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  1. arnolddeleon

    Does Virtual Power Plant option require Gateway 2 ?

    I got the invitation today GW1, PG&E land, PW2 on Android
  2. arnolddeleon

    Is "Project Solar" the cheapest solar out there? Are they any good?

    I've been getting updates every few days saying we are still in permitting (waiting for the City of Sunnyvale) so communication is pretty good.
  3. arnolddeleon

    FSD Beta 10.12 and freeway exits

    I have Navigated on Autopilot setup to be on by default on every trip. A couple of possible alternatives on dealing with the erratic lane changes. Enable confirm lane changes (this is the setting that my wife uses). I personally have that disabled because I'm checking the surroundings on the...
  4. arnolddeleon

    Choosing Power Wall 2 mode Self Powered versus Time Based Control

    I practically solved my problem by self-consuming most of the solar. Having more Powerwalls help. I also shifted as must usage as I can during the day (e.g. pool pumps, charging cars). My exports are capped to modeled output of the system size that PG&E has on record.
  5. arnolddeleon

    Is "Project Solar" the cheapest solar out there? Are they any good?

    Change in plans (a few months ago, forgot to post updates) instead of replacing the some old solar at the house I live in we pivoted the project adding solar a rental property that already had Tesla (Solar City) PV on it. We are now in the city the permitting process. I also Docusigned the...
  6. arnolddeleon

    Is FSD worth it $10k? ( Any insight from Beta users)

    Correct, the Infotainment processor being Ryzen is not needed for the new limit of 85 mph. Our two cars have Intel Atoms and have higher limit
  7. arnolddeleon

    New Powerwall Advanced Options [Toggles for charging from and discharging to grid from powerwalls]

    I think I jinxed myself. It's gone from my app today.
  8. arnolddeleon

    WTB: CHAdeMO Adapter (US Version)

    If you happen to be in the SF Bay Area I would sell you mine for what I paid for it.
  9. arnolddeleon

    New Powerwall Advanced Options [Toggles for charging from and discharging to grid from powerwalls]

    Oh, this is the key question. I haven't done any deep reading but Ive understood the second NEM case to be $3. I can't seen it working any other way that doesn't make it the same as NEM1.
  10. arnolddeleon

    New Powerwall Advanced Options [Toggles for charging from and discharging to grid from powerwalls]

    And boom I post and a few hours later I see it appear in my Tesla app on a tablet and after upgrading my phone app I see it there as well. Now let us see if I get any events. https://photos.app.goo.gl/aAUpVpzcmz4SZe6z7
  11. arnolddeleon

    New Powerwall Advanced Options [Toggles for charging from and discharging to grid from powerwalls]

    I have the Virtual Power Plant Settings and I have set to "on" for as long as it some version of it has been available. I don't have anything on the main screen and I've never received any events. Anyone in with NEM-MT in PG&E near Cupertino experience anything different?
  12. arnolddeleon

    Is FSD worth it $10k? ( Any insight from Beta users)

    The current feature that gives value in my use case is Navigate on Autopilot. I paid less than $10k, I think it was $6K at the time for our Y, about $4K for the 3. So I've spent $10K in total to have in both our cars. Some people pay for the premium from performance, I would take that money...
  13. arnolddeleon

    Possibly adding a 3rd Powerwall. Good idea?

    The question is why do you want to capture more of your solar production? Is it to self-consume more? (because you will get more satisfaction that way?). Are you consuming from grid during peak hours so you can do more power arbitrage? Do you want to me backup power runtime (which has...
  14. arnolddeleon

    Tesla Solar System Questions

    I love @BGbreeder 's notion of a trial run. The amount of money you will save or lose over three years is not going to be huge. So as experiments go this is low risk.
  15. arnolddeleon

    Tesla Solar System Questions

    1. No wasted production, you will get a blend of your production and the grid. You can think of the solar just like any other load except instead of pulling power it pushes it. 2. Adding more later is generally more expensive in the short to medium run assuming you are paying someone to do it...
  16. arnolddeleon

    Grid outage, Powerwall drops loads for minutes

    I wasn't home when it occurred but based on my wife's description the lights just went out as well. The reason I suspected a brownout was I couldn't find a clean outage marker (I'll have to do some digging to see if I posted about with more details). It was not the first time it had occurred...
  17. arnolddeleon

    Grid outage, Powerwall drops loads for minutes

    I had a similar drop everything for minutes outage about 7 months ago, also gateway 1. I think I was speculating that the grid did not go away cleanly, that it browned out first.
  18. arnolddeleon

    No CCS compatibility; legal?

