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  1. OCJeff

    Version 2022.12.3.20 freezing touchscreen

    I did something similar. I opened a service request. They asked some basic questions, and asked if I did the two button solute to do a soft reset (which I confirmed and mentioned the issue recurred about a week or two later). They then just confirmed the service appointment. My wife...
  2. OCJeff

    Version 2022.12.3.20 freezing touchscreen

    I've had my touchscreen go unresponsive twice now in about 2 weeks. I've been on 2022.12.3.12 for the past two weeks (and no instances of this prior to these two since Sept. '21 delivery). Has anyone received an acknowledgement from Tesla service that this is a known issue and will be...
  3. OCJeff

    Dashcam Unavailable Check USB

    Nope. Samsung SSD here and it has the same problems. I may put the USB Flash drive back in, but it seems like it's not related to the drive type.
  4. OCJeff

    Why not show estimated range (based on recent driving trends) instead of rated range?

    Since you revised this thread I would add that the driver should be able to chose what is shown on the main screen by the battery. Rated range or est. range from the last 5/15/30 miles of driving. Such an easy thing to implement, and would be much more realistic.
  5. OCJeff

    Dashcam Unavailable Check USB

    Nix that. Had the issue recur today. Still an issue on 2022.12.3.12.
  6. OCJeff

    Spotify on computer and car?

    This is the answer. I have Spotify Duo and have two accounts linked. I haven’t set up this feature yet, but seems like it should work For your complaint.
  7. OCJeff

    Dashcam Unavailable Check USB

    Anecdotally, this may have helped address my issues. I haven’t seen the problem since the upgrade.
  8. OCJeff

    60k miles, heat pump failure 2020 MYP - Tesla wants $4500

    That warranty service looks interesting. Not too expensive (at least compared to this repair). https://www.xcelerateauto.com/x-care/
  9. OCJeff

    Is my Model Y Performance normal?

    Your pictures show a WH/MI of just over 300. This looks incredibly normal. You can’t look at a 1 mile drive and judge anything off the WH/Mi. The battery is generally heating and the HVAC is ramping up as well. It’s the least efficient time for the car and drive. I would 100% sign up...
  10. OCJeff

    Is my Model Y Performance normal?

    I would simply do a basic "range test". Drive normally (not like you stole it), hop on the highway where you won't need to slow/stop. and then reset one of your trip computers. Drive 10-20 miles. It should consume 5-10% of your battery. Make note of the WH/Mi and report back. I'm...
  11. OCJeff

    Dashcam Unavailable Check USB

    For me the Dashcam viewer takes about 3 minutes to load. So it sites there for some time before it actually loads to the UI where you can select Sentry / Dashcam recordings.
  12. OCJeff

    Like new UMC (Mobile Connector) For Sale (NEMA 5-15 adapter included)

    Just updating to say this item was sold.
  13. OCJeff

    Dashcam Unavailable Check USB

    For me a simple remove and re-insert the usb drive works fine. This will needs to be fixed What a PITA.
  14. OCJeff

    Dashcam Unavailable Check USB

    It’s been sporadic. Sometimes the “Recording” is enabled and showing the red dot. Sometimes it’s “unavailable”. For sure a software glitch.
  15. OCJeff

    Tesla app and location tracking

    So little trust…. What’s the big deal? Put the "key" on an extra phone and then just use that as the keywhen someone uses the car. Or use the key cards and don’t use the mobile app. Or key fob.
  16. OCJeff

    Like new UMC (Mobile Connector) For Sale (NEMA 5-15 adapter included)

    Yes. Still available. Obviously prefer local pickup to avoid shipping hassles.
  17. OCJeff

    length of service center repairs

    This sounds EXACTLY like my 2nd MY initial service center visit. It was for hood dimples, homelink and alignment. Took about 10 days as well, but I was able to track the location of the car and it spent most of the time waiting at the body shop for the hood dimple fix. They had a slew of...
  18. OCJeff

