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  1. Wennfred

    Requesting Blox Spacers Reviews/inputs

    Been using those same Blox spacers since 2019, if you do a search I posted on them, still on the car and has not caused any problems. 35,000 miles.
  2. Wennfred

    How low are you comfortable going on range estimator on a trip?

    Just completed another road trip, 5400 miles round trip from San Diego to Miami, Miami to Brunswick Georgia and back to San Diego, no issues arriving to each supercharger, the navigation is very accurate. Today I just get in the car and go.
  3. Wennfred

    Cleaning Inside Windshield or Front Camera Lenses

    Good to know, I was about to take the whole assembly down to clean the windshield inside, the night video is very bad.
  4. Wennfred

    Best speed for road trips?

    I find 75mph is best for me, completed a 6400-mile trip last year in my 2020 Model Y and I pretty much kept it at 75, no issues, this May I will be driving cross country again to Miami and then up to Portland Maine and back to San Diego. So, this trip will be more then 6400 miles and will keep...
  5. Wennfred

    Front License Plate Wrap?

    Hi have one on each of my model 3 & Y, also the DMV will send you a letter extending the program. When I first got my first one, it only cost $50.00 the one for the Model Y which was a year later was $80.00. Note that on the Y it gave me Radar problems with Auto Pilot so the plate was a little...
  6. Wennfred

    How to Fix the Sagging Sun Shade in the Model Y

    You will need 10 of these strong magnets, these come with the double sided tape for the 5 that stick under the glass. So 3 sets down the center from front to back and 2 sets on each side closer to the center pillars. You can paint these or use a black sharpie marker. LOVIMAG Super Strong...
  7. Wennfred

    Dead Screen after 2021.36.5.6

    Found a computer today, being installed right now, can’t pick it up till Saturday. Fred
  8. Wennfred

    App for tracking stats

    If you do get them like Stats, Tezlab and Teslafi make sure that they are not continually polling your car as this will also eat up battery. I no longer use Teslafi but do use ABRP and Tezlabs for my trips. Fred
  9. Wennfred

    Dead screen after 20.36 update.

    Just like Drke, computer will need to be replaced on the Model Y. He got his computer relaced on the Model 3 last year. Fred
  10. Wennfred

    Dead Screen after 2021.36.5.6

    Update, just like the post of the guy with the Model 3 a year ago, the computer will need to be changed out. So no computer in stock but one should arrive first thing next week. I will be taking the Model 3 SR+ to Vegas tomorrow, no issues with the SR+ as I prefer to drive it more because it’s...
  11. Wennfred

    Dead Screen after 2021.36.5.6

    Hard reset didn’t work at Tesla, so it’s staying for more diagnostics, suppose to get a call later with results.
  12. Wennfred

    Dead Screen after 2021.36.5.6

    They called me today (Monday) and allowed me to come in so they can try the Hard Reset. Will see what happens, currently in Service status. That’s great customer service. Fred
  13. Wennfred

    Dead screen after 20.36 update.

    Hard Reset with the Contractor didnt work, So either the screen or the computer is dead. I have a Mobile Service call for Tuesday from 8am - Noon, hopefully this guy can fix it, Im leaving for Las Vegas that afternoon. Fred
  14. Wennfred

    Dead Screen after 2021.36.5.6

    Set up a Mobile service call for Tuesday from 8am - Noon, I leave for Las Vegas at 1pm so hopefully this guy can fix it, the Hard Reset by removing the contractor didnt work, so Im guessing either the computer or the screen.
  15. Wennfred

    Dead Screen after 2021.36.5.6

    I just returned from a 7 day trip, model Y not plugged in but plenty of charge, car does drive, signal lights, head lights but No Screen, tried the reboot, that didnt work, going to try the D/C Contractor disconnect and see if that resets it all. Note, I can not connect to the Model Y via the...
  16. Wennfred

    Dead screen after 20.36 update.

