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    FSD automatically cleans clean windshield.

    I was going to say 'search is your friend', but in this case, I'm not so sure. Rain and light sensor issue This thread is not what I remember, and someone even proposes the car uses a vibration detecting sensor for rain. I don't think I believe much of this... Was your comment @JulienW...
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    FSD automatically cleans clean windshield.

    Read it here, so "this forum". My understanding is that our model does not have a rain sensor and is vision only.
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    FSD automatically cleans clean windshield.

    Depends on the model/year. Some are vision only and supposedly some now have a water sensor?
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    Best plug type for EV charger?

    Did you notice, it appears there is a third smaller black wire behind the lower of the two blacks on the 100A. Looks like it is possibly running behind the two 100A conductors, but hard to tell. May be the associated 3rd wire for the 100A circuit? (It's shadowed too, at the bottom, some might...
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    I've been wondering this as well. I recall in the early days there were reports of model S cars accelerating in a couple cases to avoid and accident. I still see the option (something like 'obstacle aware acceleration'?) in the car. But I have not seen any recent reports of that happening...
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    FSD automatically cleans clean windshield.

    Seems like they did all the right things... You don't mention, do you have any glass coatings? RainX or other applied? No other ideas, although our X has done the 'I feel like cleaning the window' once in a while. It's not very frequent though, and seems to do it a couple times one day and...
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    Comparing the reliability of Internet and GPS seems like a poor idea, I guess unless you drive somewhere without sky visibility. ;)
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    Need advice on 3rd party warranty coverage

    Extended Service Agreement Most questions like this are easy to find on Tesla's website with google... Looks like most newer vehicles are not eligible, so X-Care is often the next place to look.
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    Driver door stopped auto presenting Opens with fob, mcu, or handle just fine.

    Just had mobile look at ours a couple weeks ago, he thinks it is a 'antenna' in the door frame. He said he stopped pulling them and have to take in to service center, so waiting another 2 weeks to have them try.
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    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    Greetings, yes, there are some with 2017 and FSD Beta (check my signature.) What month is your 2017? If you haven't learned already, Tesla model years do not determine hardware upgrade level. For the 2017 X, there was also a camera upgrade mid-year, I forgot the month, but think it was around...
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    Deteriorating falcon wing door moon roof gasket on early model X’s

    From your pictures, I can't tell how serious this is? The first, third and fourth look like the (cosmetic) plastic/rubber cover at the inside edge of the flex point of the door is just somewhat pulled off. The second looks like the interior trim is a little loose? Does the door (doors?) still...
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    Tesla Service Mode

    Curious how you have a screen shot but don't know how to enter the mode? I thought in USA that Service mode was Geo-locked to service centers now. So if you drive to an area near a USA Tesla service center, there is a sequence and password you can use. I recall it is somewhere on the forum here.
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    Auto lane change not working without input

    Did you purchase FSD? Only FSD purchase includes Auto Lane change today. This applies to Navigate on Autopilot as well. You can refer to the User Manual for full descriptions. You don't mention what features you purchased, but since you mention 'the confirmation setting OFF', it sounds like...
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    Child Safety Issue with Falcon Wing Doors

    This seems odd, as our older X seems pretty sensitive to someone standing under the door. So it might be worth some more testing and/or a service check. Or even some comparisons with another owner. I have had one of us push the button when we were under it. I think the beep and the motion is...
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    FSD Beta 10.11

    iPhone? I noticed some volume weirdness after the most recent updates. Car has not changed, so probably Apple again here.
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    FSD Beta 10.11

    I think Tesla had some server updates/changes on Monday of this week. No way to prove it, but if you had also been looking at the the Tesla app (at least on iPhone), the range estimate was switching between % charge and miles off and on during the day. I used to think this was a local app bug...
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    Mercedes-Benz an Bosch L4 Parking System Intelligent Park Pilot

