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  1. jmaddr

    Advice on battery degradation

    Isn’t the ‘16 X75D 237 miles? If so, you only have 7% degradation. For 60k miles and a 6 year old vehicle, that is FANTASTIC! I’d say you are ahead of most.
  2. jmaddr

    In-Car Nav & Bike Rack

    @mswlogo has a great point that you are going to have to deal with, charging. Those supercharger cords are crazy short, almost just long enough to reach if you back up to the concrete parking stop. Whether or not your hitch carrier will clear the parking stop or, since it's 4 bikes you're...
  3. jmaddr

    Air condition controls

    If auto is turned off, EVERYTHING is manual, including the A/C being on/off. That's the way it's been in every car I've ever had.
  4. jmaddr

    In-Car Nav & Bike Rack

    Well, you bring up a good point and I'd have to think about that. I have no experience or confidence saying it wouldn't do exactly what you're saying you hope it will. I know it does take into consideration driving style in the energy app so maybe that's applied to future stops but I'm...
  5. jmaddr

    In-Car Nav & Bike Rack

    It won't take the extra drag into account at all, and 4 bikes should provide quite a bit of extra drag. You can use third party planners like a better route planner to up your "reference efficiency" if you want to compare against the in-car nav. How much you bring that up from reference due...
  6. jmaddr

    Ordered M3P coming from FBO E85 Golf R...hope the Model 3 can check the same boxes

    This is tough. I went over the same dilemma with my significantly upgraded S5 3 years ago. They are different for sure. The things I miss the most? Exhaust sound and manual transmission and CarPlay. Like REALLY miss. I think it boils down to your driving style. If most of your driving...
  7. jmaddr

    Blackvue 2-ch or just front

    I have a two channels in my truck, but use Tesla cam for my M3P. If you do feel the need for a third-party camera on your Tesla, I would certainly get front and rear. Get the rear for exactly the same reasons as the front…resolution and reliability. There’s too many things that happen in the...
  8. jmaddr

    Tinting the Windshield in Florida

    You've asked a very subjective question so you'll get quite a few answers. I'm in Tampa and clear ceramic as I want to actually see out the windshield. Outside of a subjective response, Florida law states 15% is fine but only above the AS-1 line. So if you want to stay legal....
  9. jmaddr

    Spotify login on user profile

    Yes, you need to have 2022.16.1.1 and works well. https://www.notateslaapp.com/news/773/tesla-now-supports-multiple-logins-for-spotify-tidal-in-2022-16-0-2
  10. jmaddr

    Charging 40amps

    No harm at all. The SR will do 32A. The LR and P 48A. My guess is the Tesla Destination charger was hooked to a 50A circuit which allows 40A (80%) charging. If your car had a max of 32A AC, there is no way it would allow higher so my guess is you have a LR/P which supports 48A so no issues...
  11. jmaddr

    Not sleeping well...

    I’ll ask the obvious one, sentry is turned off, correct? And if it is, I would change my Tesla password to fully exonerate Teslafi.
  12. jmaddr


    Whoa. Stop immediately using. You’ve created a real fire hazard by swapping the outlet. If you had a 30a dryer circuit, the correct method would be to purchase the correct 30a pigtail for the Tesla charger. The Tesla charger will know that the max it can pull is 24a and that isall the...
  13. jmaddr

    Long term non Supercharger charging

    Second what @andaconda said about not worrying and just park with with 60-80 percent. Turn off sentry and do not use the app to check charge every day. You’ll be surprised how little you actually lose. Beside, you could arrive at the airport and all the stalls are occupied and you don’t have...
  14. jmaddr

    Would You Order One with a Non-Glass Roof?

    The best part of the glass roof for me is not looking up and out of it, it’s the light it lets through to the cabin which creates openness and size. I feel that without it, the cabin would be darker and more restricting. I’d get it every time. Actually, I’d opt for a sunroof which could be...
  15. jmaddr

    How to Remove Tesla Insurance Card from Apple Wallet

    Can you not just open Wallet, select the insurance card, touch the three dots in the top right, and then remove pass?
  16. jmaddr

    Siri Button in a Tesla

    Very clever use of a pi0. Great job.
  17. jmaddr

    Are we ever getting track mode?

