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  1. Yinn

    Blog Panasonic Sells Tesla Stake for $3.6B

    Something isn't right... "Panasonic sold its stake in Tesla worth about $3.61 billion." "Panasonic bought 1.4 million Tesla shares at $21.15 each in 2010, for about 2.4 billion yen ($21.65 million)" 1.4M Shares x $21.15 = $29.61 Million..close enough. Tesla 5 for 1 split: 1.4 x 5 = 7 Million...
  2. Yinn

    Offsite parking for Teslas at Newark International Airport?

    No you can't. They have 2 parking options, valet and self park. If you self park, you do not get to charge. If you valet it, they park your car and then put it on the charger at appropriate times. I've used them 3 times with the Tesla and dozens of times without the Tesla. I have never...
  3. Yinn

    Seat belt recall

    This can also be found under TSB# 1234 as the following: Title: "Bob Recall" Description: "Bob had a bad Friday and messed up a bunch of the cars going out." Resolution: "Recall all cars Bob touched last Friday" Follow Up Action: "Talk to Bob....again"
  4. Yinn

    Blog Musk Says Price Increases Related to Cost of Raw Materials

    Yes. That's the silly part. He specifically states the moving part. The majority of us aren't going to move the lumbar once we're in a comfortable position. So what's the solution? Remove it. Up next, logs will show that moving seats are rarely used...
  5. Yinn

    FS: Model X Electric Frunk Control Unit from Tesla Offer - $99

    Brand new replacement control module from Tesla Offer for sale. Build Date: March 10, 2021. Perfect for upgrading an older unit or replacement of a failed unit. Asking $99 plus shipping.
  6. Yinn

    Elon Musk Confirms Made-In-Texas Model Y Will Be 4680-Powered

    Does anyone have a Elon to real life timeline conversion calculator?
  7. Yinn

    Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06

    Someone gave me a like on a previous post, so figured I'd circle back on this thread. Over my 5+ years with a Model X; I've ridden on 20" wheels, 22" wheels and used every OEM tire. I've also gone out and purchased on my own Nokian tires as well as DWS06. I don't recall the exact mileages...
  8. Yinn

    Supercharger - Flemington, NJ

    Chargers are good for near to home if you're doing an errand type day. Run out all around town for chores, shopping, pickups and you have to return home for a drop off. But your L2 charger is slow as molasses so do you wait 4 hours before you go pick up your kid from practice? Nope, you run...
  9. Yinn

    120% rule, help!

    https://www.cerrowire.com/products/resources/tables-calculators/ampacity-calculator/ Also take into consideration voltage drop, length of run, location, etc. The amp capacity charts are a good start but not the only factors. I've upsized a DC wire run for voltage reasons before.
  10. Yinn

    Hansshow Power Frunk

    I don't have the Hansshow but if that's what they claim; can't you just disconnect the power and test it again?
  11. Yinn

    Just received this warranty email

    I did this same thing...haven't heard back yet.
  12. Yinn

    Pics of Model X with Gloss black or Carbon grey 22 Turbines

    I can definitely see the satin finish. It'll dull out a bit more when you get outside too without the shop lights on them. You might want to test out the ceramic coating though on the cap before you apply to the entire wheel though. That might give it depth which might make it seem more shiny...
  13. Yinn

    MS OEM All Glass Roof Rack on Tesla Store

    Was it $825 total? Or was it $825 for the retrofit kit, plus $450 for the rack for a total of $1275?
  14. Yinn

    Model X on 21" Wheels? Has anyone tried this yet? (OEM or Aftermarket)

    "As Is" as in an OEM package with the model S tires. Could you use them in a pinch? Yes. Should you use them permanently? The answer is a hard no. Your wheel diameter is going to be all sorts of off and it will definitely mess with your vehicle dynamics. You can however look into using...
  15. Yinn

    eMMC recall vs. MCU2 Upgrade

    I think that's a good theory, but I was out of warranty for my replacement which is why I chose to upgrade. Otherwise I would have just had them replace the unit and not upgraded.
  16. Yinn

    2016 P100D with free unlimited supercharging for life

    The link to the supercharging info isn't entirely correct. In theory the dates are correct but in practice they are not. The lookup info is otherwise correct, as is ev-cpo.com. I'm speaking as an owner of a July registered 2017 with transferable unlimited supercharging. Confirmed via build...
  17. Yinn

    Pics of Model X with Gloss black or Carbon grey 22 Turbines

    So darker than this: But lighter than this: Does this work for you?
  18. Yinn

    Pics of Model X with Gloss black or Carbon grey 22 Turbines

    What color are you looking for?
  19. Yinn

    New Model X - Did they fix the shudder problem?

