the same. But according to Tesla, they selected the best ones (being as there will always be some variations) and performed...
  27. CameronB

    The Y rear is ugly

    I think the Y looks fine from the rear. At least from the photos. Maybe I will think differently when I finally see a Y in person! Which has yet to happen despite being in the Bay Area. Keeping my eyes peeled, though :-)
  28. CameronB

    help me decide: 18" black or 19" gemini wheels, looks vs comfort

    Gotcha. I knew they were standard in China, but wasn't sure if that was mainland China or also included Taiwan, Hong Kong or even other Asian countries. Thanks for the info.
  29. CameronB

    help me decide: 18" black or 19" gemini wheels, looks vs comfort

    Good Photoshop work. Personally I think I like the 18" powder coated ones for the "stormtrooper" look. Are there a lot of "gemini" wheels in Taiwan? If not, then perhaps another 'pro' of those wheels would be more uniqueness.
  30. CameronB

    Gateway Bad or "As expected" before Interconnect?

    After several delays (not Tesla's fault FWIW), our PV install and wiring was finally completed today. Yay! Tesla solar only. No Powerwalls at present (though considering them more and more!). The crew that completed the installation were used to new construction and didn't have a lot of...
  31. CameronB

    Dragy GPS Performance Meter

    I'll take it. PM'd you.
  32. CameronB

    Size comparison

    Unless you have a weird garage like mine! Although the garage is, I believe close to 22 feet at it's longest point, I can barely get the Model S in with enough extra room to squeeze myself in between the closed garage door and the back bumper of the car (maybe 12-14"). Unfortunately I have the...
  33. CameronB

    Size comparison

    For comparison... 2020 Ford F-150 XLT 4x4 SuperCrew (per Car & Driver): length 243.7 inches, 79.9 inches wide and 77.3 inches tall. Price $47,115
  34. CameronB

    Smart Summon won’t leave garage

    I have a moderately tight garage. In particular there are ceiling to floor cabinets with a sliding door about 2 feet from the rear left (driver side) corner and the same about 6 inches from the front left corner of the car. Normal Summon works fine: opens the garage door with Homelink and backs...
  35. CameronB

    Does SOC affect regenerative braking?

    Yeah, it's definitely a shock the first time (or two) it happens and you let go of the accelerator and your car doesn't "brake" and behaves like a gas car :). But after a few rounds of that you will inherently come to understand that you won't have regen until the battery can deplete a little...
  36. CameronB

    Charging software limited pack to 100%?

    This ^^ is my understanding too. Given Tesla is trying to save money (remember Elon had told production workers that saving pennies here and there by being more efficient would "add up"), it seems kind of hard to believe they would be "giving away" an extra 25% of the single most expensive part...
  37. CameronB

    Request "Load Test" for new Solar install?

    Solar set to install tomorrow. Very excited! I am aware that technically the solar panels are not fully operational and able to generate electricity until the utility (PG&E here) does their part and gives the OK to connect to the grid. I understand this can take weeks - sometimes a month or...
  38. CameronB

    Cloud based car sentry mode & dash cam footage

    Sweet! Can you share more details of your setup and hardware/software you used to do this?
  39. CameronB

    Porsche Mission E

    I enjoyed watching it. A few things stood out for me - the first several minutes of robotic work...didn't seem like they were doing anything really. Things would come and grab on to the car and then some other robots came in to...apply sealant or something? :-) But the video got better and I...
  40. CameronB

    Porsche Mission E

    Thanks for linking to this video. It's a very good tour of the car. Tons of screens - even one for the back!
  41. CameronB

    Porsche Mission E

    I checked out the Porsche configurator for the Taycan today. First time I ever tried their configurator. I configured a Taycan Turbo S with almost every option to see what it topped out at. Answer: $230K USD Besides this eye-popping price, two other things struck me: 1) Their configurator...
  42. CameronB

    Do you regret your color choice?

    My brother in law agrees. I was showing him my TotalTesla app and he was scrolling through the gallery of cars and came across one of the silver cars (I forget if it was a Model 3 or an S). He was awestruck and announced this was the most beautiful car color he had ever seen! I sheepishly told...
  43. CameronB

    Navigate on Autopilot is not for me

    I am a heavy AP and NoA user. But I too have seen (and have been annoyed by) some variations of what the OP noted: "Random" lane changes: sometimes happens. Much less since I switched off "Mad Max" mode. But occasionally still wants to move into another lane and then will want to move back...
  44. CameronB

    TotalTesla: New Tesla Vehicle Registry

    We plan to partially decode the VIN to either pre-fill some of the information (to expedite the car registration process) or to enable certain other options that otherwise wouldn't be available. For example, if the VIN tells us it's a right-hand drive (say from the UK or Hong Kong), then you'll...
  45. CameronB

    TotalTesla: New Tesla Vehicle Registry

    Only on Apple at the moment. We have a partially-completed Android app as well. But funding requires choices to be made and there are just other things we are doing first. But we do plan to finish the Android app in the not so distant future. If anyone is an Android developer and wants to donate...
  46. CameronB

    TotalTesla: New Tesla Vehicle Registry

    It is not sold to anyone. Multiple ideas for eventual monetization - but selling user's data is NOT one of those ideas! To be clear, we do not even ask for your name - we literally don't know who you are. Yes, we do collect email addresses, but that's only so we can send notifications of new...
  47. CameronB

    TotalTesla: New Tesla Vehicle Registry

    The intent is to provide more unique data and functionality. Some of that is starting to get in place, more planned for the future. One big piece - discussion forums - are specifically not planned because there is already TMC, multiple Facebook groups, Trev's Tesla forum, the one hosted by Tesla...
  48. CameronB

    Bay Area Tesla Meet

    I have plans Saturday at 9am but I think I can stop by at 8am and stay for about 45 mins. At least I can meet a few people and see a few cars - and of course get a cup of coffee :-)
  49. CameronB

    TotalTesla: Get early access and register your ModelX

    Ask: More Model X owners / feedback TotalTesla has been registering Model S and Model 3 owners at approximately equal rates. But Model X owners are very under-represented.:( Here is the latest breakdown (from among the many community statistics, available to members) of the Models registered...
  50. CameronB

    Announcing TotalTesla. Founding members and early adopters wanted

    Yup! We already have an Android version in early stages of development. But with limited resources, we are trying to get our iOS app and web version a few more important features to drive signups and usage and prove there is interest. So the Android app is kind of being "slow rolled" at the...

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