    Just came back from my 7 day vacation and have the same issue with the model Y, same as what the OP posted, tried the reboot, the model y drives, signal lights, break lights, dome lights, headlights but no screen. Model 3 is working find. Will post in the Model Y forum, just reporting the same...
  17. Wennfred

    Advice needed on waking up Model 3 [salvage car sitting for 1 year unplugged]

    Yes read the instructions I posted above.
  18. Wennfred

    Advice needed on waking up Model 3 [salvage car sitting for 1 year unplugged]

    Try the contractor disconnect, it’s under the back seat. This should get things started. https://www.mountainpassperformance.com/tesla-model-3-hard-reset/
  19. Wennfred

    Is vampire drain still a thing?

    As long as you have everything turned off, Dashcam, Sentry mode, Smart Sunmon, climate over protection mode and any other 3rd party apps that will poll your car like Teslafi or A better route planner etc… you should be fine, I use TezLab to push it into Deep Sleep mode and leave it alone. Zero...
  20. Wennfred

    Why is Tesla's online store such garbage?

    Like zPaul above, never had issues ordering directly from Tesla, also when it comes to their adapter they say out of stock, Recd a faulty CHAdeMO adapter and it was replaced right away after it being checked out by the Moblie ranger. Went into the Service Center on a Saturday morning and picked...
  21. Wennfred

    7 Seater MY underbin storage?

    There is no 2nd storage with the 7 seater, the 5 seater has that 2nd storage where I keep my portable charger and tools. This is a picture of the 2nd storage, the 7 seat version takes up this space. Fred
  22. Wennfred

    Hansshow Power Frunk Trouble

    I learned to stay away from their products as they mostly failed, lots of youtube videos on this problem, I got stiffed on a set of side mirrors for my model Y, they sent the wrong ones for a model 3 and gave me the run around to get them changed out. I wont buy anything from them. Fred
  23. Wennfred

    How does the new car wash mode work?

    Check YouTube on this feature, lots of content on it already. Fred
  24. Wennfred

    What is the story of Tesla owner tapping the back before charging?

    At first I was confused with the question, it’s the Charge Port they are tapping on. Fred
  25. Wennfred

    Anyone tried this model y trunk bin? How does it work compare with official one?

    Way over priced, wait for it, will be $15.00 soon. Fred
  26. Wennfred

    Tesla CHAdeMO adapter

    Today the most commonly commercial EVSE would be Electrify America, these are located at Walmart’s and Target stores and also shopping malls. This past May I completed a 6478 mile 14 day trip across the nation and back, did not use the CHAdeMO at all, yes it’s good to have but not needed. The...
  27. Wennfred

    Have you wrapped your Model 3/Y yet?

    If you don’t have experience wrapping cars, don’t do it, it’s a pain and requires lots of patience, pay the extra money and have a pro do the job. I didn’t wrap both my Tesla’s I just had frontal Xpel PPF installed, probably the best thing I’ve done from the 50 or so mods Fred
  28. Wennfred

    Owners Manual Crashes Model Y Software?

    Same thing happened last week, as far as the guy that said why would you us the on-screen manual, well it’s right there, why would I need to stuff more papers in my glove box and it’s our preference to look up things on the screen, I happen to be looking for the opening the hood with out power...
  29. Wennfred

    Tesla Model Y, Dancing Hood.

    Good to know, thanks. Also do you recall how long they had the car to make that repair, I’m guess a Moblie ranger can also do the job. Fred
  30. Wennfred

    Model Y 6400 mile road trip

    I’m back, Dennisis correct, if you set the Nav straight to your destination, for example San Diego to Key West Florida, it will map it all out. Each stop it tells you how much you need to charge up to this Percentage and go. It was so cool because no matter if you hammered it or not you always...
  31. Wennfred

    Tesla Model Y, Dancing Hood.

    I just parked and got my first Open Hood Notification, wasn’t fast enough to capture a photo, If anyone has a photo of that screen can you post it here, Thanks
  32. Wennfred

    Model Y 6400 mile road trip

    Currently on the road, will answer questions when I get home. Thanks Fred
  33. Wennfred

    Tesla Model Y, Dancing Hood.

