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  1. David29

    Buying a 2015 Model S 85 and have a few questions for the experts.

    Why Florida more than cars from other places?
  2. David29

    Buying a 2015 Model S 85 and have a few questions for the experts.

    Congratulations! If it were me, I think I would just go through all the settings and change them one at a time. One place that night be tedious is in the audio app. You will have all the previous owner's music tagged as "Favorites" and the stations created for his/her listening. Not sure how...
  3. David29

    Model S - FAQs

    You might ask them to check the coolant level. I say that because my 2015 just had a coolant leak repaired. But the loss of coolant was detected and alerted by the car, so it might be a waste of money to check it without any symptoms.... Otherwise, the only coolant to check is the windshield...
  4. David29

    Coolant leak

    Oops, sorry! I was assuming that the subject was a Model S! Sorry, I wandered into a Model 3 discussion inadvertently. I should have been tipped off by the term "Superbottle." I had not heard it before but just *assumed* it was for later models, not realizing it was not for Model S at all...
  5. David29

    Coolant leak

    Also surprised there were no warning messages about low coolant. There is a coolant level sensor, and my car just got repaired after a low coolant alert popped up (the 3-way and 4-way valves were leaking). I wonder if the sensor was bad?
  6. David29

    Vehicle Coolant Low - can we refill coolant by ourselves

    I agree -- It should not be leaking. I just had my car into service for a similar warning message. The Service Center found that both the 3-way and 4-way valves were leaking, and replaced both. Then when they tested the system, they found another issue and replaced the "thermal controller"...
  7. David29

    Frunk open alarm

    So, the car was repaired this week at a local Tesla Service Center. The cause of the "loose frunk" message was a faulty ground, as I suspected. The SC did not give me details, so I do not know if it was corroded or loose or broken, or what. The invoice simply said, "Correction: Grounding Stud...
  8. David29

    Buying a 2015 Model S 85 and have a few questions for the experts.

    In my 2015 Model S, the tow hook was originally stored under the mat in the frunk, as I recall. But I moved it after I was shown it could be stored in the bag for the mobile connector.
  9. David29

    Ground Stud Nut over torqued

    Right, I agree. But apparently the low coolant sensor is set to detect a fairly modest amount of leakage. Which is better than the sensor only detecting a leak just as it is becoming critical to repair before it causes damage to the battery. Plus, never having experienced a leak like this in...
  10. David29

    Buying advice

    The batteries are not the only item that can cost you money in an older Model S. My 2015 70D has only 60K miles but my car has had a number of problems that make me glad I have an Extended Service Agreement. One example is the coolant system, which is complex, with two coolant pumps, a...
  11. David29

    Ground Stud Nut over torqued

    Dunno. I have an extended service plan, so all I will pay is the $200 deductible. Also, it turns out that the leak repair was not initially successful, so they have to keep the car another day or two, and they need another part. So at this point I do not know the full extent of the repairs to...
  12. David29

    PPF or no PPF

    Your comment is reminding me of the two Mercedes Benzes I once owned, many years ago. I always bought used cars, and once had a 1982 MB 300D Turbodiesel sedan, black on black. It had the most impressive paint on any car I had owned. When I waxed it up, I felt as though I could look down into...
  13. David29

    Ground Stud Nut over torqued

    At the SC now. They found that the "low coolant" alarm is valid! I was told that two valves are leaking in the coolant system, the 3-way valve and the 4-way valve. Both are being replaced. Not clear how much they were leaking or how low the coolant actually got. As for the other electrical...
  14. David29

    Ground Stud Nut over torqued

    I have not yet received an estimate for this appointment, so i do not yet know what they think is wrong or what fix is expected.
  15. David29

    Ground Stud Nut over torqued

    In recent weeks, I have had various combinations of the alarms for open frunk and the low coolant, issues with the right-hand headlamp/turn signal, and the car security alarm has sounded a few times. This thread helped me to realize that the odds are that it is a ground failure and not actually...
  16. David29

    I can't get the free service manual for my Model S & Model Y because it locks in to the Roadster, (I've never owned a Roadster). I've tried two differ

    Actually, I do not think this is quite correct. I went in today for the first time to create a service account (I never tried before) and tried to create a new account. It turned out that my existing "MyTesla" account email and password worked, so I could not create a new account using the...
  17. David29