    Dashcam Unavailable Check USB

    Just to follow up, I checked first thing this morning (before my drive to work) and again the recording status was "unavailable". I had to remove and reinsert the USB storage and right away it returned to "Recording". I did not have this issue even once prior to the 2022.12.3.2 update that...
  19. OCJeff

    Dashcam Unavailable Check USB

    I didn't have that message on the main screen, but when I honked to record some idiot passing me at 95 mph on the shoulder of the 5 in LA this morning, I didn't get the confirmation beep (I honked a few times). Going into the "Driving" menu the dashcam button just said "Unavailable" and it was...
  20. OCJeff

    Want to “hide” Spotify and Tidal

    Just to give some closure, under audio settings/preferences they re-added the ability to hide some audio sources if you choose so they don't appear as options. This is the same area where you can adjust BASS, MID and TREBLE.
  21. OCJeff

    Like new UMC (Mobile Connector) For Sale (NEMA 5-15 adapter included)

    This would be the same UMC that used to be included with every new tesla, no longer being included with new Model 3/Y sales. Includes: 1x Mobile Connector - 20’ cable 1x NEMA 5-15 Adapter 1x storage bag I used to use this as my "home charger" but no longer have the need for it. Price...
  22. OCJeff

    Sky Force Reloaded Multiplayer

    I have two of the wireless F710 Logitech controllers connected to a hub in the center console. Works 99% of the time. Sometimes neither controller work and I just need to reconnect the hub to the console.
  23. OCJeff

    When is next update?

    Seat heaters need to go to the left or right of the main dock. They have a special reserved location near the A/C controls. Also hold down any of the pop-up dock buttons to see the additional controls.
  24. OCJeff

    Can you adjust the Blinker Volume? Different between 2 MY's.

    That may be it! Thanks for the fast follow up. "Joe Mode" ... how descriptive. 🤣
  25. OCJeff

    Can you adjust the Blinker Volume? Different between 2 MY's.

    I have both a Sept-21 MYLR (2021 MY) and a Dec-21 MYLR (2022 MY). The blinker volume (the click-click you hear when the blinker is on) is very different between the two MY's. I'm not sure if the 2022 MY has the new front speaker configuration (1 less speaker I believe), but I'm trying to...
  26. OCJeff

    540 Vehicle Server Error

    Agreed, but the API token it uses was generated on a different Tesla account. Not my account. Could it be that the Tesla just stops responding to that particular API token? Im not sure. I just wanted to confirm I haven’t had any issues with TeslaFi, and I’m sure most people don‘t.
  27. OCJeff

    540 Vehicle Server Error

    I have had TeslaFi and haven’t had this happen even once since the major outage that affected everyone. 2nd MY was impacted once after the main outage but not again since. Both on TeslaFi. Not sure that is really a correlation. I did create a dedicated TeslaFi account and don’t use my...
  28. OCJeff

    [CA] Personalized Plates

    Ordered 12/4/2021 (or so). Received custom plates last week. So about 4.5 months total for me.
  29. OCJeff

    App is getting 500 server error. Cant connect.

    Reboot, and report back. Had this issue a month or two back, and a reboot fixed it.
  30. OCJeff

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Just adding some juice with some new friends…. In 105*F weather.
  31. OCJeff

    FYI - DCU is not locking in rates based on application date anymore :(

    As @lol_gas_co said, rates on their website are current. They can change daily.
  32. OCJeff

    Recent experience with charging in Palm Desert / Rancho Mirage?

    To answer my own question…. The on-resort chargers are working and FREE. Just the app isn’t working or needed for the charger. A few non-EV cars taking up those spaces though…. 🙁
  33. OCJeff

    Horrible experience with my flat tire

    That is a good thought. I would need a floor jack (got rid of mine a long time ago) and then a single induction wheel with a tire. Maybe when I get new tires I’ll ask to keep one of the old ones for this. Also AAA IN CA as a plus member gets you 100 miles of towing.
  34. OCJeff

    FYI - DCU is not locking in rates based on application date anymore :(

    Not true. It’s coming back on line shortly. Just an FYI…
  35. OCJeff

    Does Tesla Service Center offer curb rash fixes?

