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    Towing 2500 lbs with the Y

    Not a good idea to go over rated weight. If you had to make a quick move...........
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    App can't connect to my Y

    I have had the same problem recently. I rebooted the phone and then I reconnected the Wi-Fi in the car to my Wi-Fi system and everything seem to be OK after that.
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    Phone lights up on acceleration

    The phone has a sensor that triggers on sudden movement like when you pick it up. Normal.
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    2021 Model S with Plaid badge

    Plaid badges are available from third parties and they are sold out.
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    Anemic rear speakers and sub in my M3P

    Try using the equalizer to boast the bass to suit your taste. The car has an excellent system.
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    Turn off audio?

    You don't turn it off, just lower the volume to zero.
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    Slight wobbly feel on acceleration after the ball joints were resealed

    No, unless they played with the alignment, especially the toe adjustment.
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    Turn signal stalk sometimes does not seem to do anything?

    It will not get fixed on this forum. Please see your service center.
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    Need help adjusting MPP coilovers kit height

    The amount of rake is accentuated by the natural slope of the roofline tapering down towards the front.
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    Ipod Classic works with USB-C adapter. Control from Tesla screen.

    You can create folders and they take the place of playlist.
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    Mode Y premium sound has no punch

    Not sure what music sources you were using to compare but I find the Y to be the equal of the 3 in sound. I pay Slacker 30 bucks a year for the hi-rez mode and it is rockin' in the Y......basically CD level quality. No issues.
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    Phantom braking so bad I want to return my car

    Why complain here, go talk to Tesla.
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    Ceramic Exterior Coating

    You can also buy Meguires ceramic wax for $25 and do it yourself. Great shine and long life especially if you apply it with an orbital. The detail people love to hype their work and charge a lot of money.
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    Sandisk Gets very hot

    The heat is normal
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    Model Y 2021 - Steering wheel drag to left side

    Make sure you are testing it on perfectly smooth level roads with no wind issues......check tire pressures also.
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    Model S Plaid: Paint chipping on Rear quarter panel and doors

    Its a known issue with the MYP also. I added the front mudflaps and that fixed it. They are the contoured ones that look nice on the car.
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    Does swapping to 20" wheels change mileage on the Model Y Performance?

    I went from the 21" Ubers to 19" Ubers. A small improvement in range and 0-60, and a noticeable improvement in comfort. Tesla really needs to offer an option to the 21's.
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    Open Garage Door Notification w/Homelink?

    Just installed the Camberlain belt drive unit with MyQ. Very quiet, excellent unit with soft open and close. About $200 on ebay. Does everything you want with Homelink. Bolts right into the existing brackets.
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    Tesla: Please fix the stinky AC - here's how with an OTA update

    RPM has a kit that fixes this......you can do it yourself.
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    Giving up on buying a Tesla because of the Supercharger situation?

    Do you really think Tesla would build a SC just for your situation. You do know that you can plug a Tesla in at any charger....right.
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    Gen. 1 Charging Adapters

    all sold
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    Gen. 1 Charging Adapters

    10-30 Sold
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    Gen. 1 Charging Adapters

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    HomeLink issues…ideas?

    Homelink is very directional.the front of the car must be pointed at the entrance. If you have a metal garage door, that also affects range.
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    Gen. 1 Charging Adapters

    Gen. 1 Charging adapters......new condition, never used. 5-20 10-30 6-50 These do not fit late model Teslas The 10-30 Pin configuration shown by Tesla is incorrect. $30 each shipped to US
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    Supercharger cable stuck

    Did you try a reboot?
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    Poor quality control on the Model Y

    So get it fixed. No one here can fix it for you.
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    Can't enter Tesla M3 or start up.

    How old is the car. At about two years you can expect the 12V battery to fail.
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    Right Headlight Malfunction Detected

    No one here can fix it, go to service.
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    Anyone regret getting a P after you did mods?

    The LR will have a bigger fender gap and be slower even with the boost. If you don't like the dark wheels, have them powder coated. Much cheaper than new wheels and tires.
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    Why is our solar production getting cut off?

    Temps over 80 can affect output noticeably.
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    2 week old 2021 Model Y - SHUT DOWN while driving

    Unfortunately you have a major failure. It had nothing to do with the car only being two weeks old. Any car can fail at any time including when its new. You were very unlucky. This type of failure is extremely, extremely rare. Tesla will fix the car and you will drive it for another 100k...
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    Uberturbine Wheels, Tires, TPMS for Model Y Performance

    The wheels are new condition
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    Uberturbine Wheels, Tires, TPMS for Model Y Performance

    This is a full set of four 21" Uberturbine Wheels, Pirelli tires, and Bluetooth TPMS Sensors for the Model Y Performance. Condition is new with less than 100 miles on them. Can be picked up in Palm Desert, CA for $2400. I can have them delivered to LA, OC, SD for $200.
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    Trim on gear selector coming off

    Never heard of the problem.
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    Model Y Performance Uberturbine 21" Tire & Wheel Set

    This is a full set of four 21" Uberturbine Wheels, Pirelli tires, and Bluetooth TPMS Sensors. Condition is new with less than 100 miles on them. Can be picked up in Palm Desert, CA for $2500.
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    Window rolls all the way down when opening door

    You won't find an answer here, go to service.
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    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    2021 MYP
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    Full Set of 21" Uberturbine Wheels & Tires for Model Y

    This is a full set of four 21" Uberturbine Wheels, Pirelli tires, and Bluetooth TPMS Sensors. Condition is new with less than 100 miles on them. Can be picked up in Palm Desert, CA for $2750.
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    MountainPass Performance Comfort Coilovers

    You can also add this........ModelYShelf
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    Normal for Confirmed Delivery to Keep Changing?

    Has been normal for the past couple weeks.
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    Some MYP Eye Candy

    Something for those still waiting on their MYP......
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    Rugged Textile Rear Trunk Mat - Noise dampening?

    This is probably your best bet for reducing noise from the rear compartment....ModelYShelf.
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Tony..........I have purchased two Teslas and never got a VIN.
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Other than being built in Feb, did not see the actual day of the month.
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Ok, here are some pics. Took delivery Saturday after a 5 week wait. VIN is 12177X which was 3-4K behind other current deliveries ......yet it still had the new headlights and console. Finish was near perfect. The new console has no shelves so everything ends up down the well in both storage...

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