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  1. J

    30 hour wait for recovery. Lessons learnt.

    Most modern ICE cars now use AGM batteries - they are more resilient to the strains of the stop/start functionality. BMW have been using AGM batteries since pre-2008 in all their ICE cars
  2. J

    30 hour wait for recovery. Lessons learnt.

    Always amazes me that with all the technology that we have in our EV's they still rely on a lead acid battery invented in 1860 to function. In most cases, there are plenty of early warning signs when a lead acid battery is on the road to failure - I'm sure regular monitoring and status reports...
  3. J

    [UK] 2021.40.x

    Mine's saying 40.6 is ready to install but looking at all these comments, I'll probably wait as got 130 miles to do this evening.
  4. J

    TeslaFi Referral request thread

    Please would someone send me a referral code for TeslaFi? TIA
  5. J

    Packed Superchargers

    They will need something - on a trip back from Wales a week or so ago at Gordano services Supercharger on a Saturday lunchtime it was chaos - we were lucky and got the last available stall - 9 cars arrived in the next 5 minutes and were parked all over the place waiting. Still, better than the...
  6. J

    Should I just leave me roof bars on all the time?

    Just fitted bars to our SR+ for transporting a couple of kayaks. Think they look pretty good and are clearly quite aerodynamic so I'll be leaving them on for the summer (including a holiday to North Wales in August, in an area with the worst EV infrastructure in the whole of the UK). They do...
  7. J

    Make sure you have sentry mode on!

    And as I found at the weekend, sentry mode can inexplicably fail when most needed (attempted break in to our car in a hotel car park - app listed sentry mode event and the car alarm triggered but when we came to review footage, nothing recorded yet earlier & later events were - luckily only a...
  8. J

    What charge level can I expect on pickup?

    Mine was delivered in September last year to my workplace with sub 10% SoC. Wasn't massively impressed with that! Had to plug in the granny charger for the day just to get me home (was still awaiting the work charger to be installed at the time).
  9. J

    Sentry mode failed to record at time of need

    How do I raise a support ticket with Tesla - do I use the 'schedule service' option in the app? Only ever arranged warranty issue fixes before rather than support requests. TIA
  10. J

    Sentry mode failed to record at time of need

    Thanks for all the replies. Car was 78% SoC. The USB card I'm using was recommended on here (haven't got the specs to hand but it was the expensive item apparently designed for frequent re-writes). It recorded me coming to check the car was ok only a few hours after the non-recorded 'incident'...
  11. J

    Sentry mode failed to record at time of need

    But car was in hotel car park. Sadly no hotel cameras on the car. Just annoying that it records all the non important events but when really needed, failed totally.
  12. J

    Sentry mode failed to record at time of need

    This weekend has to leave the Tesla in a city centre car hotel park. Woke up Sunday morning to two warnings on my phone, on that sentry mode had been activated and then car alarm had triggered at 2.25am. Hurried down to the car at 7am expecting the worst but found the car intact and nothing on...
  13. J

    Regen limited after descent

    I get this regularly with our SR+. My commute back from work has a very steep hill (drops around 500m in about 3/4s of a mile) and I'm usually at a sub 40% SoC. The road is a 50mph limit. After lots of trial and error, I've found that at 35mph and below, I get full regen all the way to the...
  14. J

    Engine Sound Modules? - Pedestrian Warning System (PWS) and Boombox

    I'd love one just to mask all the rattles, buzzes and wind noise that have blighted the car from new.
  15. J

    Charger Infrastructure - More chargers at less locations or Less chargers at more locations.

