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    Archives of me

    I found an old account where I have old posts. I thought I had a lot more than 315 posts, but here it is. My name doesn't show up in search, so I am seeing if posting a message causes it to clear out the dust in the pipes.
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    Recent pop up ads

    As Internet gets taken over by corporations, we get more and more garbage.
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    Supercharger - Salinas, CA (LIVE 14 Oct 2017, 14 V2 stalls)

    No. It is CCS only. Tesla, Chademo and J1772 cannot use it. This article hasn't yet come true: Tesla is working on a charging adapter that can support both CHAdeMO and SAE J1772 DC
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    Do Supercharger sites have stationary battery storage?

    Wouldn't an ideal path setup be a large solar array Direct Current (DC) to high voltage DC battery packs to DC Super Chargers be all non-AC, simply with voltage regulation based on selecting number of panels in serial and batteries in serial, for lower losses? Such a DC-DC-DC system would need...
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    Core functions of government, pollution, regulation

    Caveman poop in river. Downstream caveman hit pooper caveman in head. Government is born. Core function of government is to stop pollution. More generally, core function of government is to stop theft of life (including health) or things, and that includes ill health from pollution. Competition...
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    When will 100+ KWh battery become available?

    With respect to 100kWh batteries and above for Tesla cars, am I correct in guessing that Tesla would want to only increase capacity at no weight gain, and if possible, try to increase capacity with a slight weight loss? So, if they could, for instance, increase capacity to 100kWh without weight...
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    Random Model X sightings

    I have to admit, that's a little too baboon-like for my taste. https://i2.wp.com/www.erichufschmid.net/Dumb-down/Baboon-pink-butt.JPG However, I think it will look better in a lighter color to me. I'm still going to try to get one.
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    Model X For Sale - $80k over sticker?

    Wonder why they didn't get Ludicrous. It's more compelling to order a brand new fully loaded Ludicrous non-Sig right now online and wait 1-2 months for less money than to do that Pango transaction and get less for delivery in a few weeks.
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    Southern California Edison gets CPUC approval to install $22M of EV charging stations

    Edison International Unit Gets CPUC Nod for Pilot Program - Yahoo Finance Summary: "Edison International’s EIX wholly-owned subsidiary, Southern California Edison (“SCE”), won the approval from the California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) to start a $22-million pilot program which...
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    Selected my options for order to maximize value and minimize cost for me

    Thank you all for replying. Based upon your answers, I'm playing with a new "reference ideal": $1,000 Blue, 70kWh, no Dual save $5,000, $2,500 AutoPilot, $2,500 UHF Sound: Subtotals to $77,200 before sales tax and tax incentives, then tax ~$8K and tax incentives ~$10K. About $85,335 out the...
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    SolarCity (SCTY)

    Ok, thanks. - - - Updated - - - OMG! 11 degrees Fahrenheit right now where that article is published! And same forecast for the whole week. Now THAT's not a California PUC regulatory environment that I would want to deal with (see my rambling post above for why). If I were paid for my...
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    SolarCity (SCTY)

    This is where PUC, PG&E, et al painting with a broad regulatory brush can really hurt things in my view. Let me explain: Today in under-developed neighborhoods with insufficient solar panels to power the total net energy of the neighborhood (considering storage inefficiencies, of say...
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    SolarCity (SCTY)

    Just logged into my new trading platform and was reading the linked stock analysis for SCTY. Capitalcube says SCTY is "overvalued", that Solar City isn't really earning much, is overextended, is spending a lot on getting new customers, is growing, is getting revenue, and isn't doing as much as...
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    Selected my options for order to maximize value and minimize cost for me

    My current car is getting closer to being too old to keep, and I will have to give it up well within the next few years, possibly soon. One option is roll the dice on my current ICE lasting and playing the money in the stock market and ordering the same options on a regular model X, which would...
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    Selected my options for order to maximize value and minimize cost for me

    I'm trying to stretch some money I got as far as possible on options for a Tesla, so here's what I came up with. See attached image included for my preliminary options. Here's my reasoning: + I need an exciting color. Blue is it, at $1,000. Second choice was Pearl White at $1,500. I miss the...
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    Random Model X sightings

    Not random so no pics or identification, but walked through a service center on the way to pick interior options on an order at the store, and there were half a dozen Model X's sitting next to dozens of Model S's. All the cars look great, but in particular I'm struck by how really nice the Model...
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    Smart Air Suspension: what does it mean and is it installable later?