    I Ordered a Taycan

    Coincidentally, Bjorn Nyland just posted his "banana box test" of the Gran Turismo. He got 8 in the trunk (with 1 of those in the frunk) and 20 with the seats folded. The Model S (facelift version) is (only) a tad better at 8 and 22. Video at Chart of all his related test results is linked...
  18. David29

    Seeking feedback on 2015 Model S 70D

    My experience is quite similar. My 2015 70D has 60K miles and has mostly the same list of problems as the two posters above. I have had several door handle replacements, however, which seems more the norm. My trunk actuator has not (yet) failed so I am considering a proactive replacement --...
  19. David29

    Left headlight stays on after software update

    Sounds suspiciously similar to some threads on Model S of similar vintage that turn out to be issues of faulty grounds. Specific are different, but the turn signal issue happened to me, but on the opposite side. I am awaiting my service appointment. This could be a completely different issue...
  20. David29

    How Did the Service Center Move My Car?

    Interesting. When I have had mobile service, they have asked for the key.
  21. David29

    My MX's dead 12V battery in Vermont apparently requires a 173-mile tow to Latham, NY.

    Interesting and important clarification. What you are describing is that the 12V battery is connected to the 12v system in parallel with the DC-DC transformer, whereas I had always understood (and perhaps this was more of an interpretation rather than an actual bit of knowledge) that the...
  22. David29

    My MX's dead 12V battery in Vermont apparently requires a 173-mile tow to Latham, NY.

    "...the 12 v battery is not used?" I understand the 12V battery in Tesla cars and in virtually all other EVs actually drives most of the car's electrical loads -- electronics, lights, audio, wipers, etc., everything except the propulsion motors and the HVAC. What am i missing?
  23. David29

    Frunk open alarm

    I guess I would have been, but I have an Extended Service Agreement, and I paid for the replacement with that, so my cost would have been no more than $200. Otherwise it was going to cost something like $1500 as I recall. Plus I had a second major mechanical failure (parking brake calipers)...
  24. David29

    Frunk open alarm

    Yes, my car is MCU1. But mine was replaced with a rebuilt unit, before the recall began.
  25. David29

    12v emergency replacement

    Based on my experience, the battery should last a week or two, in case that makes any difference. Mine was 5+ years old when I got the warning message, and it was still working two weeks later when the tech arrived. It was winter, too, which may make a difference. Will tesla mobile service...
  26. David29

    Car alarm going off randomly even when driving!!

    Thanks! That made sense, but since then I have had other (possibly false) alarms about low coolant simultaneously with the frunk alarm. The two are intermittent only appear together, or not at all. I have since found another thread that offers another possible explanation for groups of false...
  27. David29

    Frunk open alarm

    My false "loose frunk" messages have continued intermittently, as well as other (apparently) false alarms. There was a period of nearly 2 weeks between the first instance and the second, but now they are occurring more or less regularly, but not every time I drive. In the past few days, I have...
  28. David29

    what’s your range now after 1

    Last weekend, we used my 2015 S 70D for a trip, so I charged it to 98% before hitting the road. Briefly switched to show miles, and it said 220, which implies 224 miles at 100%. This was only the 2nd or third time I had ever charged that car so high, and usually I do not use the SOC indicator...
  29. David29

    Honest review of the wheel

    I like their summary comment, that the Yoke is "pointlessly annoying."
  30. David29

    I Ordered a Taycan

    Wow, that's amazing, that Porsche sends photos of your car as it is being built!
  31. David29

    Wipers too fast

    From reading the anecdotal reports here on TMC over the years, this seems to be another case in which the first version of AutoPilot was better than the newer cars. As I understand it, the MP1 cars have a separate sensor for rain, whereas the later cars do not (at least on Model S). The auto...
  32. David29

    HV battery on older S gradual loss or unexpected failure

    Stories like this are making me think hard about what to do about my 2015 Model S, which will reach the 8-year point next fall. I realize each story is only that, one person's experience, but without hard statistics it is hard to ignore the many anecdotes of very unpleasant and costly failures...
  33. David29

    Frunk open alarm

    I wondered that, as well. I just recently had similar "loose frunk" messages, oddly enough not long after the recall inspection of the frunk (with no repairs so far as I know). I will wait and see if the messages recur.
  34. David29

    Alarm actuating randomly on Model S

    One other detail -- It had been quite hot and humid that morning, with temperatures in the 95-97F range as the alarm sounded the first time and as I drove the car home from church.
  35. David29

    Alarm actuating randomly on Model S

    This morning, I heard the alarm horn of my Model S honking as I was getting ready to leave my church after the service. It shut off on its own before I got out to the parking lot so I was not actually certain it was my car, except that there were no other cars nearby. The next weird thing was...
  36. David29

    Car alarm going off randomly even when driving!!

