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  1. swaltner

    Installed 2022.16.2 but looks the same as 2022.16.1.1

    Tesla version numbers are YYYY.WW…. With YYYY being the year and WW being the week number in the year that version was branched off the main trunk. It may take 4-12 weeks from when the branch happens in source code to when you get the software. With only a VERY SMALL handful of exceptions (one...
  2. swaltner

    Help understanding my meter

    The 5.8 kW is going to be your demand for the month. This is only relevant if your bill actually has you paying a demand charge. My electric meter and my electric bill displays my demand, but I don’t actually pay for it. This lets them use a single meter if you pay that or even if you don’t...
  3. swaltner

    Putting a charger in an old gas pump.

    There was at least one thread here in years past. Neat project. I really like the custom charging installations. Also saw one here where someone used their woodworking skills to make a nice place to install the EVSE. Right now, the biggest issue might be the Arduino board. I’ve got some...
  4. swaltner

    Gen1 Tesla Wall Charger Plug End Broke Off - Recommendations?

    Maybe look for a dead unit on eBay and salvage the cord for your existing unit. You might also be able to buy a replacement cord from someone like EVSEAdapters.
  5. swaltner

    Ford no longer allows purchase at end of lease for EVs

    So, by that logic, I guess you are saying Tesla intends to crush all the vehicles being returned from leases because they aren’t giving people the option to purchase at the end of their lease. :p Prices on used vehicles are crazy right now. People are buying vehicles at the end of the lease...
  6. swaltner

    Electric Utility has been overcharging me for quite some time - is it likely I can recover some of the lost $$?

    i don’t know what AEP is, but can almost guarantee you’ll need to contact your electric provider to find out why you were switched from resident to commercial rates. If that was an accident, you might be able to get your money back. If that’s their policy, you’ll be out of luck. I’ve never...
  7. swaltner

    NC House Bill H1049 - Free Charging in NC

    https://electrek.co/2022/06/13/bill-eliminate-free-charging-electric-cars-north-carolina-poor-argument/ It doesn’t directly block the ability of a company to provide free charging, but adds a nuisance to it and also will also pay companies to remove their public charging stations.
  8. swaltner

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    A first is the first contest member to have visited the site. We're a small portion of the total fleet, so, yeah, post anything you think is a first. Anyone that charges on that first day of charging gets credit as first - no differential between someone charging at 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM on that...
  9. swaltner

    Electric planes

    As stated, Lilium continues to expand the flight envelope for their aircraft. They posted a video yesterday with it flying at 130 kph (70 kts compared to 45 kts in the previous video). At 1:35 in this latest video, the ducted fans are simply providing horizontal thrust with the wing being the...
  10. swaltner

    Kansas - Proposal to Double Tax EVs

    Luckily, this bill died in committee this year. It will be something to keep an eye on though and make sure any new members on the Committee on Transportation understand this is double taxation and any similar bill in the future meet a similar fate. Kansas doesn’t have vehicle inspections...
  11. swaltner

    Lenexa, KS - Tesla Repair Shop

    Would be nicer (for me at least) if they would put this in one of the other population centers in the state. I’d argue that Kansas City, MO covers the KC metro area. I guess there are enough customers in KC to warrant a second location 10 miles away from the existing service location instead of...
  12. swaltner

    Article: Why the price of charging varies from free to 59 cents/kWh, or per minute, or everywhere else in between

    I just checked and this is from the current contents of Pricing and Plans for EV Charging | Electrify America (emphasis is mine) "Pricing for DC fast charging is determined by charger location, your plan, and, for per-minute locations, the maximum power level your vehicle can accept. Pricing...
  13. swaltner

    Article: Why the price of charging varies from free to 59 cents/kWh, or per minute, or everywhere else in between

    Nice article. Covers a lot of the topics related to pricing on EV charging. As you mentioned, I’m one of the people of the mindset that price doesn’t matter (much at least). I charge for free at home (solar that produces more than I can use in a year) and so, while I wish Superchargers were as...
  14. swaltner

    Huge supercharger price increase

    Apple Maps says Brandon, Manitoba to London, Ontario is 1,375 miles (2,213 km). What vehicle would you replace your Model 3 with that could do the same trip for less than $250? It seems like the $250 is for the round trip, so call it 2,750 miles total. At $4/gallon of gas, $250 is 62.5 gallons...
  15. swaltner

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    May 20 - Liberty, MO
  16. swaltner


    00121 or 12100 - 1.21 GigaWatts baby!
  17. swaltner

    The never ending road trip

    New Tesla increases top speed of Autopilot with ‘Tesla Vision’ to 85 mph article on Electrec is relevant to this discussion. Bumping the speed limit from 80 to 85, which should be helpful.
  18. swaltner