    My Appointment is August 17th.
  34. Wennfred

    Tesla Claims Warranty is Void Due to Aftermarket Puddle Lights

    March 2019 Model 3 SR+ … installed puddle lights in April 2019, now 28k miles with window issues. Fred
  35. Wennfred

    12V battery replacement [by tesla mobile service]

    On average 2 years.
  36. Wennfred

    2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance All Season Tires?

    I’m running Cross Climate Plus, great all season tire, one of the best rated. Will look for a tire chart which I have linked somewhere. https://www.skytopia.com/project/articles/tesla/tires.html Fred
  37. Wennfred

    Unhappy with the Resale value for my 2019 Model 3

    I was thinking of upgrading to a 2021 SR+ to get the version 3.0 computer, and with the added range is also a plus but like you I will have to wait for the replacement, haven’t looked on the website for the wait time. Fred
  38. Wennfred

    Should I buy a SR 3?

    As far as tire noise on my SR+ I use the Cross Climate Plus, there are quiet and great all weather tires.
  39. Wennfred

    Should I buy a SR 3?

    I use the Tesla wall connector inside the Garage for the LR model Y, and a Bosch 240 32amp EVSE for my SR+ outside, it’s plenty of juice and works fine. I owned a 2011 Leaf & a Chevy Volt. Fred
  40. Wennfred

    Should I buy a SR 3?

    The only advantage of purchasing a SR+ today is that it will come with version 3.0 computer and you will be able to subscribe to FSD. Other then that, the price is still great and the added range is also great. I was thinking of selling this 2019 SR+ to get the new one with 3.0 FSD computer...
  41. Wennfred

    Bought a Tesla Friday and its Screen states it's an Model 3 Long Range SSE

    Doesn’t look like the previous owner did a factory reset when they sold the car. It’s good to reset the car so that you can clear out all personal information. Fred
  42. Wennfred

    Bought a Tesla Friday and its Screen states it's an Model 3 Long Range SSE

    SSE is the name of that car, you can change the name to whatever you want to call it by pressing on the top where it says Easy Entry and at the bottom of that black box it will say Drivers Profile Settings, there you will rename your and delete the SSE name, your App will then automatically...
  43. Wennfred

    My 12 volt battery is almost dead; my Tesla app doesn't work & and I can't talk to a dealer

    If you can get to the back corner of your trunk, you might be able to get to charge port release cord.
  44. Wennfred

    My 12 volt battery is almost dead; my Tesla app doesn't work & and I can't talk to a dealer

    Make sure to pull the cable all the way out so that the other end will come out with it, the 12 volt battery will need to be dead for this to work. It won’t allow the hood to open if you still have power to the car.
  45. Wennfred

    My 12 volt battery is almost dead; my Tesla app doesn't work & and I can't talk to a dealer

    I made a video that shows how to open the front Tow bar port to connect a 9 volt battery to it to open the hood. Once the hood is open you can get to the 12 volt battery to charge it or swap it out. You will need a 10mm wrench so make sure you buy one and keep it close by. Note that you won’t...
  46. Wennfred

    Unhappy with the Resale value for my 2019 Model 3

    I decided to hold off on any sales and purchases, my 2019 M3 SR+ is a solid car, no issues, I am waiting for the newer 4680 batteries to see how much more range we can get. 400+ miles is my sweet spot. Fred
  47. Wennfred

    August Order Estimate Delivery

    That will most likely change again to next year, the initial delivery date message is computer generated. Everyone gets this message and then later you will get an actual delivery date or a phone call by a sales rep to up sale you something else that is currently in stock. As far as Model Y...
  48. Wennfred

    Any problems or challenges in having two Model 3's in the same household?

    Like everyone above, I have a M3 & MY, the model Y is LR so it takes the spot in the garage with the Tesla wall charger. The model 3 sits outside connected to a level 2 Bosch charger, this EVSE is the one I used for my Leaf & Volt. Works well and no issues. So if you want to save and get...

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