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    Has you driven with falcon wing doors open and had an accident?

    NO! There are enough warnings when you try to drive with any of the doors open. Pay attention. I am not sure how you can do this without seeing the large warning on the screen that the doors are open.
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    Model X Loaner Speed Limit Mode Help

    You are exactly why they have this limited. IT ISN'T YOUR CAR, so you should be driving it like it isn't, treating it with respect. You can beat the hell out of your own car, but this loaner needs to last through you and many more.
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    Sharing from Google map to Tesla not working?

    Worked fine for me just now with my 2018 MX v2022.12.3.20
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    2018 Model X extended warranty

    I have had the control arms replaced under the extended warranty. Just cost me the $200 fee.
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    2018 Model X extended warranty

    If you plan on keeping it another 3-4 years, definitely. My 2018 MX with 56,000 miles has developed front suspension issues and I too am keeping an eye on the doors. Each repair will cost you $200. If you have front end issues, door issues, or other mechanical or electrical issues one service...
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    Model X on Auto Train

    Even with the card key, if you don't turn off the walk away lock it may lock when the phone walks away. Myself, wife and two daughters had a the small bedroom when the girls were smaller. The upper bunk isn't too big but it was good for the 4 of us, but I don't believe they will let you book it...
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    Model X on Auto Train

    I have made the trip in my MX at least 6 times since 2018. Issues to watch for: 1) Turn off PIN on Drive if you use that. 2) if you have a newer MX (or any Tesla using your phone as a key) turn off lock on walk-away. 3) turn off sentry mode unless you want to use some battery power. On one trip...
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    Model X refresh to sell or not to sell?

    I have read several times where people were in the same boat. Waited so long for their 'refresh' that they made other plans and when their new MX came in they sold it. Then they received a letter from Tesla stating they had violated the terms of the contract with Tesla and are now given a life...
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    Suspension service near Westford?

    I had to leave it (for the whole day), and it took them a few hours late in the day. Against my better judgement, I picked it up after closing. They didn't have time to take it for a test drive, and it was squeaking as I left. Next time I will make sure they test drive it.
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    Suspension service near Westford?

    Which model Tesla do you have? I have had similar noises from my front right, and they replaced upper control arm and something else, but noise is still there, and now a noise as I turn the steering wheel. I have an appointment week after next in Peabody. I didn't want to drive to Watertown or...
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    unknown sensor or icon on touch screen

    I think that means something is very close to that fender. If nothing is there, then the sensors may be bad.
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    Model X 2017 P100D VS 2018 100D

    unless you are a speed demon, like to show off the acceleration and like to race a lot, go for the 2018 MX100D. Mileage also matters. I had the same thoughts when first purchasing my MX100D. People are very impressed with the standard acceleration of the non-P and it will still impress. I have...
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    First post - just received new Model X!

    Are you serious? The mobile adapters don't come with the cars anymore? My daughter picked up a M3 early this year and it still came with one, although only the 15a 120v plug and had to buy the 14-50 plug. That seems odd they would cheap out on that, especially on a 6 figure MX.
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    Moving 2021 X from USA to Europe

    Keep us updated. I am in Europe 3-5 months a year and actually looking at shipping my MX over for that time as right now it is cheaper than renting.
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    Need advice on 3rd party warranty coverage

    knowing the cost of the air suspension, it would depend on the current mileage and how many miles I expect to put on it a year and how long I would keep it. If I didn't think I'd exceed the 100k over the next 6 years, I'd go with the 6 year plan. The other thing to take into account is the...
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    Model X BMS and Contactor

    Can you please provide some additional information such as model and build month? I have just over 55,000 on my March 2018 MX100D. Hoping yours is an isolated case so also interested if anyone else has had the problem. I know of several MX's over 100,000 miles so we'll see. Did they give any...
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    Buying used Tesla Y or X.

    I have a 2018 Legacy Model X, without a cabin camera, and have the FSD Beta working just fine. FSD does not require a cabin camera.
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    parking in a charging spot

    I was at Ikea in Stoughton, MA Saturday and same thing. Two Model 3's in the EV charging spots, and only one plugged in. We were there for about an hour and when we left, it was still there.
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    Used 2018 Model X Getting Nervous! Should I Be?

    Looks like you have received a lot of good advice and nice stories. I bought my 2018 MX 100D new in 2018, and have never regretted it. I have read all the stories too, and hopefully not all of us have had the same issues. Mine was an early 2018, so had MCU1 which I upgraded to MCU2. That is a...
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    Driving to Canada

    Let us know how it goes. We may make a similar trip some day.
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    Can't enter address in Telsa App while requesting service

    The app lists [email protected] as the contact information for the app, so I sent them an email. Here's the response. So I guess everyone is out of luck as Tesla moves to more "no contact" policies.. Thank you for contacting Tesla. This email address is no longer monitored. Visit our...
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    Can't enter address in Telsa App while requesting service

    I have an issue and I am currently out of town. I've been trying to log a call with the service center back home for a couple of weeks. The problem I am having is when the app asks for my address, nothing I enter works. It used to start matching the address as I type, but nothing. If I enter my...
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    Tesla Model X noisy when braking AND the rim is turning gold colored from spindle outward. Anyone seen this before?

