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  1. Puma2020

    Any other owners second guess if their next car should be another Tesla?

    I love my 2020 Y LR. However, a new one would cost about $27K more now (including FSD). I would have a very hard time justifying that given all of the options now available. The question is, what would be the purpose of the new vehicle. If you want to take long trips with it (as it will be...
  2. Puma2020

    Radio won't play?

    I do not have Premium Connectivity, so will answer no.
  3. Puma2020

    Radio won't play?

    Had an interesting moment today with the radio. It was set to a local station. I got into the car and started driving it. No sound from the radio. I turned up the volume. No sound. I tried changing to another channel pre-set. Nothing. I pressed the radio icon and pressed yet another radio...
  4. Puma2020

    Detroit to Boston in Model Y LR

    Congratulations on your successful trip. My wife's family is in Michigan (KZ area), so I do most of that trip a couple of times each year. Guilderland near Albany, NY is a nice stop. Big shopping mall with 20 chargers .vs. the 6 at the other Albany SC. Both are 150 kWh (V2) so better chance...
  5. Puma2020

    Anyone interested in Temp vs energy consumption charts?

    This is interesting. Thanks. However it is not really showing efficiency but instead how the Y uses more power in the colder temps than in the warmer temps, although above 85 or so, appears to show more energy used as well. Since cold air is more dense, it does that more energy to push...
  6. Puma2020

    Should I buy this Model X 90D?

    As someone with experience at autobahn speeds and the resulting decrease in efficiency, I agree that you should make sure there are SCs (Super Chargers) along the route you will be using. I believe that Switzerland limits autobahn speeds to 130 kph but that is still fast enough to hurt...
  7. Puma2020

    Blue MYP With Aftermarket Wheels

    After suffering 2 dented rims in 2 different incidents within the first 10 months of ownership, I went with the TSportline 19" Sport Grey wheels. 9 months later, no issues, so far. Still using the original tires. 16K miles. Haven't noticed any range differences.
  8. Puma2020

    Emergency Alert sounds on speakers!

    While driving yesterday, I heard this, for the first time... in 2 years! YIKES!!! Startled me quite a bit. No indication of anything wrong. Nothing! Screen was normal, nothing inside or outside seemed amiss. Just the loud beeping. I thought it sounded like the emergency alert tones. I had...
  9. Puma2020

    Proactive Emergency Alert

    Ford Lightning EF-150 has this capability. Really cool but... there are, of course, caveats. I think Youtube's Engineering Explained did a good job talking about it. The big one is you need to have 320A coming into your house! To allow the 80A circuit to the garage!
  10. Puma2020

    Emergency System Alert Sound - Yikes!

    While driving yesterday, I heard this, for the first time... in 2 years! Yikes is correct. Startled me quite a bit. No indication of anything wrong. Nothing! Screen was normal, nothing inside or outside seemed amiss. Just the loud beeping. I thought it sounded like the emergency alert tones...
  11. Puma2020

    Charging Amp Limit to 32A

    Although I have a 14-50 installed on a dedicated 50 amp circuit, Tesla will set the limit to 80% or 40 amps. I manually told the charging screen to limit it to 32A (about 8kW) and it's held the 32A for the last 2 years through multiple software updates. Of course, the very next update could...
  12. Puma2020

    Pumping gas is HARD!

    It's been about 2 years or so since I was at a gas station. However, we'd run out of gas for the snow throwers and so needed to get more for the next storm. My wife's Prius was finally below 1/2 of a tank. Turns out that if you use the EV for around town and with a pandemic, not going to as...
  13. Puma2020

    Ioniq 5 vs Model Y

    Did they add a BTMS (Battery Thermal Management System) to the US models? For the Kona EV, the Canadian version had a BTMS but the US version did not. We should have learned from the 1st gen Nissan Leaf, never to even think about an EV without a BTMS.
  14. Puma2020

    MY 188 mile commute -or- can we make it home without charging?

    You seem to have a good grasp of what you are doing. The weather does play a big role for your commute. Up here, today, while the temps will be in the low 20's, the wind chill is in the single digits or below zero. That kind of wind matters especially if it is a head wind. Cold winter air is...
  15. Puma2020

    Cross Country Road Trip - Car in Service

    Road TRIP!!! Having done several 1,000+ mile road trips in my LR Y, it's just a great car for it. Having to stop every 2-2.5 hours to charge, actually made the trip so much easier. The back, knees and bladder really, really appreciated the breaks. On a long trip, the charging stops were...
  16. Puma2020


    I also installed a 14-50. However, I manually lowered (via charging screen) the charge rate to 32A, which works out to be about 8kW. Tesla will usually set the charging to 80% of the circuit (40A on a 14-50). Rarely do I get home with the batteries of less than 20%, so I plug in and in a few...
  17. Puma2020

    Most informative Car Based websites

    Seriously, no one has any recommendations for decent EV car sites? I am stuck with https://www.teslarati.com/ or https://electrek.co/
  18. Puma2020

    Most informative Car Based websites

    Wanted to get your opinion on what websites do you like for car information?
  19. Puma2020

    Does the model 3 need to be fettled to be a daily driver?

