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  1. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Harrisburg, OR

    If it's like Cle Elum, when you touch the location on your nav and it pops up an info box that shows how many stalls and how much juice they get, there'll also be a line showing the bathroom code.
  2. goneskiian

    Trying to install my 22" Wheels and Tires

    What horse *sugar*. Did you ask them about all the other aftermarket wheels and tires they sell to other car owners and how they may not match the size of the wheels and tires they took delivery with? Seriously the weakest excuse I've ever heard from a tire shop. FWIW, my X came with the 22"...
  3. goneskiian

    Anyone use the Centralia Burgerville charger recently?

    Beautiful blue Roadster!
  4. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Sprague, WA

    Excellent! Can't wait to hit it up!
  5. goneskiian

    Evergreen Sportsmen's Club (Olympia)

    Nope! But I do have personal experience with the growing Venn diagram of mountain and gravel bicycling enthusiasts and EV drivers though! ;)
  6. goneskiian

    Walla Walla, WA Tesla Owners and Visitors (Supercharging)

    I typically do too. There's a local bicycle stage race, the tour of Walla Walla, there every spring. I know there are a few more Tesla owners in the local bike race community now too. The local bike shop has also started promoting a gravel ride/race in the fall. I'm with you on admitting my use...
  7. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Troutdale, OR

    Wasn't there one in Doakills Nov. 28 post?
  8. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Bellevue, WA - SE 38th St

    Whoa! Eastgate. Not far from me so I'd likely never use it. Still cool to see!
  9. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Moses Lake, WA

    Sorry to leave you hanging! Had my back go out 2 days before heading back and it was all I could do to climb out of the car and crawl into bed when I got home. Glad to hear you found it fully functional. I'm pretty sure it was still at half capacity on my way home on the 19th.
  10. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Spokane, WA

    Well this is interesting. I'm planning on heading back to Seattle tomorrow so I thought I'd check to see what's up here in Spokane. Found this on Plugshare from today, well the 17th anyway (credit goes to user JDBP there)... "Talked to the construction crew today. Due to a land ownership...
  11. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Moses Lake, WA

    Went through there this afternoon. Still only 4 stalls working.
  12. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Spokane, WA

    All the V3 stalls were completely down when I rolled into town tonight around 4:45pm. Yup. Every one of them was dark. I needed to top up as my mom just has a wall outlet to plug in to at her apartment. Fortunately 2 of the urban chargers on one of the palettes were working. Yes, only 2. The...
  13. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Myrtle Creek, OR

    One more thought, if you normally charge at home I assume you're charging just before you leave home too and your battery (maybe the vehicle interior too) is nice and warm. Instead, you left with an ice cold battery and car interior, so when you got on the road the battery had to warm up and you...
  14. goneskiian

    North Central Washington high amperage L2 Charging Project

    Saw that post on FB. Very sad to hear. My wife and I donated to this project long before we owned a Tesla. We've since used a few of the chargers. Never met Jack, but we're very appreciative of his efforts! Thank you and RIP Jack!
  15. goneskiian

    Skagit, Island, Whatcom, and Snohomish

    I've been over the North Cascades in my X a few years ago. Stayed overnight in Winthrop for a bicycling event. Charged it up at the J1772 EVSE at the Pine Near RV park that Jack with Plug-In NCW had put in (RIP Jack!). Then drove it all the way to Ellensburg (as this was pre-Entiat, Leavenworth...
  16. goneskiian

    Showroom coming to Fife, WA

    This would be my bet.
  17. goneskiian

    Place to get alignment in the Seattle area

    The place I’ve heard good things about for alignments with aftermarket suspension bits is Truline. https://trulineseattle.com/
  18. goneskiian

    Tire store recommendation Seattle Eastside

    Another recommendation for Discount in Bellevue. Bought some winter wheels and tires from them for our X. For alignments I go to the Firestone in Bellevue. Can’t beat their lifetime alignment service for the price of one alignment from the Tesla service center.
  19. goneskiian

    Supercharger - West Yellowstone, MT

    Or if the supercharger is at the hotel, charge when you arrive while checking in and/or unpacking. But only to about 90-95%. Then top it off while having breakfast and re-packing.
  20. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Tumwater, WA

    Just read a post on Facebook that said it's not even showing in the nav any longer.
  21. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Spokane, WA

    This is a complete non-starter for me. Even with my rack empty and folded I won't be able to get close enough for that cable to reach. When I make that trip I'll have at least 2 bikes on the back. Ridiculous. Here's to hoping it was a mistake and they'll be changing that soon! Then again...
  22. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Miles City, MT

    Winter in Seattle. About as long as summer in Seattle. Two weeks, give or take a week. :rolleyes::p
  23. goneskiian

    Road trip advice: Seattle to Phoenix and back again

    I did the route through Utah this time last year and was quoted by @PLUS EV above. I thought it was a post here too. Anywhooo.... yeah, it was great but I did end up charging a lot more than I hoped. It was cold and windy though. I won't do it again with our aging X90D. Hoping to upgrade this...
  24. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Yakima, WA

    Excellent news! Thank you!
  25. goneskiian

    Seattle area -- New tires -- where to install?

