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  1. gaswalla

    My used 2013 P85 came with unlimited supercharging

    even older cars lost free supercharging if they were sold via a dealer at some point - it's been that way since the beginning. Not saying it makes sense or that it's fair or even right...
  2. gaswalla

    coolant leak in rear drive unit (12k miles on odometer) and Tesla says someone touched it so the warranty NOT applicable

    Good luck OP. You seem very reasonable and open to discussion and understanding.
  3. gaswalla

    Supercharger - Tucson, AZ - West River Road

    @JWood :Thinner cables = v3 / 250 kw It is not appropriate to judge V3 performance with a classic 85 battery given concerns like charge-gate and battery-gate
  4. gaswalla

    coolant leak in rear drive unit (12k miles on odometer) and Tesla says someone touched it so the warranty NOT applicable

    If someone is the third owner of a car and the manufacturer says something is no longer original spec, I’d side w the manufacturer. That’s the deal w buying a mult owner used car
  5. gaswalla

    2016 (Dec) Model X 75D + AP2 + FSD + Free Unlimited Supercharging

    Seems like used prices have gone up since your original posting OP. FYI
  6. gaswalla

    Aftermarket Spoilers for Refreshed Model S

    man, that's a rough proposition: overpriced adhesive add-on that doesn't even fit perfectly on a $120+ car...
  7. gaswalla

    Do Powerwalls prevent appliances plugged into surge suppressors from going off?

    huh? power supply / back up is totally separate from surge protection sounds like all is normal
  8. gaswalla

    LR Model X 2022 doesn’t turn off! Help needed!

    Get out, lock the door. If you’re concerned about the seat sensor, put in drive, come to stop, and lift butt off seat —- car should go into park. If it doesn’t, sensor has issues
  9. gaswalla

    what can cause 800-900Wh/mi result in consumption graph?

    Yea. Floored it for a bit. Really, don’t you want them to put the car through a stress test to clear it for your use before you floor it and something it goes wrong? Let’s be honest a service technician at Tesla isn’t taking a model X 75 for a joyride when there are plaids around also
  10. gaswalla

    Electrify America site - San Jose, CA Newhall & Coleman

    good find! need a permit or tesla equipment on site... given the number of future stalls, seems more like Tesla site than a EA site
  11. gaswalla

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    sounds like one of these guys helped with the cameras: Tesla is sending untrained employees to work on cars as service becomes problematic
  12. gaswalla

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    Yes, that's called inflation... the stuff you own goes up in value while the money you have goes down in value...
  13. gaswalla

    Software update date is not aligned with current date

    my 2012 / MCU1 (updated EMMC) is stuck in March 2022. This is a great fix for me as any new software erodes away at the functionality of the MCU
  14. gaswalla

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    Just had my request for camera upgrade rejected by San Diego service center. Model X, Ss=99. The guy called me, to his credit, and said they don’t have the cameras and have only done a couple of installs.
  15. gaswalla

    Full Vehicle Vinyl Wrap in Los Angeles, CA?

    wow.. that looks awesome
  16. gaswalla

    Full Vehicle Vinyl Wrap in Los Angeles, CA?

    lack of transparency in prices and quality results in hit or miss quality and prices all over the place.
  17. gaswalla

    Moving to Denver- Looking for advice on about security for my car

    Californian here - thanks to our politics, we have a lot of crime experience to share. You are at very low risk for the car itself to be stolen. Using PIN to drive will provide a second layer of safety if you are still worried about this. On the other hand, Teslas are favorites for smash and...
  18. gaswalla

    Power Inverters for newer 16V Outlet Cars

    You all seem way smarter than me, so help me out. I need to run my MacBook Pro. Can’t I just use this? Won’t this work w any laptop that has USB-C charging 120W USB C Car Charger Adapter, WOTOBEUS PD 100W/PPS 45W 30W 18W Super Fast Charging Type C LED Cigarette Lighter for iPhone 13 12 11...
  19. gaswalla

    Supercharger - La Mesa, CA (LIVE 18 Mar 2022, 12 V3 stalls)

    A 2013 S60? Tire size (19 inch vs 21) and battery degradation are significant issues to consider. Having done that drive before in an 85s with a brand new 90 battery, I’d say an old 60 may barely make it there but has has zero chance of making the trip back west given the elevation and head winds.
  20. gaswalla

    Biden administration wants to standardize electric vehicle charging, like gas stations

    if Biden wants to do this, he should also make Apple put a USB-C port in iphones
  21. gaswalla

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    As someone with this updated 350v battery in my 2012S, I am curious about the rear suspension arms now being required. Does anyone have data on the weight of the new battery vs the original 85?
  22. gaswalla

    Tire protection from discount tire

    there are going to folks that will insist on buying it despite all the numbers saying otherwise
  23. gaswalla

    When will the Model Y get the new 5MP cameras?

    this is for AP3.0 which will first be running on the Cybertruck... so, expect it 6months or so after Cybertruck is in full production (not initial production). My guess early 2024
  24. gaswalla

    Does your SOC ever show higher than your charging set point?

    yes.. seems to be from rebalancing as you'll see more change after an hour or so and more change when the charge itself was significant (eg: 10% to 90%)
  25. gaswalla

    Tire protection from discount tire

    tires wear out so fast on the Teslas that the road hazard warranty is less appealing IMO. I have 'self insured' and come out ahead in the past 10 years with my Model S. If the road hazard warranty is a big deal for you, take a look at TireRack.com - it's included for free
  26. gaswalla

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    you guys that maintained a 100 score for the past 9 months are beyond impressive
  27. gaswalla

    Trade Rivian R1T for Plaid Model X/S

    OP is a smart guy... no reason to bash him.. what's that quote from P.T. Barnum?
  28. gaswalla

    Rear Ended After Installing Mods

    thanks for the update.. too bad gas isn't reimbursed for the loaner car
  29. gaswalla

    Going on vacation. Should I leave it plugged in?

