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  1. 355rockit

    2018 model 3 change brake fluid flush

    I tested my late 2018 Model 3 brake fluid using a test strip earlier this year and it showed to be still good. Was planning on doing the brake fluid flush myself. Will check it again end of this year...
  2. 355rockit

    Mystery Text

    You could Tweet Elon... :)
  3. 355rockit

    Mystery Text

    I get the weird texts that show up too. Found these are very old texts that are already read that are displayed. Strange that it happens and so randomly. Sometimes get 1 every few weeks and sometimes get 2 different ones back to back and then nothing for weeks.
  4. 355rockit

    How to perform brake fluid health check?

    I use brake fluid test strip. Brake Fluid Testing | Brake Strip Brake Fluid Testing | Brake Bleeder You can get a pack of 15 on Amazon for $20. As was noted by other replies, brake fluid absorbs water and can cause rusting of the caliper internals if not changed at intervals. I do a brake...
  5. 355rockit

    Does the charge port not open when car is in sleep with the UMC?

    I always need to open the door to wake the car before charge port door will open via button on the cord handle. A few times I just pushed the charge port door to pop it open so I don't have to open a entry door.
  6. 355rockit

    Builder installing 220 line to charge Tesla

    NEMA 14-50 is the standard for 240V 50A outlets which is what you have in your current house. If the builder is running a 240V line to the garage, it should be NEMA 14-50 outlet or won't be up to code (given 50A). The wiring as well has to be a certain gauge to be up to code, so if the builder...
  7. 355rockit

    Scheduled Charging Issue

    That is the issue I was having too. Both scheduled charging and departure were not working no matter what I tried. I was thinking the car was not coming out of deep sleep to charge since it started charging as soon as I opened the Tesla app (but only within a a certain # of hours past original...
  8. 355rockit

    Scheduled Charging Issue

    I had the same issues for almost a year on my 2018 Midrange Model 3. It started happening after a firmware update August of last year. I set to charge at 1:30AM, but it doesn't charge, but starts charging as soon as I open the app in the morning, but only if I I open the app before 8:00AM. I...
  9. 355rockit

    14-50/HPWC Installation Price Check

    I had an electrician install the NEMA 14-50 outlet which cost $550 (short wiring run from breaker box and I supplied the outlet and box). I was initially using it with my portable connector. Later I deceided to get a wall connector. I picked up an oven NEMA 14-50 cord from Home Depot and...
  10. 355rockit

    FSD HW3 upgrade part number?

    Can the mobile service install or do you have to take into into the service center? I would like to get the hardware 3 but not do FSD. Seems like a good way to get the computer upgrade without getting tied into getting FSD subscription per the message on the order page for 2.5 owners. After...
  11. 355rockit

    How much PPF did you get?

    I had the front bumper, mirrors, headlights, behind wheel arches and on trunk deck opening. I wish I had the full hood done since paint is very thin and I have some pretty bad chips on it now.
  12. 355rockit

    Got blue ink on white seat

    The ink should come off fairly quickly with WD40 given it was removed soon after the stain was made.
  13. 355rockit

    Got blue ink on white seat

    Just an FYI on my old post on this... please do not use Leather Honey since the seats are fake leather. Use 303 Aerospace Protectant. Wrote the post before I received my Model 3 so didn't know any better.
  14. 355rockit

    What's your best piece of Advice for a newbie?

    I had PPF put on the bumper, lights and mirror housing, but unfortunately I didn't have the hood done. I have two good size paint chips in the hood now. If you need touchup paint, go to automotivetouchup.com for the touchup paint. Allot better pricing than Tesla or Dr.Colorchip. Quality is...
  15. 355rockit

    Scheduled charging issues

    My Model 3 started scheduled charging again after another shutdown and restart. Rechecked all toggles to make sure they are set properly. Charged fine next day. Very quirky software.
  16. 355rockit

    Scheduled charging issues

    I found that after a software update or a reboot, the pre-conditioning toggle defaults to On even though scheduled departure is turned off and scheduled charging is turned on. I've had to go into the menu item and turn off pre-conditioning and the charging with work fine on next charge cycle...
  17. 355rockit

    good weekend sport car that complement well with model 3 owners

    Mine is a 2015 Jag F-Type R coupe. Been an awesome car. The F-Types (R and v6) have depreciated enough to put them into affordable category for a sports car.
  18. 355rockit

    Adding a wall plug to Tesla Wall Charger

    I wired my wall charger with a NEMA 14-50 oven cord I bought at Home Depot. Easy to do. Make sure you torque wire connection screws to correct torque spec as stated in the wall charger installation manual and also properly set the dip switches given what amperage you are targeting. I've had...
  19. 355rockit

    Is my mobile connector broken?

