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  1. jeffro01

    Does Tesla remove FSD from third-party dealers

    Um... Because charging for the same thing multiple times is unethical and simply wrong. I get this is an echo chamber where Tesla is infallible, Elon is a god, and blah blah blah... Anyone who thinks it's okay for Tesla to remove a feature delivered with a car just because it touched their...
  2. jeffro01

    $12K for FSD is insane

    How Tesla can continue to legally sell something that doesn't exist is mind boggling to me... My guess here is because they moved the actual working features under FSD (auto-park/autopilot being the main things) they can claim it's not actually vaporware... All I know is Elon is a liar, and...
  3. jeffro01

    Does Tesla remove FSD from third-party dealers

    You're not missing anything. At all. Some people just seem to think being unethical is an okay way to run a company. It's not. Jeff
  4. jeffro01

    Does Tesla remove FSD from third-party dealers

    LOL... Try a better straw man argument next time please, that was weak... This isn't complicated no matter how much of a pretzel you try to twist it into. I said TESLA... NOT THE OWNER... JFC... Once a vehicle is delivered, as has been the case since the dawn of automobile sales, the owner can...
  5. jeffro01

    Does Tesla remove FSD from third-party dealers

    Look, I get it, those who drink the kool-aid of Elon seem to think that being unethical and fraudulent is an acceptable way to do business. It's not, you're wrong but of course I can't change your mind, I just see it as a reflection of people's personal ethics if they're okay with this. Things...
  6. jeffro01

    Does Tesla remove FSD from third-party dealers

    I swear Tesla sits around and openly asks, "how can we be more unethical and shady?"... This is simply wrong. If the car has a feature at the time it's delivered to the original owner then it should have that throughout it's entire lifecycle. What Tesla is doing here has GOT to be illegal, to...
  7. jeffro01

    2021 Holiday Update - GARBAGE!

    This is what Tesla does, this is who Tesla is, and I'm constantly shocked that after almost a decade (Model S started delivery in late 2012 IIRC) of lies and half-truths that people are STILL somehow shocked when Tesla does something shady or out right wrong. This company is not ethical, it's...
  8. jeffro01

    Wait time for new X is >1 year, but lease is coming up...

    Same here... As I tell anyone who asks, "amazing cars, absolutely horrible company and customer experience"... What still blows me away though, after being inactive here since August, I STILL am reading the "yeah delivery sucked, delivery quality sucked, but I'm so blown away by the car this is...
  9. jeffro01

    Wait time for new X is >1 year, but lease is coming up...

    That's why we sold our X out of our lease and moved on from Tesla all together... Can't buy the cars if they don't exist. Jeff
  10. jeffro01

    Electrician in Bay Area - East Bay

    It's been years since I last talked to who I was recommending before and we've left CA all together so I'm going to politely decline. Sorry... Thanks, Jeff
  11. jeffro01

    Scary Random emergency braking on highway

    My wife absolutely refuses to use TACC or AP outside of bumper to bumper traffic because she's been scared enough by this issue consistently surfacing that it's just not worth it. Luckily my Tesla lease is almost up... Jeff
  12. jeffro01

    Scary Random emergency braking on highway

    Which is insane considering cameras can't see through fog/weather/dust/etc... Jeff
  13. jeffro01

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Face palm all you want... I'm not lying. The "fun" of driving Tesla's blinds you to the reality that as a company Tesla is horrible. Jeff
  14. jeffro01

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Yes, this is exactly how the Tesla experience goes... Wait until you take delivery... It's only downhill from here but you'll ignore your instincts to the contrary because Tesla's are so damn fun to drive... Jeff
  15. jeffro01

    Dave Grohl...

    Good points indeed, appreciate the perspective for sure. I don't want Tesla to fail, in fact quite the opposite... I desperately want Elon to pull his head out of his ass and step down from running the place directly and focus on the "it" that makes Tesla, Tesla while someone else focuses on...
  16. jeffro01

    Dave Grohl...