    Battery longevity is maximized at 50 percent state of charge.
  30. gaswalla


    not totaled... just a lot of mental anguish
  31. gaswalla

    2017-2020 Model 3 recalled for trunk/rear camera issue

    LOL.. The recall notice states Tesla will pay for the fix. You may want to send him a copy of that letter (post #73 above). Customer service experience consistency is non-existent at Tesla
  32. gaswalla

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    sure seems like a refurb/reman battery. Just bc you paid a fee out of pocket does not mean you agreed to buy a new battery. Folks with vintage S's are being the given the option of around 12-14k for a refurb or 20k for a new battery. (In the case of the S, the new battery is far superior...
  33. gaswalla

    2017-2020 Model 3 recalled for trunk/rear camera issue

    as noted earlier, I paid for the service literally days before the recall and I have met a brick wall trying to get reimbursed.
  34. gaswalla

    Is FSD worth it $10k? ( Any insight from Beta users)

    The big incentive to get it after purchase is that registration fees for the life of the car are based on initial purchase price.
  35. gaswalla

    Is FSD worth it $10k? ( Any insight from Beta users)

    I have advised at least ten friends to skip FSD and get performance instead - every one of them has thanked me. If FSD had a graduated purchase ability: (eg: 3k for TACC, 6k for NOA, 12k for City Streets) AND it transferred with the driver to a future Tesla, I'd say it's reasonable to pick your...
  36. gaswalla

    2020 Stealth Model 3

    LOL... you just did
  37. gaswalla

    Repeated "Popping/ticking" Sound from Rear Speaker

    Yes, I experienced this in my 2018 model 3. It’s a complete mind-boggling thing when it occurs but clearly was related to the rear camera wiring harness that has been recalled. After I got that fixed - out of pocket unfortunately- all the speaker issues went away. Are you having any issues...
  38. gaswalla

    Will this Model 3 be totaled by insurance?

    Ouch. Two weeks old. I’ve seen teslas totaled for less damage. And I’ve seen non Teslas totaled with similar damage. So, I’d say it’s totaled
  39. gaswalla

    Unlimited supercharging unavailable for model x

    sorry to say, this is an error. It's in the "contract" so you can force the issue, but with prices being what they are now compared to what you paid for it, you have two basic choices... sell the car for a small profit or break even, or you can force tesla to repurchase it. Realize, it's an...
  40. gaswalla

    Supercharger - San Diego, CA - Carmel Valley (16 V3 stalls, permit filed)

    It’s been one year since the original post - this location is superior than the Torrey Hills location for out-of-town folks, so hope it’s gets built here. (BTW, has anyone noticed that literally 1/4 of cars on local streets in Carmel Valley are Teslas)
  41. gaswalla

    Supercharger - Carlsbad, CA - Paseo Del Norte (LIVE 17 Aug 2021, 16 V3 stalls)

    PSA - folks often don't realize there are two stalls all by themselves to the left of the parking lot entrance... folks see the 14 stalls full and wait, not realizing there are 2 empty stalls behind them.
  42. gaswalla

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    @RosieBradbury - nearly every article from Business Insider on Tesla is a negative spin on the business. I would encourage Tesla enthusiasts to stay away
  43. gaswalla

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Die-Hard Tesla Owners Are in a Heated Race—With No End in Sight Fans compete to visit the most company fast-charging stations, but new ones keep coming; ‘there’s no sanity involved here’ https://www.wsj.com/articles/tesla-supercharger-competition-race-11653581057?mod=hp_featst_pos5 Scenes...
  44. gaswalla

    Supercharger - Glendale, CA - Harvey Dr (LIVE 25 Jan 2022, 16 stalls)

    it's a ten minute walk to Shake Shack from Pasadea Glenarm
  45. gaswalla

    Just got quoted $3000 to re-paint hood

    Go to any place that you would trust to do a premium paint job or wrap the whole car
  46. gaswalla

    Scams on forum, seller is taking only used tesla ads and posting here for 20k less

    Thanks for the heads up... This forum is good at trolling sellers - maybe it's a good thing? 😂
  47. gaswalla

    2022 Tesla Model X Long range Gray white interior walnut accents MSRP fees 8% plus $24k

    OP is straight up - he’s looking to recover his payment to Tesla, registration fees, and tax paid. Problem is that new buyer will also owe registration and tax to the great state of California. Good luck w sale
  48. gaswalla

    Tyre Goop/ puncture sealant

    I used a different brand that states "safe for tires, tpms, etc.."... had to buy new TPMS after I used it.. won't make same mistake again

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