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  1. Lasttoy

    2nd HV battery replacement?

    Thanks. I will print it out and take with me to the SC. They evidently don't know this exist?
  2. Lasttoy

    2nd HV battery replacement?

    Your are correct, that's the original. I got warranty replacements,. Not same subject. Now guys are getting anything from one year to 4. I just read a guy paid 14k, got 4 year warranty. I asked if that was in writing?? It's strange, guy this am says he got 4 yr, my SC says one year...
  3. Lasttoy

    2nd HV battery replacement?

    I got 3 page quote. Giggle. Front end alignment. Tire repair. But the quote had zero warranty information. One guy on here said he got 4 yr warranty offer. I asked if that is in writing. The Tesla business model totally excludes any car out of warranty. It's documented on here. Zero NEW...
  4. Lasttoy

    2nd HV battery replacement?

    I got car back yesterday. Module has bad cell. Cost $15000 for REMANUFACTURED pack with 1 year warranty. But he would, could not give me the warranty in writing. Iris did u get the warranty on the price quote?? I couldn't. He really had no honest answer. Oh. Parts guy said 2 month with...
  5. Lasttoy

    Over the air improvements or Over the air repairs? (No wonder such few recalls) *SupperCharging is Slower and Range Decreased!

    Older battery service is at the mercy of the service center you go to. Some are really nice, troubleshooting and telling u exactly what's wrong. Some just say bad, $22k to replace. My car had battery range issues. They replaced it under warranty. Now I have battery faults. I asked for...
  6. Lasttoy

    Tie rod end, 2012-2016

    Ask alignment shop if they have Hunter Elite? Tesla is in their SW. My shop charges $69.
  7. Lasttoy

    Car died and SC say must replace battery out of warranty

    I'm sorry. Jacksonville Service center. The car quit while driving last week. I called help desk. Got referred to SC, they ran remote diagnosis. Module bad in pack. Speed sensors bad in motor. Motor replaced May 2019. Pack replaced Nov 2020. Going to SC tomorrow for official troubleshooting...
  8. Lasttoy

    What fluid to use for drive unit differential?

    My SC says there is NO requirements to change differential oil at any time. I asked. They said ""we don't do that"" Anyone have the page in any Tesla manual to prove them wrong???? Help me out, I can't find it
  9. Lasttoy

    Changing fluid in the Gear box , part or Model S drive train.

    I cannot find the actual real Tesla service manual page that states change differential oil at one year?? My SC says they don't do that. But. A NEW differential should have oil changed . All differential make metal shavings , period.
  10. Lasttoy

    Car died and SC say must replace battery out of warranty

    They told me battery has bad module. But motor is bad, speed sensors. It was replaced May 2019. Quote is $6300 for new motor.
  11. Lasttoy

    A/C loss followed by vehicle may not restart

    R u sure your 12volt car battery has full charge of 14 volts. My car died. All kinds of errors. Draper said car battery was dead. Draper said to get a really big truck with output of 14+ volts . Jump battery, mine came alive after 20 minutes. Left it jumped till 14.5 volts, super charged...
  12. Lasttoy

    Infotainment Upgrade

    It is fantastic fix for an antique like mine. Both my screens were leaking, SW was horrible. For $1600 it was deal. I didn't pay $500 for radio. Just not worth 500. That's the rip off part of the deal. Draper told me the new computer was latest with new SW. I see that. Some options don't...
  13. Lasttoy

    Alignment Shop MN

    Ask if they have a Hunter Elite? It has Tesla in it's computer. My shop charges $69.95. the guy loves to do it😭. He found I had worn tie rod end. I changed it, he only charged for one alignment.
  14. Lasttoy

    HV Battery replaced and now the Drive Unit! (out of warranty)

    If anyone ever gets the REAL truth from a service center please let me know. Now we get Montreal call center not Draper. Lady tells me "" I just take calls, I have zero technical knowledge"" . How nice. My car died on Friday, she said drive it on interstate 40 miles, don't worry. Idiot. I...
  15. Lasttoy

    Car died and SC say must replace battery out of warranty

    I'm at that point. I will ship my car to Gruber in Phoenix. They said normally cost less than 5k. Watch Gruber video on you tube about battery repairs?.
  16. Lasttoy

    Help needed in changing the charge port trident cable 1006033

    I'm on my third charge port. Last two software updates made my charge port not work. New gen of charge port cost $600. U are lucky if u have original charge port. Each one cost me $600.
  17. Lasttoy

    What mobile charging cable do I need for this situation? P85+

    My 2013 s with over 202k miles, full charge is 215. I have 14.50 receptical. Range is a very different subject. I bought a level 2 package and the new 7 adapter kit from Tesla. I got tired of taking my home cable with me. The kit enable you the charge anywhere, littlerly.
  18. Lasttoy

    Refurbished Battery Dying already?