    Checking price on TeslaMotors.Com of buying new 70D. I'm looking very closely at the options and what I can put off til later. I was under the impression that the base model comes with air suspension. Is that wrong? Obviously, with my understanding, the "Smart Air Suspension" option would mean...
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    2016's getting pushed back?

    Considering taxes on selling something for $100,000, not much to offset it. Anyway, getting serious, realizing $10,000 tax incentive for inventory, plus a year gas savings in the $4,000 range, is $14K of a potential 60% tax bill, bringing it down to a 46% tax bill. So, what would $54,000 get me...
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    Let the hacking begin... (Model S parts on the bench)

    You meant speed_in_mph*10
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    Model X Tally

    ^^^ above posted 2012-02-10. Today it doesn't look as impressive any more. Should I sell something for $110,000 and take a $70,000 tax hit, and have $40,000 left over to get a used Model S? Sigh. Might as well not sell it.
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    Wiki Model X FAQ (wiki)

    Yes. Essentially, a carpenter has to grab a pocket laser (PLS will do) with a vertical mode that transmits a point up and down, and then mark two points and measure between them. The Founder's Model X and Signature Model X are both outside the range of carpenter salaries, even the...
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    Chevy Bolt is Ugly, Model 3 Still Poised to outsell if Attractively Designed

    I love Tesla and hate GM, but you are plain wrong on Bolt beauty: it is not ugly. This is unlike the Prius, which is butt ugly.
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    Power Factor/kvar/waveform marketplace

    Reading about the canary cackle over in that Hawaiian island about his "frequency" problems with such big solar farms made me realize the grid marketplace is very behind in understanding the relationship between generators and users. The generators set the frequencies, waveforms, etc. (Failure...
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    Consider the differences in 7.1 and 7.0 when deciding whether to update

    FUD would be saying it is bad. I said to go look at the thread describing people's experiences. There is a huge difference. Also, I have been following Tesla for a long time. I'd like for them to succeed. I even own a few shares, so if anything, I'd like their value to go up. I want happy...
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    Consider the differences in 7.1 and 7.0 when deciding whether to update

    No, I do not, and although I've test driven a few I don't consider that a lot of experience. However, I have read most of the thread and seen multiple reports of the 5 minute nag and the jiggle problem, and of situations in which the car doesn't go with the flow of traffic in situations it used...
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    Consider the differences in 7.1 and 7.0 when deciding whether to update

    Yes, and Tesla does a lot of absolutely wonderful new things with updates, so some people would probably be very excited to get a new Summon! feature only to find out that their car now puts them to sleep and causes crashes on commutes particular to their situation, or that they'd rather buy a...
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    Consider the differences in 7.1 and 7.0 when deciding whether to update

    Don't update to 7.1 from 7.0 without knowing what autosteer/TACC features you loose. See Firmware 7.1 to understand you may be loosing particular features you depend on at this time in 7.0. Read that thread for the details. YMMV of course, but don't just jump and assume without looking.
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    Consider the differences in 7.1 and 7.0 when deciding whether to update

    Don't update to 7.1 from 7.0 before knowing what you loose (autosteer, TACC, etc.) See Firmware 7.1 to know what features you loose when going from 7.0 to 7.1. Just from memory reading the thread: - Nag every 5 minutes. - Must jiggle wheel a precise amount, not a little, not a lot, otherwise...
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    Consider the differences in 7.1 and 7.0 when deciding whether to update

    Don't update to 7.1 without knowing what you lose. Nag every 5 minutes, jiggle wheel, no autosteer or TACC in many situations. See Firmware 7.1
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    Firmware 7.1

    Consider holding off, as 7.1 removes many autosteer and TACC features.
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    Over a thousand posts on this thread. Ok, I'm going to read that some other time. For now: I just found out Tesla Model S is on CPO for $50K. I thought: Maybe I can finance that ... Then I found out: I don't understand. Why does Tesla want a One Thousand Dollar deposit for filling out a...
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    Chevy Bolt - 200 mile range for $30k base price (after incentive)

