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    Any experience of wall chargers on a listed building?

    The charger can always be stuck on a post or camouflaged , no need to hang it on the building.
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    Battery to charge the battery

    The obvious solution is a honking great diesel genny and 3 doz 70 amp lead acid batteries to charge. When they're all full you re-wire them in series and jolt 400v directly into your CCS port. Could be amusing.....just the once...
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    North Wales charging.

    We so have leckytrickey in my neck of the valleys - even got digital tinterynet wi' on/off switch for uploads and light bulb for downloads....
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    The thing I thought I’d like the most about my Model 3 is the thing I like the least

    There's a fourth possibility that tesla may have scattered variations of software even with the same release number by some additional factor such as some VIN digits - enough monkeys/typewriters approach...
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    Road Trip Checks

    A cool box on back seat or boot with snacks and drink plus a thermos and AA/RAC cover. And a book
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    Puncture repair options (Hankook 19”)

    tyre gunk probably won't work in a foam lined tyre and you have to be careful re varieties of gunk that they don't destroy your TPMS. Gunks work with particulate matter that has to get through the foam to the hole. Some variations use fibres which over time can ball-up and lead to tyre...
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    Alternatives to a tesla *gasp*

    So what's the most greenerer then? (Sorry, couldn't resist)
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    Model 3 brake service at home

    It's not damage to the car that should worry you. It's any bits of you it falls on. How about a test jacking, measure the angles under your trolley jack and make up a wooden safety block to slide in there?
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    Gridserve Charger Sites in UK [megathread]

    Moving it to vacuum could be an issue unless you have an engine hoist as a hatstand :D
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    Alternatives to a tesla *gasp*

    If all the supercharger network opens up then Rivian with the electric pull out hob will be a cool way to take up 2 spaces and save on revolting services food. The with Lucid air coming and the merc options Tesla will have to do something if they want to compete against quality
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    Alternatives to a tesla *gasp*

    In a similar quandary - my S is 4 years old. I have sat in a Y but not test driven one. Sitting in it it felt claustrophobic compared to the S for someone of my height. I also have free supercharging. My original 'plan' was to have the S for 3 years and swap to a roadster. No sign of that on the...
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    Number plate security and attachment

    There are tapes marketed as 'Automotive permanent' from 3M and others that might be the logical choice.
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    How Secure Are Teslas?

    How hard is it to have a simple keyfob that only switches on when you press it and turns off after a few milliseconds = n signal to piggyback?
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    32amp Commando Socket on Tesla Gateway 2

    I thought powerwall could only deliver 5KW continuous? How would a parallel link work to keep things balanced? Will you remember to drop the draw in the car when you plug in?
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    Tesla Jobs UK

    wet/frost/dry with/full/driving licence wife/friend/dog weather/fu*****/dismal working/five/days ?????
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    Model 3 inductive charging.......

    There's a much simpler way of powering EV's on the move with existing tech
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    A little light humour

    I took my S locally for a new tyre. As the mechanic bent down to loosen the lug nuts, my S hooted and flashed it’s lights. He was startled and I said to him. " Jeez, man,, you should have warmed your hands first." (perhaps I'll remember to turn security off next time)
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    All [new] home EV chargepoints will need smart chargers from next month [UK]

    ..so everyone just installs a 32A commando?
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    Any computer geniuses that know how to harvest pdf's from the Tesla service manual?

    I'm way out of touch in messing about with scripts but can't you just cheat and use nested macros in a word processor to run through the list pulling in the pages and saving as PDFs?
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    Tesla Model Naming - I think they missed a trick

    Or call the Y the I then have the cyber as E and save R for the roadster? Or just call it the 'who knows when' How about: Canna Ford Audi Doodie Merc Antilles Porsche Git Ferrari Roche .....
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    Elon Musk documentary/factual tonight

    Before I bought my S and for several months after I was an EM fan but no longer. Admittedly he has made a pile through finding and funding niche and innovative products but any suggestion of altruism is misplaced however much he promotes that. As for Twitter.. well a mere billion default is...
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    Tyre Goop/ puncture sealant

    Reply form 'Goop' "Very good question, it's funny you say this as I personally had 2 new tyres fitted on my car a few weeks ago which had foam linings in, which I was not even aware of until then. (Continental) so I'm not entirely sure as to whether it will or won't work. It's a bit of a tricky...
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    Tyre Goop/ puncture sealant

    I'm fully aware of the tyre insides - seen some of mine being repaired. The reason for considering this product is because it's fibre free and remains washable. Whether the particles are small enough to get through foam and work is why I'm hoping for a reply from manufacturers. Apparently you...
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    Tyre Goop/ puncture sealant

    I’ve just received some to use in slow punctures on a couple of agri vehicles I own. The instructions explain that it can be used as a permanent preventative for the life of a tyre in any vehicle, whether tubed or tubeless and TPMS safe. I have emailed the Co to check specifically with foam...
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    Model 3 Trashed on Dirt Video

    Water in the wiring harness..lost traction control and steering but had to get to work.
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    2015 model S key fob

    Better quality batteries. I had the same problem when I swapped out my fob batts for some spare unused one's bought the previous time - no shelf life on the pack so while stored lithium cells have a long shelf life there's no way to know quite how long they have been hanging about in some dodgy...
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    Instavolt - 57 p/kwh

    And petrol in Venezuela is 2p/litre. Even better value.
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    possible first time long distance + wrong side of the road. Tips? Mad?