    The UMC can take a variety of plug adapters. You appear to be using the 110V plug adapter. If this plug adapter is not seated fully, the UMC can overheat or lower amperage. If after removing and reinserting the 110v plug adapter into UMC and still have an issue, you could try pressing the...
  20. 355rockit

    Schedule charge start

    Scheduled departure didn't charge the car this early morning like it was supposed to. I manually started charging at 7:00AM. I'll switch back to scheduled charging again after another reboot. Kind of annoying.
  21. 355rockit

    Schedule charge start

    @KeithT Thanks for the tip. I went into Climate and saw what you were talking about. I set end time for off peak to 5AM and scheduled departure to 5AM. Hopefully this works since I haven't been able to schedule charge since 0.28 firmware.
  22. 355rockit

    Schedule charge start

    I have the same issue since 0.28 update. The 0.30 and 0.35 didn't fix scheduled charging. Mobile service came out but wasn't able to replicate the issue and wants me to bring the car into the service center to due further diagnostics. Sometimes car starts charging when I wake it up by opening...
  23. 355rockit

    Scheduled charging issues

    Tesla Mobile Service came out yesterday to diagnose the scheduled charging issues. Apparently they couldn't see any log items from the times it didn't charge at 1:00AM. The technician cleared the cache and re-pushed ...30 firmware since it failed when installing previously. This morning car...
  24. 355rockit

    Scheduled charging issues

    I've had the same scheduled charging issue. I set to 1:00AM and it doesn't start at that time. Over the past 2 weeks the car charged 3 times but at 6:45AM. I rebooted many times, did shutdown, turned off/on scheduled charging. I am supposed to have a mobile service out this Monday, but Tesla...
  25. 355rockit

    14-50 outlet on a 120V circuit?

    A NEMA 14-50 outlet is connected to a 50Amp circuit . Adding a 14-50 outlet to a 15 or 20Amp circuit doesn't make much sense since you can get an adapter for the UMC to plug into the correct 110V outlet. You cannot charge at a higher amperage than what your outlet provides.
  26. 355rockit

    Cannot tell car when to start charging after update?

    Thanks. Possibility that when I rebooted after setting start time, it may have reset the setting. It did say on-screen that charge will start at 1:00AM when I plugged in after reboot. I redid the setting again to 1:00AM to see if it changes anything. I just returned from supercharger, so...
  27. 355rockit

    Cannot tell car when to start charging after update?

    Mine missed a charge after the update. I found the setting for charge start time was reverted to off and set to 1:00AM. I then rebooted (did both shutdown and also 2 button reboot). This morning I checked and the car still didn't charge. Any ideas?
  28. 355rockit

    Any way to get safely on 4 jack stands?

    I found a screw in my passenger side rear tire yesterday. I used SafeJack to safely lift and support using rear lift point, but the front tire lifted off the ground as well. I was worried about tweaking something so ended up putting a Safejack on the front lift point as well. I removed the...
  29. 355rockit

    Service schedule

    Brake fluid is hygroscopic which means it will tend to absorb water and moisture. This will cause the calipers to not be as effective in stopping power and also over the long run will cause your calipers to rust internally. It is recommended that the brake fluid be flushed every 2 years...
  30. 355rockit

    Swapping white dash for wood dash. Anyone interested?

    I have wood trim that I bought new a year ago to mod but didn't have time. If you are interested in buying it and local pickup, PM. I am in San Marcos, CA.
  31. 355rockit

    Cybertruck in sub. -30C temperatures

    May need to get a battery blanket for 12v battery or you may get stuck if -30 or lower since charge is severely affected on the smaller battery in extreme cold. Having a happy main battery is useless if the 12v start battery doesn't have charge to engage it. This is from living in Fairbanks...
  32. 355rockit

    Rear doors don't self open from inside ...?

