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    HPWC no longer charging after Infotainment Upgrade

    Thank you so much! I had heard this was a known issue, but could not find any of those threads, I have a friend with an older S and it charges fine on my HPWC, so it’s 100% a hardware incompatibility. I guess I could go set the dipswitches down to 40 amps, but I find that somewhat irksome.
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    HPWC no longer charging after Infotainment Upgrade

    Yeah, in hindsight there was not really a lot of value to me. I have a slight preference for Spotify and the screen is absolutely more responsive, but I really don't care about most of the games, etc.
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    HPWC no longer charging after Infotainment Upgrade

    You know that you can't talk to service without rebooting. ;)
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    HPWC no longer charging after Infotainment Upgrade

    I've got an V1 HPWC that charges at 80 amps on my dual charger P85D. It worked in a bulletproof fashion for many years. I brought the car in to replace a leaky LCD screen and they convinced me that the Infotainment Upgrade made more sense, so I did it. However, ever since I brought it home...
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    Supercharger - South Hill, VA

    Add me to the list of people who think this is a great supercharger. I've never experienced the bad smells and one Saturday night when I rolled in and all the spots were iced, someone came running out of the place to move their car. They told me that they try to keep one or two spots covered...
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    Nav 8.0 - UI not made for driving

    I've searched a dozen threads and failed to find this, so I'll drop a potentially dumb question here. Is there still a way to get a list of nearby superchargers and/or destination chargers? I can't find it from the new destination selector screen and it is very useful when you are in...
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    Supercharger - Woodbridge, VA

    Now that Laurel is open, there are more options for skipping this charger as well.
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    8.0 Lost or Degraded Capabilities

    I strongly prefer the new one. Pretty much the main thing I ever do is change music sources and that is far easier now. Adding the abillity to search TuneIn fixes something that has long annoyed me to such a degree that I generally just use the app on my phone and Bluetooth instead of trying...
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    Taking Freeway Exits with Update 8.0 on AP

    I think it might depend on how the exit lane marker is painted. I've had it work and I've had it fail.
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    AP in 8.0

    If you let it beep twice for the first two alerts, it still won't disable, so in that case it would take five audible alerts using your math. It is a rolling hour. I have arrived at the disabled prompt in the circumstances you describe in your second paragraph.
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    Supercharger - Laurel, MD

    Do any locals have a suggested best option?
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    What does "ignore" mean in 8.0?

    Yes. I find it quite quite difficult to miss the flashing display.
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    Firmware 8.0

    Do we have a definitive understanding of what the conditions are to disable autopilot for the remainder of the trip? So far, I've experienced the standard "Hands on the Wheel" dialog box in the bottom center of the screen and then the flashing border around the edge of the instrument cluster...
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    Supercharger - Norfolk, VA

    There was a kid murdered almost exactly the same distance from Woodbridge too: 23-year-old shot, killed as Woodbridge nightclub closed Food is better at Potomac Mills, though.
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    Supercharger - Norfolk, VA

    The murder was hardly "in an adjacent parking lot." It was on the other side of both Military Highway and Virginia Beach Boulevard (both very large divided 6 lane roads and even then at the Poplar Hall Drive intersection. Google says that is a mile away and more than a 17 minute walk. I also...
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    Tesla Product Announcement at noon

    Yeah, I'm looking at the numbers. Probably makes sense to wait until AP 2.0 anyhow.
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    Tesla Product Announcement at noon

    Any indication if they will offer the upgrade to p85d ludicrous owners?
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    Motor Trend buries dramatic "Tesla wins" results in new self steering comparison

    It may be true that the AP 1.0 camera fails to accurately estimate distances from time to time, but it isn't because it is or isn't in stereo. I have some experience with this phenomenon because I too lack stereo vision and as a result do not have true depth perception. Nonetheless, I can...
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    Motor Trend buries dramatic "Tesla wins" results in new self steering comparison

    Yeah, I thought this was an extremely pro-Tesla article throughout.
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    Virginia universities

    VCU in Richmond has two chargers in at least three of their parking garages.
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    Fatal autopilot crash, NHTSA investigating...

    No, NHTSA documents are admissible. However, people seem to be misunderstanding their role. They do not perform accident investigations in the way NTSB does at all. Their investigation is narrowly tailored to determine if Tesla's systems performed as expected and to determine if a recall or...
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    Tesla seeking to open Richmond facility

    The Times-Dispatch had a reporter at the first hearing and he told me then that he expected to cover this one as well.
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    Close Call (4% charge remaining) and Lesson Learned

    My experience is closer to Woland's than that of many of you. I frequently go out to my car in the parking lot at the end of the day and find a puddle underneath from the A/C or have employees report to me that the car is running. No "smart" preconditioning and no manual activation of the A/C...
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    Virginia Hearing, 4/25 -- Represent!