    No. It was replaced under warranty. One month left on warranty. I can't find the post on here that said if Tesla replaced the pack, it had a two year warranty? Even if car was out of warranty. If they give me a $22k quote, I'll take it to Gruber.
  19. Lasttoy

    Refurbished Battery Dying already?

    My refurbished (Nov 2020) pack died on me Friday. It littlerly cut off, gear indicator turned red. I coasted to a stop. I call and got Call Center in Montreal Canada, not Draper. Lady said ""battery fault, take to SC"". I asked what is the fault code or problem? The SC is 45 miles away on...
  20. Lasttoy

    Looking for a way to get the max on my replacement 85 kw battery model S 2014

    Slow Tonto. My battery went bad month before warranty expired. Got ""refurbished"". Zero warranty I asked about buying NEW battery of any kind, ,85,90 or 100. ""We don't make any NEW battery packs to fit your car"". If u spend 22k on ""remanufactured"". It has zero warranty. I think the SC...
  21. Lasttoy

    2015 P90d charging questions

    If, if u can get a wall 14.50 outlet installed in your garage? That is the best way for the life of your car. Mine is on outside of house sine I don't have a garage. It takes the stress out of going to work every am. U can pre warm car while it's plugged in so it's happy when u leave home in...
  22. Lasttoy

    Power Reduced -Ok to Drive

    Did u call help desk at Tesla?¿ They log into your car and see what's wrong? 8777983752
  23. Lasttoy

    Loud groaning sound from front end

    Hub bearings can be bad, but not on new car . Bad cv joint? They r only two moving points that fail. My hub bearings went bad.
  24. Lasttoy

    2nd HV battery replacement?

    We seem to be getting very different stories from our SCs. The guy at my SC said the remanufactured pack had it's bad module replaced. He said the ship old packs to Reno for repair. It took over a week to get my pack after they said it was bad. Here is something he said "Tesla doesn't make any...
  25. Lasttoy

    Tesla P85+ High voltage junction box problem

    Get one off eBay. It's under my back seat. Buy the service manual.
  26. Lasttoy

    2nd HV battery replacement?

    Mine was replaced Dec 2020. With REMANUFACTURED pack. I asked SC about warranty. ZERO, nada. No warranty on replacement pack. Good luck. SC said $22k for next remanufactured pack with no warranty. Gruber in Phoenix will replace it cheap. Or Electrify in Ocala. A man in Finland blew it...
  27. Lasttoy

    12V battery message

    Yes. I changed mine. To far to drive and my SC refused to send ranger. My SC is horrible.
  28. Lasttoy


    There will never be a good range estimate. There are too many variables. I'm over 200k, and thousands of super charges all over the USA. I got a reconditioned pack. Didn't change anything. Have fun, the new cars go so much farther than me and charge instantly. Enjoy.
  29. Lasttoy

    Tesla door handle failure - pivot gear (anyone have one I can buy?)

    I bought 4 at service center last month. They raised the price is why I bought so many. Their computer says the wiring harness is $300. I bought kit off internet for $75
  30. Lasttoy

    Is there an update on out of warranty battery replacement cost

    My pack was replaced with REMANUFACTURED pack under warranty. I asked about warranty now?? He said Zero. My normal warranty ran out 2 months later. I called Gruber in Phoenix, lady said they would repair pack for less than 5k if this pack goes bad again. They replace the bad module. With...
  31. Lasttoy

    Newbie Range Question

    After 198k miles all over USA,. U will never be able to get a certain mileage. There are just too many variables. Temp. Load. Speed. Highway or town. Day or night. AC or heat. Biggest user of charge is heat or AC. Second is headlights. Then autopilot. I turned off DRL. The heater/AC run...
  32. Lasttoy

    mcu1 ap1 model S85 crashed after connecting supercharger more people have this issue?

    We need more information to help you. My car would not super charge for 6 months after update 9. Then 2 updates made charge port not work. Service center lied, they said port was bad. NOT. Needed gen 2 then gen 3 port at $700.
  33. Lasttoy

    How I doubled my tire life

    I found that hard fast turns tears the thread off the sides of front tires. Also. My car is antique, I found I have to check pressure every month because of temperature change. Pressure has to be 45 to 50 psi. Wear rating on replacement tires means alot. My friend went thru a set in a year...
  34. Lasttoy

    Do Not Understand Tesla Rationale for Why There is No Sirius/XM in Model 3 or Y

    If anyone ever understands what the audio gang at Tesla is doing? Or rational, please tell us? It's been a circus for my 8 years. Charging$500 for new radio in the Infotainment upgrade? Why? Seems they are not in touch with the buyers.
  35. Lasttoy