    The lidar manufacturers are going to love this! Seems pretty costly to outfit all parking areas with LIDAR? And then the cars end up not having the equipment to auto park anywhere else? Interesting idea... Haha, well, not to you if you are dropping of and walking away... but if you come back...
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    Buying High mileage MX100D

    Congrats on the new (to you) 2017! What month is it? There are some differences between early year 2017's and something like Aug/Sep, when they performed updates. That may be when the Premium Audio was added as part of the package.
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    Model X Owner Transfer

    So the real question is, did you purchase from Tesla or third-party? Tesla should have the vehicle released from the system and you should be able to setup the app within a couple days, assuming they didn't make a paperwork mistake or get behind. For third party, you should ask for the prior...
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    Frustrations with Tesla service

    Well, all driving with the Beta is the vision stack, so TACC, Autopilot (highway) and FSD Beta (city streets) use the new 'vision only' code for following, as I understand it. I seem to have no issues at night. I have some minor slow downs during daytime hours, but not a lot. I have maybe two...
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    Frustrations with Tesla service

    Looks like you are in PA, care to share your service center? I've had a couple decent appts up at Princeton. Not amazing communication but they started working on it within a couple days and it only stayed longer when they were waiting for parts. The phantom braking seems to be really car...
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    FSD Beta 10.11

    Weeell, you know that there is no safety score impact of accelerating as fast as you like? Just have to plan not to swerve or brake fast at the end...
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    Used prices for Powerwalls?

    Says the guy with the Honeywell generator??? 😲🤑 Get the ROI comments though...
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    Best Financing for FSD Post-Purchase

    People have been speculating that Tesla wipes FSD, but that seems to just be people looking for a bone to pick. Go look at the used inventory for Model X on Tesla's site, there are a lot of cars being sold with FSD. A bunch with just AutoPilot as well. So it seems that Tesla presently carries...
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    I was able to get solar now i cant?

    Same for our area in PA. Happened recently (couple months). Probably due to panel shortages. They also stopped directly installing solar roof and now point us at an associated contractor.
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    Power Frunk on MX Refresh

    I went back and thought I had the details in Telegram, but I have updated it a couple times and on sign in I seem to have lost the chat history... In my case, as I recall, I had tested the manual release cables during the install. When I went to use it I had something like you saw, that it...
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    Power Frunk on MX Refresh

    I think mine did that on first install. It's been a while, but I had to adjust the latch a little. Probably just needs adjustment.
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    Installation is almost complete! 5 Powerwalls and 400A service upgrade

    It looks like you posted your address in that picture... I also wonder what a "PHOTOVOLAIC" array is... maybe a French variation? (No offense intended to the French...)
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    Is FSD refundable

    [sarcasm font] Hahaha, wonder why there distribution costs are so much higher??? [/sarcasm font] Seems like that has nothing to do with 'attracting talent' and more to do with thinking about the dealership model? Sad to see though, this guy speaks like he is not leading an organization, but...
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    Solar Glass Snow Avalanches

    There is plenty of discussion and some info about options here on the forum. Here's one thread: Solar Glass Snow Avalanches
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    Do you have a USB thumb drive plugged in and formatted for video? I assume this works the same in the Y as other models? Otherwise, dash cam is not saved for you to view.
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    Tesla Vision earns IIHS "Superior" rating avoiding crash in *all* pedestrian tests

    Maybe. Or maybe this is Tesla's way to finally break tailgaters, one car at a time! 😈
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    Does Tesla no longer let you keep the TREC?

    I wonder if it's related to info in this post: Tesla Energy, TRECs, NJ ... need help They have allowed it in the past, but it sounds like there may be some reporting issues with their firmware and maybe they are just telling people no while that issue is outstanding. But who knows...
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    Autowipers improved?