    LMAO. Last hearing would have hit 5 of those 6! Business attire would be fine and you would not have looked out of place. I expected to be at work that day, so I had on a corporate logo golf shirt and slacks. Most of the Tesla crowd were dressed less formally, but the participants on both...
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    Tesla seeking to open Richmond facility

    Last time a lot of us ended up parking near each other by coincidence. The part of the parking lot that fills up last is out by Broad Street, across from Arby's. You have to enter through the side street that runs between the Science Museum and DMV, so more people park on that side. We could...
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    Tesla seeking to open Richmond facility

    When you arrive, there is a security desk to the right. You show them your driver's license (or other id) and they'll make you a visitor's badge and escort you up to the hearing room when it is time for the hearing to begin. All of us will be milling around in the lobby beforehand.
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    Largest US coal-producer files for bankruptcy.

    The biggest driver is actually reduced demand for steel, as laid out nicely in Vox: The US coal industry is falling apart. Here's the surprising reason why.
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    Virginia Hearing, 4/25 -- Represent!

    Alas, probably not so impossible to predict. The VADA attorney indicated he plans to call numerous dealers to all say that they are eager to run a potential Tesla franchise (he referred to them repeatedly in the original hearing) and he also intends to hire his own expert witness. I'd say it...
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    View Waze Incidents on the Tesla browser

    I can't remember if anyone asked this earlier, but is it possible to attempt to orient the map with the direction of travel up?
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    Firmware 7.1

    I can confirm that it is real and activated by pulling the stalk very quickly 5 times.
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    Supercharger congestion - a modest proposal

    LOL. I was going to post more or less the same use case in reverse. Another one sort of all depends on meal times. If I leave home at 90% or even 100%, I can't safely make it straight through to Newark, but if I stop at Richmond (25 miles from my house) and top off while I grab a sandwich at...
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    Tesla seeking to open Richmond facility

    I sat next to that guy and gave him some background on break. He was generally sympathetic. I forgot about the "this is obscene" exchange. That was great.
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    Tesla seeking to open Richmond facility

    Tesla next called their accounting expert. I didn't catch his name. It was about what you'd expect from an accounting guy -- a pretty dry run-through of his spreadsheet calculating the maximum potential profit margin a dealership could make running a Tesla franchise. His primary take-away is...
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    Supercharger - Norfolk, VA

    Yeah, I've used it a few times. It really is a huge help. Last weekend I used it (over St Patrick's weekend) I got there at like 10% and discovered power was off to the entire complex. I didn't have enough charge to make it back to the house at the oceanfront and back to the charger later...
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    Tesla seeking to open Richmond facility

    The first expert to testify was Diarmuid O'Connell, who is a VP at Tesla and apparently one of the old guard there. He is well-spoken and his direct testimony was clear and well-presented. It didn't really contain much information that would be new to us, but it covered a lot of ground in...
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    Tesla seeking to open Richmond facility

    So, I'm not a lawyer therefore I may have missed some subtleties, but I have spent a life surrounded by attorneys and probably know more about the process than the average bear. This hearing was pretty weird -- it was conducted in a quasi-judicial fashion, with a wink and a nod towards the...
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    Tesla seeking to open Richmond facility

    I'm doing a lot of driving tonight, but I'll try to write up some thoughts when I get home. Techmaven and I both spoke today.
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    Tesla seeking to open Richmond facility

    On the plus side, after lunch the Tesla attorney is more aggressive about objecting and trying to move things along.
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    Tesla seeking to open Richmond facility

    There are plenty of us, but the dealer guy is seeking to drag it on as long as possible presumably in an effort to suppress or discourage public comment.
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    Tesla seeking to open Richmond facility

    I've cleared my schedule and I am definitely going to attend. In my email to Tesla, the Government Relations Manager suggested that if I was unable to attend that I should email my comments to "[email protected]" -- I assume that would be good advice for anyone who finds that...
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    Tesla seeking to open Richmond facility

    I'm pretty sure I'll be there.
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    iOS 9.3 unstable - how is it possible?

    In terms of the actual drive systems, they ought to be. My sense of the autopilot software is that they don't think so. A serious safety related software problem that resulted in injury could be catastrophic for their brand, which is something I'm sure they are well aware of. I assume they...
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    iOS 9.3 unstable - how is it possible?

    When you have an installed base of 100 million devices, you will find things happen in wide release that you didn't experience in beta test. Even if it only happens for .1% of your users, that is still 100,000 angry customers. Writing completely defect free code is very difficult and isn't...
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    After 25 years, I got stopped for no front plate

    I'm jealous. In Virginia I've had probably 8 or 9 tickets for driving without a front plate. Every single time it is a state trooper. Local police don't seem to care. I've even had one in the Tesla, which isn't bad for 14 months. I used to get them about every six months in my Porsche.
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    Supercharger - Newark, DE

    I'm 100% sure.
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    Supercharger - Laurel, MD

    Hey, they are back. Maybe I dreamed the whole thing.
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    Repairing a Flooded Tesla Model S : HOW-TO

    I'll miss this thread very much. You seem like you'd be a great guy to have a beer with.
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    Firmware 7.1

    For all we know, they are testing changes to the audio player. We don't really have enough evidence to suggest any effect on any driving systems.
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    New Forum Design

    I'm one of those who really misses the ability to adjust pagination. I'd also like to be able to restrict or customize the new posts link, although on the plus side I'm now much more aware of how active the Belgian forum is.

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