    I've been extremely careful since ownership (I've usually been pretty good about not curbing wheels, but it happens just when you aren't paying enough attention). I'm 7 months and 7000 miles in and haven't seen any curb damage. This is of course after rubbing a curb (tire only, generous...
  36. OCJeff

    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    Not so true. You can apply for HOV decals after you get your regular plates, before you order/receive a custom plate. I did that, and my HOV "certificate" shows my custom plate, which I'm still months away from receiving. I applied with my standard plate #. Also, you can call the DMV to...
  37. OCJeff

    Old Tesla App No Longer Working

    Unless I'm not understanding you, you can adjust the charge limit if not plugged in. Just tap the charge icon and slide the dot to where you want it. No?
  38. OCJeff

    Anyone actually missing trip info and tyre pressure cards more than heated seats and defroster buttons?

    I think a smaller rendering of the energy usage chart would be awesome. I like to keep tabs on it, but hate that it takes up the entire screen. I don't know why we can't get a cool "gauge" view like the model S has in the drivers display. They have all of the data to do it, they choose...
  39. OCJeff

    Recent experience with charging in Palm Desert / Rancho Mirage?

    I'm going to be spending a week in Palm Desert (Marriott Desert Springs Villas I/II) and it appears that all of the EV chargers (14 of them?) are out of service for "Maintenance" based on the "EV Connect" app. Does anyone have any recent experience with this site? I know that there is a...
  40. OCJeff

    Am I crazy for wanting to go from MY to M3?

    I’ve recently had a similar thought….. two MY household here, but at the time of my orders the MYP was out of what I was willing to pay (it was a 10k difference). Now that we have two MY, maybe ditch one MY for a M3P? Im sure I would love the performance….. but as it was stated in an...
  41. OCJeff

    2 Model Y or Ioniq 5?

    To be fair, I like the I5, but really think the EV6 is maybe a little bit better thought out based on what I have seen. I think they are both great cars on paper. I think Tesla just has more experience and may have less battery issues over the next 10 years that some of the other...
  42. OCJeff

    [CA] Personalized Plates

    Have you tried this ona really desktop/laptop browser? I purchased on an iPad and never had issues, it the -hone is always a bit more complicated for some sites to deal with.
  43. OCJeff

    US95 Idaho Range Anxiety Model Y

    I would also check ABRP as well, to see what it estimates, and maybe alternative charging locations as well. I was curious so I plugged it in. I said I was leaving with 80% battery and it told be to charge up to 97% and then I would arrive with 10%...
  44. OCJeff

    Still no license plates, 10 days left on temporary plates CA. Is this normal or going this slow for anyone else?

    Yes, as said above contact the DMV and Tesla. If you haven't already contact the DMV first (you can use the Chat feature, just type Agent and your inquiry). My plates didn't show up until I confirmed with the DMV they were pending Tesla to provide some requested documents. I called Tesla...
  45. OCJeff

    FYI - DCU is not locking in rates based on application date anymore :(

    Wow. Just saw they increased the base rate (including the .5% discount) to 2.24%. This is up .75% from just 2 months ago. 😪
  46. OCJeff

    Strange Spotify Issue

    That was meant to be a lot of sarcasm in my reply. Apologies if that didn’t come through.
  47. OCJeff

    Strange Spotify Issue

    Reset the wheels to fix the radio? SMH... That makes total sense, it's probably in the manual!
  48. OCJeff

    Properly disconnecting from chargepoint?

    I agree. I've been doing this (now that I'm commuting to work again) and this method works great. No urgency to remove the J1772 adapter. As an aside I have noticed that the charge port door seems to stay open for a good 5 seconds now when I remove the charger. So they may have added a...
  49. OCJeff

    After Service, Firmware reset to 2021.40.6

    I believe you should have side camera views on reverse. Just swipe up or click on the ^. I am curious though, what issues did you have that required them to completely swap the management computer?

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