    I asked service about this and they did realign the door latch since it was rubbing. They said since rear door is heavier, so you have to hold the button down and push unlike the front door which is press and then push. Weird and confuses the rear passengers. Appears to be normal behavior per...
  33. 355rockit

    Any Taco to Cyber Converts?

    I have a '98 Tacoma with over 200K miles and most likely will sell it. Still deciding if I should sell the Highlander as well or the model 3. Decisions, decisions. Just need more garage space and keep them all.
  34. 355rockit

    How do you clear tpms error?

    On Friday I showed right rear at 1 psi low and it triggered tpms warning. Later on the drive warning went away. Warning came back and saw right rear 1 psi higher than others. Strange that only a 1psi diff can trigger tmps. Happened after newest firmware update. Bug? Never had this issue...
  35. 355rockit

    What product do you use for the deepest wettest looking gloss?

    If you want easy... use a wash/wax, rinse, use leaf blower to remove excess water and then apply Chemical Guys Banana Wet Wax to a microfiber towel and apply to damp car. Use Meguires Ultimate Instant Detailer to remove the wax (comes off easy but this way gives extra sparkle).
  36. 355rockit

    Should I be concerned about a hot garage?

    I have a QuietCool garage attic fan. It pulls the hot air from the garage into the attic and vents it out of the attic vents. Works well and is energy efficient. Given you have solar, this may be an option for you. I have Ecobee sensor tied into the Vera app and the fan on an automatic...
  37. 355rockit

    Fender guard suggestion

    Amazon sells different magnetic ding protectors Amazon.com: magnetic car protector
  38. 355rockit

    Model 3 mud guards

    I actually notice a bit less road noise. No pinging you speak of. Very happy with ease of installation and looks. Had them on for a couple of weeks now.
  39. 355rockit

    Echo Auto In Model 3

    Have you noticed very high data usage on Alexa app when using Sirius-XM? I hit 1.6 GB in ~2 or so weeks data usage by the Alexa app (1 hour per day in car streaming XM). I stopped using Echo Auto for a week and data usage seems back to normal. I wish there was a selection for lower bitrate...
  40. 355rockit

    Molded mud flaps arrived

    Same here.... box was smashed, but all parts were there and flaps were okay. Plastic envelope was intact, but box in plastic envelope looked like it got run over.
  41. 355rockit

    Another Model 3 owner was able to unlock mine

    It may be that when you were at the window with your phone, the phone as key was close enough to allow unlock. You could turn off walk-up unlock or ?
  42. 355rockit

    Molded Mud Flaps - Install Question

    I like 303 better too. Ran out and need to buy some more.
  43. 355rockit

    Molded Mud Flaps - Install Question

    I used Back-to-Black protectant after installing the flaps to bring out the black a bit more and keep the flaps from graying.
  44. 355rockit

    Molded Mud Flaps - Install Question

    The HOV stickers were put on the 3M film from StickerKnight, trimmed off excess white border and applied to car. In regards to the flaps, car seems to have less road noise... not sure if it is my imagination. @S2000 Not sure of size for U-Nut. Was hoping someone would post the size. Drilling...
  45. 355rockit

    Molded Mud Flaps - Install Question

    Very easy 15 min install. I didn't use u-nut but may get some since it will make it more secure.
  46. 355rockit

    Molded Mud Flaps - Install Question

    I have same question as OP. Received my mudfllaps yesterday (eBay ones that are same as Tapte). No instructions. Thanks Nogasmn for the help.
  47. 355rockit

    Echo Auto In Model 3

    Let me know if you want to sell your Echo Auto ... I'll buy it from you.
  48. 355rockit

    How to tell if my Model 3 was made in the tent

    I found two of the plastic retainers missing (one on each side of front) for the wheel liner. The missing ones were holding the wheel liner right side of the wheel well. The liner was sagging due to air pressure and looked bad. I got mine from O'Reilly Auto Parts. These just insert and push...
  49. 355rockit

    Optimum No Rise and Wax - Trying to avoid swirl marks

    I've been using Costco Microfiber towels for many years with good success. I toss them after use and do not wash/rinse and reuse to prevent scratches.

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