    Electric planes

    I wouldn't call them turbines, but rather ducted fans, but yes, that's the setup of the Lilium. Ducted Fan refers to the layout of the propeller, while turbine refers to how it converts stored energy into useful work. Similar to something like a Harrier Jump Jet, the Lilium directs all airflow...
  19. swaltner

    You'll forget how to pump gas

    Only confusing part was dealing with a gas pump with a chip reader where it temporarily locks the card in the pump. People that frequently buy gas, learned about that “new” change years ago. Also, every gas pump I use will prompt for my ZIP code. It you frequent the same station often enough...
  20. swaltner


    This is being done because asking for Bluetooth permission sounds a lot more innocuous than asking for location tracking permission. Tracking what Bluetooth devices can be seen is a pretty good substitute for access to the GPS location. The Tesla app and the HealthMate app are the only apps on...
  21. swaltner

    qTes.la - A portal for your Tesla's web browser

    @JaredBanyard, It looks like this service died back on April 1. I found the radar page on this extremely useful. Maybe you were bumping up against the limits on the free Wunderground account. The domain status is showing clientHold/autoRenewPeriod, so it looks like the domain was just let to...
  22. swaltner

    First roadtrip

    I have it set to 90% overnight and then bump that to 100% when I wake up in the morning or about 45 minutes before departure. I'll leave it at 100% for the duration of a road trip, except for if I'm going to plug in overnight as a Destination Charger at a hotel or something like that. In that...
  23. swaltner

    The never ending road trip

    Since you mentioned being put into AP jail, even though you didn't have AP active at the time, and that not making sense, have your wife record a video or take a picture with her cell phone of the alert that is shown on the display to see if we can help you determine why you're being put in the...
  24. swaltner

    iPhone Tesla app map

    On the iPhone interface, you can touch the "triangle" in the top right corner of the display. That is the "standard" icon to center the map on your current location. The icons on my screen are "directions to my car", center the display (don't know if this is on your location or your vehicle's...
  25. swaltner

    Free supercharging restore

    I'm generally against this, but since you have tried the regular route and aren't getting a response, you could contact one of your state Consumer Protection offices. California offices are listed at State and Local Consumer Agencies in California | USAGov to see what they suggest. You have a...
  26. swaltner

    Possible retrieval of computer logs

    This likely would be of limited use, if it was available. A malicious actor could have simply disconnected the drive from the vehicle and plugged it into a laptop or desktop computer and deleted the files from there. It's a lot easier to parse/view the video files on a real computer instead of...
  27. swaltner

    Per minute vs per kWh pricing and why

  28. swaltner

    F-150 Ford Lightning

    Has Ford released information on the Ford Intelligent Backup Power feature been released on if it will be compatible with having solar panel inverters active during a power outage? This would allow you to replenish the battery pack in the Lightning during the day, even without grid power. While...
  29. swaltner

    Tesla Winds and Elevation Web Browser App

    Yep, I'm seeing the new certificate loaded. This cleared up the certificate error on my macOS system and should do the same on the in-car browser. Thank you for taking care of this.
  30. swaltner

    Tesla Winds and Elevation Web Browser App

    Yeah, I upgraded to 2022.12.3.1 yesterday and noticed the certificate error this morning. I was driving at the time, so didn't bother reading it then. Trying to go to the Tesla Winds and Elevation web site in a browser on my computer also yields an error that the certificate expired 4 days ago...
  31. swaltner

    Requested 60 amp wall charger install, builder wired 6/3 NM-B. Options?

    No. That's the whole point of this thread. Look up "continuous load". In regards to the electric code, a continuous load is one that is expected to continue for 3 hours or more. When this is the case, you need to derate the circuit to 80% of the current rating for the wire and break. 15 amp...
  32. swaltner


    You sure about that? While I would generally accept that sentiment that point releases typically do not include functionality changes, it's not an actually correct statement. I have EAP, not FSD on my 2018 Model 3 and looking back at the notes I kept on the 75 software updates I have done in...
  33. swaltner

    Tesla has officially removed the mobile connector as a standard accessory with every new car purchase; now a $400 separate purchase

    There's a month's long wait until there isn't. A friend recently ordered a Model 3 on March 26. He took delivery only 5 days later on March 31, 2022, after having been originally told the vehicle would arrive in Jun-Aug 2022. He scrambled for a charging solution upon initial delivery. The mobile...
  34. swaltner

