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    Dragy times for Plaid and LR

    Holy Fundamental Toledo!!!! 8.freaking8!!!!??? Wow. Interior photos?
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    Are seat heaters more efficient than AC Heat?

    I find the seat heaters obviate the need for cabin heating, but I am usually in Sydney, so like 9-10 Celsius overnight. Haven't tried them in snow, assume people are right when they target low cabin temps with main heater and add butt warmth...
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    Yes. The Chinese market would love it.
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    Starlink in Oz

    What is 73ms latency like? Does it cause any issues at all ( I am not a gamer)?
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    #008 for resale
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    Charity bet #4: First Successful Starship Landing

    Ok, gotcha. In that case: First successful second stage landing as a chopstick catch will be January 2023 Donation USD100 to chosen charity of the Winner.
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    Charity bet #4: First Successful Starship Landing

    May I ask for clarification here- what is the bet? Date of First booster landing after successful orbital insertion? Something else?
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    Charity bet #3: first Starship in orbit (redux)

    Starship reaches orbit velocity and re-entry (but not necessarily landing since it is expected to do an initial "landing" in the water) I'm in. Get this: October 2022!
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    Charity bet #4: First Successful Starship Landing

    Stay on this thread- I trust you people.
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    Laws in space governing human behavior (not related to resource extraction, territory claims, etc.)

    New charity bet- date first baby born with either: 1. A Martian Passport (Red cover is my guess) 2. A (Stateless) SpaceBorn Passport (Black with tiny silver stars all over it) The time is coming, probably in my lifetime (j/k about the bet...)
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    Blue Origin: Future Plans

    No. No, no, no, no ,no, no, no. For the love of all that's Holy, Goddamnit NO!
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    Model S nearly caught fire--should I be upset?

    Wow. Do you have a photo? I can't understand the anatomy of this.
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    Model S refresh rattles/creaks

    This was literally unbelievable to me- it fixed SO MANY DIFFERENET noises that I had been hearing that I was in disbelief at first. Very happy that I did this. Car now acceptably quiet :)
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    Handling S Long Range v Plaid

    Here's the link Tesla Model S Plaid at 20% battery after 40 quarter-mile runs is still a monster Despite its low battery level and the run being its 41st journey through the drag strip, the Tesla was still able to finish the quarter-mile in 9.94 seconds at 136.40 mph. The vehicle’s 0-60 mph time...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Nope. They ain't.
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    Handling S Long Range v Plaid

    I think the Plaid is MUCH more resistant to performance degradation wrt to state of charge than the Y is.
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    SpaceX vs. Everyone - ULA, NG, Boeing, Lockheed, etc.

    HolyToledo- how much is the cost of one engine? [they should just give up and contract SpaceX.... so much cheaper! And reusable!!]
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    New 2021 Model S battery cells & packs

    I drove a Taycan, didn't see such a button. I thought Porsche says "all the power all the time"? That was one of their chief selling points before Plaid- they could do lots of high-power runs end-to-end?
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    Will Rattles fixed by mobile service?

    I couldn't believe the improvement in my Model S when I finally got around to doing this: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/2021-rear-seat-squeak-rattle.256815/
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    2021 Rear Seat Squeak/Rattle

    I did this on Monday when I had a day off. Wow, what a terrific improvement! I did both rear seats, and the decrease in rattles was dramatic. Thanks for sharing this. My car is nearly silent again, despite recent rains causing Grand Canyonesque potholes throughout Australia's East ....
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    SpaceX F9 - Axiom Mission 1 - LC-39A

    Is that "only" 50 million income per trip? How does that stack up against costs, do you reckon? I think they might need a bigger space station so they can move more people. Either way- space travel is SO close! I've been dreaming of this since I read "You Will Go To The Moon" when I was a little...
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    SpaceX F9 - Axiom Mission 1 - LC-39A

