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    UNECE paves the way for L3

    Tesla doesn't want to fall under the level 3 rules (if they did they'd have to disable AP outside specific roads for example). Level 2 rules aren't changing, so nothing is likely to affect us in the near future.
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    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    ****! Even I can crimp a network cable and I'm a complete idiot.
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    Nav/Map update EU-2022.12-13877

    Satnav routing is pretty bad sometimes - it'll go down back streets to shave 10 seconds off rather than use the perfectly good main road. I've been routed through school runs, roads you can barely get down with something the size of a tesla.. so if I know anything about the area at all I take...
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    Has anyone traded their 3 for a Y and regretted it?

    The Y feels too big for me.. I'm a fan of smaller cars (not that the 3 fitted that bracket either) but the suspension is better (the 3 used to hit potholes and speed bumps like it was hitting a wall.. the Y rolls over them and even bounces a bit sometimes) and it's way better for carrying the...
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    Speed signs not detected by Teslas?

    I've had the car recognise my house number as a speed limit before.. my house number looks absolutely nothing like a speed limit. And yet the clearly defined and obvious speed limit signs on the local A road it can't see...
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    Speed signs not detected by Teslas?

    It's one of those wierd Tesla things that the speed limits are completely random and confusing. I've *never* had my car adjust for speed limits - always have to do it myself - on both TACC and AP, with or without FSD. But for some people it works.. almost like they have different software...
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    Installing a second home charge point on a looped supply

    I'm surprised they let you install one with a looped supply - normally they insist it's unlooped first (which is normally free).
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    High pitched whine on acceleration 2021 M3P

    Would be interested to know where this ground strap is on the Y to see if I can fix the whine on mine. It's quite noticeable at 70 and I have to put music on to drown it out.
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    [UK] 2022.16.x

    Those websites guess based on scraping data from Tesla and they're often wrong on the details. It seems that feature isn't in this build at all.
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    Have you ever kerbed your Aero wheels?

    You send them a photo so obvious scrapes would reduce the price. But on trade in day they didn't even look at the car..
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    How Secure Are Teslas?

    That sounds like something that'll be fixed fairly sharpish.. may already have been. For all their faults Tesla are pretty good at that. Seems odd that it's possible to register a key without going through the registration process in the car.. someone screwed up there.
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    Apple CarPlay in the UK?

    It's not certain.. I doubt it's just streaming, otherwise it'd be easy to implement a receiver and be done with it (licensing might stop airplay but some kind of chromecast variant wouldn't be hard). Obviously the whole-car variant is mac infra as it would have to still work if the driver...
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    Apple CarPlay in the UK?

    I suspect apple wouldn't be happy with that.. sandbox would be hard anyway because the backend is linux, not mach, you'd be looking at some kind of VM. Android auto would be much easier OTOH they aren't doing that either.
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    How Secure Are Teslas?

    Yeah the stolen with pin to drive enabled is concerning, as I'd love to know how - there are a couple of ways to bypass pin to drive around but they generally require the owner to do something to enable it (like leaking their account password and not having 2FA on that).
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    Nav/Map update EU-2022.12-13877

    Reverting it would at least be consistent with most of the other map updates..
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    Tesla owners are 50% less likely to crash their EV than their other cars

    If you're driving a 60-100k car you're going to be a bit more careful with it than the average ford escort :p
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    All [new] home EV chargepoints will need smart chargers from next month [UK]

    They're not.. that isn't part of the rule change - if Tesla wanted to monitor your usage they'd probably be doing it already.
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    All [new] home EV chargepoints will need smart chargers from next month [UK]

    I suspect they'll do an OTA to add the minimum timer functionality to make it 'smart' (defaulting to off peak, as required). They *might* even integrate it with the Tesla app.. but there's no requirement for them to do so.
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    Flashing red light on charger

    So.. water ingress? :p
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    London driving. Frequent very loud alerts. Lane departure? Avoidance? Driving me crazy.

    Because Elon has been such a reliable source of timelines in the past..
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    Full Service Manual - Free

    When they put it back up to $3000 in year 2 some people will get a shock :p
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    PCN in electric car bay

    They're a money making machine because most people think the PCNs are official and just pay up. They lose money if they take people to court and lose (and likely do if they win given the cost of doing it).
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    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    The rules are they can't require membership, which they aren't. Plenty of chargers out there require apps.
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    Tesla block supercharger

    They would probably argue that the SuC network is a private network you join when you buy a tesla, but it's not in their T&C (Terms | Tesla United Kingdom) - they give the right to terminate access for breach of the FUP but there's nothing about unilateral removal of access for other reasons...
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    Model Y low speed pedestrian safety sound

    The increased risk should be backed up by real data by now.. there are a lot of Hybrids out there, lot more than EVs and they run through cities on EV mode - have the number of accidents increased significantly? 40% increased risk should become obvious with quite low numbers. There may even be...
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    Here's how to charge with 32A commando in UK

