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  1. BigNick

    2022 Q2 production Model 3 missing matrix headlights?

    I found mine in Scan My Tesla. “Birthday” year, month, day, hour, and minute are provided. Mine is 2021-11-17 05:58.
  2. BigNick

    6-50 plug only charging at 120v

    If I had to guess, you have one hot, one neutral, and one ground instead of two hots and a ground.
  3. BigNick

    Dog Chewed Rear Door - replace or repair

    Feed the dog before driving? :-)
  4. BigNick

    "Text Wife" voice command not working

    ASCII art, there's a blast from the past.
  5. BigNick

    VSEC_a222 TPMS Error

    So they can sell you proprietary sensors for about a hundo each.
  6. BigNick

    software update 2022.16.1.1

    Different date for me when I checked yesterday (June 18). But still wrong. Still no option for the regen/mechanical brake blending.
  7. BigNick

    software update 2022.16.1.1

    I will have to check. I usually don’t pay attention to the date and see when updates are available in the Tesla app.
  8. BigNick

    software update 2022.16.1.1

    Got 2022.16.1.1 last night. Drove today, no option for the regen/mechanical brake blend. 2022 M3P 11/2021 build with Atom MCU and no FSD. Just got pushed 2022.16.1.2 about an hour ago, but haven’t driven yet.
  9. BigNick

    2022 Q2 production Model 3 missing matrix headlights?

    Hold a piece of flat wood or cardboard in front of one of the lights while running the Lightshow app. If you see TESLA spelled out (it will be pixelated, but legible) then you have the matrix lights. There are also photos of the different lights in this thread but I’m too lazy to find them.
  10. BigNick

    Using Optiwatt

    Swiss Francs, currently worth about $1.03 USD.
  11. BigNick

    Prices up for everything except the M3P - potential for suggesting upgrades are near?

    Tesla is cranking out about a million EVs annually. All the other manufacturers combined are a fraction of that. Except (maybe) for some inexpensive Asian city-car EVs that aren't available in North America.
  12. BigNick

    Tesla Insurance

    I'm not with law enforcement (and not trying to be a D), but what you're proposing sounds to me like it could be interpreted as insurance fraud. Maybe someone here better versed in law in the two respective states could help, but I'm not sure how many lawyers or law students are here.
  13. BigNick

    software update 2022.16.1.1

    Yes, it's new for 2022.16.1.1. https://www.notateslaapp.com/software-updates/version/2022.16.1.1/release-notes
  14. BigNick

    What Use, Visualizations?

    What kind of person in their 20s wouldn’t have at least a few years’ worth of driving experience? Other than native New Yorkers who can taxi/subway 24/7/365?
  15. BigNick

    What Use, Visualizations?

    I'd rather have the screen real estate for other uses. I'm not going to watch a Pole Position version of myself while I'm actually driving. The older, vertical-screen Model S cars, prior to v9 firmware, would allow two apps at once. This is something I would like on the 3, if it didn't remove...
  16. BigNick

    Master thread: Delivery / Service Issues (panel gaps, delivery delays / issues / Service problems etc)

    Explains why they went with unpainted stainless for the CyberTruck, except for the doors almost hitting each other. But they'd be a few thousandths further apart without paint, LOL. Tesla will probably just pawn your reject off on someone else. Rejects should be added to a demo/loaner fleet...
  17. BigNick

    Winter Wheel/Tire Set for M3P

    Older Model 3 with the "chrome" trim use a different TPMS system, based on 433 (?) MHz communications. The newer black-trim cars use BTLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) for communication.
  18. BigNick

    Smelly stinky socks / mold in Model 3 AC

    Tesla might fix it once someone dies from Legionnaire's.
  19. BigNick

    How low are you comfortable going on range estimator on a trip?

    My wife has far more range anxiety as a passenger than I do as a driver, but as we get older (we're only in our 50s), bladder range becomes more important than battery range. With that said, I've rolled into a SC at 0% in my old P85D just a couple hundred feet after the car shut down (and had...
  20. BigNick

    Nema 14/50 adaptor is a no show?

    F___ the scalpers. Preferably with an old, weathered, splintery broomstick. How long before these "people" move on to something like baby formula, if they haven't already?
  21. BigNick

    bottomed out - plastic cover under rocker panels cracked on both sides - any experiences?

    Lowered or stock? It's kind of hard to tell how steep that is from the Street View screenshot there. I assume that's a raised pedestrian crosswalk?
  22. BigNick

    Adding a feminine touch to my M3P

    My wife has one of those on her car, but a different color. Eyelashes will reduce your range due to increasing aerodynamic drag.
  23. BigNick

    Master thread: Delivery / Service Issues (panel gaps, delivery delays / issues / Service problems etc)

    You walk out onto the lot, find your VIN and inspect (exterior) before tapping Accept or signing anything. If you're lucky, they didn't lock the car and you can check out the interior as well.
  24. BigNick

    Charge Port Door Broke Off!

    What is that mark "southwest" of the socket? It looks like the plastic has a bit of a gouge in it. Could someone have jammed a lever/tool in there and been trying to pry your charge port door open, maybe?
  25. BigNick

    USB Music frustration

    Me: "USB" Tesla: USB not found. Navigating to USA. You have arrived at your destination. Me: $*@#! Tesla: Command not found.
  26. BigNick

    Bubbling on the door trim?

