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  1. Mike_TV

    Smart Summon Question

    I’m not expecting to be blown away by the feature but I’m supposed to have it and would like to play around with it at least. Pick an empty parking lot somewhere that doesn't have a lot of cars, curbs or poles. Make sure you are close by and stay in line of sight so you can stop it if...
  2. Mike_TV

    FSD Not Working at Night

    You should try boosting the screen brightness manually to see if that helps.
  3. Mike_TV

    Wiper Blade Replacement Tesla Model Y

    FYI...Tesla OEM replacement wipers are now available to purchase via the Tesla Shop
  4. Mike_TV

    Compatible Wiper Blades for Model Y?

    Thank you! Just placed an order.
  5. Mike_TV

    FSD Not Working at Night

    Interesting. Someone posted in another thread somewhere that the Infotainment screen brightens slightly, when FSD beta is engaged, to get the cabin camera some better lighting.
  6. Mike_TV

    FSD Not Working at Night

    Called Tesla and was told that it sounded like a calibration issue and recommended we reboot the computer. Did that, but the problem remains. Sounds like you rebooted but did you complete the camera calibration afterwards? Controls > Service > Camera Calibration > Clear Calibration
  7. Mike_TV

    Tesla Registers New Radar Unit With Government

    Interesting. So still using it for Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) and possibly within FSD beta but not confirmed.
  8. Mike_TV

    Power off (via Safety) doesn’t keep power off?

    The procedure that @jcanoe described is what Tesla Mobile Service does when they need to work on anything electrical in the car like installing Homelink.
  9. Mike_TV

    Sentry mode

    No. Wipers are not enabled during Sentry mode. Now if you have FSD beta there is a possible bug where it sprays and turns on the wipers nearly 100% of the time AFTER I clean the windshield (car wash or glass cleaner). :D
  10. Mike_TV

    Full self driving Beta

    It changed from a big button entitled "NAVIGATE ON AUTOPILOT" to a smaller icon with no text in a recent update. Blue it's on, white it's off. Here is an example... With a destination put into navigation and this turned on, enabling FSD by the stalk, FSD beta will make all of the turns, get...
  11. Mike_TV

    Faulty Door Button - anyone?

    @Rekognize Just had my 2020 left rear door panel assembly replaced due to the door open button intermittently not working. The button would require 2-4 presses randomly sometimes before the door would open and occasionaly open on the first press. Too bad they couldn't just replace the button...
  12. Mike_TV

    Tesla SC made my paint issue worse, what can I do?

    @yellowr6 Agree with you. I have a deep two inch long scratch in the paint on the inside one of the rear doors. Looks like it was damaged when they installed the door panel assembly. I notice it each time I clean and wash the car. Always think about fixing it with some touch up paint but...
  13. Mike_TV

    stranded car en route to the bay with zero range. But charged +110 miles in surplus for destination!?

    The OP doesn't state what speed his parents were driving while borrowing his car but this is good advice and most likely what happened. You can watch the battery percentage increase as you reduce your speed on highway roadtrips when you slow down from 80 to 65 MPH. I bring up the Energy app on...
  14. Mike_TV

    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    Probably have too many backlog service requests as it is but it would be nice to have this as an option. My last mobile service appointment took almost a month to complete after getting rescheduled by the Service Center twice. About a year ago, I needed some warranty body work done by the...
  15. Mike_TV

    Airborne Tesla

    I think it's ATF-9 fluid good for the lifetime of the car. No need to change unless there is an issue.
  16. Mike_TV

    Tesla bringing back RADAR?

    Could be related to FSD HW 4.0, Tesla Bot, dedicated Robotaxi platform, or nothing at all.
  17. Mike_TV

    Airborne Tesla

    Long board and mini fridge in those pics.
  18. Mike_TV

    How to get Trunk Open to display after "P" park?

    Sounds like it wasn't actually in park if it was still showing the ultrasonic sensors.
  19. Mike_TV

    Elon: Working on Tesla NA Service. Goal of having 2/3 of cars have same day service w/ no wait.

    They leased a building to house a large part distribution site here in the Chicago area (Lockport, IL) just for that reason. From job postings it looks like they've started hiring people in the last month or so too. Here is the address if people want to look it up. 308,000 square feet. 16342...
  20. Mike_TV

    Nice frunk/trunk organizer option

    No. And if you try to put it into Drive, you'll get a warning about driving with the Frunk open too.
  21. Mike_TV

    windshield pitting?

    Use Barkeeper's Friend. Make a paste with a little water and see if this scrubs off. Flush with clean water. If not, it's just sandblasted due to highway driving. Happens over time.
  22. Mike_TV

    Water found in passenger front footwell on 2021 Model Y

    Still not clear what the root cause of this is. Is it... 1) HEPA filter housing has a seam that leaks and needs to be repaired or sealed to prevent water ingress? or 2) HEPA filter housing was installed incorrectly that allows water ingress?
  23. Mike_TV

    Has anyone successfully retrofit laminated side glass to Model Y?

    The bottom part of the mechanism that holds the glass, whatever it's called, for the laminated and non-laminated glass, is different too and the shape of the bottom of the window is different. The YouTube video (from the first post above) shows this.
  24. Mike_TV

    FSD Visualization Preview is not supported in current region

    Have you finished the automatic camera calibration? Could take up to 100 miles of driving and one a multilane highway with clear painted lane lines. In reality this should only take a few minutes of highway driving.
  25. Mike_TV

    How to Remove and Open Back Seatbelt Buckles?