    Same here. I bought a set of winter wheels/tires from the Discount in Bellevue a few years ago. Even then they'd already had Tesla owners as customers.
  26. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Seattle, WA - Ballard Way

    I'd blame @PLUS EV, nobody likes to work with someone constantly looking over their shoulder! :p Seriously though, this is bonkers! o_O:rolleyes:
  27. goneskiian

    OMG / WOW

    Thank you @ChadS!
  28. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Lacey, WA

    This is definitely a V3 (250kW) site. What to look for (besides the cable diameter which can be hard to judge sometimes) are the charging cabinets that are vented on the top.
  29. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Ontario, OR

    No meter. Not a good sign.
  30. goneskiian

    Supercharger — Pendleton, OR

    I was going to say just this. The last time I was there I had the same experience with the super friendly shuttle driver. The other times I've been there I walked to the casino for a meal and was happy to do it. Always relish a chance to stretch the legs when on long road trips.
  31. goneskiian

    Supercharger-Ritzville, WA

    Was having issues the last time I was through there too. Like a year ago. :rolleyes:
  32. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Salem, OR

    I hadn't either until my trip to Tucson in February. The one South of town there (S. Rita Rd.) along I-10 is like this.
  33. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Grants Pass, OR

    Sacramento. Sorry, missed that. :rolleyes:
  34. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Grants Pass, OR

    What are you driving that you can get from Shasta to Kettleman City? :p You've got some other big gaps in there too. Of course, you're in a 100 so I maybe you can comfortably make those gaps. My X (usually carrying bikes) won't even come close! :rolleyes:
  35. goneskiian

    Supercharger-Burley Heyburn Idaho

    That's the spirit! :p
  36. goneskiian

    University Village Destination chargers

    Thanks for the back up! Yeah, *cough* *cough* kinda dusty in here!
  37. goneskiian

    Supercharger-Burley Heyburn Idaho

    Semis and really big pickups maybe towing really big trailers! I used this route on my way to AZ in February and made use of a few of these guys because they were going a bit quicker than the semis. I had a pretty wicked cross tailwind too though so there was that. :p
  38. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Moses Lake, WA

    I got up to 164kW at a V3 in Red Bluff in late February. Highest I've seen in my 2016 X90D!
  39. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Great Falls, MT

    Powerpack... Commercial | Tesla Megapack... Utilities | Tesla
  40. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Seattle, WA - Union Street

    Was on Saturday when I joined my wife for errands that included a stop at her office there.
  41. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Hood River, OR

    Since we're bringing up locations with terrible food options... Kennewick. :rolleyes:
  42. goneskiian

    Supercharger - North Bend, WA

    Still seems a bit low. I hit 164kW at the V3 in Red Bluff down in Cali a few weeks ago. In my 90D. I would expect a much newer raven model to be able to top that. Even in 10-15* cooler weather. Maybe my expectations are off though.
  43. goneskiian

    Reviews of Tesla Body Repair in Bellevue, WA?

    Following as well. Thanks all. I have some work I'd like them to do as well. Will pull the trigger with confidence!
  44. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Bothell, WA

    It depends on many factors. Some have gone up in a matter of weeks. That seems to be the exception rather than the norm though. At least for the ones I've paid attention too.
  45. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Helena, MT

    I don't think they are. Here is the 18" aero wheel without the covers on it... Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit
  46. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Kelso, WA

    Not a snowball's chance in Hell this site is online yet.
  47. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Vancouver, WA - NE Vancouver Mall Drive

    One's that I know of are in Seattle and Kettleman City, CA. I'm sure many more do.
  48. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Kelso, WA

    Which can be hard to tell if you're not a frequent supercharger user. I noticed when I stopped in Red Bluff, CA on a recent road trip. The motion sensing street lights and 164kW were nice too!
  49. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Kelso, WA

    Yes. The white cabinets with the vented tops in the pictures above indicate they are V3's.
  50. goneskiian

    Supercharger - Grants Pass, OR

    Was just there on Thursday. Still just a sign. Unless the construction is at another location in town.

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