    A matt:e is about £200, the proper RCD is about £100.. Sure you could probably get someone to throw a non compliant install in but why risk it?
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    Phantom drain not happening

    It's definitely improved.. it's not 0 but it's good enough you don't have to worry too much any more. I thought it might be improvements with the new processor in the Y but it seems it's also improved in the older cars as well. Good news.
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    Here's how to charge with 32A commando in UK

    Sure but you might as well install a type 2 charger in that case.. a bunch of the cost of installation is in meeting the regulations, which doesn't go away if you use a commando.
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    [UK] 2022.12.x

    That's been there for ages.. it was added when the start TACC at current speed was implemented.
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    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    I've been waiting for 2.5Gb to get more popular.. don't really need 10Gb and it doesn't look like it's coming down in price soon. OTOH with residential broadband available at 1Gb I want some overhead in the LAN to be able to use it..
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    2022 UK Model Y - please help me to sort a solution for playing music from USB

    Absolutely.. massive difference between hifi tracks and streamed tracks.
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    Charging speeds with CCS cable - public chargers

    No, none are needed. All chargers capable of delivering that rate have the correct plug.
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    Charging speeds with CCS cable - public chargers

    You don't get a CCS cable supplied, those are hardwired to the charger. CCS can give you up to 250kw with the right charger. You've been supplied with a type 2 which is 7 or 11kw depending on whether the charger you're using is 3 phase.
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    Insurance - Electric cars

    People would really pay 4 grand to install an S? That seems unlikely to me..
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    Powerwall versus Givenergy batteries

    There's so much demand right now even if you get a promising phone call you don't get any follow up if someone calls who's a bit more convenient/larger install/whatever. Except for the one that sent me a full quote for 17 panels and a powerwall without even looking at the house, even on google...
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    Nav/Map update EU-2022.12-13877

    https://www.teslafi.com/firmware.php says that someone in Turkey just got it (that one doesn't need an account). Also firmware 2022-12-22 software maybe matching it?
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    Intelligent Octopus

    Good apps don't poll the active state - you can get quite a bit without waking the car. Teslafi, teslamate, etc. all do this.
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    TeslaMate [megathread]

    Intelligent octopus is known to keep the car awake
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    [UK] 2022.12.x

    Something going on at the backend this morning.. I can connect to the car but charge stats was empty (now returned to normal) and my loan summary says £0 owed!
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    Twitter's new owner

    Much as I like Elon, I think he'd be terrible as a president..
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    Twitter's new owner

    Free speech is basically the right to criticise the monarch or by extension whoever happens to be in power without having your head cut off. It really doesn't have much to do with speech between private citizens, which could never in a practical sense be restricted anyway. What worries me is...
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    When do you get a registration number

    You can get an insurance quote based entirely on the description of the car up to 2 months ahead, just tell them the reg on the day.
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    Apple CarPlay in the UK?

    Yeah I think their mapping data is more detailed than a normal satnav hence they do a lot of the work themselves.. often not particularly well, though (they've had to roll back entire map updates as they were so crap).
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    MY order has disappeared from the account page - is this usual?

    If it's a lease the leaseholder takes over the order (because they own the car).
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    Twitter's new owner

    Ebay bought skype (2.6bn), then sold it at a loss (1.9bn) to an investment company, then microsoft bought it for a lot more (ebay then recouped their loss, since they still owned 30% of it at that point albeit no longer in control) and used the technology for teams etc.
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    Trade in values seem high again ?

    EAP is a zero cost to them at resale and also increases the value to the buyer (on the flip side if a car had FSD Tesla can remove it and try to entice the new owner to give them more money for it). Making the baseline second hand cost so high means the perception of Tesla as a 'high value'...
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    Twitter's new owner

    Users = Value is a bit of a shareholder myth, but as long as the myth holds, people will keep paying the money. When it breaks, the money goes away. Ebay bought skype because it had 54 million users.. and made a huge loss because, well, skype users != ebay users, and anyone could have seen...
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    Admiral. The black box just plugs into the cigarette port which is nicely hidden on the Tesla, so it's no bother. Although they did send me an email suggesting 'drive less' - I'd done 200 miles in a month (bad weather, working from home, etc.)
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    I never got the difference between the M3 and Y in quotes.. M3.. coming down year on year, was about to be offered £350. MY.. had to take a black box to get it down to £500. They're the same car except the MY is a bit bigger and slower.
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    Twitter's new owner

    I have no idea what he wants to do with it.. people talking like he'll remove all the moderation so it becomes more of a shithole than it already is.. but my thinking is he's had his fill with shorts spreading dumb *sugar* about Tesla on it so he may well go in the opposite direction (AI bot kills...

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