    Please note that I cannot respond to any questions, just use the information already given to you, thanks. Well in that case, your mother was a hamster and your father smells of elderberries!
  26. Mike_TV

    Radio control with scroll wheels…

    I think the behavior changed in a software update. There was a thread on this a few months ago. I feel your pain. I wish little changes like this were documented better in release notes instead of letting us users stumbling on stuff not working the same way and getting frustrated thinking we...
  27. Mike_TV

    Rear Passenger Door Issue- Car Wash

    You are probably right, electrical. Hopefully it's just the door panel assembly, which contains the door open button, and can be quickly swapped out if needed or just checked for a loose connection. If that doesn't fix it, the next step would be to check the wiring harness which is a bigger job.
  28. Mike_TV

    Model Y 2022 - Back right passenger side damage from hitting side of garage — has anyone had body work of this kind done in Austin? Cost? Experience?

    I saw a neighbor do this with another car. The sound was horrible and they kept going.
  29. Mike_TV

    Steering wheel locking intermittently

    @darshansavla How did the mobile service work out? What was the problem and how did they fix it?
  30. Mike_TV

    Will not auto park in handicap spot

    Interesting. I tried auto park two years ago and gave up when it was faster to park myself and I had others honking at me while the car was auto parking (too slow for them I guess). Haven't tried the newest version. You might want to post what version of software you are using to see if...
  31. Mike_TV

    Brand new Model Y Perf. Continuously "wakes up".

    I see the same thing happening randomly over the last two years. Seems to wake up if you get really close to one of the parking sensors. Happens pretty regularly when the dog grazes up against the car. Sentry is off for Home and still does it. The infotainment screen never comes up but the...
  32. Mike_TV

    Gasket streaking

    Lots of threads on car wash streaks and black trim staining here if you search. Some people have used WD-40 to remove these and other methods. It isn't permanent.
  33. Mike_TV


    @E-Lectric Replaced the cabin filters over the weekend and removed the passenger panel and front passenger footwell trim panel. Thought maybe there would evidence of these guys but nothing. The empty space under the center console was completely clean and only a single desiccated Japanese...
  34. Mike_TV


    Yes! I've found 4-5 alive ones crawling around over the course of the last month or so. Car has been throughly cleaned out after winter too. Was wondering where they might be "over wintering" now that's it hot outside. Just sitting there and then randomly one is crawling up a window inside.
  35. Mike_TV

    Done Light Replacement

    Which one? There are four of them.
  36. Mike_TV

    Automatic window and trunk safety

    I think a firm pillow, pool noodle or an empty cardboard box would be good for this test instead of a board.
  37. Mike_TV

    FSD vs standard features

    Roundabouts work fine by me and FSD has steadily improved since using the beta last year.
  38. Mike_TV

    FSD vs standard features

    @shakeel There are reports that if you order FSD with your car you'll get prioritized delivery to get your car quicker. Standard AP code is over two years old now and most, if not all, development work has been focused on FSD with a wider release to everyone later this year. If you are on the...
  39. Mike_TV

    Ring on window

    Barkeeper's Friend. Make a paste with a little water and rub with a sponge. Flush with water.
  40. Mike_TV

    Tesla emergency break - to use or not on hills?

    The parking brake operates on the rear wheels only and is independent from the pedal-operated brake system. From my understanding there is no difference between emergency braking and the parking brake. The press and hold for emergency braking is there so you don't accidentally engage it while...
  41. Mike_TV

    Racechip Range Extender??

    Thought the same thing. If Tesla's Chill mode is not enough you may want this. Also, they make this for other EVs so it may work better on other cars that don't have a built in Chill mode.
  42. Mike_TV

    Certified body shop?

    At one time Tesla published a list of third party certified repair centers on their website but it doesn't appear anymore. Maybe there are too many now to list? There is a Tesla Collision Center in Owings Mills, MD however but I've found the Tesla owned centers have months long backlogs to get...
  43. Mike_TV

    Lets talk cameras

  44. Mike_TV

    Lets talk cameras

    Thought the same thing as you but after using FSD beta for a while now you'll be reassured that it'll continue to drive just fine with one or more of the cameras blocked.
  45. Mike_TV


    @wonderinguys - There was a thread two years ago on this. Search for "grab handles" for it. From what I remember you could use suction cup handles on the inside roof but need to position them away from the airbag and side air curtain. Also there are assist straps with handles that can be...
  46. Mike_TV

    All four doors have gaps on door edge welding

    Your first picture shows a close up of the weep hole. That should tell you everything you need to know.
  47. Mike_TV

    100% battery

    No not an issue but not optimal for the battery over the life of the car to charge to 100% and leave it there repeatedly.
  48. Mike_TV

    Can I access the summon command without Full Self-Driving Capability

    Isn't basic Summon still included on all cars now? Moving the car back and forth while you hold down your finger on the phone app or key fob.
  49. Mike_TV

    While driving: a system reboot occurred

    I'll add that FSD beta continues to work, as expected, but it's eerily quiet (no radio, navigation voice, turn signal clicks) as the car continues to drive, taking turns and merrily going on it's way. :D

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