    They did a bunch of testing with the M3P. The stability and TC "nannies" were tuned for that chassis, weight, and dynamics so I wouldn't assume it's just a flip of a switch. Yes, they could turn it on but all the TC wouldn't be optimal on the heavier and more top heavy MYP. Now, that doesn't...
  18. jmaddr

    Odd driving occurance

    I know it's odd to you, but trust me this does happen...not very often mind you...but I think many 3+ year owners have had this happen at least once. I had it happened to me just once. It happened at 70+ mph on an interstate and it freaked me out but everything, including turn signals (though...
  19. jmaddr

    Has anyone swapped from a M3P to M3 LR?

    I love driving. Both power hand handling. So I like something well rounded. Not quite what you are asking, but I drove a LR for a few days while my '19 P was in the service center. While I was driving the LR (no boost), I thought it was pretty peppy and not that much different, although the...
  20. jmaddr

    Tracking real world range and battery health

    TeslaFi, Teslamate, stats, Tessie, or other similar programs will log datapoints everyday on how much energy you are using and how far you are driving. They give not only battery degradation reports but also log efficiency, charging habits, vampire drain, updates, a whole slew of data. If you...
  21. jmaddr

    Stinky A/C in hot, humid climate? I might have found a solution that I'm currently testing with positive results.

    Let me get this straight, you are spraying a metal onto your filter in order to kill bacteria? Have you looked at the possibility of that metal becoming aerosolized and entering your body through your respiratory system? I honestly don’t know if silver is harmful, or even if it could be...
  22. jmaddr

    rear ended on a two month old car by a driver without drivers license and insurance policy, what are my options?

    Correct. You are out a grand for the deductible. You can go after the guy via small claims or other means for the deductible and diminished value, but chalk it up to the universe. As @ZenRockGarden said this is exactly why you have insurance. If you wanted no liability you could have had...
  23. jmaddr

    Inaccurate charge limits?

    I get it all the time in Florida, typically over.
  24. jmaddr

    Brakes gone after 23k miles?

    Ask the service center to send pictures. They did that for me in the past when I had doubts on tire replacements.
  25. jmaddr

    Full Replacement value insurance

    I have zero affiliation or experience with them, but have you tried Grundy's? It's a competitor to Haggerty's and offers similar types of coverage.
  26. jmaddr

    Rain detection when parked

    You would think this would be very easy. They have it while driving with rain sensing wipers, and they have the front camera on while parked with Sentry with AI already looking for people. Just combine the two. However, with my experience with the rain sensing wipers, I certainly wouldn't...
  27. jmaddr

    Turn signal only blinks once, sometimes

    This is a good data point. For my issue it only happened on the right side.
  28. jmaddr

    Turn signal only blinks once, sometimes

    Strange. Not sure if this helps but I had a similar problem, but pretty much the opposite. For me, the turn signal would not disable on the half pull. It was very easy to reproduce and occurred about 1/3 of the time. Try three times and you were pretty much guaranteed to reproduce. I...
  29. jmaddr

    How bad is the damage?

    It's just the aero cover. I would fix it as it's a simple job but I wouldn't say it's 100% necessary. You can certainly drive it but I would recommend keeping a watch on it to see if airflow causes any damage to grow. Maybe push and pull it around and see if that's likely or not. If it does...
  30. jmaddr

    TeslaMate Super Thread

    It’s the value of the ideal line in the efficiency applet in the car.
  31. jmaddr

    TeslaMate Super Thread

    On the efficiency dashboard of course. This is on my ‘19 M3P:
  32. jmaddr

    TeslaMate Super Thread

    It doesn’t seem any more complex than ideal consumption divided by measured consumption. For example, if it sees 325whr/mi for a trip and ideal is 245whr/mi then 245/315 gives you 78% efficiency.
  33. jmaddr

    Passenger vent blows at odd angle

    What does the climate screen show. You can indeed "split" and "combine" the air with a pinch-and-zoom type finger pinch and spread motion. You can see the split airflow in the animation as shown in the user manual...
  34. jmaddr

    Corded mobile connector with NEMA 14-50 to 5-15 adapter?