    Tire Pressure and Carwash mode gone after V11

    I've never had those 😁, what a nice item😆
  36. Lasttoy

    Never thought I’d say this…

    Please, please. First, I had 2012 MCU. The software update have never ever worked. Ever. My SC just gave up with all he SW problem. Finally, Tesla offered the Infotainment upgrade. Help desk said I have latest MCU 2 software updates. I'm happy. Second. Nothing will make everyone happy...
  37. Lasttoy

    Is there an update on out of warranty battery replacement cost

    Silver string,. Battery pack failure is a crap shoot. I think main factors are weather and charging. I think keeping max daily charge to 75% , not lower than 25% seems to put less strain on pack. Also plugging it in every night helps as the owners manual says. Mine went 160k before a module...
  38. Lasttoy

    Is there an update on out of warranty battery replacement cost

    Kerfed, who gave you that quote, option? My SC said 22k. Other folks on here had same 22k offer, one guy in Finland blew his car rather than pay 22k. One guy put his on ebay rather than pay 22k. That is very important news, please tell us what SC gave you that quote??
  39. Lasttoy

    2 front tires need to be replaced after only 10k miles

    I'm glad your service tech at desk knows something, mines dumber than a rock, and tells lies at every chance. If you need an alignment go to any shop that has a Hunter Elite. My local guy was thrilled I took my car there. It was fun to see him type in all car information, put on attachments...
  40. Lasttoy

    Infotainment upgrade

    The Emmu replacement was junk. Both my screens were leaking bad. The infotainment upgrade was great. I had issue getting on WiFi, but help desk fixed that. I got update for SW on Saturday morning and update on Nav on Monday. It's really an improvement . Best $1600 I ever spent on car.
  41. Lasttoy

    Charge limit setting missing under charging controls: 2014 S85 with 2021.44.25.2

    Picked up car Friday with infotainment upgrade. NO charge limit, SC was useless. Had update Saturday morning, it appeared. Along with a bunch more items,. I got a nav upgrade Monday morning with a lot more stuff on screen. Now my 2012 is a full blown 2018 MCU 2. Nice upgrade for $1600.
  42. Lasttoy

    Model S 2014 MCU1 issue ?

    Mine had turned to junk. I got the infotainment upgrade Friday. Two software updates. Seems to have fixed the issues. Talked to help desk yesterday, he said it was a MCU 2 with everything loaded.
  43. Lasttoy

    2 front tires need to be replaced after only 10k miles

    I learned the right foot was to blame for my first set of back tires in 5k. If it's front?? U r really corning hard?
  44. Lasttoy

    Tesla Service - Getting worse by the day....and weirder

    Jacksonville was great 6 years ago. Now it's horrible. Building only has 5 lifts, cars are in the isles, takes months to get an appointment. It's really a disgrace. They delivered thousands of cars, and refuse to put on second shift. Refused to change my gearbox oil, refused to reprogram my...
  45. Lasttoy

    Recall vs MCU1 upgrade or LTE upgrade

    Tm1v2. No to LTE free . Look at your LTE, if 4 then u don't need the $200 update. I didn't need it. I have a new screen that tells every detail about car, CPU is Intel Atom, LTE is 4. Motor is Large. I talked to Draper Help Desk yesterday because mine would not connect WiFi? Found out...
  46. Lasttoy

    Recall vs MCU1 upgrade or LTE upgrade

    I got Nav update last night. Everything is there like a 2018 MCU 2. Way points, etc. It's cool. I watched a video just now to see how all that stuff works. Sure a great deal for $1600. Both my screens were leaking bad, and software was junk. Barry. I totally agree, every update just...
  47. Lasttoy

    Charge limit setting missing under charging controls: 2014 S85 with 2021.44.25.2

    I picked up my car Friday after infotainment upgrade. It was not there. I complained to SC. Man said he couldn't fix it. Just live with app. Saturday morning I got update. It appeared. Along with a page of changes. I will say, my 2012 system is upgraded. Have to get a beer and sit in car...
  48. Lasttoy

    Has anyone had issues with after getting the Infotainment upgrade?

    OMG, yes. Ordered, schedule ok 1 December for 5 January install. Took car in, went back on Friday to get car. ""It's not ready, MCU is wrong."". Some BS about chip or software not working in the car. I went in Friday. It's ready. It needed charge. I went to sup charger a mile away...
  49. Lasttoy


    That was a great number in kw in cold weather. Remember 85 charge gate. I've super charged in over 25 states and 500 times. I keep a log of every supercharge. None have ever been the same, even on the many trips to DC and back.

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