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  1. Mr X

    Adding a feminine touch to my M3P

    Wrap it pink like this Or add a bejeweled license plate frame 🤣🤣
  2. Mr X

    Glove Box Gap???

    Within spec.
  3. Mr X

    USB music getting disconnected

    Yep my music never saves and have to go into USB and select a song to play every time when entering. Annoying, but I still use it.
  4. Mr X

    Tesla denied warranty for Upper control arms because of Aftermarket Suspension

    Of course they did. You modified the car. All you had to do was take your aftermarket springs off, put the stock springs back on, have the control arms replaced and then put your aftermarket springs back on. Filing a NHTSA complaint was completely unnecessary lol
  5. Mr X

    Thoughts on the BMW i4 M50?

    I wouldn't want to be seen in a BMW aka look like a douche. Gas or electric. And that grill 🤮
  6. Mr X

    Elon stops providing mobile connector/says “you're on your own”

    So many cry babies 😂 I have 3 mobile connector bags just sitting in my garage that have never been used. Please do. Go and spend more on a Porsche because you don't get a mobile charge connector with a new Tesla when you have an old Tesla and a mobile connector already 🥴
  7. Mr X

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Visited Starbase
  8. Mr X

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Model 3 SR isn't getting 4680 cells anytime soon. It is and will be LFP for a while.
  9. Mr X

    GigaFest Austin, April 1,... make that April 7, whats happening.

    And the invites are going out. Wonder what the criteria is to receive one
  10. Mr X

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Sir, you belong in this section https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/pic-of-your-model-y-right-now.222948/page-65
  11. Mr X

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    All of the above + turn indicators https://www.tesplus.com/model-3-y-rear-bumper-reflector-tail-light.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwuMuRBhCJARIsAHXdnqP1vC6WHruwCuJF3sUfQWEhZOTji-eReP7Yd_p-RdncLBc7NW34UN4aAsEvEALw_wcB
  12. Mr X

    For those of you who lowered your Tesla, did it affect your Autopilot?

    No. Whatever he read, it was someone who didn't know what they were talking about, hence only one thread about it. Phantom braking occurs because of the use of radar. A lowered ride height has nothing to do with it.
  13. Mr X

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Elon will be Elon. That's all I can say and there's nothing I can do except hold on to my butt
  14. Mr X

    2014 model 6 60kw battery died at 125200

    How are you liking the Model 3 compared to your 2014 S?
  15. Mr X

    Got scammed by member

    You got scammed by a little girl?
  16. Mr X

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

  17. Mr X

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Wrapped the mirror caps and front lip
  18. Mr X

    Tesla VS Taycan

    This thread did not age well haha
  19. Mr X

    Lowering Springs for 2021 M3P

    Unplugged all day every day. Forget the other names. 1 year with my springs. Zero issues. Best springs in the biz. Lifetime warranty. Officially licensed to work on Tesla's. Awesome team. You even live in SoCal. Unplugged is located in Hawthorne right next to SpaceX. They'll have you done in...
  20. Mr X

    Thinking about a Model S... is now the time?

    You don't really want an old S. Best deal money can buy is
  21. Mr X

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Your dual motor badge is crooked...
  22. Mr X

    Aftermarket yoke steering wheel in Model 3

    No one cares what CR has to say. The Yoke is amazing. Wish the 3/Y came with it. I drove my friends S with it and it was super easy to use right way. Turning is easy and it just feels more proper to grasp in your hands. Truly feels like a spaceship with it. The turn signals were also...
  23. Mr X

    White or MSM if I plan to wrap later?

    With black interior, get MSM. Black is best yes, but don't spend $1500 for black to then spend ~$3000 for a wrap. The grey is dark enough.
  24. Mr X

    White or MSM if I plan to wrap later?

    Depends on your interior color and the wrap color you choose. I chose white with white interior and this is how it looks with a blue wrap They also wrap over the sensors so they won't be the paint color
  25. Mr X

    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    Please do. Est delivery date should be next. Be prepared for thousands of questions!
  26. Mr X

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Good eye 😂 And not the first time
  27. Mr X

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    My Dad got a Y so I'll be posting pics of it in here now :cool:
  28. Mr X

    Blacking out the chrome

    https://www.nikolapro.com/chrome-delete/ Buy that. Did it myself 2 years ago. Watch the video. It's very easy and fun. Still holding up great too
  29. Mr X

    Going to order a new Model 3 performance. Should I consider the long range AWD?

    Long range and get the acceleration boost. You want the most range and you don't want 20's.
  30. Mr X

    When will we get a fix for the V11 mess

    2 weeks. But I've adjusted to everything now. It's all normal for me
  31. Mr X

    Taking the M3LR to the beach

    Can confirm, Tesla's do not like sand
  32. Mr X

    Picked up my Tesla in early December, worst car I've ever owned.

    Picked up my Tesla in September 2019, best car I've ever owned.
  33. Mr X

    Car Colorizer Allows You to Customize The Looks of Your Tesla

    People with factory paint jobs whining about the colorizer lol Get a wrap and have fun matching your car :cool:
  34. Mr X

    What is the reason Teslsa replace the steering wheel with a yolk?

    And he lost control at the track lol
  35. Mr X

    Elon Musk

    Are you serious? Lol
  36. Mr X

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    It was windy and my Dad was driving my car and ran over part of a ladder on the highway. Surprised it was only a blowout, rim is slightly scratched but other than that that's it
  37. Mr X

    Buying a model 3 in 2022. Is it worth it?

    Definitely a difference in acceleration
  38. Mr X

    Tesla is testing new tail lights for the Model S refresh.

    I got my headlights painted black on my 3 a while ago
  39. Mr X

    M3P: I'm done with the stock Pirellis. Where next?

    Pilot Sport All Season 4's. Feels just like PS4S's and they'll last longer. Less noisy and slightly more efficient. Michelin has a 45K warranty as well. No brainer. My 19" PS4S's lasted only 17,149 miles on my SR+. Not getting them again. Had a 30k warranty and got a pro rata discount on the...
  40. Mr X

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    He didn't want the 🚬
  41. Mr X

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    If you want the best handling you should get it lowered by Unplugged Performance. Mild springs, 1 inch drop. Completely changes the feel of the car. I have them on mine. Over 1 year with them. No issues. I will never drive a car with stock springs again. The car feels more planted and handles...
  42. Mr X

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Ahhh the LA auto show main entrance vehicle. Seen that thing there for many years. Knew it would never make production. Just a niche
  43. Mr X

    Model 3 Window Rattle (When it's fully closed)

    All my windows were creaking for the longest time. And this is why The rubber around the windows becomes dry thus windows crackle. All my windows are silent now after applying this nextzett 91480615 Rubber Care Stick, 100 Ml, White : Amazon.co.uk: Automotive Highly recommend!
  44. Mr X

    Do You Think I will Get The New Upgrades On Model Y

    Being 6 months out, odds of getting a 4680 Y are pretty high

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