    Great launch, landing and deployment. Congratulations to all involved.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Haiku while you're waiting High coup once you get it
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Best photos of the new lights yet- well done. Finally we can see what they really look like instead of unhelpful oblique shots of (mainly) reflector and surrounding LEDs
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    My EDD is 25 December 2023- should I hold off on delivery to get the new LED headlights with 4680s in them? Apparently 5x energy explains extra Matrix brightness (see Reddit thread). So excited! Anyone opened them up to photograph the new cells behind the LEDs??
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Those matrix LED headlights can do AMAZING things, Jebinc!!!!
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Welcome back! Two things will be SPECTACULARLY different since your last Tesla 1. The car itself- your detailed comments on the contrast would be great to read, given the historical perspective you can offer like few others 2. This Forum (especially this thread) is now a little.....different...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    You may well be right- we have to wait and see more of the new assembly. if you just took delivery-let us know! and Happy New Rear!!
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    SO do we know what these two are? The other two look like headlights and tail-lights...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Is it possible to tell from these photos whether the new headlights are simply projectors or matrix-type projectors? Big difference to me. In Australia,outputs beyond a certain (input) power are illegal without headlight washer systems, so it matters to us.
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    Sydney Harbour Tunnel Autopilot test

    You have a minute or so after an event to push the "Record" button. It saves the last minute or so, so you don't have to be in front or even contemporaneous.
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    Sydney Harbour Tunnel Autopilot test

    If you drive to the right of the lane, the swerve AP makes to the middle is terrifying. I have used Autopilot throughout the Harbour Tunnel twice a day for several years, more than a thousand times. Can't remember the last time I had to take over. The tunnel is the type of place AP works best...
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    Blog Tesla Unveils Tabless Battery Cell That Boosts Range by 16%

    Even more apt, now. If you don't know what you're talking about, don't talk about it.
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    Wiki Falcon Super Heavy/Starship - General Development Discussion

    Man, that is TOTALLY MENTAL I LOVE IT!!!
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    I Ordered a Taycan

    Ouch- still, 4K over 5-6 years is still pretty cheap cf Porsche numbers
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    I Ordered a Taycan

    Wow, that's pretty impressive, seeing as how I've spent $400 (Australian, mind) in 7 years of Tesla ownership on services. I must say, I don't believe it, but if you have had Porsche experience over a few years, you'd know better than me!
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    Blog Tesla Unveils Tabless Battery Cell That Boosts Range by 16%

    Ha! It is a genuinely apt quote, much like the Confucian "To know what you know, and to know what you don't know" etc. However: apparently I don't know enough to understand what you are trying to say here :) Do you agree with me?
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    Blog Tesla Unveils Tabless Battery Cell That Boosts Range by 16%

    How does more power give you more range? When it comes to the batteries, Isn’t range about capacity (kWh) rather than power (kW)?
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    SpaceX F9 - NROL-87 - SLC-4E

    Wonderful view of the landing
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    SpaceX F9 - CSG-2 - SLC-40

    Yup, just SPECTACULAR footage of so many great bits- those cameras are amazing. Really cool to watch launch / stage separation/ boost back and landing so clearly. Even payload deploy seemed clearer than ever.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Yup, I'm with you on this one
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    When will S Plaid start to be delivered in Aus?

    Are you going again if / when Plaid is available here, paulp? Or moving on to Porsche / other?
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    Subaru's foray into EV racing

    Yes, the light weight is almost unbelievable for a vehicle with such high power. (Range would be an interesting parameter.) Would make it handle beautifully - imagine hammer-down on corner exit!
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    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    Yeah, I agree. Swapping from my P90DL straight to a Plaid would've been quite the experience. And about a quarter of a million cheaper....
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    Subaru's foray into EV racing

    Nice one, Subaru. Almost as powerful as the Tesla five door road-going hatch.
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    New Model S Headlight/Taillights in North America?

    Given that UK and Australian deliveries are expected end of NEXT year, I doubt this. If Im wrong, I'm exceptionally happy.
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    My First Tesla-2021 Model S Plaid MSM-Pics

    Track mode thoughts, vic55?
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    SpaceX F9 - Transporter 3 - SLC-40

    Very pretty, quite alliterative and kind of poetic, but awfully tough on the little birdies. Their re-entry would be breath-taking (just after, I presume, quite a bit of breath-holding??) :)
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    The old Model S headlights would've had you squinting blindly for the road, compared to the great Audi ones. Your timing , from that point of view, is excellent
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    Wiki Falcon Super Heavy/Starship - General Development Discussion

    The only major piece of infrastructure that can applaud its own performance :)

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