    Maybe I can finance that ... Edit: I don't understand. Why does Tesla want a One Thousand Dollar deposit for filling out a credit application? That can't be right ... I'll have to look more into this. Followup: Ok, I sent an email to their financing team with that simple question. Let's...
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    Chevy Bolt - 200 mile range for $30k base price (after incentive)

    Thank god they are finally doing it. 200 miles for $30K. I can afford that! And it has a halfway decent range. Now, there is the fact I hate Chevy and GM cars, and it's made way out in the foreign hinterlands of USA called the Far East out there in Illinois/New York/North Dakota/whereever...
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    Tesla announced 17,400 deliveries in Q4, with 208 Model X

    Just from a manufacturing management perspective, isn't this in line with an aggressive start of a second manufacturing line, like what Tesla just did? As far as I'm concerned, Tesla set unrealistic goals, but accomplished the better side of realistic goals in the process. I hate liars but in...
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    Charging incident in Norway Jan 8, 2016

    I am from California, and I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT, because I have also lived in NYC, Iowa, Oregon, and Puerto Rico, where the weather is VERY different. Plus, I like the idea of something resilient enough to be shot into space. Obviously, Elon's other ventures understand extreme...
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    Update on the Salt Lake City Tesla store turmoil

    While in general this idea would work, it would signal an unwillingness to follow laws by Tesla and it would cause many governments to crack down on them in a way that would make profitable business very difficult for Tesla. I understand Tesla's business acumen by not taking these more...
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    Motor Week tests 90DL at only 4.0 and 12.4!!

    I don't mind if someone tries something and fails. I even don't mind if they publish it. But it shows how weak they are that they published a failure without trying a little tiny bit harder. How hard is it to charge it and turn on the fast options? Any Tesla aficionado would know exactly how...
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    When will 100+ KWh battery become available?

    Aha, thanks! I had absolutely no idea, until I saw someone calculate battery name by percent against another battery name, and realized what they were doing. That's the problem with metric based identification when I grew up with human-sized British measurement systems; the numbers aren't...
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    When will 100+ KWh battery become available?

    Quick question: Are the sizes of 18650 and 20700 batteries encoded in their type number? I.e., is 18, 650, 20, and 700 some type of measurements? Next thing: I've been thinking once Tesla starts making their own batteries, they can redesign the batteries from the ground up, chemistry...
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    Random Model X sightings

    After letting this idea cook in my mind for a while, I've come up with a new personal etiquette regarding this and all photos of Teslas: 1. If it's random and not too personal, I'll judge its usefulness to post. 2. If it is NOT random and/or it IS too personal, I may elect to not even record...
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    Random Model X sightings

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    Full Towing Video & Range examination

    No. IMHO, anybody who is not a racer or a bare bones money saver (doesn't get any options at all) should get the tow package because it not only is worth it for resale value but also might be useful to those who are mentally capable of driving a vehicle towing a trailer "just in case". For you...
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    Random Model S sightings

    Just saw a beautiful white Model S driving up South Mooney Blvd in Visalia (California) toward the mall area. No time to take pic in very heavy traffic.
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    How to mount the forged wheels

    Oh geez. I learn something new about damn tires and wheels every day. As if there wasn't already enough to remember. Good stuff. Thank you all.
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    Looking Forward to the Model 3 Debut

    Only a handful of months ️ I wonder the best way to be alerted when this opens up. I generally only poll forums every week or so, and that's too slow. Within hours would be OK for me. How much will the reservation be? About $1,000? $1,500? $2,000?
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    Signature or Production

    Agree, and fantastic idea! I'm sure employees have their own preferences, but for those that want to get one, this would be a great option. They would get first dibs (I think including all the employees of high salary that can already afford one of the current models).
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    (Reported on 12/26/2015) 11+ car wait at Tejon Ranch!

    Supercharger - Buttonwillow CA (location confirmed) - Page 4
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    (Reported on 12/26/2015) 11+ car wait at Tejon Ranch!

    Awesome YouTube links! Thanks for posting those. They really reminded me of a lot of wonderful times in my life! What memories. Great, good, and always trying to forget the bad (and lessons).
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    (Reported on 12/26/2015) 11+ car wait at Tejon Ranch!

    Agreed. They should get real time usage online, so drivers know the capacity of each SC while driving, as well as the % SOC of each vehicle there and expected wait time to full (and eventually tap into the car nav to guess how much the car is charging to and give ETAs to other travelers...

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