    Assuming you mean North America and If by fast you mean DC the answer is no. I'm hoping someone else has the time to explain that details.
  19. arnolddeleon

    Ethernet to Tesla Solar Inverter?

    Yes there is an Ethernet port in the solar inverter. I don't know if they support it because I forgot to prep for it so I don't have a cable at the moment. I did prep for Powerwalls/Gateway (1) which were installed 3 years ago and that is hard wired.
  20. arnolddeleon

    Starlink experience

    I just checked I'm getting around 10 Mb/s. That's higher than what I remembered (I think it was around 7 Mb/s before)
  21. arnolddeleon

    Starlink experience

    The cable is removable from either end. In fact you will need to remove it from the antenna end if you want use the the their grommets (optional purchase) They limit in the number of customers in an urban area. I have Starlink in Cupertino. I use it as a backup internet right now. From a...
  22. arnolddeleon

    Whole house backup possible with one Powerwall?

    It is not absolute. My sister has whole house backup with one powerwall. In their case it was the logical thing to do given the panel setup.
  23. arnolddeleon

    Open circuit string voltage of 17 volts...is this normal?

    and just to be minorly pedantic, they clearly don't fully open the circuit as clearly demonstrated here and that would make communication and troubleshooting slightly difficult. I believe with Solar Edge each optimizer puts out 1 V when it is waiting for a command to operate so you can count...
  24. arnolddeleon

    Open circuit string voltage of 17 volts...is this normal?

    Specifically for the Tesla Solar Inverters they are Mid Circuit Interrupters (MCI)
  25. arnolddeleon

    Should I add a 3rd Powerwall in California?

    Variable speed inverter based compressors are awesome! You will enjoy it.
  26. arnolddeleon

    Should I add a 3rd Powerwall in California?

    I think you correctly assessed it as not a good simple economic decision with the information we have today. However . . . If I was in your shoes (frequent PSPS) and I had the ability to swing it (have the money) I would go for it. The reason I would do it is because $3300 is a damn good net...
  27. arnolddeleon

    CCS1 Tesla Adapter

    I'm in the process of going through this right now. It's clear to me they want to have access account until they actually receive the product because that is only way they can check that status with Tesla. The email associated with account receives notifications, but that is not Harumio. The...
  28. arnolddeleon

    Tesla 4.8kW + 2x PW Expansion

    You presumably already have a net metering agreement. So are you asking if there is a configuration that Tesla will let you turn on the your new system and limit your export to only be the old system? Does each PV system a utility accessible generation meter? Would the utility be able to...
  29. arnolddeleon

    Should I wait?

    Depending on your goals and constraints, more panels (even sub optimally located ones) maybe cheaper than a more expensive highly optimized "perfect" installation. Put another way, you can buy more "capacity" with a cheaper provider and so you don't have worry about optimizing the placement or...
  30. arnolddeleon

    Vendor Antigravity Group 51R LiFePO4 Lithium battery for Tesla - Coming Soon

    I think they mean that is only for cars older than MY22. The newer already have a Lithium 12V battery so no need for this product.
  31. arnolddeleon

    Second Tesla Considerations

    I've experienced multiple vehicles (including EVs), don't under estimate the joy and satisfaction of commonality. I mentioned the carrying one key card only already. Obviously my phone is set up as key to both our cars and Tesla some time ago fixed the handling of multiple cars in one...
  32. arnolddeleon

    Second Tesla Considerations

    You only need keep one key card on you. You can register the same key card to multiple vehicles.
  33. arnolddeleon

    WTB 14-50 NEMA adapter.

  34. arnolddeleon

    New member here, wanted to correct a typo but couldn't figure how...

    New members don't get edit privs immediately. I don't recall off hand how long you have to be a member and/or how posts many you have to have made before you get the power.
  35. arnolddeleon

    good vinyl wrap color that works well with white base model 3?

