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  1. UncertainTimes

    Road trip a Brand New M3P?

    Make sure it supercharges ok then you should be ok. You have Tesla Roadside but you could also sign up for AAA for peace of mind. Also remember you have no spare tire so bring a plug kit and air compressor for emergency.
  2. UncertainTimes

    Tire rotation best practices….?

    Front to back (that’s what she said)
  3. UncertainTimes

    EAP Return to US

    Lol $6k would cover the difference of selling my car and getting a new one. Y’all are so eager to throw away money in this economy?
  4. UncertainTimes

    Neighbor had some questions about my Model 3

    There’s literally a Tesla at each house on my street. Plaid Model X too.
  5. UncertainTimes

    Ordered M3P coming from FBO E85 Golf R...hope the Model 3 can check the same boxes

    I came from a MT F80 M3. I do miss the sound, gear changing, and handling but overall the M3P is an overall much better car to live with.
  6. UncertainTimes

    2022 M3 RWD vs. M3P Worth the $ Diff?

  7. UncertainTimes

    Car won't connect to wifi

    Lately my car won’t connect to my home Wi-Fi until it sits for a while.
  8. UncertainTimes

    "Text Wife" voice command not working

    Me: Text wife Wife:
  9. UncertainTimes

    The Report-Your-No-Problems Thread

    2020 Perf. 2 years @ 29k miles. 275 wh/mi lifetime. Still on OEM tires with 5/32 tread left. 1 alignment, 3 tire rotations, 1 TSB for front control arms. New bumper and headlights after hitting road debris on freeway. 1 error with mobile connector that apparently self resolved. Road-trips to...
  10. UncertainTimes

    Price increase? [posted 06.16.2022]

    It's not inflation, it’s ApPrEcIaTioN
  11. UncertainTimes

    What Use, Visualizations?

    When I super duper bored, I’ll spin the car around a few times and think to myself, this is completely useless.
  12. UncertainTimes

    Semi Summer tires

    Some people just like to live by their own fantasy instructions manual.
  13. UncertainTimes

    Adding a feminine touch to my M3P

    Please just don’t bedazzle your airbag cover and turn your airbags into a frag grenade.
  14. UncertainTimes

    What model 3 , Is the battery, car or both

    I got my car because of the CEO
  15. UncertainTimes

    Semi Summer tires

    Then get them. Just remember they’re summer tires and no you shouldn’t use them in 20 degree temps. There is an all season version of it too.
  16. UncertainTimes

    Semi Summer tires

  17. UncertainTimes

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    If you’re gonna get a M3P And put smaller wheels and less grippy tires and drive in Chill mode all the time then why get a M3P
  18. UncertainTimes

    Semi Summer tires

    Summer tires are not appropriate in 20F temps.
  19. UncertainTimes

    Semi Summer tires

    If you’re not a spirited driver there’s no point in getting summer tires. They’ll wear faster. Just get some decent all seasons.
  20. UncertainTimes

    Better Range: M3LR w/ Performance Boost or M3P with smaller 19' rims

    20 miles of range difference can be solely dependent on driving habits. Get what you want and be happy. Besides OEM 19”s won’t fit on the Performance.
  21. UncertainTimes

    Software update date is not aligned with current date

    It’s been like that for me recently as well
  22. UncertainTimes

    Car handles like it's on rails!

    The steering used to be fun until 2022.12.3 ruined it
  23. UncertainTimes

    Sports mode steering feels significantly lighter

    Anyone on 2022.16 notice any improvement
  24. UncertainTimes

    Version 2022.16.x

    Sport steering fixed?
  25. UncertainTimes

    Open charge port door while asleep

    I always half press a door handle to wake the car
  26. UncertainTimes

    Model 3 turn signal inconsistency - pain

    *chuckles as former BMW owner*
  27. UncertainTimes

    Washing Model 3

    You know I think I found an untapped car wash product: car wash bar soap
  28. UncertainTimes

    Is PPF or ceramic coating necessary?

    It’s a personal choice. Personally after doing it once I won’t do it again. I’ve stopped obsessing over paint perfection on a daily driver. It’s a fool's errand.
  29. UncertainTimes

    Not able to set charge times

    there’s an option in the charging menu to change when your off peak hours end. Is installing a 240v outlet really not an option for you? That is honestly the best way to live with any EV
  30. UncertainTimes

    Article on potential security vulnerability

    I’d rather not be inconvenienced
  31. UncertainTimes

    best way to keep overheat protection on

    *laughs in Californian*
  32. UncertainTimes

    best way to keep overheat protection on

    Why so concerned about the interior. It can handle it. I’d rather save battery cycles.
  33. UncertainTimes

    Dog Mode Model 3 - why it defaults to 66 degrees

    My dog prefers 69 degrees
  34. UncertainTimes

    2018 Model 3 - [aftemarket ] Suspension failing

    Jeez the previous owner shouldve done you the courtesy of giving you the OEM parts.
  35. UncertainTimes

    Regen braking reduced?

    All the normies ruined the steering and regen for the rest of us
  36. UncertainTimes

    36 hours of M3 SR+ ownership...my initial thoughts

    You will learn Tesla does things the Tesla way and you just have to get on board.
  37. UncertainTimes

    Caliper covers and wh/mi

    So basically your brakes are getting no air flow or cooling. Perfect for when you need to do heavy braking in an emergency situation or something.
  38. UncertainTimes

    Will Chrome trim ever be an option?

    I’ll make it easy on you and trade cars
  39. UncertainTimes

    M3P VS BMW I4 M50

    Those ///M mirrors tho
  40. UncertainTimes

    What is the best way to address this slow tire leak on my Model 3

    You could try Tesla Roadside too if you’re still covered.
  41. UncertainTimes

    M3: Rear Facing Car Seat Recommendations

    Rear facing in the back is the standard practice (in the US anyway). Nuna Rava fits pretty well and it’s very easy to install. I have 2 of them.
  42. UncertainTimes


    Steering still sucks on 12.3.2 and I wear regen is weaker too. Updates making the car worse
  43. UncertainTimes

    First roadtrip

    Charge to 100%. Never know when those few percentages might be crucial…
  44. UncertainTimes

    PPF or Ceramic?

    Neither because it’s a waste of money and does nothing for resale value. Car sits outside all the time so it’s dirty all the time. I could tell you there’s a million dollars worth of diamond/platinum/graphene/gold and you couldn’t tell because it’s always covered in dirt, bird poop, pollen etc.
  45. UncertainTimes

    Model 3 concerns

    Get something else
  46. UncertainTimes

    Sports mode steering feels significantly lighter

    Yea I’m not sure if .2 is maybe a little better or just placebo but they are both much worse than the original.
  47. UncertainTimes

    Sports mode steering feels significantly lighter

    Updated to 12.3.2. Still broken. I bet this change was to somehow “improve” FSD at the expense of steering feel.
  48. UncertainTimes

    Sports mode steering feels significantly lighter

    With 3 modes to choose from you should be able to please almost everybody. There’s hardly a difference between all 3 modes now. Just too light, way too light and undriveably light.

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