    Wild. They seem pretty good still here. I've seen the behavior you describe once or twice, and sometimes it fast wipes for a few times dry (which I don't like.) But except for one time it always settles down shortly and goes back to normal. I had it act up a couple weeks ago and couldn't get...
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    Vendor Photos of Red Model X after being Wrapped & Coated with XPEL

    No, I don't think so. This is the model X sub-forum after all. And the door handles are X shaped rather then the smaller hooked Y handles. Actually, it looks like the refresh X pictures on the Tesla site. They now show mat black handles and mirror trim. Maybe it's a newly shipped refresh X...
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    Reverse Summon

    Have you tried this and seen it work? My recent couple tries, FSD Beta/Autopilot will not engage in a parking lot once a destination is set. I've seen claims it can do it, just assumed this was another of the 'in the future' features.
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    New Solar Roof owners - how much can we write off in taxes?

    Err, not the house, just an attic fan? 🤔
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    Is Tesla still giving out the FSD beta to qualified drivers?

    Well, all this driving like a Granny comments aside... Acceleration is not penalized in safety score at all. What you have to be really careful about is leaving room for smooth braking and cornering if you 'liberally use the go pedal." I was there and had some fun while waiting for safety...
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    Vendor Photos of Red Model X after being Wrapped & Coated with XPEL

    Nice little wrap of the handles, rear TESLA bar, and mirror bases in black, I see. But not the main front T? Saw an all black Audi today around philly, the front logo was done in black as well.
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    Legacy Model S/X with camera upgrade got FSD?

    Well, FSD Beta roll-outs have stopped for at least 2 weeks for most people. So look at it this way, at least you are getting software updates! ;) We've got to get through these 'recalls', and then hopefully FSD Beta updates will start again.
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    Goodbye Boombox.

    That's a good article that seems to summarize several recent Tesla recalls / software fixes. This thread could use a better title! 🤣
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    Future Autopilot Hardware Rumors and Speculation

    That looks like a lidar setup. There was mention of Tesla using one to help test the cameras against, so it might be that. It's somewhere here on the forum. Could you see if the front or back had anything besides that side sensor mounted (same type of sensor?)
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    On Autopilot / FSD - distance between cars

    What model car? I wonder if it makes a difference.
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    DARPA flies/tests FSF Blackhawk helicopter

    Nah, Musk not surprised: Northrop Grumman MQ-8 Fire Scout - Wikipedia Navy already has 23 autonomous heli's in service, if this count is correct... ;) Sadly, looks like they lost one too... Maybe they need updated FSD? Unmanned helicopter crashes into LCS after taking off from the ship
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    On Autopilot / FSD - distance between cars

    Works pretty well. Has anyone noticed recent Autopilot on FSD Beta software seems to drift further away from leading vehicles after catching up? Pretty repeatable here and bothersome in traffic (around philly, not keeping up is a good recipe for getting cut off!) Seems like it won't maintain...
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    Is radar really turned off? Not so sure anymore

    I was careful when I bought it used, it's end of 2017, so had upgraded cameras already. We just did the infotainment upgrade and the AP computer was included at the time, so have full hardware so far...
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    Is radar really turned off? Not so sure anymore

    For you... I actually don't have much unexpected slowdown with our X. A couple roads and sun conditions I will have some, but I have drives with none at all as well.
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    Is radar really turned off? Not so sure anymore

    Interesting report! Let us know how future drives are. I've seen really mixed slow down / phantom breaking performance in different areas / lighting conditions / road conditions. I would say it has been somewhat worse since 'radar was disabled', but hard to tell.
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    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    Yeah, held for removal of rolling stop and 10.10 started rolling out earlier in the week. Only a few cars so far though, so maybe will go wider this weekend. We'll see. Usually add some new people after it starts to get released wider, so could be within a week?
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    Procedure for replacing a lost Tesla keyfob as of Sept. 2019

    I bought used through Tesla and was provided two fobs, but didn't really test them both on pickup. Week or two later I tried the second and it seemed dead. I was in for the entertainment system upgrade and explained the problem (different service center than I picked up the vehicle.) They...

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