    I genuinely believe the reason why Tesla doesn't care about customer service and service in general is because Elon has no plan for Tesla to exist long term. He's been very clear the purpose of Tesla was to demonstrate mass production EVs could be a thing and that people would buy them. He's...
  17. jeffro01

    First Refreshed Model X Deliveries in July

    One, I don't really care what the powertrain is. Sure, EVs are a blast to drive but I also own a 40ft motorhome and need a toad so the Jeep I'm eyeing looks like a great fit. Two, I'm well aware of how charging works regardless of the EV brand/model and honestly I almost never travel farther...
  18. jeffro01

    First Refreshed Model X Deliveries in July

    No thanks. By the end of my lease my tires (second set mind you which is absolutely ridiculous by itself) will be darn near close to needing replaced and I'll be damned if I'm going to spend another $1500 on new tires for a "few" months of usage. It's really quite simple, either there is a...
  19. jeffro01

    Tesla Service

    Because I'm a long time owner who's been through the ringer with this dishonest and corrupt company and feel the need to warn others what they're getting into. This forum is wayyyy too much of a positive Tesla echo chamber and for crazy reasons... I can't believe how many people have SERIOUS...
  20. jeffro01

    Tesla has worst customer service

    It's pretty appalling when someone thinks a suggestion like that is some sort of a "solution"... False entitlement to customer service? What? The? Actual... F...? (EDIT: Was that sarcasm? Man I hope so...) Tesla service is garbage, Tesla corporate ethics are garbage, Tesla as a company is...
  21. jeffro01

    Tesla Service

    Tesla service went from good/okay to absolutely abysmal... Yes it does depend a lot on the service center but the entire "system" is just garbage. Tesla is far, far, far from the promises made by Elon not so long ago. I can think of at least 5 people that I know of who were going to buy then I...
  22. jeffro01

    First Refreshed Model X Deliveries in July

    Having been a Tesla customer for a LONG time I can assure you there won't be a Model X for me in September whether I order today or not... Q1 2022 seems to be the most likely but by then I'll be a former Tesla customer and will no longer be interested. Maybe one of these days their sheer...
  23. jeffro01

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Fair enough, only comment I'd make here is the C8 isn't a main product line for GM but even I'm pushing that one a bit... :) Jeff
  24. jeffro01

    Why are people buying new ICE cars?

    Can't buy cars that don't exist... Current S/X debacle is a perfect example. My X lease is up in September and I had planned on leasing another one but looks like Tesla screwed up yet again and that won't be an option. Not many other options out there for what I need so I'll probably end up...
  25. jeffro01

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    I know I just posted almost the same thing in another thread but this is absolutely f'n ridiculous... Tesla has been delivering cars for almost a decade now and they STILL can't get production timelines right... My X lease is up in September and I had planned on getting another X but based on...
  26. jeffro01

    First Refreshed Model X Deliveries in July

    What a joke. So those of us who's leases are coming up soon and need a replacement car are just... What..??? SOL? My X lease is up in September and I had fully intended on getting another one but holy hell Tesla... Why does this company suck so horribly at delivery timelines? Now what do I...
  27. jeffro01


  28. jeffro01

    Tesla X without FWD Poll

    Good god no, I can't possibly say that any stronger without getting in trouble. If you want a minivan go and buy one but for the love of all things holy, I hope Tesla NEVER brings that to anything in the Tesla lineup. Jeff
  29. jeffro01

    Tesla X without FWD Poll

    No, just no... The X is defined by the FWDs and anything other than that wouldn't be an X... Where do people come up with this "stuff"? Jeff
  30. jeffro01

    Air Suspension compressor disabled

    What fuse is it blowing by chance? Mine did this as well and I can't seem to figure out which fuse to check...? Thanks, Jeff
  31. jeffro01

    Colorado Springs Service Center - 1323 Motor City Drive

    So my understanding is this may be open in the next couple of weeks but there is still no firm time table yet. Jeff
  32. jeffro01

    Leased X returned in May. Received invoice for $9800 in September!

    Oh I did, got told to go pound sand... Jeff
  33. jeffro01

    Absolutely Terrible Experience as a Former Employee

    That's not remotely accurate... Sure that's the "public" stance from Elon but yeah... Jeff
  34. jeffro01

    Leased X returned in May. Received invoice for $9800 in September!