    And if the new rules are in he could do the trip at 37mph and sleep the whole way apart from one refuelling....circa 20hrs.
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    possible first time long distance + wrong side of the road. Tips? Mad?

    I predate that. Dad's A55 with roof rack and 2 army surplus bivouacs and him insisting on a Dutch breakfast and then blasting to the eggerbrau in imst for schnitzel dinner. Campsites marked with a triangle in the AA mapbook as a rough guide to a hopeful field and undoing the fuel line to the...
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    possible first time long distance + wrong side of the road. Tips? Mad?

    you may be right. It's been a while since I last drove through Paris, several decades cos time flies. Matching manoeuvring speed to hit the circle round the arc de triomphe was always a laugh.
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    possible first time long distance + wrong side of the road. Tips? Mad?

    You'll be forced to stop every couple of hours or so for sparks anyway and satnav spoils the adventure compared to crossing Europe with a school atlas. When you arrive at your destination city after midnight due to a 5 hr customs holdup, then paying a taxi to follow him to find the hotel can win...
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    M3P Tyre Issues

    The gloss of Tesla ownership can fade quite quickly when cars are built as cheaply as possible and sold on fashion.
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    Any experience with cars being returned post repairs?

    Mines been in a few times (flat bedded there twice) and I’ve collected each time with up to 2 hrs each way (depending on where it got taken). You might be able to collect on a saturday to avoid time off work?
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    Used inventory MoT

    You don't state how old the car is or the extent of warranty. Have a good look at headlights and screens on an S. Running lights fading is common and paying for a replacement out of warranty is expensive. Screens had a bad history in the past with a few bubbling. It should have been valeted at...
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    possible first time long distance + wrong side of the road. Tips? Mad?

    In days of yore we just got in a car and got on with it. I’ve driven 800 miles in a day but that was 35 years ago so your age etc is a huge factor, More importantly if planning on splitting the trip up is why? Are you going to take the opportunity to do some sightseeing en route, staying for...
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    M3P Tyre Issues

    Self-evidently needs a new tyre. And the wheel being straightened? I wonder what Pirelli would say if you sent them a pic?
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    [Repair] Just bumped into someone in the car park…

    Absurd, isn't it? No wonder tesla insurance is so high.
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    Still in "diagnostics"

    These aids were brought to improve the survival rate. There's a world of difference between steering and braking a car that weighs 1ton more than those of old, I had the dubious pleasure of driving a '52 R-type Bentley for some months - same weight as a model 3- it had dodgy/intermittent power...
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    Elon Musk: A future worth getting excited about

    So-called corner cases happen all the time. Wobbly loads, shed tyres, accidents, police attendance, road works, fog, low sun, mud splashing on the cameras and more. These cars are at best a stepping stone to fsd. They're going to need way more powerful computers and camera washers at a minimum...
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    Still in "diagnostics"

    Safe to drive with caution is not safe to drive. Unexpected stuff happens on the road. I'd be limping back to the SC for a face to face with a tech.
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    Multiple warning messages

    I'm also from the era of driving ancient cars, Austin A30, A40, even a '52 R-type Bentley but I'd think twice about driving any modern car with multiple error displays even more so with today's traffic. All you need is for traction control or ABS to throw a wobbly or even to find a sudden loss...
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    Highway Code: Watching TV in self-driving cars to be allowed…

    4 miles of single track hills and blind bends, here. Perhaps I need to trade my Tesla for a horse and cart with a mattress in the back.
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    EV running costs starting to look expensive?

    The trouble with public transport is the disgusting passengers aboard...
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    EV running costs starting to look expensive?

    2 above=China Megabucks from EVs Argument that Cuba keeping ancient cars running v new car manufacture is also green... Just we have an economy dependant on buying stuff
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    Highway Code: Watching TV in self-driving cars to be allowed…

    "Insurance will be liable for claims" = premiums go up. Will they switch the nag off below 37 mph?
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    EV running costs starting to look expensive?

    You guys also forget the non-warranty repair costs such as when mine got nibbled by rodents, the Tesla cost if you ask to have alignment checked or the brakes properly serviced or for those unfortunates waiting weeks for new windscreen. No cheap electricity or smart meters here either but 25K...
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    Still in "diagnostics"

    I doubt anyone would choose to drive an iffy car with the issues you had as their weekend borrow..just as likely that there's an exaggerated drain and finally showing when you woke car up to check on it. Or if you were lucky they were test driving it on their weekend off as part of the...
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    Remote Temperature Monitoring

    Of course aware of no-dig. But not really practical at scale. I ploughed up a couple of 1/4 acre patches to start and despite losses etc had enormous quantities and varieties of all the standards but creating enough mulch and chip for that lot is also hard work to impractical. It takes me enough...
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    Remote Temperature Monitoring

    I have a lot of land here and grew all sorts of stuff but age and backache makes weeding no fun. I gave up growing cheap stuff like spuds due to the workload earthing up and digging - endemic scab meant to chucking nearly half the crop and then looking after 5 50kilo sacks for a years...

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