    Is this only on one wheel? Without seeing it, I'd guess your brakes on this wheel is engaged and overheating. Get it checked.
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    2020 LR+ Tire Replacement at Tesla

    I would use Discount Tire and get the road hazard warranty. If you have any issues after buying tires from Tesla, they do not warranty the tires. I bought first rear and later fronts for my MX at Discount Tire. They have the right equipment and I was able to get a discount.
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    driving score

    I had the same problem. I found that if you are in the right lane, someone going faster than you passes on the left, and after they pass you if you change lanes behind them before they are 3-5 car lengths past you you'll get flagged for following too close. You can also get dinged in stop and...
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    Blind spot camera on Model X

    I have MCU2 and it didn't happen. I am still glad that I upgraded, as it is so much more responsive than MCU1
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    Blind spot camera on Model X

    I would like to know this too. My display shows cars around me, but that's not the same as having the camera come on.
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    Tow U-haul Auto Transport help

    I towed a much smaller u-haul trailer with my 2018 MX 450 miles with the factory hitch, so I can't give you too much advice. Besides a loss in range, my biggest issue was finding chargers I could pull into instead of backing in. I did have to drop the trailer at least once when one wasn't...
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    Full Self Driving Capability - Not having full self driving?

    I believe it is available to all. I was able to request the upgrade via the app and that was a year ago.
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    Full Self Driving Capability - Not having full self driving?

    BTW, if you don't have HW 3.0, it is a free upgrade to anyone who has FSD purchased, which you do.
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    Full Self Driving Capability - Not having full self driving?

    They gave you all kinds of bad information. You will never have to pay for it, you clearly have it, when it is released. That's the caveat. Teslas are not fully self driving yet, so you have all of the advanced auto pilot features, navigate on auto pilot, etc. I forget which screen it is on, but...
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    Driver door stopped auto presenting Opens with fob, mcu, or handle just fine.

    Happened to me a year or so ago. It didn't make any sense as I could open with the screen, keyfob or handle. When I approached the car, the car would unlock, so I know it saw the key fob. I kept thinking it was a software update that broke it, but after a couple updates it still wasn't working...
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    Model X tyres skipping when on steering full lock

    It becomes more evident as your tires wear. I know the MX does not have the greatest turning radius, but you should always try to avoid full lock on most cars. My ICE does the same.
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    Recommended Body Shop in NH/MA

    I just checked with the Tesla service center, sent them photos, and the total cost for replacement including labor is under $70.00. Part is $55, plus tax and labor. lol. I have an appointment for Monday.
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    Recommended Body Shop in NH/MA

    I am in the Lowell area and I too am looking for a repair location closer than Ashland. Anywhere between Littleton and Lawrence, and Burlington to Nashua would do. Anyone have any suggestions. Progressive doesn't have anyone in their network that "Does Teslas" in the area. As you can see from...
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    2018 Tesla x 75d Seatbelt Buckles: Are these OEM?

    These are on my MX. Slightly different than yours and have "Press" on them. They do look different than yours. These are my front seat.
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    Frequent Tire Punctures (4 in 7 months) Killing My Love For My Model X- Avg Every six weeks

    I've had my MX for 4 years now, 60,000 miles. I have had one flat on my ICE and one on the X in the past 12 months. Previously I went over 30 years without a flat. I see lots of people on the side of the road with flats, a lot more than I used to. Maybe just more junk and debris on the roads.
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    Buying High mileage MX100D

    I'd check on the range to determine battery degredation.
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    Auto steer

    Yes, looks like AutoPilot was not purchased with the vehicle.
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    Auto steer

    As Thwang1585 says, you need to look under additional vehicle information. Here are screenshots from my autopilot and additional information screens
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    Auto steer

    I believe you have to have the Auto Pilot or Advanced Auto Pilot (or FSD). If you look at the available upgrades in the app, or the info screen in the car you should be able to tell if those are on that vehicle.
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    Ummm... My car won't turn on.

    I do know that during an update the car is unusable, however I have never tried. I always receive message telling me a new software update has been downloaded, I have to tell it to go ahead, and then I get a message that it is complete. Did you get those? I always assumed during an update the...
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    Rear center console for 2017 Model X

    Good point. I can't say for the others, but mine fits pretty firmly side to side, and I use two of the Weather Tech cargo tech to keep it from sliding forward. I have made several quick stops with it and it doesn't move. https://www.weathertech.com/cargotech/
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    Poor Range

    Range is dependent on several things. One big factor is weather. What was the outside temperature? Cold temps use more power, but then using the heat and other warming devices eat into it. Then there is speed. I get better range around town than on the motor way at high speeds where you get...
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    Wheel Speed Sensors have failed me twice

    What model/year X do you have? Can you post the part numbers and costs? What was the cost to have the SC to change them?
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    SXM on Model X?

    So you should have SXM Radio too.
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    SXM on Model X?

    Yes, and no. I believe all original 2018 MX had SXM. If it was an early Jan-Mar MX, it came with MCU1. If the MCU1 was upgraded to MCU2, FM and SXM would have been lost unless the Radio module (additional $500) was also installed with the MCU2. I opted not to get the Radio module, so I can't...
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    Rear center console for 2017 Model X

    I believe difficult to retrofit the Tesla console, although many like myself have gone with a removable ice chest or mini-fridge to fit in the gap for trips.
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    Charge Stats Not Showing In App

    My friend with an iPhone has it in the app. The last I looked, the Google app store did not have the updated app, but was available on mirror sites. The version will be 4.5.x. I currently have v4.4.4-847. Give it another few days and it should be updated.
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    Door not opening

    If it's enabled in the MCU, you might try rebooting, turning it off and back on, etc. If nothing helps, I had that issue with my 2018 MX and thought it started right after an update, but after several updates it still didn't auto-present. I could get it to pop open using the key fob, or by...

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