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    Orbital Wheel Covers

    WOW! Those look great! About 10,000 times better than these Orbital wheel covers. They look like factory Turbines while these covers look like Walmart specials in comparison. If I had to order a Tesla now, I would just get 18" wheels with those covers instead of the 19's.

    2021/2022 LR w/boost vs 2020 Performance?

    Lots of testing done on YT comparing the two. There's like no difference at higher speeds, and I think even one video shows the LR+boost doing better on roll than the M3P.

    Keep Unrepairable Flat Tire?

    You could just pull the foam out all together and take it to a normal tire shop to have them properly patch and plug the hole. I'd bet money you would never notice the difference in noise without the foam in that one tire. Save yourself the cash and the environment of an unnecessary new tire...

    Rear Drive Unit Failed

    I've seen tons of polls on ICE car forums related to failures, so don't know where you're getting your info.

    Solved: wind noise

    The windows are frameless, which means the adjustment of the windows pressing against the rubber seals is critical. The adjustments for the glass can tilt the glass forward and backward, move the glass forward and backward, and tilt the glass inward and outward. A lot of adjustment possible in 3...

    How to perform brake fluid health check?

    Does driest spot on the planet mean absolutely zero humidity?

    12volt Battery Replacement - NAPA Auto Parts

    Yeah, you're crazy. Not easy to jump start when you can't get in the trunk without having to put power through the wires in the bumper. And reports that even if you jump start it, it's not drivable as soon as you remove the jump starter. And nothing says I don't know how to take care of my car...

    Steering column doesn't move after software update

    I wonder what the bill would be from Tesla with no warranty. And I wonder if you can drop in an eBay unit and have it work, or if it needs to be programmed to the car.

    Steering column doesn't move after software update

    Oh, no problem, just a small part that needed replacing due to a software update, LOL! This is not going to be fun out of warranty.

    How to perform brake fluid health check?

    No offense, but never ever buy a used car from "smathew"

    How to perform brake fluid health check?

    Just changed the brake fluid on my 2 year old Model 3, and it feels good to be nice the car. Brake fluid is cheap, and it's easy to do with a vacuum bleeder, especially if you combine the job with rotating the tires. The original brake fluid was already starting to look discolored, which is...

    MPP Comfort Coilover reviews?

    I seem to remember resetting what are the normal tire pressures on my Tesla, so that if I wanted to, I could run 20psi and not get a low tire pressure warning. Did they remove that option from the menus?

    12volt Battery Replacement - NAPA Auto Parts

    Thanks to this forum, I learned to just add 12V battery to the 2 year service interval. If you plan it as regular maintenance, no issue waiting for the battery to come if in it's out of stock, and only $85+tax. Just put the new one in my Model 3, and it's so crazy easy and inexpensive, not sure...

    Buying a model 3 in 2022. Is it worth it?

    Man, so many people on this forum last year saying they were going to outsmart all of us and save money by waiting. They all got burned by price increases and no tax rebates. We got both our Teslas when they were at their lowest prices, so we got the last laugh on that one.

    Buying a model 3 in 2022. Is it worth it?

    Maybe. Think heat pump.

    Suspension fell apart

    "Shouldn't" is the key word. If I was racing this car up a hill, I would put the threadlocker on there for good measure.

    Suspension fell apart

    Sounds like you should be using red threadlocker on there!

    Suspension fell apart

    Mine bolts were nice and tight, even after 2 years. I wrenched on them pretty good to make sure. My caliper bolts were also nice and tight. That was another recall because Tesla forgot to torque those bolts as well and brake calipers were coming off while driving. And good news, each of my...

    Suspension fell apart

    That reminds me to check the torque on all my suspension bolts when I flush the brake fluid this evening. Didn't they have a recall for loose suspension bolts?

    Leaking Trunk - Tesla's Strange Response

    Does the trunk or frunk lift themselves when you pop them from the screen or phone? If so, that would be a sign of aftermarket struts. With OEM struts, you have to lift them manually about half way before they open the rest of the way. I put the aftermarket struts on my frunk for a couple of...

    Any interior dB readings for 2020?

    What car do you own that makes engine noise cruising down the freeway? I have owned a lot of ICE cars, and unless it was a sports car with an aftermarket louder exhaust, you couldn’t hear the engine at normal cruise.

    Why are there so many new Plaid inventory cars showing up lately?

    There are 9 Plaids in Houston right now, and 7 of them are 2022's.

    Ordering Model 3 after Model Y

    You're a funny man. But did you remember to think that Super Chargers aren't that plentiful down in South Texas and you have to add time to drive to the charging station? And did you think that we might want to drive around that area once we arrive, so that adds more charging time and driving to...

    Ordering Model 3 after Model Y

    We are in our 50's too, and brought the mother in law with us back from Brownsville to Houston without stopping, which was 5 hours. It was so nice not to have to stop and get where we needed to get quickly. It would have been 2 mandatory stops in the Tesla, if not 3 at the speeds we were going...