    I am assuming 200 miles/week. You'll want to charge at home at least every 100 miles, mostly because why not? One advantage to EVs, is every morning you wake up and have a "full" tank... although normally "full" is 75 or 80 or 85% depending on your preference. Other than that, the tire TPS...
  20. Puma2020

    Safety Score

    Most days after driving, I check the score. just for fun. Mostly 100. Sadly, yesterday I got a 97 because I was in AutoPilot... Not Tesla's FSD AutoPilot, but human AP, not remembering my destination. The non electronic navigation reminder system (my wife) didn't chime in soon enough, with "I...
  21. Puma2020

    ABRP radically underestimates cost to charge

    I completed several long (900+ miles each) trips with my LR Y. The ABRP price estimate was half (or worse) of what the actual price was. However, ABRP did map out good routes (and alternates) and give me a great sense of what SC's were available and how many stops I'd need. Also ABRP doesn't...
  22. Puma2020

    Fuel saving opinions please

    Can you charge it at home or perhaps work? One of the big advantages of EVs is that you can wake up each day with a "full" tank. Plus home charging is typically much cheaper than supercharging (unless it's free, which it may not be in your case). 50K miles a year = 4,166 miles per month / 20...
  23. Puma2020

    Driver seat question

    I have set my Easy Entry to be slightly forward of my driving seat position, with the steering wheel retracted towards the front. You can also have the seat raised a bit if you prefer. I do that so it is easier to get to the dog crate that is directly behind me.
  24. Puma2020

    How to use FSD/autosteer

    I use FSD on long trips. Around town, phantom braking is an issue but you can learn where those spots are and avoid them. Plus the updates have improved/reduced them. On highways, while on a long trip, FSD is mostly great (98%)! Having it center you in the lane actually helps reduce the...
  25. Puma2020

    14-50 charging installation

    You can also set your Tesla (via charging screen) to only pull 32A (80% of 40A) when you charge. That would be more than enough to fully charge your car each night.
  26. Puma2020

    Only getting 6kW from a 30kW charger!

    Yes, driving an EV is different than ICE as we all have experienced. Much like learning to drive initially, you have to get taught how to fuel up and learn about octane values and other such info. Good Luck with your new educational fun.
  27. Puma2020

    Seeking Opinions on MY vs alternate

    1) I find the Y, much like other EVs, very quiet. Of course, it also depends on road type, tires, etc... The lack of an engine noise can bother some drivers, especially those with standard transmission experience who are used to listening for the engine. 2) I do not have a 3rd row, but I think...
  28. Puma2020

    Reflecting on Tesla Service & Parts

    I got the lighted reflectors over a week ago and then got then installed with the help of a friend. It took about 2 hours, much longer than expected but most of that was due to learning as we went. The lights look awesome. I think it'll actually improve the safety as it's make turn signals more...
  29. Puma2020

    Planning a roadtrip to Yellowstone from the bay area on the Y - any tips?

    There are superchargers in West Yellowstone and also down south in Jackson Hole. Plug Share shows L2 chargers at Old Faithful, Mammoth and Canyon Village. Canyon Village is a reasonable stop over point, as you can easily go to Mammoth and Lamar Valley. I recommend going to Norris Geyser Basin...
  30. Puma2020

    Picture of your Model Y - Right Now!

    With my new Space Grey T-Sportline wheels first time ever, that I had to buy custom wheels, but after cracking 2 of the originals, I'm hoping this prevents future issues. The car seems to ride smoother and softer, but I don't understand how a wheel (and not tire) change could affect that...
  31. Puma2020

    Inaccurate Range Stressed New Owner

    If you are still stressed, you should also look at: https://www.teslarati.com/ford-mustang-mach-e-guinness-world-record-ev-efficiency/ Originally a model 3 set the record going 606 miles on a single charge. Then a model S broke that record going 701 miles on a single charge. The Ford Mach E...
  32. Puma2020

    What's with these wheels?

    Although I did wash the car recently, it's hard to keep it clean with all of the rain we've had in July. A little over 1" of rain in the entire month of June, but now the rain gods are shining on us. Will definitely help the 2 year drought we've been in. here is a picture of the car with the...
  33. Puma2020

    What's with these wheels?

    well, didn't get a lot of suggestions. However, I did find EE YT's video from a year ago In that he mentioned T Sportline but also gave some good information on tires. So I have decided to bit the bullet and go with some new T Sportline wheels. Will follow up after they are delivered and...
  34. Puma2020

    Reflecting on Tesla Service & Parts

    Yes, the part was delivered, and I installed it. I am surprised that it fell off in the first place. There are 3 places where it attaches to the bumper. The first connection is an L shaped hook that goes in and then you have two push button snaps that go in with a satisfying click. My baby...
  35. Puma2020

    First issue - passenger side b-pillar camera fogged up

    I have had the same notification up here in NH several times in the year that I have now owned my Y. Mostly due to condensation but something the sun at the correct angle can cause it. It has happened about 6-8 times so far. It tends to clear itself up with time.
  36. Puma2020

    What's with these wheels?