    They fix it every time they shut down. They fixed it in 2016 with a redesign. 2017 with a redesign. 2018 with a redesign. 2019 with a redesign. 2020 with a redesign. The shudder in the 2021 will be a different shudder. Promise.
  20. Yinn

    "Tesla Offer" Models X (& S, 3, & Y) Powered Frunk Hood Group Buy?

    It's really not a bad install at all. I've pulled apart various parts of the Tesla so far - and broken a decent amount of clips. Whether it's the Tesla X frunk, S trunk, or frunk it's a straightforward install with minimal chance of mess up (with the X being by far the easiest). For anyone...
  21. Yinn

    "Tesla Offer" Models X (& S, 3, & Y) Powered Frunk Hood Group Buy?

    The only thing I would comment is that while their customer service is excellent, their lack of instructions is a bit frustrating. They do update their products often, which is good; but I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out which new parts correspond to the parts in their...
  22. Yinn

    eMMC recall vs. MCU2 Upgrade

    Oh we have. Plenty of us are waiting for a response. From both corporate and local service centers. It's been radio silent so far. What we're trying to figure out is the inconsistency. Which is why @MorrisonHiker mentioned the diagnostics.
  23. Yinn

    2017 Model X 100d rear brake pad replacements

    If you have free returns, try ordering the 75D pads from a 2018 model X. It may be a database error and they're sending you out pads for the brembo rear. Don't use a 2016 or 2017 as some of those had brembo rears as well.
  24. Yinn

    eMMC recall vs. MCU2 Upgrade

    But then what about the rest of us? We got an email that states we are a part of that same recall and to click the link to submit a form for reimbursement. That form for us says ineligible.
  25. Yinn

    eMMC recall vs. MCU2 Upgrade

    I got mine diagnosed and was verbally told it was a failing eMMC. But the service summary shows that it was an upgrade. My form also says ineligible. My issue with that is that I would not have "upgraded" if it wasn't failing and specifically stated that.
  26. Yinn

    Pros and Cons for 22 inch Wheels Vs 20 inch Wheels

    I just realized you had Niche wheels and not OEM wheels. I haven't used those so I can't speak to the quality of them. I've done my miles on OEM wheels and TSS wheels without any bends. I love the way my TSS's look and drive. I've got them with DWS06 and they ride beautifully. The...
  27. Yinn

    Pros and Cons for 22 inch Wheels Vs 20 inch Wheels

    What pressure are you keeping your tires at? Or are your roads that bad? I've driven about half my miles on 22 wheels and I can't say I've had the same experience.
  28. Yinn

    eMMC recall vs. MCU2 Upgrade

    So far..no. There's another thread on this where some folks upgraded and are now being denied. I am one such person, even though my upgrade was due to a failing eMMC.
  29. Yinn

    Just received this warranty email

    I'm in the same situation and was verbally told I had a failing MCU but it was marked as an "upgrade" and thus not eligible for reimbursement. Sneaky...
  30. Yinn

    Supercharger - Bridgewater, NJ

    I couldn't zoom in for some reason. For others who might have the same issue: Wawa-Store8341 - Google Search It's the WaWa right off of 287 by the Promenade shopping center.
  31. Yinn

    Pedestrian Warning Sound now in X? Wait, what?

    I've done an infotainment upgrade on a 2016 and I do NOT have this sound.
  32. Yinn

    Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06

    Since this is clearly objective and helpful... Here is the link to the tires that are being recalled: 2021 Recall List There are 3 DWS06 tires on the list, and come in the following sizes: 245/45 R 19 98Y, 245/45 R 19 98Y, 255/50 ZR 19 107W. These are not sizes for the Model X. Making the...
  33. Yinn

    Ride height uneven

    The same goes for any motorized component. The complexity of the X is a massive mean time between failure example. It's also what makes it really cool. But I expect my Model S without power lift gate, w/o air suspension, w/o sunroof, w/o power doors, to be much more reliable.
  34. Yinn