    Piling onto this thread because of (somewhat?) similar experience with my Model S. This morning, I heard the alarm horn honking as i was getting ready to leave my church after the service. It shut off on its own before I got out to the parking lot so I was not actually certain it was my car...
  37. David29

    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    I do not have FSD, but the very first version of autopilot, AP1, which I have, does include the Summon features (lane changing, self-parking, and straight summoning in and out of spaces). At some point, Tesla removed Summon features from the basic (free) version of Autopilot.
  38. David29

    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    Interesting, but my app does not look like that, which suggests I may not have the latest. My phone says that I have version 4.8.1-1032, installed on April 28 -- sounds pretty recent. If I may ask, can you tell what version of the app you are running? Also, I wonder if it matters what car you...
  39. David29

    Wifi Software Updates - How are they done?

    Not sure that is true. My car is parked in my condo parking lot, well away from my building. Sometimes the car will "see" my home WiFi but connecting is unreliable. Over the 6+ years I have had the car, I always get updates, but have only been asked to "connect to WiFi" on a few occasions...
  40. David29

    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    I see no such screen in my app. Is that from the Android app, or Apple? If it is Apple, then it may not be available in the Android version I have. How do you get to that page? I looked in the app store and the sample pages do not show anything like that, and no newer version than mine seems...
  41. David29

    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    Right, if I had looked at the app soon enough, I could have done that and I should have. But once I got home and plugged in (again), that value disappears. I have only recently noticed that feature and did not think of it. Battery was pretty low (again) when we got home, and I was tired...
  42. David29

    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    Well, this dialog is a bit discouraging. I have always charged to 70% or so, based upon what the wisdom was (as I heard it) when I got my car nearly 7 years ago. I have varied the setting somewhat depending upon the season (more in winter, of course) and my immediate needs. And I drive only...
  43. David29

    Pano roof won't close on voice command

    I thought I had read that the "bug reports" do not actually get sent to the mother ship, even though the early owners were told that. More recently, my understanding (from other posts on here) is that the bug report is simply in a file that the service center can access if you go there for a...
  44. David29

    Owners delivery stories, photos and first impressions

    Amazing photo!
  45. David29

    Strange sales practices

    Very surprised there were no cars to test drive in 2014! In the LA area, especially. My experience was quite different. I began looking at Model S in 2014 myself, and I was easily able to take my first test drive from a mall store in the summer of 2014, here in Massachusetts. My son wanted...
  46. David29

    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    Oh dear, I guess I missed that particular guidance. I have had my car for 6+ years and don't recall seeing that recommendation before. Maybe I missed it, or more likely failed to take it in, among all the various conflicting guidance I have read over those years. I seem to recall most...
  47. David29

    Contacting Tesla about my car's constant need for repairs

    Right, I can relate to some of that and I feel your pain. It is a little easier for me because I am retired, and because my Tesla SC is literally 2 miles away. So I am a bit lucky that way. I can relate to the embarrassment of the door handle issues. I have learned to manage the driver's...
  48. David29

    Contacting Tesla about my car's constant need for repairs

    Interesting that it is the service that will drive you away, because it seems as if you have needed relatively little of it, at least compared to many others with cars of a similar vintage. My 2015, owned since new, has needed more service than yours seems to have, and I have almost always been...
  49. David29

    PSA: If you have a pre-2016 Model S, Get the Steering Recall Work Done

    Again going by memory, so possibly inaccurate -- If I recall, their original recall notice said they would replace just the parts (bolts or screws) that had been supplied in the wrong material and were prone to corrosion, so a quick parking lot check might have sufficed to find those. But in my...
  50. David29

    Please Help: Should Tesla be allowed to sell cars in Connecticut?

    On this topic but a different state -- Is it still true that it is still not possible to sell Teslas in Texas, despite their massive investment? If so, how did tesla/Musk let the opportunity pass to make legalizing sales a condition of making billions of dollars in investment?

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