    19" Gemini
  37. Puma2020

    What's with these wheels?

    I admit that the first wheel to be cracked was my fault (sort of). I was on Auto Pilot at dusk. I did see what looked like to me as a paper bag in the road. I didn't try to avoid it, neither did AP. *WHACK* It was closer to a small length of a 2x2 piece of wood. That wasn't pleasant...
  38. Puma2020

    Reflecting on Tesla Service & Parts

    The price for the reflector turns out to be $30. Still seems high to me but c'est la vie. That is what you get when buying a "luxury?" car. However, I couldn't resist and I also purchased the upgrade kit. That just looked really cool to me although I'm not likely to ever see it in action...
  39. Puma2020

    Reflecting on Tesla Service & Parts

    Holy Cow! Just got the estimate for the reflector. $187 I still think it should be covered under the warranty. Still discussing things with the service team. The $187 also included the labor (which since they are just sending me the part isn't being done by them). They are fixing the estimate...
  40. Puma2020

    My perspective on EV cross country travel... Tesla vs other EV's and ICE's

    I have done long trips, JAX, FL to/from NH in an ICE car several times. The car was getting a bit over 40 mpg, so the stops were spread out. Plus I was a few years younger. I just finished a 4,000 mile road trip with my LR AWD Y. It was awesome. Having to stop every 2 or 2.5 hours was a...
  41. Puma2020

    Reflecting on Tesla Service & Parts

    While on my recent road, I sadly discovered that one of the rear reflectors had fallen off. How can an owner get a new part? I waited until I got back home to deal with a nearby service center (only 1.5 hours away). I scheduled a service appointment (about 1.5 weeks in the future) using the...
  42. Puma2020

    All the cars I've owned

    1967 - Chevy Impala - 3 speed on the column 1976 - Mazda RX-4 - 5 speed stick 1983 - Dodge Sapporo 1985 - Dodge Caravan - Guess who got married? 1992 - Ford Taurus 1998 - Toyota Camry 2003 - Toyota Corolla Sport - 5 speed (to teach the kids how to drive a stick) 2011 - Hyundai Elantra (when one...
  43. Puma2020

    Model Y Vs Deer

    Yes, it is interesting how crystal clear we can be to each other and still have some miscommunication. I was playing on a team with my daughter's boyfriend, who was a physics PhD student. Very bright kid. He was trying to make me guess a word and I got to the word prism. He got excited and...
  44. Puma2020

    insane road trip of 2021

    Someone asked, so I thought I'd add this. At speeds of 75 or 80 mph, the car was using about 315-320 wh/mi. For the trip, mostly highway, mostly 74-83 mph, I got: The last 150 miles were up and down hills at 50 mph or less. The Tesla is great on hills. Same speed up and down. Handles...
  45. Puma2020

    Please school me on supercharging issues

    Did you tell the car's navigation to go to the supercharger? That will give the car a time estimate to precondition the battery to help the charge rate. Also were their other cars charging at the SC? Did you make sure that you were not sharing the DC input load. v1 (120kW) and v2 (150 kW)...
  46. Puma2020

    insane road trip of 2021

    Took a picture of the road trip damage, to try and get the part replaced.
  47. Puma2020

    insane road trip of 2021

    Went for my first big road trip since getting my AWD LR Y last June. Managed to drive 4,292 miles in 14 days. I learned a lot about the car, which I wanted to pass along to those slightly less insane than I am. The first part of the trip was from NH to MI to visit some family. I took the middle...
  48. Puma2020

    Why did Tesla remove option to disable regenerative braking?

    I had issues coming from a standard and driving my LR AWD Y with the standard regen. I was used to coasting up to lights and the regen was too strong. Initially, I set it to low regen which helped. Made it similar to the Prius regen mentioned above. However, as I started going up and down...
  49. Puma2020

    Dog Mode

    I LOVE dog mode. I use it frequently, even when the dogs are not in the car. I do like the fact that getting in and out of the car doesn't shut down the climate. In the winter, it's nice to return to a warm car. In the summer, it's nice to return to a cool car. How much range/battery does Dog...
  50. Puma2020

    Dog Mode ?

    I LOVE dog mode. I use it frequently, even when the dogs are not in the car. I do like the fact that getting in and out of the car doesn't shut down the climate. In the winter, it's nice to return to a warm car. In the summer, it's nice to return to a cool car. How much range/battery does Dog...

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