    I was forced to turn in my Model S without an inspection because the inspection queue from US Bank at the time was 6+ weeks out and my turn in time was up as my replacement Model X was ready and Tesla wanted me to take delivery before Q end... Was told repeatedly that I had nothing to worry...
  35. jeffro01

    Supercharger - Concord, CA (LIVE 2 Mar 2018, 19 V2 stalls)

    Sadly it’s always been a bit trashy... Jeff
  36. jeffro01

    Elektrek Article featured one of our very own

    This place ain’t what it used to be... The echo in here now is deafening... Jeff
  37. jeffro01

    Tune-In problems after latest update

    My car resets the TuneIn station back to first listen (some have initial ads you have to listen to before the station kicks in) every time I change the "gear" selector... It's actually quite humorous... Jeff
  38. jeffro01

    Series 1 HPWC issues with 2018 model S

    Considering how long this issue has existed I think it's safe to say Tesla has no plans or intentions on fixing it. While I don't fault you for not knowing, my own experiences with this would keep me from ever taking a trip that relied on destination chargers since the vast majority of them are...
  39. jeffro01

    After FSD 3.0, Summon accident!!! Crashed my bumper and hood

    Yet another example of why FSD is no where remotely even close to being "ready"... Tesla continues to sell a "feature" that doesn't exist and won't for any time soon. People keep buying it though so why should Tesla stop selling it? What happened to the OP simply can't happen in an FSD world...
  40. jeffro01

    So sick of "Service".

    The reality here is Tesla couldn't possibly care less about service right now, have you seen the stock price lately? The ONLY thing Elon cares about now is deliveries, deliveries, deliveries... That keeps Wall Street happy which keeps the stock price up and Elon can get his bonus(s) and all is...
  41. jeffro01

    Yellowing of the Dash/Binnacle Display Fix???

    Both of my screens have been yellow banding for awhile now and I don't have any plans to complain about it unless it gets to the point where it impairs the ability to read the information on the screen. I don't like it but I have found that when I take my car to Tesla service it almost always...
  42. jeffro01

    Fremont Factory To Reopen Today, May 8th

    Innocent people got hurt so Elon could thump his chest and make more money... Yet, most of the community here seems to be perfectly okay with this... Jeff
  43. jeffro01

    Sheesh, I didn't realize my supercharger miles expire

    Tesla is more and more anti-consumer as time goes on. Horrible service, "expiring miles" (what is this Starbucks or United?), FSD that is neither full or self driving or anywhere close yet somehow the price keeps going up... Eventually all of these anti-consumer practices will bite Tesla...
  44. jeffro01

    TeraFactory & Cybertruck coming to Austin Tx

    Can't even legally sell their cars in Texas but Elon wants to put massive infrastructure there? LOL... Yes I'm sure Texas will finally override the state dealers association but it's really comical if you take a step back and look at it... Jeff
  45. jeffro01

    Elon wins... we all win....

    Ah yes the old, "well at least they had a job when they died" argument... Jeff
  46. jeffro01

    Elon wins... we all win....

    It's very odd to see someone so happy that innocent people are being put at risk unnecessarily so a billionaire can make a few more dollars they don't need... Yes, lets champion ignorance and blind loyalty, that'll get us where we need to go long term... :rolleyes: Jeff
  47. jeffro01

    Blog Tesla Publishes ‘Getting Back to Work’ Plan

    Keep moving those goal posts... Jeff
  48. jeffro01

    Blog Tesla Publishes ‘Getting Back to Work’ Plan

    Saying things like "Poor Losers' Party" immediately devalues your point and just makes you look weak. We know how Hillary would have handled it, the same way President Obama SUCCESSFULLY handled H1N1 and Ebola. Combined fewer Americans died from those things then have COVID-19 and COVID-19...
  49. jeffro01

    Blog Tesla Publishes ‘Getting Back to Work’ Plan

    Saying you cannot blame POTUS for the situation as it stands in the US today is a dangerously misinformed position. He and his administration made specific decisions that allowed things to get as bad as they are and continue to make decisions that will in all likelihood make matters worse. All...
  50. jeffro01

    Fremont Factory To Reopen Today, May 8th

    It's probably a safe bet the US backlog would be produced first but that's just a guess. It's probably better to look at inventory by country to possibly use that as a way to estimate who might get what and when. Jeff

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