    Charging capacity is fast becoming an issue where I live (near Weymouth, Dorset). No Tesla SC site for 50 miles in any direction (after the planned Dorchester site was inexplicably ditched without even planning being applied for). In Weymouth there are a total of four 50+KW chargers - 2 BP...
  16. J

    Why I bought a SR+

    SR+ here. Would have preferred to go for the LR but it was out of budget on the company car leasing scheme. Daily use it suits us fine but once every other week I do a 120 mile round trip without time/facilities to charge on route. Works out fine in warmer temps but really marginal in the cold...
  17. J

    Packed Superchargers

    Tesla also had a site 'planned' for Dorchester on their list for over 2-years that just vanished overnight earlier this year so I'm taking that list with a pinch of salt until work physically starts on them.
  18. J

    2019 LR or 2021 SR+

    No one's mentioned warranty yet - certainly wouldn't run one of these cars outside of a full Tesla warranty (mine has spent way too much time at Service Centres in it's first 6 months and is due back again in May) so you'll only have ~2 years left on the 2019 car. Maybe get a quote from Tesla on...
  19. J

    Difficulty disconnecting charge cable

    Had mine fail to unlock at a public charging station (BP Pulse - no SC's anywhere near me). Charging stopped and I could hear the unlock noise from the chargeport area when I pressed unlock but it would not release. Ended calling Tesla support and had to use the emergency release cord. Support...
  20. J

    How do you fit the front mud flaps on MIC M3 LR?

    Always do (plus hardly have any speed bumps in this part of the country) - this is just the result of 'enjoying' undulating B-roads locally!
  21. J

    How do you fit the front mud flaps on MIC M3 LR?

    Below was what was left of one of my mudflap extensions after 7k mile of heavily undulating rural roads!
  22. J

    Does anyone wave anymore?

    I pass a blue M3 nearly everyday on my ('very' rural commute) and always wave - never had a wave back, just the expression on the drivers face that I'm clearly mental. I'll carry on trying though everyday and eventually, I'm sure I'll wear him down.
  23. J

    M3 Roof rack fitting

    Thanks for the replies but definitely no such markings on our SR+ - maybe a batch of roof panels that didn't get QA'd properly at the Tesla factory (shock horror!). I'll probably have to kindly ask for some measurements when our roof rack arrives.
  24. J

    Premium connectivity ended as a leasing customer

    Our SR+ lease continued with the premium connectivity after the 30 day trial for no extra cost. The lease company got confirmation from Tesla that it just continues for lease customers (presumably as they have no system to charge lease customers directly, or I'm sure they would have done!).
  25. J

    EO Smart Home App Is A Stinking Pile Of Garbage

    Had my EO Mini Pro 2 for about a month and app (on iOS) has worked fine so far. I'm on the 'Go Faster' tariff with a 20.30 start for 4 hours and it's kept the schedule and worked every time.
  26. J

    [UK] 2021.4.x

    Was the commute in the dark? For me this is when the auto-wipers are shockingly bad.
  27. J

    Stress cracks in rear light

    Ever since it went in for a leaking boot and was ‘adjusted’ by Bristol SC in December , we’ve had to slam the boot to get it to shut. Did query it on collection but was told that it was fine.
  28. J

    Stress cracks in rear light

    Update on this. Initially Tesla agreed to send out a ranger to inspect it but they then cancelled this saying I'd have to make the 200 mile round trip to Bristol for them to take a look which means taking another day off work that I really haven't got time for. I argued the point but was told...
  29. J

    M3 Roof rack fitting

    Definitely not present on our car - have poured over it looking for them. I've got a ranger booked to look at the self cracking rear lights so I'll ask him or I guess try and find another local M3 owner who does have the marks so that I can take detailed measurements.
  30. J

    M3 Roof rack fitting

    Got the Taptes M3 roof rack en-route to me so been looking at fitting guides. They all show the location / positioning of the brackets marked by tiny arrows on the glass roof panels. I've been up and down our September 2020 SR+ with a magnifying glass and there are no arrows so any ideas on how...
  31. J

    Stress cracks in rear light

    Not an option sadly as my nearest SC is a 4 hour round trip away, hence the dilemma of being auto-charged if I raise it as an issue.
  32. J

    Stress cracks in rear light

    Cleaning the car over the weekend, I noticed some stress cracks had a appeared in two places on the N/S rear light. There is no evidence of any impact. Since the leaking tailgate was fixed last year at Bristol SC, the only way to shut it is slam it quite hard (I did bring this up at the SC but...
  33. J