    Acid rain damage, maybe? Door opened when raining, rainwater dries on the pleather and leaves damaging acidic residue behind?
  27. BigNick

    USB Music - cover art

    I don't think Tesla is intentionally disabling USB. They probably broke other voice commands that we just haven't noticed yet. These cars have plenty of onboard processing power to process voice commands natively without a network connection (in fact, the Model S - on the Tegra MCU1 no less -...
  28. BigNick

    18inch Tsportline wheels on model 3

    The Titan7 T-S5 are out of stock as of when I last checked- sometime last week and have been for a while. But I still have some Pirelli rubber to burn through before I replace my wheels.
  29. BigNick

    USB Music - cover art

    “USB” worked on 2022.12.3.2, but is now b0rked on 2022.12.3.12.
  30. BigNick

    Master thread: Delivery / Service Issues (panel gaps, delivery delays / issues / Service problems etc)

    Buy several crates of yellow citrus fruit from your local farmers market or roadside stand. Park the car directly in front of the Tesla sign at the location that sold you the car. Make a sign advertising said fruit for sale in a huge font and place that sign in front of the Tesla signage. Or...
  31. BigNick

    Master Thread: 3 Delivery experiences

    Blue liquid could be harmless (washer fluid) or a severe fault (coolant for the battery/drive units). Sales Advisors are unit shifters, period. Get the car off the lot, no matter what. The “best” ones can sling bullsquat all day long and make customers believe it to be the truth.
  32. BigNick

    18inch Tsportline wheels on model 3

    I want to do the same but have been eyeballing the forged Titan T-S5 18-inchers. About 3 pounds less, but $150 more. (Per wheel) https://titan-7.com/collections/wheels/products/t-s5-forged-split-5-spoke-wheel-domestic-applications?variant=39772931326040
  33. BigNick

    Every time I get into my new M3 music doesn’t autoplay and it tells me to “Choose Media Source”

    Unfortunately it seems like 2022.12.3.12 has broken the USB voice command for me. I don’t have a screenshot but I get a message that says something like “cannot open that service” now. It appears to still be a recognized command, however.
  34. BigNick

    Missing ECU/Charge Port Discussion

    Semiconductor production can't come back to North America soon enough.
  35. BigNick

    Can I sell my brand new tesla to someone the day I take delivery?

    Some states have laws against sales of cars for profit, if you're not a licensed dealer. Search for the term "curbstoning." It might sound like you're sitting at the side of the road getting your 420 on, but it's frequently associated with scammers and such...
  36. BigNick

    SR+ vs LR handling?

    When I drove a loaner X back in late 2017 or so, I didn't get this feeling at all. It felt nearly as planted as my coil-spring 2014 S 85 that I had at the time. Possibly the air suspension on the X versus the springs on the Y?
  37. BigNick

    Anyone ordering vanity plates for their M3?

    I got a personalized plate in PA. It references electricity, but isn't Tesla-specific, it would work on an MME, Polestar, etc. PA DMV website said it would take 8 to 10 weeks, but I got it in about 7. No clue why it takes so long in CA. I guess there's more red tape, LOL. Also not sure what...
  38. BigNick

    Hit by an 18 wheeler [is my car totaled]

    Sounds like they're jerking you around. As much as I hate to suggest it, you should probably talk to a lawyer.
  39. BigNick

    Giga Texas Model Y Accelerate Delivery Offer

    It does make sense to soft-release the new battery on a short-range car, avoiding the Osborne effect. But I'm concerned with that NMC chemistry, these cells aren't going to like Texas heat, especially if they sit at 70% or higher SoC.
  40. BigNick

    Model 3 struck by lightning 3 times in one day?

    I was thinking just the deafening noise and vibration from being within a few meters of a strike would be enough "violence" to set off the alarm. Never gave any of this a thought.
  41. BigNick

    Model 3 struck by lightning 3 times in one day?

    Good thing you weren't driving 88 MPH at the time, or you would have died over 130 years ago.
  42. BigNick

    Paint scratches from minor accident; claim worth it?

    There is no way the rear door of a Jeep should hit you that low. I'm thinking it might have been the Jeep's tire or fender arch that rubbed your paint off. It's hard to tell if your quarter panel is pushed in slightly or whether it is a reflection, but if it is a dent there, a good PDR shop...
  43. BigNick

    Giga Texas Model Y Accelerate Delivery Offer

    Aren't the 4680s supposed to increase both power and range? Instead there's roughly 20% range loss and a slight downtick in power, or uptick in weight (again pointing to LFP - the F is Fe, as in iron, which is rather heavy) causing the 0-60 to drop to 5 seconds flat from 4.8 seconds for the LR...
  44. BigNick

    Would you take a demo with 67 miles?

    Paint chips can happen on a brand new car while it's being transported, even before it's fresh-off-the-truck.
  45. BigNick

    Traffic Visualization suddenly not working

    No, we're the testees. The software is being tested on us. By the robots behind the AI.
  46. BigNick

    Will the TPMS sensors work in a 2021-2022 Model 3?

    The BLE TPMS sensors used to be $75 each until Tesla decided to raise them to $95 each.
  47. BigNick

    AC only runs on one side

    Buckle the passenger's belt or stick an extender in the passenger's latch?
  48. BigNick

    Still confused how to keep the car locked properly

    Make sure "Exclude Home" is not set in Controls>Locks>Walk-Away Door Lock.
  49. BigNick

    129 calling

    At least it's not dialing 999! Try deleting your bluetooth phone connection (both in the car and phone) and see if it stops trying to call, then re-add it. Also check for any "extra" phone connections to the car and delete them from in the car. Also you didn't mention what type of phone - iOS...
  50. BigNick

    Tesla Model 3 Performance Street/Track Setup

    Valid point. So it's likely to be a couple decades out or more, assuming Elon or one of his successors becomes interested.

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