    Model X and S 12V battery finally going Li-ion

    You might if your Teslas are owned and operated by the Texas State Prison. 'Congratulations, your last meal will be available at any drive through. Yes, you must utilize the self driving Tesla to get the food"
  35. Yinn

    eMMC recall vs. MCU2 Upgrade

    That's not always the case. You definitely get the new dash/drivers screen, but there are cases where the center display was retained and in exchange a credit for the upgrade was given. When there is a shortage, it isn't even an option.
  36. Yinn

    eMMC recall vs. MCU2 Upgrade

    Strange, I did a straight upgrade last year and that was the price I got. No discount, no haggling, no dead screen. That was without the screen and just the MCU was upgraded.
  37. Yinn

    eMMC recall vs. MCU2 Upgrade

    The $1500 is not the discounted price. There may be an option in the future, it's happening now but a YMMV. But certainly according to the recall letter there will be reimbursement if MCU1 fails and you upgrade to MCU2 before the recall is performed. As such, I'm inclined to think a discount...
  38. Yinn

    eMMC recall vs. MCU2 Upgrade

    The recall replaces the eMMC chip on an MCU1, it does not offer a free MCU2 upgrade. If you wait for the recall to be performed, your car will be resolved. You will no longer be eligible for a discounted MCU2 upgrade in the future. If you take delivery of the car, and your MCU1 goes bad...
  39. Yinn

    Ride height uneven

    It's not uncommon but if you're in doubt; take it to the service center and request a "ride height calibration"
  40. Yinn

    Supercharger - Flemington, NJ

    So we'll get another 5-8 inches today. Figure that's another foot of plowed snow. So......July completion date?
  41. Yinn

    Can Air Suspension Be Frozen From Ice/Packed Snow?

    Take a look at this post: #3 When I brought it up I meant to indicate to check it to see if it could have been damaged from snow/ice given that you were concerned with snow/ice jamming up the components. I could think of several situations where it might have popped out of the ball joint or...
  42. Yinn

    Can Air Suspension Be Frozen From Ice/Packed Snow?

    It's also possible you might have ended up moving the sensor the detects the suspension height as well. So if after you thaw it out and it's still doing it, refer to the instructions for the "lowering links" for the Model X to take a look to see if the sensor may have been affected when you...
  43. Yinn

    "Tesla Offer" Models X (& S, 3, & Y) Powered Frunk Hood Group Buy?

    Just keep posting, I was part of that group buy and we blew past that 30 orders. I ordered 2 kits myself when I originally intended for one. It might be a while though since that one just ended less than 2 weeks ago.
  44. Yinn

    Will you be sending your X out on the robotaxi service?

    Once I get the FSD I paid for in 2016, as described without any user interaction and zero risk of accidents. I would glad send it out regularly as a robotaxi. Here's to wishful thinking for 2021 and beyond...
  45. Yinn

    Supercharger - Bridgewater, NJ

    The pins are always general locations and typically just map based. If you look at the Flemington one for example, it's confirmed to be at the Wawa on the east side of 31, yet the pin is northwest of it on Main st.
  46. Yinn

    Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06

    Those Michelins will also have a ton more lateral grip. That one would be a tough one for me. If I'm an aggressive driver I'd probably spring for the PS4S, if I'm a daily commuter I'd probably stick with the DWS06. If I see snow on one set I'd still stick DWS06 and if I had a dedicated set...
  47. Yinn

    New Rear AC

    A large part of that was because the little pump couldn't move enough air to create sufficient pressure. Just by sealing up the seams, the air flow in the 3rd row actually improves significantly. When you move/close off the middle row, it's strong enough to reach the front. So I suspect...
  48. Yinn

    New Rear AC

    That has certainly happened before as well. But having pulled those apart personally, I wouldn't be surprised if they eliminated them. That whole routing/system is a really poor design that is prone to failure. To start, the routing is inefficient. Full of bends and restrictions that limit...
  49. Yinn

    Parking next to others

    I've driven my car the same way as I've driven any other car. I don't really look for a specific spot unless I need a spot to charge in. I haven't found the FWDs to be an issue or a significant positive in parking over say a minivan with sliding doors.
  50. Yinn

    Door Handle Generations

    Does anyone know when the dates are for the different door handles? I'm trying to figure out if I have a gen2 or get 3 on mine without pulling it apart. Thank you

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