    Adapters are never a good. Even if the corded MC could support 120V, there would be no way for it to know what amperage to limit (15A breaker? 20A?). Bad idea. Why not purchase the UMC that allows multiple pigtails? You won’t miss the extra 8A. Further, supposedly it will eventually be...
  35. jmaddr

    Apple Watch

    Sure this is well know, but I've been using the ring key for over 2 years, leaving my phone in the car for a run or ocean swim with no issues. I'd love for Tesla to support IOS carkey capability, but I'm not holding my breath.
  36. jmaddr

    Bought a 2020 Model S Performance, worried I made a mistake

    There are some features that aren't supported due to older versions of the MCU or AP computers, but otherwise they are still going strong. AFAIK, the 2020s and 2021s have the same MCU and AP computers as the refresh.
  37. jmaddr

    How long to get a Wall Connector?

    A friend just ordered his about three weeks ago and it shipped in two weeks.
  38. jmaddr

    How find out aggressive driving costs?

    Look at your energy graph. There is a line for reference consumption (EPA) and then one for your actual consumption over the past 5/15/30 miles. Personally, I think the EPA line is quite optimistic. If you are within 10% of that line, you are doing good. If you want longer term data (over 30...
  39. jmaddr

    Tesla won't perform any alignment/wheel/suspension work on car with aftermarket rims/tires

    Good luck. I'm lowered on bright blue HR springs *and* have bolt on spacers so it's completely obvious I have aftermarket suspension modifications. I brought it into the Sarasota SC for something completely different and they actually added doing the control arm service without me even asking...
  40. jmaddr

    Too Cautious with Charging?

    3% is way too close for comfort. Imagine if the stalls were filled, an accident caused delays, or a big headwind was not taken into account. I went down to 3% once…the car drove so slow and differently I’m keen never to repeat. Good call.
  41. jmaddr

    US95 Idaho Range Anxiety Model Y

    May the wind be with you.
  42. jmaddr

    Did the dealer just trash my Winter tires taking them off? Please take a quick look

    Holy cow. Those tires are unusable IMHO. I would call them right away. If you can't get ahold of them, see if the service visit is still open and attach them there for documentation. Definitely go back and be polite. I can't see how this would have been missed.
  43. jmaddr

    Tesla App issue: "Stop Charging" button too close to "-/+" Amps buttons.

    You don't say what phone you are using, but I'm on an iphone 12 mini, possibly the smallest out there, and I find there is more than enough room. The stop charging button is separated by an admittedly thin black line but the distance, on my mini, is just a hair shy of 1/2" from the middle of...
  44. jmaddr

    I love having access to my car remotely through the API

    Good job. Better form might be to first check with the "vehicle_state" command. If it returns asleep, first wake it, then send the commands. Though, for your use case, I would run the rain check *first* and only then do the queries/commands if rain is detected. The Tesla API is not public...
  45. jmaddr

    208V charging?

    Very interesting. I'd say it uncommon for individual residential units. What does your panel look like? If you panel has two busses like is common, and if you measure the voltage from bus to bus, does it show the same 120 degree shift?
  46. jmaddr

    Battery Damaged After Hitting Tow Hitch

    https://www.mountainpassperformance.com/product/mpp-model-y3-skid-plate/ Not a recommendation as I haven’t tried it myself but MPP is a respected company. This mounts in the front…is that where the damage happened? I could see needing one of these in the back too, especially if an object is...
  47. jmaddr

    Seat weight sensor

    Search seat belt chime stopper on Amazon. You can also print your own if you have a 3D printer.
  48. jmaddr

    New Key Cards - Activation Needed?

    You’ll need at least one to authenticate the new cards. If you don’t you’ll have to schedule a service visit.
  49. jmaddr

    Tesla using old time dealer dirty tactics to make money on service

    That is certainly an old sleazy tactic. However, one good thing with Tesla though is the pre-service invoice they ask you to sign. It details everything they are going to do. In your case it sounds like they didn’t have the cabin filters on the invoice at all? Usually they quote line for...

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