    You can wrap a white in pretty much any color if you do a good job. This is our white Model Y wrapped: Model Y wrapped The primary issue that I've discovered with having white underneath a dark vinyl is that if you damage the vinyl the white is visible.
  36. arnolddeleon

    How Does Inverter Know Individual String Stats After Strings Are Combined?

    Assuming these are Tesla Solar Inverters: There are MCI (Mid Circuit Interrupters) in each string (I think it is roughly every 3 to 5 panels). They are what allows a string inverter to safely and quickly disconnect in a rapid shutdown event. The inverter is digitally communicating to those...
  37. arnolddeleon

    Calibrating Speedometer

    I'm pretty certain that modern cars have *precise* speedometers already. The inaccuracy is clearly *intentional*. The problem isn't the ability to do it. While i don't know this first hand I'm pretty sure this is the case of the lawyers/regulators "winning". There is effectively zero...
  38. arnolddeleon

    Calibrating Speedometer

    Yes, that's my understanding as well. There is however not enough of an apparent benefit to the manufacturer to report the true speed versus over reading. Over reading on the other hand provides them a buffer from regulators. The technology exists, they report accurate distance data. The...
  39. arnolddeleon

    Calibrating Speedometer

    They can, and do, read the discussion earlier in the thread. TL;DR they intentionally over report the speed to avoid issues with regulators.
  40. arnolddeleon

    Seat height

    The best answer will come from you. You need to sit it one to know if it will work for you. We have both and 3 and Y. If I was concerned about ease of entry I would go with the Y all day long. The 3 is not sports car low but it's not high either. Some people use the frame of the door to...
  41. arnolddeleon

    Any experiences leasing a Powerwall system?

    Have you looked at your ability to get financing, perhaps home equity based?
  42. arnolddeleon

    Will it fit: Powerwall+

    Are you able to remove what looks to me was the water heater stand in that spot? Are you able to at least temporarily remove the cabinet that shown in the photo?
  43. arnolddeleon

    Complex install questions for 400A house

    Some of the Shelly's could also be used just as a "switch" so if the device has Normally Open or Normally closed Switch that can be wired to then you can make the device "smart" with a Shelly (or similar). I actually haven't done this but it on my todo list for something like the pool pump...
  44. arnolddeleon

    Complex install questions for 400A house

    @Vines mentioned SPAN.io as option for smart switching. Another option, would be something like shelly.cloud switches/relays. Might be better than span if your loads are distributed or they're not on a dedicated circuit. There is whole rabbit hole around products that work with Home...
  45. arnolddeleon

    Want to add separate DIY system to existing Tesla solar and Powerwalls. Where to connect?

    There are several possible approaches like installing in the load center and just add "negative load' but you would still need to make sure you don't exceed the capacity of the panel. I'm skipping a bunch of details here. The only time your "negative load" aka additional solar would possibly...
  46. arnolddeleon

    What devices do you have UPS connected even though you have a PowerWall?

    My Ubiquiti stack is on an Eaton UPS (if I remember correctly, for sure one the ones that tolerate the default Powerwall frequencies). I eventually had Tesla adjust frequencies down. The cable modem is on whatever UPS Costco was selling a couple of years, probably Cyberpower. I had a UPS on...
  47. arnolddeleon

    Husband vs wife on app

    You need to associate the (phone) key with the profile. While the key is active to to the driver profiles screen. There is place to tap there. I doing this from memory so I can't quite describe it in more detail. If you can't find it then someone will eventually post a screenshot. Once you...
  48. arnolddeleon

    Solar Data in a multiple accounts

    Great news! My wife can see all our products now in her own account. I didn't end up calling the other number. The support person that I talked to today actually kept working the issue (via their internal chat) and found what needed to be done. She actually called me back to follow up and...
  49. arnolddeleon

    How do I charge my Model Y using only excess solar power?

    Here is another approach from @Randy Spencer : TesSense - Control your Tesla charging from your Sense Energy Monitor The same information that he uses from the Sense API I believe is available from the Powerwall API so it should be possible to adapt either his scripts or the other ones...

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