    2021 Model 3 Snagging Issues

    Glad you got everything sorted. I've given up trying to get all my issues sorted as Bristol service centre seem absolutely hopeless and with a 4 hour round trip for every visit (so a day off work each time), I can't afford the time for them to repeatedly try and fail to fix things. Sad state...
  34. J

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Gutted to see Dorchester dropped - means a 100 mile round trip in any direction for me to my nearest SC which given the winter range of my SR+ is 100 miles, isn't useful.
  35. J

    My first winter

    Finding the same with our SR+. Live in a very hilly rural area and real world range is now down to 100 miles or so which with currently no home charging point, is causing some issues.
  36. J

    Driver LCD Display for Model 3

    I'd want oil pressure and oil temperature and maybe turbo boost pressure. Be nice to have AFR as well
  37. J

    Polar/BPChargemaster another price rise

    Was using one of BP's 150kW chargers yesterday (have a polar plus subscription as no Superchargers anywhere near us) - got up to a staggering 36kW peak during the charge session - I've had better results from their 50kW charge points
  38. J

    Still have premium connectivity on SR+

    SR+ Lease customer here (non Tesla lease) - had it confirmed in an e-mail from Tesla customer service recently that premium connectivity would remain available for no extra charge for lease customers.
  39. J

    Model 3 Leasing UK

    Yes through customer services.
  40. J

    Model 3 Leasing UK

    I’m leasing (not through Tesla) an SR+ and just had it confirmed that I’ll have premium connectivity for no additional cost for the duration of the lease by Tesla. Had the car 5 weeks and it’s still working ok.
  41. J

    UK For Sale / Wanted / Free [closed for new items]

    Already got mine but could you let me know more details on the phone holder that attaches behind the centre screen? Been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks
  42. J

    "70" reg crew

    Had a pretty similar experience at Bristol SC - steering wheel out of alignment on delivery and clearly tracking too as wondered all over the place - they adjusted and improved the wandering (admitted the tracking was way out) but now the steering wheel is even further out of alignment - I'll...
  43. J

    Phantom braking (TACC/AP) [Not AEB]

    Same here - alarming for all passengers and horrendous for cars behind. I’ve only had my car for 2 weeks (1200 miles covered) and on average for every 30 miles on TACC I get 3 phantom breaking episodes. Just too stressful to use in it’s current guise IMHO.
  44. J

    Steering wheel centered?

    Mine was delivered the same. Logged it at under 100 miles so SC 'sorted' for free - they said the alignment was way out - it now no longer wonders but the steering wheel is now even more out of centre. Won't bother going back (4 hr round trip to my nearest SC) so will either live with it or get...
  45. J

    First v3 Supercharge - why so slow?

    Yep, aware of this and so picked a charging point at the end away from any car (well until all the stalls filled up). Started off exceptionally but by the time we got to 50%, and all the stalls filled up, it was down at 23kw and stayed that way until charging was complete.
  46. J

    Ride Quality M3LR

    A week in and I find our SR+ very soft and underdamped for the weight of the car. Leads to a very comfortable yet badly controlled characteristics when pushed. Compared to our ICE cars, it’s squirrelly when pushed and uninspiring for the given performance.
  47. J

    First v3 Supercharge - why so slow?

    2nd ever SC charge today with our SR+ at Exeter Darts farm. When we arrived there were only 3 cars there. Ours pre-conditioned at 26% and initially ramped up to 153kw but as other cars arrived, dropped to 23kw ( when all stalls were occupied) - took us 40 mins overall to get from 26% to 90% so...
  48. J

    So my first week of Tesla ownership....

    Completely forgot to add phantom braking issues. Have done approximately 30 miles on AP and 50 miles on just TACC. Had 3 phantom braking episodes, one on the M5 that nearly led to me being rear ended (was just driving past a lorry on AP when it hit the anchors) - guy in the golf behind must have...
  49. J

    So my first week of Tesla ownership....

    Was very annoying - they suggested videoing it and making another appointment (before I found the boot/water issue). The steering wheel is still slightly off centre (a tad worse then when I came in) but at least it now drives in a straight line. I'll just have to pay to get it tracked locally.

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