    Supercharger - Superior, CO

    Haven’t you heard about the new open floor plan that is all the rage in Corporate America right now?
  35. swaltner

    EV Insurance

    Any discussion of "my insurance is high, who should I switch to?" is pointless. There are too many things that impact the insurance rates. The vehicle being insured, the coverage being requested (liability limits and comprehensive/collision deductible), the driver's record (tickets, etc...), the...
  36. swaltner


    You likely have a "new" Tesla with an Autopilot 3.0 (ie: FSD) Computer. My 2018 Model 3 with Autopilot 2.5 Computer does not have this entry in the release notes for 2022.8.3 or the 2022.8.2 release before that. The AP computer version is available in Settings > Software > Additional Info on the...
  37. swaltner

    EV Rentals in Houston, Texas

    I’ve never done it, but you might need to rent from an individual using Turo instead of finding an EV at a traditional car rental company.
  38. swaltner

    Apartment charging / metering question

    Why not get ChargePoint? The cost! Many single cord 40-48 amp hardwired EVSE cost $500, while a couple years ago ChargePoint charged $7,000 for a dual head 32 amp EVSE. This initial price also ignores their monthly bill as well for managing monitoring and charging.
  39. swaltner

    Charging price increase

    @Lightbulb, the laws that exist are that only utility companies are able to bill customers by the kWh. Where these laws exist, Tesla charges by the minute. Everywhere else, Tesla bills by their preferred unit, the kWh. The logic on those laws is that only utility companies are required to use...
  40. swaltner

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    For those that have crossed a border and paid for using a Suprcharger in another country, are your transactions done in the native currency of your credit card or are they done in the currency of the location of the Supercharger? I figured someone in this thread could settle Supercharging in...
  41. swaltner

    Destination charger not working

    @DeborahMartin, I think Najeti Hôtel Château Tilques | PlugShare is the location you are referring to. If so, as @cwernda mentioned, do a checkin on PlugShare to say the charging session didn't work to keep other EV owners informed. PlugShare is the de fecto standard on obtaining information...
  42. swaltner

    60 Amp circuit HPWC gen 3 only charging at 32Amps

    While charging, is the dash reporting 32/32 or 32/48 on the amps? The first indicates that the Wall Connector isn't configured for the correct wire/breaker size like the others had replied. The second indicates that the Wall Connector is configured correctly (it's offering 48 amps), but the...
  43. swaltner


    Edit: Removed incorrect statement from confusing two features... Another big change that wasn't mentioned already in this thread is that when you have vehicle preconditioning turned on, it doesn't get disabled when you open and close a door. This is very convenient to allow you to open the...
  44. swaltner

    Electric planes

    Big news today. Textron has has entered into an agreement to purchase Pipistrel due to their electric aircraft. https://investor.textron.com/news/news-releases/press-release-details/2022/Textron-to-Acquire-Electric-Aircraft-Pioneer-Pipistrel/default.aspx I’m hoping this will make it easier to...
  45. swaltner

    Nema 14-50 cost

    I’d get a second quote, but depending upon how far the run is from your breaker panel, that’s right in line with what you would expect. I don’t know about in Ashburn, but a permit is required where I live and that cost is in line with what I would pay. If that permit price is more than what the...
  46. swaltner

    Charging Cable Temperature

    The cable and connector will get warm, but should not get hot. My rule of thumb is that if you can hold the cable/connector for a “long time”, it’s just warm and not hot. :)
  47. swaltner

    Home charging question

    The tracking inside a Tesla on the trip meters is not accurate as to how much energy is used. This does not track power while the vehicle is off (Sentry mode and other vampire drain uses, pre-heating or pre-cooling the vehicle). It also does not account for charging losses. The dash under...
  48. swaltner

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    While the hotel staff has no incentive to do anything about the person blocking the handicapped parking spot, you can simply call the local non-emergency police number (google for "<city> <state> non emergency police number") and report the parking violation directly to them. In Kansas, that's a...
  49. swaltner

    Anyone used the Level II Chargepoint at LaGuardia, Terminal B?

    Aviation says parking in the garage at Terminal B is $39 for each 24 hour window. They do say to contact them ahead of time if you plan on parking for more than 30 days, so presumably a 5-day trip wouldn't be an issue other than the $195 parking fee. For that duration of stay, use your Mobile...
  50. swaltner

    Apartment charging / metering question

    WattZilla makes a system based on OpenEVSE with an onboard credit card billing option. As I remember, their billing system is based on a generic credit card reader from Nayax that is designed for a vending machine, so the extra billing fees are negligible. I do like the 6-20 version of the...

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