    Ordering Model 3 after Model Y

    I thought it would be a good idea to have nothing but Teslas, but last month we made a road trip from Houston to Brownsville to see relatives and SpaceX. Was going to take a Tesla, but then decided to take the ICE. For the entire trip, we stopped only once for 4-5 mins for gas in Brownsville...

    Scratched my wheel cover bad, what should I replace it with?

    Check youtube. There's 100's of DIY's on fixing curb rash, and there's zero difference between a Tesla wheel and any of the others that they may be showing in their videos when it comes to repairing curb rash.

    2021.44.5 Uneven Tire Wear Detection

    It would not be hard from a software perspective to treat a radical and sudden change like that accordingly and ask the occupant to confirm. The computer knows the air pressure of the tires, so it can tell if that changed or not, and what is normal data for the tires, so if it's looking for...

    2021.44.5 Uneven Tire Wear Detection

    You might also want to check with the Facebook Fact Checkers. They are a reliable source of information.

    2021.44.5 Uneven Tire Wear Detection

    This is a cool application of data already being collected. This is the type of using data for good that I really appreciate as opposed to the use of data for evil exhibited by certain social media companies.

    Repair or replace front driver side panel?

    Curious, did they take the panel off the car to work on it? Usually those guys do their work with the panel on the car, but since it's so easy to remove the front quarter panels, I wonder if they did that.

    Sold my Model 3 after 3 years. Cost of ownership.

    Ugh, it's getting to the point where we have to factor in inflation in any cost calculations. Not loving that.

    Front end damage… totaled?

    That's terrible. What insurance company? I want to avoid them. Given all the airbags went off and the look of that damage, and how much wrecked Tesla's sell for at auction, I am really surprised by their decision. It will now come down to how honest the body shop is with their initial...

    Ohmmu 12V Battery Feedback

    Reminds me that it's the 2 year mark for my Model 3, and time to go buy a replacement 12V from the SC to install myself.

    Is it safe to use 70 amp breakers for home wall connectors to charge Model 3?

    #4 gauge wire is recommended for 70 amp.

    Is it safe to use 70 amp breakers for home wall connectors to charge Model 3?

    According to Tesla, 60amp is the max. You can go with a lower Amp breaker, but then you need to set the max Amps of the charger per this chart.

    Anyone here get a refund for Acceleration Boost?

    True. And if you don't like that, you're really not going to like that my car has almost tripled in value since I bought it 5 years ago. I could literally by 7 Tesla Model 3 LR's with the appreciation, and it's still going up. There's nothing better than being paid 6 figures to drive a Lambo! LOL

    Hit and run caught on cameras...Help identify blurry license plate

    Did the cops look at the video and tell you it was the other guy's fault? I ask because it's one of those where they may say you could have stopped in time to avoid the collision. It's not like he blind-sided t-boned you. I always slow down and keep an eye out expecting cross traffic to pull out...

    Model 3 front end repair botched [resolved]

    I've had really poor quality work done at highly recommended and expensive body shops before. It's all whether or not they put their A or F team on it. If they get someone from the A team, they should be able to easily get everything to line up. The owner should have definitely not let it leave...

    Ride Quality: M3LR vs M3P

    It's from using poor quality dampeners, and lack of ability of the chassis specialists at Tesla to tune the chassis. I've always said they should have raided the chassis engineers from Jaguar. That's what Jags does really well, and I am sure it wouldn't have been hard to lure them away from...

    It was startling

    Get the Model S Long Range. Same 0-60 as the Model 3 Performance, but more luxury and comfort, which is always more appreciated as you get older.

    Clicking sound under left side of dash with air conditioning on.

    Mine does it. It's the removeable dash pad. In my case, it's the white panel because I have the white interior. It's worse in winter when first warming up the car. You can grab the dash panel and rock it up and down and it will work the clicking noises out until the next drive. I tried...

    Cruise control inappropriately slamming on brakes

    LOL! That’s literally the definition of triggered. Just chill dude.

    Cruise control inappropriately slamming on brakes

    Wow, if that triggers you so much, I hope your not watching MSM these days!

    Front end damage… totaled?

    You want it to be totaled. If the first body shop gives a low estimate to trick the insurance company to start the work, go a different body shop. That's a trick body shops play. They estimate low, hook the insurance company into repairing the car, and once too much work has been done to give...

    Rear Chrome Trim Fading - Anyone else?

    Yep. Proves what I said above. Wrap is a good solution.

    Thinking of placing the order...wanted expert insight.

    If you need to put full size adults in the back seat regularly, or for long drives, there's no question you need the Y. The backseat of the 3 is pretty horrible for any humans, especially anyone over 5'9". Just getting in and out through the door opening is painful compared to other cars like a...

    Buying second car for Turo

    They probably spilled the kid's milk into the seats and carpet. Never get that stink out! Turo is a marvel. So many horror stories on both sides of the rentals while Turo makes big bank on fees and insurance, but people keep doing it.

    Buying second car for Turo

    Now I feel stupid for always giving a generous tip.

    Power Train Requires Maintenance

    Oooookay. Since Tesla never misses on anything. LOL

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